Casually Explained: The Food of the World 

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Watch out Pewdiepie, I'm coming for your tunnbrödsrulle. Pigmentally challenged gang rise up.
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2020.dec. 1.






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Nathan Fradley
Nathan Fradley 17 perccel
Every other nation: Hey that's offensive Australians: Yeah nah mate, that's pretty bang on aye
Vincenzo Karol Flagiello
im italian so im always mentioned
Miissakuravidel 8 órája
What???? When I think Greek I think olives, feta, tsastiki, lam, and gyros.... What are these pastries???? Never seen that
Boktorinator 9 órája
teny hacopian
teny hacopian 11 órája
I love you
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 13 órája
So Ikea is food place hmm OK 😂
Ibrahim Tahirou
Ibrahim Tahirou 17 órája
1: Africa-continent 2: West African food some of the best in the world (obviously biased) 3: Is he really jamie from Joe Rogan??!?
TOXINN 17 órája
Used to live by a Vietnamese hole in the wall called Pho King. They changed the name after everyone knew how to pronounce it correctly.
its Adam, Not much else
Yo I’m from Canada and this video was amazing... especially the canada one🤣 so true. I literally had poutine yesterday 💀
Ricardo Müller
I thought he lived in Montreal
arda çokak
Squish125 Napja
I think African food is one of my favorite cuisines
username1nmillion 11 órája
African #food is the second least known about food behind North Korean food. 😪 🫕🥰 🍽🇿🇦🇰🇵
Cam C
Cam C Napja
1:11 that's not salsa...
Peter Bergestein
so basicaly, EU food bad, nonwhite food amazing. kek. cringe
Jhemuel Pagatpat
The "eating (raw) pangolin" didn't age well
Lam Nguyen
Lam Nguyen Napja
African food: *Reese's add plays* Me: Sorry, what?
Henry Fink
Henry Fink 2 napja
That is the most emotion I’ve ever heard in a video
Lafayette 2 napja
You forgot the chip butty and crisp butty and how we will put everything on a butty
Gamerunt 2 napja
as an australian myself i can confirm we have vegemite on white bread and sometimes we have weetbix for breakfast but the part when he said sausages on white bread for lunch is wrong we actually have that for dinner and meat pies for lunch then for dessert we mostly just have ice cream but honestly its pretty accurate
Matyi 2 napja
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 2 napja
"oooffff puffy tortilla" LOL
Rnishu _
Rnishu _ 2 napja
Africa isnt a country dude
Master Chief
Master Chief 2 napja
this video now makes want to find recipes of some of the foods listed
Lord canabino
Lord canabino 3 napja
Africa isnt a country Genius and for a funny research channel that came off as ignorant and arrogant
2017 3 napja
Went to an African restaurant in Dandenong one time. They had there own kind of spongey bread, it tasted a little bit vinegarish and lots of beany or lentily things maybe.
ode 3 napja
you’ve clearly never had a stroopwafel
Unai Mastwijk
Unai Mastwijk 23 órája
slimebor 3 napja
where Latvia with patatoes. this is not okey dokey
Hi Unknown here.
Can't control your laughter on Swedish food, huh. *Pewdiepie will remember this*
Tim Hill
Tim Hill 3 napja
Africans in the chat! Jollof Rice!
Mord Fustang
Mord Fustang 3 napja
Funny vid but africa actually has really good food
Sidnea Strelser
Where I'm from, the Vietnamese restaurants are all called Pho *insert number here* ie Pho 26, Pho 83, literally any number and there seems to be no logic to the number chosen
Alex Alvarez
Alex Alvarez 4 napja
is he actually jaime tho
Moltkeys 4 napja
Yes eating kababs with fries inside is traditional
Monga X
Monga X 4 napja
Africa isn’t a country
Noah Fischer
Noah Fischer 4 napja
For Africa food just think sweet potato rice corn and beans.
Pooh the Bear
Pooh the Bear 4 napja
Oh shit I didn't know the kebab at 3 AM is international
Robert Ochiel
Robert Ochiel 4 napja
POV: Every African waiting for their fate nervously
I’m not sure But
british food gotta be the most bland in the world. it does not even good look good .
Help me get to 1000 followers
u forgot african
Rylan Stelter
Rylan Stelter 4 napja
eh man, you covered our country pretty well.
William Highmore
Lol! Funny , entertained and facts. Btw, I'm from Myanmar. I think you're gonna be I haven't known it before. 😆
ittegapS Sauce
Antonio Bennett
African food Lingering silence lmfao
Wilford Warfstache
You described America perfectly
Edwin 6 napja
Heheue, that video was funny and accurate. Except for that part you said about tunnbrödsrulle tho, one does not mess with the tunnbrödsrulle.
S C R I T T Y 6 napja
Bobby Heyer
Bobby Heyer 6 napja
Indian one so accurate, who needs a menu, just serve the butter chicken!
Ben Richards
Ben Richards 6 napja
Hehheehe "Spicy Brick"
Svenitt 6 napja
0:58 spicy brick got me
Daniel The Linux Boy
6:58 FR, Morocco has some great food. Couscous is the best thing ever.
Peter Polak
Peter Polak 7 napja
Him : There are no other famous italian dishes Lasagna : Am I a joke to you ?
Lavan Pipes
Lavan Pipes 7 napja
African food 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kenny02120 7 napja
“your ego is more inflated than Turkey’s currency” LMFAOOO
Boktorinator 9 órája
Idiotic Canadian
I mean, he's not wrong.
