Daniel Ricciardo: All The Shoeys! 

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They're all brilliant! But which is your favourite?!
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2020.nov. 2.






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cake lover
cake lover 5 napja
I actually gagged😫
Honda Civic
Honda Civic 12 napja
i'm surprised he hasn't fallen sick yet
RK Shetty
RK Shetty 15 napja
Where is Lance stroll shoey
Alex Pop
Alex Pop 15 napja
You forgot the one in his motorhome :))
Miki Fire Blue
Miki Fire Blue 15 napja
This guy's crazy
Frank Taylor
Frank Taylor 15 napja
David FF
David FF 17 napja
Alguém do Brasil 🇧🇷??
Drk_samuka 17 napja
Who is the music?
Esmeè 17 napja
i love him
Familie Sagarias
This is what makes Formula 1 great😂😂
Muhamad Aditya Rasha
Sad Bottas
jimmy boi34
jimmy boi34 18 napja
gotta love the shoey mate
Teo Polato
Teo Polato 18 napja
its impossible to hate this man
Jake Africa
Jake Africa 18 napja
The Legend of Drinking champain in A SHOE
Janina Pendel
Janina Pendel 19 napja
Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton, Christian Horner, Patrick Steward, Martin Brundle, Nico Rossberg...thats quite an inpressiv list isnt it
Janina Pendel
Janina Pendel 9 napja
@Lucas Gregório true! thx for reminding me
Lucas Gregório
Lucas Gregório 18 napja
don't forget Adrian Newey
Mr Dandelion
Mr Dandelion 19 napja
I do Slipperys instead after the race!
Tommy Muri
Tommy Muri 19 napja
Coolest F1 DRIVER!!!
Carla Rossi
Carla Rossi 19 napja
Ma la scarpa è quella che porti durante la garà?
kartikeya singh chauhan
Hamilton has done it. Max has done it. Nico has done it now we want Seb to do it. Then the shoey will have accomplished everything
Lars King
Lars King 19 napja
Deny Rachmat Ramdhany
Dope Idea.
The Cinephile Fish
*so far.
Taylor Hall
Taylor Hall 20 napja
Best video on this channel.
patjcoan 20 napja
Ive never wanted to drink out of a shoe so bad
Michael David
Michael David 20 napja
Where's the eifel gp one where he did off the podium?
Scribejay 20 napja
It's kind of weird that this year's shoes don't leak any of the champagne. Also, man, from the moment Patrick Stewart calls Daniel's name like a proud father, that's one of the most cheerful moments in F1.
halofreak1990 19 napja
I also like how Patrick Stewart downed the whole thing, instead of taking just a sip.
Federico Chinnici
Song name?
Danie 20 napja
If Hamilton does shoey everytime he on podium,probably he getting bacteria infection 😂
Roberto S. Gerometta
Honestly, I find the shoey pretty disgusting...
Edivad Occirb
Edivad Occirb 20 napja
Juli Castro
Juli Castro 20 napja
hwd71 20 napja
As an Italian he should be drinking from a boot.
DaniMacYo 20 napja
Daniel Ricciardo is the Man of the party! Man he's an awesome character in F1.
DaniMacYo 20 napja
0:42 Awe the fabulous grid girls! We miss you ladies!
rdicko86 20 napja
Why is it so disgusting, yet so glorious when the honey badger does it 😂
That is just nasty
Kazi Samir
Kazi Samir 20 napja
I forgot how common this was once upon a time
Gerry 20 napja
Other Drivers : All The Win,Fastest Lap,Podium Daniel : All The Shoey
Anchor Bait
Anchor Bait 20 napja
Imagine if you had to do it just before the race.
Anchor Bait
Anchor Bait 20 napja
Hold my shoe
y1521t21b5 20 napja
Most naturally fun bloke on the grid. Teaming up with another funnyman in NOR means 2021 and beyond will serve up barrels of fun from _McLaren!_ That latest shoey was the best thing HAM did all weekend, so here's to more RIC success and shoeys!
Anchor Bait
Anchor Bait 20 napja
It's silly I know, but I actually have a lot more respect for Hamilton for some reason. Makes him OK in my book
jonas90 19 napja
i get it. looks like he got more down to earth instead of the primadona persona. i felt that too. don't get me wrong, but Lewis looks sometimes a little more entitled (using umbrella on sunny days, etc), so that's why i think you and me felt something like that.
Fernando Santos Jr
Otis Whitton
Otis Whitton 20 napja
Lewis Hamilton GOAT resume: Most wins of all time Most championships of all time (will happen because he is GOAT) Did a shoey WITH ricciardo
Adarsh Suresh
Adarsh Suresh 20 napja
danny rec deserves to be in a title winning car
RAAFLightningII 20 napja
Who tf would dislike this
Gordon Shumway
Gordon Shumway 20 napja
Bottas couldn’t look any more miserable.... In every clip.
Luke Nepomuceno
Luke Nepomuceno 20 napja
This is My 5th or 6th Time watching this IDK why this is Happening
Ricardo Smarttec70
this act went down in the history of formula 1.....👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Owen Griffiths Music
trust an Australian to come up with something as nuts as as that [;
Tihomir Petkov
Tihomir Petkov 20 napja
I remember Hamilton saying he doesn't want to drink from another man's foot juice on one press conference.
