Delivery Apps Screw Over Everyone 

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Radhika Órája
i have to order all dining hall food from my college in advance thru grubhub(you can pay with meal swipes on the app) so that's my default verb
Sarah Houle
Sarah Houle 5 órája
Wait are there people who use those companies as verbs? I always just "ordered delivery"
Alexis Vazquez
Alexis Vazquez 5 órája
Alleyway 7 órája
i say Talabat it.... im from Dubai
Anyone have to pause the video to read thru the tons of comments ?
Franklin Huang
Franklin Huang 22 órája
Great video.
Kecha Wacha Man
Me and my friends use Doordash as our verb for ordering
internet person
In our county we have a local food delivery company, and they are a GODSEND, esp this year. The service fee is a flat $5 for orders in town, ~$10 if you're ordering outside of their usual route, I don't believe there's a commission fee for the restaurants AT ALL, the drivers get paid $12 an hour (in a state where $12/hr is a liveable wage), AND I have seen them save more than 1 businesses that were on the brink of *closing* when they first popped up
mantasour Napja
Having worked in a restaurant I feel this strongly
Victor the boss
As a delivery driver for doordash, I love the pay (15-40 an hour) and the flexibility . The support sucks but I never felt like they treat me like crap
Robert Stan
You say "delivery apps" as if the app is the actual greedy and malevolent entity fucking drivers and hungry customers over alike. 'The fuck didn't just say corporations from the get-go? So weird. Anyway, don't get me wrong, good video and I am happy you with a very wide and big audience are covering things like these. Carry on.
Rosi Fernandez
Thanks for this message! I will work on ordering from the restaurants directly more. I have known all of this but Ive made no effort in doing so :'} But this was a tru reminder to stop being a Btch and just google the damn place
Kishinuma Ayumi
This reminds me of a Joe Lycett's got your back episode where he made a dumpster as a restaurant and the 3rd party delivery service would just deliver from and verify the restaurant just like that
Pengmaeda Napja
What verb do I use when I'm having food delivered? ...umm... Delivered?
Miledith Napja
We don't really use any name for deliveries here in Poland. We just say "I'm gonna order something" or "I'm getting delivery".
amilk12 Napja
g r u b h u b
The Hamburglur
Who else got a menu log add before this
Derp Napja
this aged perfectly
brooklin easley
ItsNerdStuff - Wil Sauls
Damn this video hits...
Alan Kelly
Alan Kelly Napja
Can you talk in bigger segments, or just jump cut less often then every sentence
Roktrum Napja
I don't see how its annoying, he probably has a problem speaking or something, it doesn't really change anything about the video anyway?
Commander Cody
Seriously, how does grubhub fuck up every fucking order they get?
Chris Richfield
One time I payed like 2 dollars for some fried chicken and mac n cheese. They messed up on all my items and forgot a couple things, but hell I'll take a 16$ credit on an 18$ order.
Jacob blue
Jacob blue 2 napja
I just typically say “i fiddle with my pickle”
Kyle Maybury
Kyle Maybury 2 napja
It can also void car insurance if you get in an accident and Uber and DoorDash don’t offer insurance
9 2 napja
Wait a minute, the restaurant makes the food, the deliverer brings you the food, and the middle man gets almost 50% of the money? What value are they adding?
Emma Foley
Emma Foley 2 napja
Use duckduckgo to search for restaurants instead of google to make it easier to find the real restaurant website.
nman551 2 napja
This is true. And I’m learning this through the pandemic.
Epidotez 2 napja
*grubhub perks give you deals on the food you love*
Stephen TAYLOR
'...wgich can add up to almost double the cost of the meal.' Umm...you showed a highlighted line that read 91% I believe...so technically what you said is correct but the way you worded it you made it sound like you were saying that the service fees were actually 200% of what you pay without it. Also, having done doordash for awhile, the most money got into my hands when the customer could barely afford the meal so they set the tip to $0.00 and then gave me cash...doordash ended up paying more to make the total enough to get me to take the order and then I got a few bucks cash as a bonus.
