Crazy Starts, Donuts And The Final Onboards Of The Year | 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix | Emirates 

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As a dramatic and unforeseeable season comes to an end, enjoy the action from our final 2020 F1 race in Abu Dhabi. Presented by Emirates.
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tiger saux
tiger saux 21 órája
They didn't show Valtteri's on board at the end when Hamilton emerged from the smoke!
kemas pakai z betul
Evan Nagy
Evan Nagy 22 napja
And people think this race was bad
Gerardo G
Gerardo G 22 napja
Es una lastima que Sergio Pérez no pudo seguir en la carrera 😔
Kenn Cramer Hanberg
Great 1st lap by Magnussen 06:24 and touching radio
tonyshifter 28 napja
My lawnmower sounds better then the modern F1 car.
Agus Tina
Agus Tina 29 napja
Aku mintak hp opo a5s sudah aku saskreb semua
Dont Bother
Dont Bother 29 napja
The Ferrari-powered car does donuts faster than the Mercedes-powered car 😆 😆
Iamgud Hónapja
Iamgud Hónapja
Flanker 27
Flanker 27 Hónapja
Absolutely incredible defence from Magnussen in a much slower car against Russell, who was very weak in that race
Jay Palmer
Jay Palmer Hónapja
"Ok Love you, Buddy, P1 then P0."
AnDryxa Hónapja
Кто русский лайк!!!!
Alejandro Portillo
Where is R25 onboard? Thats the best onboard in the GP
Maroun Abdo
Maroun Abdo Hónapja
You know they were struggling for content when an onboard highlight is bottas getting bumped by a camera man
Luca Aloisio
Luca Aloisio Hónapja
Where Is It team radio for Seb?
Imad Soy
Imad Soy Hónapja
Mercedes are killing F1
Ludz Hónapja
Wake me up in Australia
Six stoic
Six stoic Hónapja
Dude, when kevin doing donuts, i was ballin out crying.
Kev / Emre Mor / Magnussen
Still feel so gutted he's not in F1 anymore, and perhaps never will be...
F4DED SliMe Hónapja
purple fire...
Apri Cahyadi
Apri Cahyadi Hónapja
Next: F1 radio animation
Vitor R
Vitor R Hónapja
All ways love that Kimi take fire extinguisher and put fire out
Mohamed Chowdhury
9:24 mission to completely ruin the engine
Hauptsache Puls
Hauptsache Puls Hónapja
In all that smoke, the mercedes parked their cars nose to nose in a straight line. Most remarkable thing in this race
Julle Hónapja
I will miss kMag and Romain so much :I
Kauan Maciel
Kauan Maciel Hónapja
Out Abu Dhabi
_LoxFox_ Hónapja
Nobody: Me when i first turn off traction control in the game: 9:28
samghost13 Hónapja
What??? Merc. struggling? Okay, got ya! Eat my Dust!!! Till next time! You will struggling at some point! Hope you will remember then what you have said in 2020 ; )
Maddie Hogger-Stone
Going to miss k mag
K V Hónapja
Greta T. and her 163.5 followers disagree.
hernan Catalan Zumelzu
Lo de Checo me recuerda la ultima carrera de Kimi con Ferrari en Abu Dhabi 2018
Dawson Fowler
Dawson Fowler Hónapja
when is pre-season testing taking place
Fuel Hónapja
really dislike that cameraman at the end ruining a moment on the start finish straight
MrJhonvick Hónapja
5:37 you can hear Merc Engine struggling
João souZa • 65 anos atrás
Imagina o sofrimento que tiveram para faser esse video com o gp chato pa garalho desse domingo
Zion Mak de Souza
stroll’s car sounded so off...
Zion Mak de Souza
That renault engine sounds so brutal and lethal like the roar is real
A Destroyer
A Destroyer Hónapja
If Gasly drove in the Redbull and he drove like him in the TorroRosso he would definitely win more races
Rafi Nieto
Rafi Nieto Hónapja
Bono really said “Struggling throughout the year” Idk what season you’ve been watching Bono 😂
Mohnish Magesh
Mohnish Magesh Hónapja
Man why do I even watch Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the race is always a snoozefest, without a championship battle, which hasn't happened in the last 4 years.
Leebo88 Hónapja
When you gonna sort this shambles of a sport out ?
Daniel Maruzza
Daniel Maruzza Hónapja
Gonna miss mag :(
Carlitox b
Carlitox b Hónapja
Gasly is my driver of the year I mean seriously my dude killed it the whole year
Garrett Spain
Garrett Spain Hónapja
Oh my Bottas at the end though getting hit by the cameraman I fell bad
Niklas Eßer
Niklas Eßer Hónapja
The Renault sounds like it would have traction control
Looking forward to the newly designed futuristic cars..
geekdiggy Hónapja
i feel horrible for perez. this could very well be the last time we see him in a formula 1 seat, and to go from the high of a victory a week ago to getting burned out early for a mechanical issue must be gutting.😞
Frederic Nasuti
Frederic Nasuti Hónapja
Get rid of Yas Marina, race at Portimao instead
klaas klapsigaar
Perez: 'If I want to drive Mercedes again I'll grab a taxi'
FancyDesigns Hónapja
Ham's Engineer:"Struggling through the year". Oof. Big oof. If getting constructor champ and drivers champ is a struggle for merc, then i would love to hear them if they were in a position like Ferrari.
