Daniil Kvyat's Most Memorable Moments In F1 

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Dany's best moments have everything from dancing in the rain with the Honey Badger to three podiums and that memorable clash with Sebastian Vettel.
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Friso Flor
Friso Flor 5 napja
Kvyat the Russian we want. Mazepin the Russian we get
Gustavo França
Kucher Kucher
Kucher Kucher 9 napja
Love you Daniel Kvyat
Thomas Angelo
Thomas Angelo 11 napja
The Rise and Fall and Rise of Daniil Kvyat.
Sukkyy U
Sukkyy U 12 napja
Kvyat's most memorable moment : russia 2016.
Schuka Metin2
Schuka Metin2 20 napja
Seb: If I keep the same line, we crash Dany: Then don't keep it xDDD
Сергей Коптев
Даня возвращайся побыстрее
EMPORiO 5112
EMPORiO 5112 23 napja
The driver that we need.. He can compete..
Cкoвopoда 24 napja
Best Russian f1 driver. Come back in 2022.
RogueOnline Infogames
*Russian Hardbass Intensifies*
Danielo Vega
Danielo Vega 25 napja
gp da hungria 2015 gp do japao 2015 gp dos estados unidos 2015 gp da china 2016 gp da russia 2016 gp do canada 2019 gp da alemanha 2019 gp da hungria 2019 gp da emilia romagna 2020
estbecks 25 napja
Kvyat raced too hard Albon TWICE
NorT 25 napja
He did nothing wrong in China.... Russia he made a silly mistake...But tbf i feel they would just drop him anyway to make way for Max, they were looking for any reason to get rid.
Rasal Hague
Rasal Hague 25 napja
Danny Kfyat's most memorable moments in F1. We'll miss you, Torpedo!
Marc 25 napja
if you really think about it, the Torpedo is the russian Sato
method789 25 napja
Me: Mum I want the Russian torpedo in F1 Mum: We already have Russian torpedo in home Russian Torpedo in home: *Mazepin*
ILRT_Miłosz 26 napja
Underrated Also, didnt deserve to be sacked from Red Bull in 2016 🤷‍♂️
Президент Грудинин
Квят вернись, я все прощу! Снился сон, что мы с ним разговариваем после гонки, где он занял 4 место, я был в шоке и очень радовался, как-будто мы с ним друзья и радуемся этому результату вместе...
McPlayer8t 27 napja
Gonna miss Kvyat, he was coming on strong these last few rounds. Ah well, Tsunoda looks to be a very exciting talent, so I’m looking forward to seeing him in F1.
Michael ___
Michael ___ 27 napja
To this day I believe Kvyat should have been the one to take gasly's seat at RBR
Michael ___
Michael ___ 27 napja
Thanks for everything!
Jake Morand the Momoz
He outscoored Ric(roll) 3
luismiguell martinez
Thanks Daniel!!!!!!!!!!
MC PBSGAMER 27 napja
Mazepin doesn't deserve our Russian hardbass memes
Алексей Тихонов
Хороший гонщик
Vijay Anirudh P
Vijay Anirudh P 27 napja
I don't think those moments of Torpedo and his crash were memorable for him😂😂😂
Cinario 27 napja
Imagine Mazepin gets kicked out and Kvyat comes in for him! That would be hilarious :D
Carbon Fiber Weiner
You know what DK stands for? *Danill Kvyat.*
Ryan Fletcher
Ryan Fletcher 27 napja
VET: you cam it like a torpedo! KVY: well thats racing VET: tHaTs RaCiNg HuH
Mizantrop 8 8
Mizantrop 8 8 27 napja
Нормально погонял, не рентач, 3 подиума, топ команда, возвращение
Jwork 27 napja
"And Dany Kyvat he is out of formula1" with Crofty voice
D ́ Automaton
D ́ Automaton 27 napja
We will miss the russian tooorrrppiiiidddooo
Хулиган 27 napja
Данька 💥 😫
Jeroen Reyns
Jeroen Reyns 28 napja
aaah man i am gonna miss this guy :(
OlafComments 28 napja
tsunoda occupying kvyat's seat is absolute insanity
Xxripley Xx
Xxripley Xx 28 napja
I hope you come back well always love you💛
Riccardo Fumagalli
Dannil Kvyat is one of the best drivers of this year.. I'm sad for him
Yorqin Yuldoshev
KVyat Poker fact
Сергей Мандрик
Never was boring and always showed character! Would be glad to see him again in 2022!
ZF Angelo269
ZF Angelo269 28 napja
Kvyat is the main reason why I started watching F1, absolute unit
Kimi Raïkkönen
Short vidéo :)
marco1231151231 28 napja
short video lol not surprising
ROLEX Rolex 28 napja
Даня Квят!!!🤗
Tony López Soler
Don't keep going.... super fan
Quinten _ Finesse
What a legend he was :O
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson 28 napja
Kvyat and Gunther to Ferrari.