William Walker
So they treat the restaurants, customers, and their employees like shit
Jeremy Caulk
Jeremy Caulk 2 napja
lol I got a Postmates notification while watching this. (I haven’t ordered from them in months)
Jereflea Tv
Jereflea Tv 2 napja
This video is kind of old and you'll probably never see this but this is the first of your videos that I've watched. I'm a writer and you look just like the main character of a novel series I'm writing and I have never seen you in my life. Freaky.
Kyle Lindemann
NEVER EVER EVER TIP IN THE APP! ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS TIP CASH! That way the app is forced to pay the driver the max pay out... while also getting a cash tip.
Catie Anne
Catie Anne 2 napja
Due to some health issues, I didn't get a license until I was almost 25. Before then, if I wanted restaurant food, I would either have to get someone else to take me there or I would have to order delivery. Now that I can drive to those places, I pretty much never want to pay for delivery again. I wasted so much money back then and driving for 10 minutes is really not that big of a deal.
General Kenobi
At least we have Grubhub perks to give us deals on the food we love
As a Door dash driver, I do not use it, or any similar service, because I understand how shit they are for the customer and seller. Even as a driver you can get completely shafted. I once had to wait 30 minutes for an order that was $8, this was before delivering to the customer by the way. I couldn't drop the order without being punished, and that fucking sucked.
daniella fishman
i just gotta say how much i appreciate that last dinosaurs album behind you :') they don't get enough love and attention.
Kalila Hunter
Kalila Hunter 2 napja
I always say “I’ll door dash it” but that’s probably because I use it most
Carter Rose
Carter Rose 2 napja
im gonna doordash a claires piercing kit does anyone want anything
fatrat600284 2 napja
We need more regulations on these gig companies, they're treatment of drivers is anything less then abusive.
A Sagittarius
A Sagittarius 2 napja
Hey Danny why did you make three channels?
Kirill Petrov
Kirill Petrov 2 napja
What's the difference between this and the tip culture?
Vanderlei Junior
Where in brazil we have iFood, and it's the dominant food app. There's uber eat, but is more expensive, and 99 food, but where I live there's a few options...
DrStfuFool 3 napja
Every order. EVERY. FUCKING. ORDER. They fuck up. I’ve ordered off other people’s apps, and those experiences have kept me from downloading their bullshit. That’s all of them. There’s no “best” app. They’re all shit. They’re hoping to become “Too big to fail” to get a bail out while giving the people on top a raise while cutting employee to experiment with driverless vehicles. That’s the future they’re pushing for :-/
enti momenti
enti momenti 3 napja
as a mcdonalds worker i can confirm they dont even say the delivery price, they just say free delivery and add the fee to the foods price. Still doesnt stop people from ordering a single coke who end up paying like 6 bucks just to do so
Koobacalf 3 napja
once i ordered a large fri and a 6 piece from McDonalds on doorrdash. They said they had free delivery and it would arrive in 20-23 minutes, and the total was $5. It was 12am so i thought that's not too bad, but I realized when I placed the order the total came out to $15, and it said it would arrive in 45 minutes to an hour. It had been about 10 seconds and I went to cancel it, but they said "the restaurant has already started making your food" and that I would only be able to refund $5.
Drew James- Hyperkidd Studios
“postmate” is definitely the verb i’d use. like google, you “google” something instead of binging or searching it, and you postmate some lunch. anyway loved the video!
Not me watching this while looking at food on Deliveroo...
Toby Nowell
Toby Nowell 3 napja
In England you only pay delivery fee. Some products get marked up buts only the proper popular ones or huge companies like mcdonalds who market up every thing
Zackrum 3 napja
SkipTheDishes gang
360Cruzerman 3 napja
I use the adverb of what I'm using. But if I don't know what which one I'm using yet I would say uberEats... however their fees have gotten outrageous so I Doordash now.
