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In our 100th episode of F1 Beyond The Grid, F1 CEO and Executive Chairman Chase Carey discusses the 2021 calendar, the return of fans to race weekends, qualifying races and more...
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Dalibor Zak
Dalibor Zak 8 napja
Few years ago, one friend told me that he is very worried about future of F1 with Liberty Media. I told him: "Don't worry. A guy with such an epic mustache just can't make bad decisions."
Diegos Drums
Diegos Drums 9 napja
Dangerous game: Take a shot everytime he says "you know"
Tony Cox
Tony Cox 9 napja
Chase " Yah Know " Carey , very boring, be glad to see him gone
Adam Casciato
Adam Casciato 10 napja
Drive to survive was how I got fully hooked into F1!
Jay Mower
Jay Mower 11 napja
It's simple! Require teams to use each of the 3 available tires at least once throughout the GP. I'm tired of watching drivers limit their racing aggression in an effort to slow tire deg!
Phelipe Santos
Phelipe Santos 11 napja
KEEP INTERLAGOS! It is one of the best circuits on the calendar, pilots say so. The last thing Rio needs is GP
Ryarama F1gobshite
That’s 100 👍 well done
D Rob
D Rob 11 napja
Interlagos is a track with fantastic history, and also exciting races! KEEP INTERLAGOS!
Omid Heidari
Omid Heidari 12 napja
Why they trying so hard to get rid of Interlagos.... it’s a disgrace to Ayrton and F1 history like Monaco and Spa.
Rafi Najeeb
Rafi Najeeb 13 napja
F1 and Chase Carey: fix F1 TV. The app (on Roku) and the website are both slow and glitchy. I have been trying to go through the archive races and race highlights and it's a pain to constantly get logged out, having to keep signing in like it's my bank account or something, and the video player to crash about 1/3 of the time. Chase likes talking about how they "partner" with other players in the industry (HUrun, Netflix) but, sadly, they haven't learned to share the video player technology of those "partner" companies.
James Miller
James Miller 13 napja
Does Chase have what you might call a regional accent? I'm intrigued by accents. In the UK we can often say what locale someone is from. I know Chase was born in Ireland and educated at Colgate and Harvard but can his accent be said to be more specific? Like common Massachusetts or is it the type that a certain group have. I believe JFK had a distinctive accent but one that might be considered 'upper class'? I suppose I wonder what other Americans think when they hear his accent 🙂
Samuel Hvozdík
Samuel Hvozdík 14 napja
Chase "You Know" Carey
Stephen Clarke
Stephen Clarke 14 napja
Love listening to the podcast whilst laying the F1 game on ps4 keep it up ps do a interview with Lando
Luis Fernando Ludert
Chase " You Know " Carey
Xendex Motorsports
Unpopular opinion , remove monaco due to its boring race. It is like keeping a junk and it is rotting with a shiny paint of glamour. Vintage things needs to be replace or improved to improve monaco or throw it from the calendar. There are better circuit like Singapore to keep. Russia and Spain are definite no to keep next year. Why monaco what is there to see ,if you want to create glamourous race so make it memorable. There are some fleur tracks for to race with perfection , monaco isn't that viable. It is just money maker not emotion maker like German races
Alberto Zanardo
Alberto Zanardo 14 napja
Segaways to sponsors are crazy lol
A51580 14 napja
Chase Cary lern nothing from this best calender since years
Steve Williams
Steve Williams 14 napja
"You know"
Jason 15 napja
I got 300+ You knows. Missed some of the really fast ya know, so I would say about 305-310 ya knows in his short podcast.
Al Fa Za
Al Fa Za 15 napja
Please 15 F1 teams. At least 1 GP all drives whit same cars... PLEASE!!! I love F1 since I was a child
Tim Hendley
Tim Hendley 15 napja
Can't help thinking there is more to Carey's move out than is being announced.
Tony Morien
Tony Morien 15 napja
Keep INTERLAGOS and save the forest!