Jack Cahill
Jack Cahill 7 napja
There's a Vietnamese restaurant in my town called Pho King Great. Dead serious and a bunch of white people complained and wanted it to get shut down.
Justin H
Justin H 8 napja
Pho King Good
Certified M0rph
Him: hahahahahha there’s no African food Me: what Caucasian food is there that wasn’t stolen or inspired by something else Him:.......
Alexander Platinum
African Food *KFC add played*
Republika Dugave
Greek and Italian food are the best...
Holden Schmitt
man he flexed on Africa at the very beginning
ZuluRR 8 napja
Germany is not only Bavaria! 😂
Fahreza Dhia
Fahreza Dhia 8 napja
I like african food
i forgot to take my pills
remember the days when youtube wasn't full of unfunny sarcastic douchebags? me neither :(
Tim B.
Tim B. 8 napja
Well i think you never been in Germany. Otherwise you would have mentioned that we have a lot of Kebab places too
F rops
F rops 9 napja
ok no more fries, chocolate and waffles for you, signed the angry Belgians
Ben Peek
Ben Peek 9 napja
"Pasta" *shows spaghetti*
Steve Hamblin
Steve Hamblin 9 napja
Funny vid
jmlkinc 9 napja
As a Canadian, you somehow forgot Nanaimo Bars, despite living literally an hour and a half from Nanaimo. Pretty sure they're going to kick you off The Island now.
jmlkinc 9 napja
Casually Explained lives in the vicinity of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's new place.
RBR 9 napja
Can't help commenting that Mexico is part of Latin America and you mixed countries and continents :D
Nobody: Thai people: I'm Thailand They don't mad cuz they can't speak English btw I'm thai
Erick G
Erick G 9 napja
African food: You fucking savage. I like you.
Shad Dash
Shad Dash 9 napja
Jollof rice is an epic African dish. I’d encourage everyone to try it.
CT 2102
CT 2102 10 napja
As a Brit can confirm
Salih Atamert CAM
Dale Sajdak
Dale Sajdak 10 napja
Hawaiian: loco moco, Kilauea pork
Jaden Marcel
Jaden Marcel 10 napja
Me an African currently eating jellof rice while watching this like 👁👄👁 (I actually found it funny tbh)
Maxim P
Maxim P 10 napja
Do we have a response from @bingingwithbabish on 2:21 yet?
ToxicBoar 10 napja
Not to brag but my country has foods like Budget Ramen aka carrot meat and noodles and has the most iconic food sasuge with potato
Bajirao Singham
Bajirao Singham 10 napja
Yeah man us Indians have a wide variety of food and you people only eat Butter Chicken which gives away pretty much the entire recipe in the name.
Scott Becker
Scott Becker 10 napja
And they say Americans don't have culture.
Samantha R
Samantha R 10 napja
Go Canada
Vurzify 10 napja
how the hell can he pronounce tunnbrodsrulle but he can't say shnitzel
Frewtioper 11 napja
When Casually explained laughs *suprised pikachu face*
Rowan Melton
Rowan Melton 11 napja
Fish and chips is British
Moffrow 11 napja
As an African.... we usually just have English food because of the colonies, I’m personally from Botswana and we have seswa and dumplings and fat cakes once in a while, food is pretty great. It’s usually pretty dry though.
Eman Hooy
Eman Hooy 11 napja
White bread food for life.
carlos andres gonzalez torrez
Hornado and ceviche are the best dishes in the entire world. This is just talking shit.
pana 115
pana 115 12 napja
why does cyprus mean middle east for americans, we are so much different fyi, you forgot souvla
luca iscm
luca iscm 12 napja
Italian food so many few options: seriously? we got tons and tons of options.
Asset Aden
Asset Aden 11 napja
Yeah like pasta on pizza, or pasta with shredded pizza and gelato topping.
AntTaro 12 napja
Before modern refrigeration and aquaculture techniques were available, it'd be pretty risky to consume salmon raw. It was the Norwegians that came up with the concept of salmon sushi, and spent the better part of a decade marketing and selling it in Japan. In fact, you could say salmon sushi is a Norwegian invention. 😃
Andrew Henshaw
Andrew Henshaw 12 napja
I'm from Scandinavia and I laughed REALLY hard!😄
Keith Hopkins
Keith Hopkins 12 napja
Niamh O'Connor
Niamh O'Connor 12 napja
"Puffy tortilla" never cringed harder in my life
Bashar Naeem
Bashar Naeem 12 napja
You forgot the falafel
Geoffrey Jefferson
Aw, he didn't say that Africans eat sand. Video is so inacurate.
Kai Smithley
Kai Smithley 12 napja
Funnily enough my nearby vietnamese restaurant isn't named after some pho pun, although there is another one called pho stop that's further away
Illegal Meme Dealer
However: the one exception to British food being bad is when some British chef achieves culinary nirvana and starts making the best food you’ve ever eaten- which is of course food stolen from another country
Henry Hunter
Henry Hunter 10 napja
That and the only reason the rest of the world thinks british food is bad is because of a stereotype from ww2 when american soldiers said all the food was dry and terrible. Clearly forgeting that rationing was a thing.
Kwame' Le Blanc
Kwame' Le Blanc 13 napja
Nothing for African? Dick....
Джейкоб Джей
African foods? What about Phetcoek
The Asian Theory
Every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes. Together we can stop this. Please, spread the word
FELITO 21 Napja