Cute And Useful PET Hacks, Gadgets And DIY Crafts For Loved Ones 

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00:00 Drinking bottle for pets
00:28 If your cat doesn't like brushing
01:19 If cat is stealing your food
02:18 Toothbrush for dogs
02:39 Pet umbrella
03:17 DIY pet toy
04:22 DIY dog house for backyard
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4:00 sjfksirjkcdbgkldjfbengrnfrknfkr fkfk4kfcg9dkg
Francisca Montilla Ortiz
53 yo lo tengo lo puedes comprar en amazon
gacha_girl kitkito marrero
im gonna try those one day
Andres Lopez
Andres Lopez 8 órája
My dad has this 0:50
Ghitoiu Andreea
Ghitoiu Andreea 8 órája
The is funyy
Samantha Lewis
Samantha Lewis 9 órája
I love it
Catalina Estupiñan
utangaç kedi
utangaç kedi 11 órája
0:43 its fake cats are not fury pets
Alfredo Condori
Alfredo Condori 12 órája
Que bonito
elif Limoncu
elif Limoncu 13 órája
İyki hayvanlara yardım ediyoruz
Sonali Warade
Sonali Warade 13 órája
0:49 first, you require a dog who has the PATIENCE to let you do that.
안재은 14 órája
Mariana Muniz Flora
Kk se eu deixar uma garrafa de plástico perto do meu cachorro vai ser mais coisa pra varrer
Noe Ojeda
Noe Ojeda 15 órája
Munda Santos
Munda Santos 16 órája
g buket
g buket 17 órája
Belgielyn Marie Allocod
The product that you put in your mouth while brushing the cat was quite wierd, i dont understand...
g buket
g buket 18 órája
Ana Lee
Ana Lee 18 órája
Məhəmməd Əliyev
Akthar Shaik
Akthar Shaik 20 órája
They are cheating from rimorav vlogs for bed they uploaded 2 months ago 5 min craft upload 1 month ago Who agree hit like 👇
Sweetie Marshmallow
If it was my dog my dog would have already ran away
Hatice Anlar
Hatice Anlar 22 órája
İ m ay love yu
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Heidi Schierenberg 23 órája
Kudu bndk 4)74jz
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Who have no dog like this
mỹ Phạm
Dog cute ❤❤❤❤❤
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ㅡ무ㅐ ㅊㅁㅇㄷ ㅐ ㄴ두내?
Dandara Fonseca
Mano para que isso? Vei na hora q o pelo da cachorrinha ali do video estava so um pouqinho sujo vcs viram mn. N precisa corta o pelo td so corta a onde estava sujo
Kevin y Samuel Gamboa
Yez ant mi to tez 🥰
Pauline gallo
Ronda Ledford
I fell bad for the cat in the backpack
Diana Pascu
I am so so happy that u saved that poor strey dog it is cute 😊 😇i hope it is for real and not just people to see this video to make u famous 🤔🤔🤔 I am sorry I didn’t want to be mean to this video sorry pls forgive me🙏🙏
Diana Pascu
Why is everyone tolking about the strey dog and what stray dog ???? And evryone have a nice day bye 😇
Diana Pascu
Cute umbrella ☂. For 🐶 dogs
Diana Pascu
Can someone subscribe to my other channel Caitlin tune pls
Diana Pascu
Diana Pascu
Cool hacks
Micaela Bowman
these hacks are ok i can just get all of these from the pet store except the stray dog.
Mateescu Valentina
demetre ferculiani
Udgcc kicj
Jessica Barrrera
Cute dog
nada waleed
Ryqueezy Napja
Guys go on Thinknoodle’s latest community post and suggest payday 2
Roslina Arshad
Who trow the dog he its no respert you all dont do like that
ruslan allahverdiyev
Çok şeker 🥰🥰🥰
Wayan Jiwi
Wayan Jiwi Napja
aku suka ajing lucu
Joel Soriano Villa
I Cried For That Dog Thank You For Rescuing Him💘💘💘❤❤❤
Romina Duarte
Romina Duarte 2 napja
Nilvana Staffolani
È stato bello
Asya Tekirdag
Asya Tekirdag 2 napja
Yorumlarda türk arayanlar 👇
Asya Tekirdag
Asya Tekirdag 2 napja
velibor grujic
Oliwia Jaworska
I love
Tushar Kolekar
great job
Rajashree Gawade
I am very happy for this dog 🐶 💗💖
Fun With Siddhi
I love dogs 😘😘
Alya Karagün
Alya Karagün 2 napja
I have a bird, dog and cat but the dog and cat lives in street
Sudha Shishodia
I love the dog 😘
Lakshmi patil
Lakshmi patil 3 napja
Please can you send money for me
Shobirin 3 napja
Posted in abominations of Probolinggo yg tdk relevan I pukul
Sakuna Pongmree
Sakuna Pongmree 17 órája
Mashekul Alam
Mashekul Alam 3 napja
Lyna Juega
Lyna Juega 3 napja
Minute 17:02 fake
Hildo Bispo
Hildo Bispo 3 napja
Paulo Henrique Macahdo de Ataide
Adorei muito obrigado
Lara Costa
Lara Costa 3 napja
Zeynep Kaya
Zeynep Kaya 3 napja
Oda yeseydi ölürmüydün mal
Gta5 rp
Gta5 rp 3 napja
Juan Navarro
Juan Navarro 3 napja
Cual es tu número de teléfono me lo en bias
Juan Navarro
Juan Navarro 3 napja
Qué hermoso 🤩🤩🤩🤩
0:52 onahole?
lia zuniga
lia zuniga 3 napja
Enrico Merlo
Enrico Merlo 3 napja
Alan Crompton
Alan Crompton 3 napja
What was the dogs name that has no hair and was found in woods called
Ania lata
Ania lata 3 napja
Pielucha dla psa???🤪🤪🤪
dogs cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Valerie Kalagian
How do you do this
Wolfgirlgamer 4 napja
Luxury dog cabin am I right
Emma Ljungdell
Awww poor dog 🥺
اية فانوس
Rebecca Selva Kumar
yoyo Meesam
yoyo Meesam 4 napja
Coins Chang no overhangs Benzene
Eva Hossain
Eva Hossain 4 napja
Kaiki Inacio
Kaiki Inacio 4 napja
Não entendo nada o que vocês fala e o que você faz eu testo aqui não dá certo
Laysa Gabrielle Ramalho dos Santos
love dogs are very cute
Anke Jahnke
Anke Jahnke 4 napja
Al länk dis
Katerina Palatova
11:58 pedigrie🤮🤢
The GuineaGamerPig
This is probably my favorite 5 minute craft video😌✌🏼✨
3 Stars
3 Stars 4 napja
Mine too... something new after a long time
seda KUBAT
seda KUBAT 4 napja
Joanna Gierosz
Fajnie Super łał
selim haider
selim haider 4 napja
Thisvvadio is fake
Alden Duque
Alden Duque 4 napja
The dog' are so cuteeeeee i want to hug himmmmm 🥰🥰🥰
Rebecca Selva Kumar
Gacha_gal_UwU 4 napja
I’m so thankful for you saving that dog I really hope it was real
Mariana Muniz Flora
Oi sou Mariana do Brasil tudo bem ?🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Noe Ojeda
Noe Ojeda 15 órája
Noe Ojeda
Noe Ojeda 15 órája
Sakuna Pongmree
Sakuna Pongmree 17 órája
Manasaa Ram babu
9:17 but still you have to refill that bottle
Manasaa Ram babu
If it's over
Элпари Шериева
вау какая сабачка
Natia Loizou
Natia Loizou 4 napja
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