Jack Wayne
Jack Wayne 15 napja
15:47 gromo code
Michael 15 napja
Chase "You Know" Carey.
Voaridase 15 napja
"What toll has this taken on you?" Are you serious? Is this an interview or a fluff piece? Didn't even press the point when he refused to answer about Toto Wolff. Honestly, if this was an issue of him being your boss, may as well not have done it.
Dont You Fucking Look At Me
Enjoy this races guy ,it will get only worse calendar wise its all about money,nurburing,interlagos,Hockenheim,mugello all amazing tracks wont probably be back... At least in 2021 One thing we found out is that we should switch races and calendars,but thats that We wont get what we want thats why we watch the sport..
ND 15 napja
Great interview
Johan van Staden
You know.....LOL
Samba GoGo
Samba GoGo 16 napja
"Judgements about what is fair" Like taking F1 off free to air terrestrial TV?
Aston R
Aston R 16 napja
What a softball interview. They should rename this one to Tom is Over the Hill - Beyond the Grid
RottieShep CALIBRE
more views if you started doing video instead of this 1970's format
Naufal Ayrton
Naufal Ayrton 16 napja
Keep interlagoss !!! We do not need another new tilke tracks. !!
Victor Soares
Victor Soares 16 napja
Dear Chasey, forget about Rio circuit. It will never become true, doesn't matter who says it will. KEEP INTERLAGOS!
Lachlan McKenzie
yeah 4 minutes in and I have to stop. The 'You Knows' just make this unlistenable..
Lachlan McKenzie
Dare someone to count the "You Know's" in total - I stopped at 3 in the first 30 seconds.
john erickson
john erickson 16 napja
Is this U tube or U radio?
War Peace
War Peace 16 napja
You are proud of this podcast? You should be, it has given everyone insights and understandings into the elite people in F1 (almost all in F1 are elite at what they do). Thank you, very well done. The ads cheapen this product and undermine credibility. "even rooters" were you referring to the grid girls? Paytv is a dinosaur with big money and very little reach.
GloomGaiGar 15 napja
yeah because F1 NEVER has sponsors right?
Giulia Nobre
Giulia Nobre 16 napja
I am Brazilian and I know how things work here. This racetrack in Rio de Janeiro will not exist, the construction project has several signs of illegality without mentioning that the track layout is terrible. Keep Interlagos please !!
AM G 16 napja
Hahaha @33:00 "Ross brawn strikes me as a purist' This interviewer sounds so clueless. How many stupidities can one say in half an hour? I lost count
Racer Girl
Racer Girl 16 napja
Keep Interlagos!
AM G 16 napja
This Interview confirmed what all the fans already suspected... LM haven't got the slightest clue what F1 is about. Listen to what he says about F1 moving behind a paywall and he expects new fans to pay to watch it and how the underdog has to win once in a while instead of being about the best man and the best machine wins. They want to dilute F1 and make it all about the show. Gimmicks and nonsense. Nothing more
AM G 16 napja
@The Devil ironically the interviewer said "Ross Brawn seems to be a purist to me" at some point in the video. This guy is a joke whoever he is
The Devil
The Devil 16 napja
@AM G if reverse grids become a thing, i'm done with f1. i want to see a professional sport, not a silly show
AM G 16 napja
@The Devil I'm already bummed out the 2022 regulations are turning F1 into a spec series with little room for the team to design anything and also having to share as many parts as they will. If Russ gets his way with the ridiculous reverse grid gimmick, I don't know what to make of F1 anymore.
The Devil
The Devil 16 napja
exactly. the same happened with formula e, silly gimmicks that destroy the tension of the racing. i mainly watch f1 and indycar nowadays, but f1 becomes less and less interesting.