Connor Lindgren
Ya the apps can be slimy but its seems they need the money. Business models like this (uber and lyft as well) are really expensive to run. I think the alternative is no delivery apps
Usman bhatt
Usman bhatt 3 napja
Corklops Plays
Counter point: I'm a full time stay at home caregiver. All these at-home delivery services make my life a LOT easier. I would have to walk to the fast food place (because I won't take a bus during the pandemic), and either arrive home with cold food, or take a $20 cab ride home. It might cost me like $8 more to have things delivered, but it saves me time and money in the grand scheme of things.
Aaron 3 napja
What? You don't need to pay drivers a single cent. I had worked delivery for years. You work as a contractor. All you do is take orders as they come up. You are payed a flat delivery fee by the customer every delivery which covers your gas and a little extra. Then you get your tips. It's such a simple system to implement. I'd make 100-200+ dollars a night in like 6-8 hours. . Idk why restaurants don't do this.
mmdgirlsxoxo 3 napja
I use DoorDash as my verb but I seldom use the app anymore cuz I’m ✨BROKE✨ and have allergies and they usually screw up the order anyways and I get sick 💔
Kalila Butterfly
i ordered one taco from taco bell on grubhub. i got 20 burritos.
Lucas Borges
Lucas Borges 3 napja
I work too hard for my money, idk how people can justify paying a 3x premium for being lazy (For the most part, I recognize sometimes you genuinely can’t leave the house). Depending on the state too I can see how some of the stricter lockdowns played into these companies gaining a lot of new costumers, but most places still offer takeout and pretty much every drivethru is open 🤷🏻‍♂️
Marcus Dali
Marcus Dali 3 napja
I think the applications can be open source nationwide and each city restaurant council could manage the project for little cost. Let's say each restaurant pays a percentage of sales or a flat fee. Just thinking
Paweł Klimas
Paweł Klimas 4 napja
A taco Ingredients: $10 Electricity (oven): $3 Electricity (toaster): $5 Electricity (kettle): $7 Electricity (kitchen lights): $4 Electricity (electric car): $10 Tax: $8 Delivery fee: $9 Credit card fee: $1 Gasoline: $5 Meal: $25 Food: $4 Fee: $5 Payment: $50 Tip: $100 Total: $672.38
Rosemary Kaye
Rosemary Kaye 4 napja
I don't do delivered takeaways. We order from a fish and chip restaurant that is very close to us. And at one point ordered from a further fish and chip shop and had to pick it up. Too far to walk without it going cold. It's from the restaurant themselves we do the ordering. So it's just 'order the fish and chips'.
Mark M
Mark M 4 napja
just don't tip
Sameer Malik lee
In india food delivery services are really cheap
Marshon Barrino
I worked for DoorDash full time was easily the worst job and most inconsistent paying job I’ve ever had. I only advise to do it part time as in 10hours a week if you wanna build a saving or save up for a trip or special occasion. Because one day you’ll make $20 in 30 min the. The next day $9 in an hour. And get this after all that you you gotta pay back your taxes.
Marshon Barrino
I ordered food for 27 but it came up to 41 with a $5 tip
Kieran Kobaissi
why is your skin so yellow
Aubrey Mcmillan
Is he teenage John Mulaney?
Mariam D
Mariam D 4 napja
HAM Incorporated
This video aged like fine wine
Angus Uchiha
Angus Uchiha 4 napja
Just suck it up, wear a mask, and go to the restaurant yourself. Hell, It might even be close enough to walk to, so now you just burned off some of the calories you'll be eating!
Lorde 4 napja
In Florida, full of anti maskers and crazy people. I don’t think it’s such a great idea to “man up” and risk your life for fast food.
2007Lynx2007 4 napja
I've never used any of these apps and don't plan to , however I'm privileged enough to have a vehicle so I can pick it up myself. There's also just eating at home which I do 99% of the time.
The Bronx Boglehead
This is the first time I’m ever hearing about post mates.. I would say Uber eats or door dash would the the terms I would use.
Warren Valion
Warren Valion 5 napja
Why would you ever get delivery when you can get DiGiorno?
