Carlos Sainz Says Goodbye to McLaren | 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 

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For one final time with McLaren, Carlos Sainz sings out over the airwaves in Abu Dhabi as he says goodbye to the team before his 2021 switch to Ferrari.
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toneykk 16 napja
Perez have 10 podiums since he left McLaren a they just have 3 in 6 years
lou6977 Hónapja
Welcome to Ferrari, Carlos Jr
AresElEspartaco Hónapja
Smooth operation
Rarah Vaderahen
Rarah Vaderahen Hónapja
Ferrari will probably turn him into a Barrichello 2.0. Clowns is Red were a poor choice for him
F1racingfans Hónapja
I wanted sainz to join ferrari for the last 5 years. Finally got the oportunity of watching him in my fav team. Hope they can deliver on a more decent car than this years.
Chris Chris
Chris Chris Hónapja
Soy lago
JBPlay Z
JBPlay Z Hónapja
Ferrari SF-90
Ferrari SF-90 Hónapja
Sainz needed 6 years for Ferrari so did seb.... think about that
Daniel Hußner
Daniel Hußner Hónapja
Carloz thank you for this endresult McLaren at the top the past comes back!!!, ;D
Elizabeth Del castillo
I’m super happy for a P3 in the constructors for Mclaren... it was probably because of the 2 Weeks in Bahrain
Robin Hónapja
It the end when he says one last time I expected him and Norris to drive next to each other and sing on the radio together "it's been a long day without you my friend. And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again"
0 0
0 0 Hónapja
I am absolutely heartbroken
DanyelATH Hónapja
So emotional. As Spanish, I want to say thanks to McLaren. It was a hard era since 2015, but it was a pleasure to be with you from the back of the grid until the fight for podiums, supporting Alonso and Sainz. I wish the best for the future.
Barry Er
Barry Er Hónapja
soy lago
MrRhubarbs Hónapja
I love how excited Zac is in the background
Zak Maddison
Zak Maddison Hónapja
Brang a tear to my eye
Ian and Ida Drone Adventures - crackers43
i wish carlos just stayed w/ mclaren😢😢😢
fourtwoseven_ Hónapja
Carlos giving Lando a cheeky finger at 0:24 lol
Rahul77_ YT
Rahul77_ YT Hónapja
Did sainz just show lando the finger? 😳
8C_Michael Christian
We will see the red chili in the next season now we just spend time to remembered the orange chili. 😁😁
Muhammad Haffejee
Smooooooth operatorrrr
james64ibm Hónapja
He will have to up that singing game for the Italians!
Raquel Gomes
Raquel Gomes Hónapja
Such great two years for McLaren with Carlos and Lando!! I love these guys!
yoga nazarova
yoga nazarova Hónapja
S. Vettel ✊...
• 7 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Formula1 World Champion (World Record, with Schumy) • 1 ☆ Formula2 World Champion • 1 ☆ Formula3 World Champion • 95 GP Winner (World Record!) • 98 Pole Positions (World Record!) • 165 Podium (World Record!) • 29 Different Tracks Winner (World Record!) • 29 Different Tracks Pole Positions (World Record!) • 3778 Points (World Record!) • GP Winner in all seasons (World Record!) •Pole Position in all seasons (World Record!) • 8 Times Winner in One Circuit (Hungaroring, World Record! with Schumy) Ladies and gentlemen, Lewis Hamilton!
Thomas Angelo
Thomas Angelo Hónapja
deep inside in his heart he said i wanted to stay with Mclaren
GTAmaxi Hónapja
Dad: why are you crying so loud Me: smooth operator dad smooth operator
Edu Saav
Edu Saav Hónapja
When he sang Smooth Operator i rly felt it
Monty Round
Monty Round Hónapja
Best bromance Landooo and Carlos
Saharsh Srivastava
Welcome to ferrari
Big Dan
Big Dan Hónapja
I'm not crying, you are!
Maxi F
Maxi F Hónapja
Awesome Video
Dynasty2201 Hónapja
What a turn around to McLaren. Those extra millions they get for finishing 3rd should really help
Alex Arce O
Alex Arce O Hónapja
Same like in RP hahahahahshsh
jaganmayee sahoo
I will miss this amazing DUOOO
H.T.Y Hónapja
sainz and norris not only created the best bromance in mclaren, they also brought mclaren up the field....
Hauptsache Puls
Hauptsache Puls Hónapja
After all these years of public blaming, missed goals and unsympathetic people, McLaren is becoming pretty likeable again
Anirudh Narendran
now we ll never hear another smooth operator for a couple of years at minimum coz "we are checking"
JesBe Hónapja
Im not crying. You are
Rodrigo Rengel
Rodrigo Rengel Hónapja
We need this duo in the future again
Giulio Hónapja
0:30 Carlos: Should we do that chicane Lando? 0:31 Lando: Nah, let's cut it
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti Hónapja
SADE ... Sadest Smooth Operator....
リhir Hónapja
Ohf, last "smoooooth operatorrrr" is soo dramatic more than I think...thankyou Sainz on Mcralen.....you excited F1 as Mcralen team
Ruskey Hónapja
Goodluck at FERRARI SAINZ! You will now know the MasterBlan
Ar Fa
Ar Fa Hónapja
Bet his coming season would be neither smooth nor operational 😞
ƒaßiano Sza
ƒaßiano Sza Hónapja
Smoooooth operatoooooor
K0L9SiCK Hónapja
Soy lago
Andre_Star777 #EndRacism #BlackLivesMatter
vDaRk SabreYT
vDaRk SabreYT Hónapja
I have watched vettels goodbye, Kevin’s goodbye, and now this. This is making me sad that these things are going away 😢
Thedagelijksgamer nl
Hahah zak brown in the back
Dr. Prof. Rudi Winkler
From P3 Team to P6 Team
Erikovich Hónapja
Im so happy for McLaren, I have started waching F1 only because of them, and Im so happy that my team is on the top of my expectations. Thanks you guys, see ya next year with more power.