AM G 16 napja
@John Utah bro listen to it again. I'm halfway through the interview and right now he's talking about turning qualifying into a gimmick. At first he starts by saying it's important to not just do something because it's a gimmick but then he follows by "some fans are never going to like change, we are going to have to listen to both sides and discuss it but we're not in it to please all the teams". Are you new to F1? Are you not aware that they're trying to spice up the show with gimmicks
CJ Gaming & Sports
They need to get rid of Spain for one of the new tracks from this year for 2021
momo 16 napja
Chase "you know" carey
Beanbird Dolan
Beanbird Dolan 16 napja
I'm Single 😍😥
Jonah Hosein
Jonah Hosein 16 napja
I just want to know exactly what the calendar will be like next year... Will it be the same as this year, or will it be the same as previous years calendars?
Rico Schneider
Rico Schneider 16 napja
Win, win for who Carey?
Rico Schneider
Rico Schneider 16 napja
Have you been promoted by your M friend's?
Harsh K. Shah
Harsh K. Shah 16 napja
I understand the podcast needs to make money, but please remove manscaped as your sponsor. Most independent reviews all say manscaped products are really bad quality, especially for the price that you are paying.
Harsh K. Shah
Harsh K. Shah 15 napja
@GloomGaiGar I am glad they are not partnered with tobacco brands anymore. (Personally, I don't ever drink alcohol). Being sponsored by Alcohol brands in our current society wouldn't be that controversial. On the sole premise of being sponsored by an alcohol brand, socially there wouldn't be that much backlash (depending on the brand). Like UFC being sponsored by Bublight. Being sponsored by an alcohol brand probably helps to sell the entertainment value of the sport/show.
GloomGaiGar 15 napja
F1 used to be sponsored by alcohol and tobacco - par for the course really
burdine estep
burdine estep 16 napja
Proud to have this man as a fellow Connecticut resident.
Dave Hammerton
Dave Hammerton 16 napja
A yank lasted how long? Now we got Ferarri running the show. Just saying! I actually think we should of stuck with the incredible shrinking man (bernie).
Samanthaflower 16 napja
Bernie is old af and very anti-technology! 👨🏻‍🦳 If he was still there, no way the drivers or teams would have social media accounts! The level of access we have today is because of Chase! He’s American and open minded! I know he received a lot of hate from snotty European fans because he’s American but Chase really modernized F1! Hey, we even have a Netflix show which Bernie would NEVER EVER allow in his time!
Richard Spruill
Richard Spruill 16 napja
Tough times, tough decisions.
Missouri Re sole
Bring back the f*****g V12s or V10s
Samanthaflower 16 napja
Ok grandpa!👨🏻‍🦳
Imagine an edit with only his you knows.
Vincent Kenter
Vincent Kenter 15 napja
Someone please do this
rup pert
rup pert 16 napja
Start with improving the chances for others instead of the merc cheaters with party mode and DAS etc. For starting grid just pull names out of a hat. The winners of quali gets two times their name in the hat and the top 3 of the previous race just get one free practice the others 3 free practices. The winner of a race just gets 10 points so the world championship stays exciting till the end. Do it for the NEXT race Do it NOW !!!
Juan 16 napja
Chase Carey without a mustache would not be Chase Carey just like F1 without Interlagos would not be F1. Keep Interlagos. Do not destroy a rainforest.
Snowcone Guy
Snowcone Guy 16 napja
Great guy.
pks things
pks things 16 napja
FormulaWOKE1 2020
Joshua Handley
Joshua Handley 16 napja
Bring free to air formula 1 back for live races on bbc or C4F1
Mister Awesome
Mister Awesome 16 napja
Chase Carey "the lobby person of F1"!
Gregory Rogers
Gregory Rogers 16 napja
The only mustache to rival Nigel Mansell
John McGlasson
John McGlasson 16 napja
Between this dude and the guy with the evil eyebrows I get the feeling that they can't Nascar-up F1 fast enough. Also; don't trust guys with country singer names.
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 16 napja
Random Youtube Comment
2021: Is this the year of Ferrari or is it S🅱️INALLA all over again???