DS W/ RH 20 napja
Such a fun character
Reyhan Mauludi
Reyhan Mauludi 20 napja
Lewis: "The juice from the foot is not something i wish to drink, especialy someone elses." Also Lewis: "SIKE!"
luis miranda
luis miranda 20 napja
Creo que en un equipo como mercedes podría ser número uno
J B 20 napja
0:28 I’d forgotten about this one! Lance Stroll +100
samuel suen
samuel suen 20 napja
People dislike the video because of disgusting about drinking champagne with a smelly shoes
Mark 20 napja
Riccardo single handedly keeping foot and mouth alive lol
12x12surface 20 napja
🦶💦 = 🤤 ? 🤷‍♂️😂
Bukhari Jabar
Bukhari Jabar 20 napja
The fact that he could drag Hamilton into a shoey, guven that he is a clean freak, is fantastic.
SuzAnne 20 napja
Oh my..
Caleb Kambayi
Caleb Kambayi 20 napja
Mother's milk.
James Wink
James Wink 20 napja
Lewis Hamilton does the shoey F1: Quick, let's do a feature.
Priyadarshi 21 napja
Something else common in each instance of shoey apart from Riccardo & his shoe...A mercedes driver!!
GloriousGrunt 21 napja
it gets addicting sometimes..
Sheamus Conway
Sheamus Conway 21 napja
Mothers Milk
David Venegas
David Venegas 21 napja
He likes the taste........the taste of success.
Spore Hux
Spore Hux 21 napja
Every driver that ends up on a podium with Ricciardo will either be excited to join the exclusive club, or terrified of the prospect.
Josephine Leyden
Dan you bad man, you made Sir Patrick Stewart do a Shoey!
Glenn B
Glenn B 21 napja
2021 pandemic, throat tinea :D
Jesta Kim
Jesta Kim 21 napja
lovely guy ever
Zion Tv Africa
Zion Tv Africa 21 napja
Renult will keep Danny for a long time,,they just got Two podium out of three races,,, Sensational driver The honey badger
LJL Gaming
LJL Gaming 21 napja
Hopefully McLaren will make this 1-minute video 10 mins😂
Rangifulla 21 napja
He needs glass slippers.
Muhammad Ghifar Ilyasa
Imagine daniel ricardo dominating f1
a077919 21 napja
Plz ask Kimi to do a shoey
Matthew H
Matthew H 21 napja
Hail to thebking of the shoeyes
Rahul Roat
Rahul Roat 21 napja
Dani boy has started this tradition in F1. After 10 years, This will go down as a most historic thing to do after getting podium. Champion drivers in future will take pride in doing so. This shoey will create its own fan base or may be it has created already. All thanks to our Dani boy.
Sourabh 21 napja
Its not an interesting season if this man isn’t on the podium.
JULE JUNE 21 napja
we need shoey every race😂🤞
TheTyth 21 napja
Imagine Daniel Ric dominating in F1 and all the shoeys he had to do...
GTS- Onboards
GTS- Onboards 21 napja
Meanwhile Bottas there waiting for his turn
2020 F1
2020 F1 21 napja
It's an Australian tradition. If you actually eat it, your shoes will smell worse. It's best to just drink it in a glass
簡妤庭 21 napja
I saw Bottas on podiums with Ricciardo many times, but he never drink any.
Matsimus 21 napja
bad tradition
Worlds Worst Musician
He may not have won a championship yet but he's the world champ as far as I'm concerned!
Mayur Khanna
Mayur Khanna 21 napja
Could they have edited that any slower
Shaan Patel
Shaan Patel 21 napja
I mean he did do the shoey at Germany 2020 at a different location
Dr Srikanth Tirumala
Daniel Ricciardo is the most amazing fun guy F1 has ever had 😎
Cartoon Head
Cartoon Head 21 napja
Hardtimes at Redbull, they need to sell some drinks.
Paavan Shetty
Paavan Shetty 21 napja
Take a bow Daniel Ricciardo!🙏🏼🙌🏼 Never give up and enjoy each moment as if it's the last!👍🏼
Sing Hoe Ung
Sing Hoe Ung 21 napja
He bring the shoey victory from Redbull to Renault and to Mclaren, and many more to come.
Chaitanya Ranade
It is so satisfying to see ❤️❤️❤️
Juan Manuel Encina
It's going to be so sad when Daniel retires
xtscarface M
xtscarface M 21 napja
No matter what team or car he is at.... love him in f1!
virdewinder singh
Danny Ricciardo is the guy who broke Mr Hamilton
Kurt Andres
Kurt Andres 21 napja
I want to see Raikkonen drinkin from the shoe some day 🤣
Cassidy 21 napja
Shoey masterclass
Joshua Carter
Joshua Carter 21 napja
what a legend
81 Springbrook
81 Springbrook 21 napja
what would F1 be without Daniel :)
Daniel Ricciardo STOPS the Shoey