Ajob Joy
Ajob Joy Hónapja
Szymixx gaming
Szymixx gaming Hónapja
Now it will be Grande operazzione!
Stan MNL48
Stan MNL48 Hónapja
Josep Alvarez Lopez
Obviously I don't know when but I am sure that Carlos and McLaren will be together again in the future!! Great Carlos, as a McLaren fan I'll miss you! Smooth operator!!
Илья Соловьев
У МакЛарен уже традиция прощаться с пилотом в Абу- Даби😉👍
Hrithik Jeetun
Hrithik Jeetun Hónapja
Carlos still googling : How do you unsign a contract?😂😂😂 Smooth operator will miss you
Mahsun N
Mahsun N Hónapja
sainz: smoooooth operatooooor
Nikhil Pabelkar
Nikhil Pabelkar Hónapja
We all are brought together by such a sport. Hope it continues for a long time with amazing talent and teams.
J'ai hate de le voir au volant l'année prochaine !!
Matej Hónapja
Magnusen goodbye Vettel goodbye Sainz goodbye Grosjean goodbye
Da Guys
Da Guys Hónapja
Yo soy lago. Like seriously. ¡Gracias Carlos por los recuerdos!
Matix _
Matix _ Hónapja
This is The last smooooth operation 😢😢😢😢 In Mclaren maybe in Ferrari
Gijs Sleijffers
Gijs Sleijffers Hónapja
0:25 did sainz just give Norris the finger?
Jhoninho Player
Jhoninho Player Hónapja
No is this 🤙
Efe Demirhan
Efe Demirhan Hónapja
Soy lago
Lord Lemmy
Lord Lemmy Hónapja
Well done Peter prodromou for building this amazing car! You’re are one the greatest aerodynamicist. Well done mclaren
SahiPie Hónapja
So happy for him and seeing McLaren at the top really hits different after all this time
Mantrr Uprit
Mantrr Uprit Hónapja
im not crying you are
ToFu Hónapja
I didnt know Daniel Riccardio was his engineer this whole time
Louis Kwok
Louis Kwok Hónapja
Is there any clips from other angles for the duo driving side by side? It is an important moment for McLaren fans. Please and thanks!
Carlos: Smoooooooth Operatooooor Ferrari's engineer: copy, slow button on Carlos: Smoooooooooooooooooooooooooothhhhhhhhhhh Ooooooopeeeeeeeraaaaaaatooooooooooooor
pbfamous07 Hónapja
how drivers leave teams. championas
Albahzi Fachri
Albahzi Fachri Hónapja
I Miss you sains but not papa you replace it as ... goodluck science
Vismaad Tamber
Vismaad Tamber Hónapja
Ricciardo at McLaren with a Mercedes engine= shoey
Schalke M
Schalke M Hónapja
marko čičak Jr.
0:27 Carlos and Lando😂
Ruben ten Broeke
Brian Arista Marzuq
Where's the subtitles?
Jakub Wąsik
Jakub Wąsik Hónapja
I'm a lake.
Carlos Ferrari
Carlos Ferrari Hónapja
No no no, I want to see his goodbye in the box! I wanna see Lando crying - both crying actually :)
Akash S
Akash S Hónapja
Congrats to all in the Fu*ktori 😂😂😂
James WOODSIDE Hónapja
He put the finger up to Norris 0:23
Uz. F
Uz. F Hónapja
I'm just gonna dislike the video to reach 69 dislikes, but note that I loved itttt!!!❤❤❤
Aayan Ahmed
Aayan Ahmed Hónapja
Kinda in tears after seeing this
Hami Adames
Hami Adames Hónapja
He's smoothed his last operator :(
You can hear Zak in the background :D
Gevano Cameron
Gevano Cameron Hónapja
That made me emotional to say for one last time smoooth operation
Szandor the 13th
I knew he was gonna do it
Jacob Hanekamp
Jacob Hanekamp Hónapja
Abby Madrigal
Abby Madrigal Hónapja
Thomaso is so sad😭SMOOOOOOTHH OPERATORRRRR SMOOOOOTH OPERATIONNN POOR LANDO he will miss his buddy but I’m sure Ricciardo and him will have an amazing bond
abd mad
abd mad Hónapja
y cant we have 3 drivers at once lando daniel and carlos
Pradeep AC
Pradeep AC Hónapja
For the last time Smoooooooth Operatooooor!!!!!!!!! Will miss u Carlos and all the best for Ferrari
wilson is gaming
Smooth operator Ferrari! Carlos!
Zombie Alive
Zombie Alive Hónapja
Sad for Mclaren since they would not hear any "Smooth Operatooor" on their radio anymore
Cian Eberle
Cian Eberle Hónapja
i’m not crying. You are😭😭
Rian P
Rian P Hónapja
It was a smooth farewell
Param Drall
Param Drall Hónapja
Why this has to be like this....😭👑 Carlos & Lando ❤️❤️
Lian Summer
Lian Summer Hónapja
Yo fuera carlos me hubiera quedado un año mas en mclaren. Saludos Desde Panamá.
Mei Liza
Mei Liza Hónapja
Sainz Is Join In Ferrari 2021
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