Missouri Re sole
Ferrari will be' consistly on the podium
ARRGHHH 16 napja
So glad to see all the support for keeping Interlagos on the calender. What does humanity get from a new Brazilian F1 track? A destroyed rainforest, worse atmosphere at the race, and inferior racing. What do the rich get? Lots of public tax money funnelled away.
Evan Rudolph
Evan Rudolph 16 napja
this guy is an idiot
jvhwang 16 napja
Haha Piranha Club! Actually, while piranhas crazily tear the prey apart, they make sure that every fish in the group gets a turn to take a bite. Though they seem vicious, it's actually a collaborative community. So, it does correctly describe our f1 teams :)
Pablo Rojas
Pablo Rojas 16 napja
Can someone make me a resume??? I don't want translate during almost an hour
Sutan Syah
Sutan Syah 16 napja
Bring back Sepang
Spy Convention
Spy Convention 16 napja
"THE GREATEST* driver of all time." There, fixed it for you Chase. I know how hard it was for you to say whatever you did say.
Darryl Kelly
Darryl Kelly 15 napja
@Arthur Finco, o Gamer Exactly.
Arthur Finco, o Gamer
"THE GREATEST* car of all time." There, fixed it for you Chase. I know how hard it was for you to say whatever you did say
Maria Eduarda Melo
Mudhaffar Adhwa
Mudhaffar Adhwa 16 napja
F1: wants to go carbon neutral by 2030 Also F1: willing to cut down a rainforest to build a race track that replaces a LEGENDARY circuit Sus if you ask me
Giannis Chronakis
Chase-"you know"-Carey
Libyan Soup
Libyan Soup 16 napja
if you edit out everytime he says "you know" the podcast would be half as long.
Paul Korte
Paul Korte 2 napja
@Stepside definitly
jdtrrs 15 napja
@Stepside yes it is
Stepside 15 napja
Once you notice it, it's infuriating, isn't it?
jdtrrs 16 napja
Formula 1 should keep Interlagos... You know... Is one of the best tracks in the calendar... You know... If not the best... You know...
Box Car Racer
Box Car Racer 16 napja
I was just gonna say, drinking game for every "you know"
Ginger Knight
Ginger Knight 16 napja
You have definitely been teasing us all year at this point! You keep dropping Ron Dennis' name episode-after-episode!
Libyan Soup
Libyan Soup 16 napja
Chase "you know" Carey.
Real 16 napja
Let's be real. Without Chase and Liberty, this YT channel and all of its content wouldn't even exist.
Samanthaflower 16 napja
Well said! Bernie was an old cow who hated media and technology! 🐮 Chase allowed social media into the paddock and even allowed access by Netflix for their show! Bernie would have NEVER EVER allowed any of that!
John Utah
John Utah 16 napja
It wasn't growing.
mathcachaille 16 napja
It existed before them
Christopher Robin Garrish
02:00 If knowing who will be on pole, and knowing who will win, is now called racing, we are all lost.....
Mr Silence Dogood
Solely because the gap between equipment ...
Christopher Robin Garrish
Rupoert Murdoch, Ghislaine Mawell, Chase Carey, capitalism continues.....
Christopher Robin Garrish
I had hoped by the 100th episode someone whould have purchased a video camera.....but no, it's not in the budget.
Kiran 16 napja
When I was this early, Bernie was still the CEO and Chairman of F1!