Mingze Hong
Mingze Hong 5 napja
I’m gonna say the unpopular thing here and and say that the “useless middleman” is the one who made the app, runs customer support, pays for their legal team, pays for outreach to restaurants, pays for promotions to get more drivers and runs the company at the end of the day. No one is forcing you to use their service, as a driver myself I think the pay is pretty competitive and also Uber and others don’t even make a profit lol, but again, NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO USE THE SERVICE
kasa 5 napja
What a surprise, platforms like these thrive on offloading costs to everyone else, all the while taking in massive profits.
E Dab
E Dab 5 napja
Almost everyone I work with thinks I'm just "being a cheap ass" for not using these delivery services... Nah I just don't wanna pay $18 for a damn $6 meal.
x97sfinest 5 napja
The point of running in the red for years while spending exorbitantly on marketing/political issues is to most favorably shape the market decades into the future. These companies are all following the Amazon playbook and tbh with how successful its been and Washington's unwillingness to act as any real antimonopoly check currently can you blame them?
Boogie Booty
Boogie Booty 5 napja
Its honestly better buying for a couple people rather than one to get your most out of what you paid for.
Amin Gould
Amin Gould 5 napja
Ashley Knauss
Ashley Knauss 5 napja
i say doordash
Erik Hess
Erik Hess 5 napja
Came for the wacky clown video stayed for the bonk sound
Emma Melms
Emma Melms 5 napja
I worked for door dash and would only get $5 an order including what the person tipped, for a while I literally thought people just weren’t tipping me
Jack 5 napja
lmao i got a door dash ad on this video
Hood Swan
Hood Swan 5 napja
Uber eats for all of them
Emu 5 napja
I'm curious if Skip The Dishes falls into the same category. I'm sure it does and I don't use delivery services, my parents get it for me 😊🔪
Tura E
Tura E 5 napja
commenting for the last dinosaurs “in a million years”
Mjbgjk Hjjvghj
Normally i just say do you want to order some food
Rcasi 6 napja
This popped up on my suggested after I ordered from Grubhub rip
Caitlin Owen
Caitlin Owen 6 napja
door dash is the verb I use
Ama Sad
Ama Sad 6 napja
Thats why i never fall for this scam lol paying 9 dollars for delivery f off
Myles Williams
He sounds like Andrew from Big Mouth
Lisa S
Lisa S 6 napja
I always pay via PayPal and tip in cash. I don't trust those companies to give their drivers their tip
spencer gravatt
Ur hair sucks
SUOR FRIO 6 napja
Omg Drew! Can you be more quiet? Im trying to read the comments... smh
Dean Friedel
Dean Friedel 6 napja
Heyyy!!! I thought you get hello fresh. Hmmph
Jush 6 napja
I deliver for door dash and it’s a nightmare. You make pocket change from it and it’s terrible. I didn’t know this until after I became a dasher but dashers are considered self employed. When you are self employed you better be ready to set about 30-50% of your earning aside for taxes. And then you prob wanna set half of what you keep aside for gas, and repair for the car. Some days the app will tell me it’s busy but I can sit out in a parking lot with my car running (if it’s hot or cold you have to keep the car on so you don’t freeze or burn up) this can use up about a quarter tank of gas sometimes and then you don’t get an order for about 2 hours and now you’ve lost money. The payout isn’t worth it. Yeah you could prob make a pretty penny if you do all that tax write off and stuff but I’m not educated about that stuff and felt scammed when it was like “it’s an easy job and you can make up to 16$ per hour”. Lastly, and this puts the icing on the cake, you do not get a discount for being a dasher. That should be a given. If door dash is making more than me and the restaurant combined off of one order, I should be able to get a free dash pass. Oh well..
Link On
Link On 6 napja
is that a last dinosaurs album in the back?? 👀👀 good man. in a million years is fantastic 🔥
Sarah Weaver
Sarah Weaver 6 napja
I use doordash as my verb, but i also use door dash. Lol
Lane Sandburg
Lane Sandburg 6 napja
we use a "local" delivery app called chomp I think its mostly Midwest but not 100% sure