Fatih Langit
Fatih Langit 29 napja
For sure i will miss Kyvat
Animation Master.
goodbye torpedo..
Александр Иванов
Torpedo we miss you moves
Павел Салыков
We will missing you, Dany. And waiting you back..)
Janeeek 29 napja
The Jack Lad
The Jack Lad 29 napja
The torpedo has launched ;(
TJ ART 29 napja
Waiting in 2022
Oliver M.
Oliver M. 29 napja
The sender of senders sended sensational sends.
advitiya18 29 napja
Seriously, Don’t know who is in the video more, Vettel or Torpedo
harryjs2000 29 napja
His most memorable moments are mostly crashes 🤣
Kraven83 29 napja
The dance with Albon in Hungary was beautiful, the longest side by side attempted overtake since Villeneuve and Arnoux
FIREDELL10 29 napja
That side-by-side around the first sector of the Hungaroring was just insane. That track is especially a 1-line circuit, so it's crazy that they stayed next to each other for so long.
Frozen_ Finn
Frozen_ Finn 29 napja
Zvykar pony
Zvykar pony 29 napja
See you again Danill )
leedsunited8787 29 napja
Slow news cycle eh F1
Silvina Franco
Silvina Franco 29 napja
Number 1:torpedo
MOIST kitty
MOIST kitty 29 napja
no more hardbass
TuchaGames 29 napja
Ждём Даню в сезоне 2022!
Amir 29 napja
Should’ve shown the clip of him imitating Grosjean
Vitaliy Wightknight
We love Kvyat and F1. On the other hand We hate Red Bull
GrootleBrax 29 napja
Goodbye torpedo
Boom Jonggol
Boom Jonggol 29 napja
People talk about him being a torpedo and being outperformed by Pierre Gasly but this person is a racer. Unlike his so-called compatriot of a Moneypin.
M J Pes player
M J Pes player 29 napja
Truth is kuvyat is faster than albon in redbull , it just because of albon is thai
MadelnOahu 29 napja
We will miss you Dany!!
Dustin Campbell
Dustin Campbell Hónapja
1:42 They race me so hard
Brenden Kawa
Brenden Kawa Hónapja
The amount his racecraft improved over the years is impressive
Fiste 187
Fiste 187 Hónapja
Hardbass should be going in the background music :D
JD Hónapja
3 minutes? come on
andy chen
andy chen Hónapja
Yuki Tsunoda Another lamb to the RBR slaughter... keep Kyvat
Lucas Shelby
Lucas Shelby Hónapja
We will miss you torpedo :"(
Lucas Shelby
Lucas Shelby Hónapja
Torpedo :(
Marcos Reyes
Marcos Reyes Hónapja
So..... not even 3 minutes?
HeKpOMaHT Hónapja
Даня красавчик)) торпеда, мы с тобой)
Nathan Atkins
Nathan Atkins Hónapja
This video needs more hardbass
Arnau Rodriguez
Arnau Rodriguez Hónapja
Miss you torpedo
Tommy Simpson
Tommy Simpson Hónapja
Going to miss my favorite driver 😢
AmazingHadouken Hónapja
Will miss Daniel a lot! Очень жду возвращения в 2021!!!
Tina Brown
Tina Brown Hónapja
Bye Dany ❤️ Torpedo ❤️🥺
Šimon Papuščák
Petition to make a proper farewell video for Dany
MrPanzerTime Hónapja
Kvyat to RB :O, (ik it wont happen)
Lennon6412 Hónapja
Deserves another go outside the dysfunctional Red Bull family. Even if he doesn't come back to F1, he's achieved more than most in F1.
Огнео Спартак
Даня --- Даня.....😔
カラフCRF Hónapja
クビアト!   トロホンで表彰台上がってくれたことは一生忘れない! ありがと
J D Hónapja
Tbh I thought albon would get his seat worth Perez going to redbull
Carlos Sierra l Simracing VZLA
Aeslec -
Aeslec - Hónapja
Alternate Title: Sebastian Vettel's least favourite moments in F1
raunak ghosh
raunak ghosh Hónapja
Length of the video says it all
JOS Hónapja
Grande Dany ci mancherai !!! We'll miss u
AlexTheEmperor Hónapja
Better goodbye by f1 than by Alpha Tauri... Alpha Tauri lost all my respect for them, by an italian.
E.Y.E Hónapja
You had to play a Russian Hardbass Mix... would fit perfectly blyad.
Enzo Govastki
Enzo Govastki Hónapja
Its amazing how much he improved in the last year's definitely deserves a seat
Lord Omiotek
Lord Omiotek Hónapja
The torpedo will be greatly missed
The Slam Slider
The Slam Slider Hónapja
I think he deserved more. Another career ruined by Dr. Marko in my opinion.
Андрей Сорокин
Без нашей торпеды будет скучно смотреть... Жду Даню Квята ,✊💪