marcos albert
marcos albert 16 napja
Bear 16 napja
Awful guy
ToxicWolf 603
ToxicWolf 603 16 napja
Chase is just one of those guys you could hold a conversation with and just want more... hes a stand up man as a person and businessman
Mike Davies
Mike Davies 16 napja
Great podcast but the audio mixing on the voices is quite brutal. We dont need to hear all the spit in your mouth lol
Dave C
Dave C 16 napja
Chase “yah know” Carey 🤣
Aaron Brall
Aaron Brall 16 napja
The way this man is running the sport it wont exist in 2030, either through lack of money, or no more teams due to lack of money
lost boy
lost boy 16 napja
Carys mustash bigger than a front wing on a merc
keep interlagos. change the engine rules for 2024. focus on biofuels and NA v8/v10 engines make the entry to the sport much cheaper focus on iconic tracks
Dr Artiick
Dr Artiick 16 napja
F1 has raced on the best tracks in the world. So many tracks are capable of hosting an F1 race and they're not able due to money being such a big deal. Mugello and Nurburgring has proven them that they can switch up race tracks every other year and the F1 calendar would be utterly amazing... C'mon Mr. Carey, don't be dumb dumb
Xendex Motorsports
Remove boring circuits ( no need to name them ) . We love classic due to they are classic proper tracks except Monaco
GloomGaiGar 15 napja
dumb dumb is when he sacrifices revenue for nostalgia
Kami Sama
Kami Sama 16 napja
Unfortunately next year he will get replaced so, I'm afraid he can't say much
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha 16 napja
Interlagos needs to remain in the calendar, it's a historic track that cannot be replaced by anything else
Ryan 13 napja
At some point all the old 20th century tracks are going to have be replaced because the cars are going to outgrow them. You're starting to see that with Monaco, it's more of a procession then a race. While it's nice to have these historic tracks, at some point they will become obsolete unless the owners are willing to rebuild the entire circuit.
GloomGaiGar 15 napja
@War Peace " having a machine gun aimed at you by some local crackheads" has that ever happened?
GloomGaiGar 15 napja
funny, we replaced the nordschleife pretty easily
War Peace
War Peace 16 napja
@Jan Brady - do you want to start a war? - Maybe the Brazilian people should try a new system that has rule of law rather than rule of rich and violent.
Jan Brady
Jan Brady 16 napja
@War Peace Let F1 teams arm themselves.
Jim Yang2006
Jim Yang2006 16 napja
Plz do Adrian newey next he won allotted in formula
Jhonathan 16 napja
Keep Interlagos!!!
Leandro Rocha
Leandro Rocha 16 napja
This is the idiot that wants to take it down a forest to build a track?
James. 16 napja
thought we got burned and had Zak Brown again. the sound of their voices is similar. not the same of course, but close when your in the kitchen and its not super loud lol
Daniel Górski
Daniel Górski 16 napja
Bring Algarve. That's one of the best circuit all around the world.
Koji Takata
Koji Takata 16 napja
17:48 of course Ferrari didn’t want to they wanted someone who ran their team before. If Ferrari starts winning you know where it’ll come from.
F1 governing body has destroyed F1 racing
Aleisternasia 16 napja
They should keep portimao
ova mufasrolan
ova mufasrolan 16 napja
Petronas 2021
LordquackALot 16 napja
That mustache is fabulous
Hyago Calisto
Hyago Calisto 16 napja
Interlagos does NOT need to leave the calendar. It is a track as legendary as Monza, Spa and Silverstone that has provided some of the most memorable moments in F1 history. Taking it off the calendar will be a huge disregard for the history of the sport!
ToxicWolf 603
ToxicWolf 603 13 napja
@TheRealGS not mechanically possible
TheRealGS 13 napja
@ToxicWolf 603 OR make smaller and lighter cars (without sacrificing safety). You're welcome.
Xendex Motorsports
@Steven I think monaco , Shanghai , Spain , baku and some other should be removed. Monaco isn't what is F1 for , its glamour and it doesn't realtes much to the essexce to sport. Germany's ring is the best circuit to race and it's more glamourous than race at monaco. Singapore is almost forgettable in many best Circuit. Singapore is my favourite. And who can forget remove russia
Xendex Motorsports
Interlagos needs to be rebuilt but no need for a new track
Xendex Motorsports
Monaco should just be at the risky area. It has history and other things but just what about other circuits like baku and some other then ?? Just hsitory and these things are emotional and just mental thing if you don't thing much about monaco you will forget it. Just we want other more deserving tracks and remove Spain 🤪 and Melbourne and China and some others. These are dumb tracks