Seb does the most amazing donuts in F1.
Hossein 446
Hossein 446 Hónapja
Bottas nearly hit the wall!
pretty descend the sound of haas though.
Qu Hónapja
i hope ferrari doesnt end his career like vettels :/
Helg Baglay
Helg Baglay Hónapja
То есть, показать-то и нечего...
Pickle Hónapja
Sad hardbass plays
Jakob K.
Jakob K. Hónapja
Those downshifts from stroll 🥰
Art Pereira
Art Pereira Hónapja
What? “Struggling through the year”? How were Mercedes struggling?
R4C3R AJ Hónapja
Mercedes struggling thru the year? Cmon man what bs is this🤣
B Hónapja
That Renault really sounds like a French car
skruffy79 Hónapja
I'm not crying, you're crying
Sandy Hónapja
wow the brake at 06:32
Rafik Jabbour
Rafik Jabbour Hónapja
Bottas knows how to make proper donuts!! Went for 2nd gear and on the rev limiter like there's no tomorrow! Well done!
Michael Wilme
Michael Wilme Hónapja
This compilation shows how boring this track is. Sad that every year, just because of money, abu dhabi is the end of the season. F1 should finish off with a highlight and not with a boring, modern design, track without any challenges!
Adventuring Boat
Perez's career just like his car. Stopped just when its on fire sigh
blindgeorged Hónapja
Valtteri taking his frustration out on that gearbox 😂
Carl Estepa
Carl Estepa Hónapja
9:24 and my laptop lags
blindgeorged Hónapja
Ocon’s race engineer sounds like Bono
Johannes Tremel
Johannes Tremel Hónapja
lando didn't defend much against albon
Steve C
Steve C Hónapja
Which button on the steering wheel is for sparks?
Eshref Memmedov
Eshref Memmedov Hónapja
Biggest crash:Grosjean Best overtake:Italy:Leclerc,Giovinazzi,Raikkonnen.
Stephen Hónapja
3 ad breaks in a ten minute video - ffs f1
Stephen Hónapja
Latifi is such a bot man
Grimm Fandango
Grimm Fandango Hónapja
off the race start i believe magnussen is unrivaled.
Shauqie Syahrisy
poor bottas for that camera hahaah
crillspett Hónapja
5:28 That Racing Point sounds brutal on the downshifts
Deepak Kumar Gangwar
How is KMag doing doughnuts even with that straight steering wheel?
Kev / Emre Mor / Magnussen
Outstanding car control
Jack Morgan
Jack Morgan Hónapja
Abu Dhabi was so dull that an onboard of lando letting albon through got into the best onboards video
The Skinny Guy
The Skinny Guy Hónapja
am i the only one feeling dizzy after these onboards
Nguyen Duc Hung
Nguyen Duc Hung Hónapja
Prop to the camera man risking their life for these footages
Charles Dubie
Charles Dubie Hónapja
Bottas loves the limiter
Syree Mills
Syree Mills Hónapja
i cant believe that ppl actually say that the sound coming out of ocons renault and strolls mercedes is bad like how do ppl think this sounds bad at all because in my humble opinon these cars sound absofuckinglutely amazing under breaking and some even on acceleration yea ik there are a bunch of v10 fan boys out there but these are the most exquisite v6 engines ive ever had the pleasure of hearing and im honestly proud of how far theyve come ill admit i didnt like them in 2014 so much but i still stuck with it and now i can honestly say that i very much do enjoy them
R K Hónapja
I feel so bad for Perez, this could’ve been the last race of his F1 career. I hope not though.
Erickzy Hónapja
I just relised there is going on much more raicing in the midfield than at the top
Matheus Tavares
Matheus Tavares Hónapja
Ocon and Last Lap! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jo Don Lee
Jo Don Lee Hónapja
I bet those who complained about the start saying there is nothing to see, either seen the live race and complained or not watching Kevin's race start in this video replay and start complaining before even seeing the whole video
Peepee Poopoo
Peepee Poopoo Hónapja
I’m not the only guy who LOVES and ADORES the alpha tauri mechanics voice right? Like I’m straight but that guys voice is just so interesting
Peter Toft
Peter Toft Hónapja
Nice how they didn't show Kimi having difficulty getting out.
miguel angel tudela sanhueza
Mr. bear
Mr. bear Hónapja
Cant wait to see mercedes dominating the 2021
Anand Patel
Anand Patel Hónapja
Next Race on the 21st of March which is my Birthday letssss goooo!!!
Luu Duong Hy
Luu Duong Hy Hónapja
Number 1: Vettel mega start
Arther George
Arther George Hónapja
Hey guys it's been a decade and there were only 3 driver have won championship's and only 2 teams have won constructer championship's 🤐
the hank sam
the hank sam Hónapja
Time flies so fast
Brian T
Brian T Hónapja
Wins 13 races: "struggling throughout the year"
Rblx_Fighter Hónapja
Mercedes engine in the W11: my computer in day Mercedes engine in the others: my computer at night
Brian T
Brian T Hónapja
Lance might have been able to hold onto the position if he hadn't compromised his line so much trying to block...
Brian T
Brian T Hónapja
"You're on fire get out" "Ok give me like five minutes"
Thomas Caswell
Thomas Caswell Hónapja
I’m glad I missed this 🤣
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