Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil | Official Trailer 

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Featuring the exclusive first listen to Demi Lovato’s title song to the powerful four-part documentary event, “Dancing With the Devil.”
Premiering March 23, Demi Lovato holds nothing back in this powerful four part documentary series exploring every aspect that led to her nearly fatal overdose in 2018, and her awakenings in the aftermath. Director Michael D. Ratner is granted unprecedented access to the superstar’s personal and musical journey during the most trying time of her life as she unearths her prior traumas and discovers the importance of her physical, emotional, and mental health. Far deeper than an inside look beyond the celebrity surface, this is an intimate portrait of addiction, and the process of healing and empowerment.










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Madison Seefieldt
Demi is such a queen ❤️ I've struggled with addiction myself so she has helped me be open to healing and being okay with who I was then and who I am now because who we were as addict's helped mold us into to who we are now 💓
The Mick
The Mick Órája
Hurry up and overdose
Imani Echevarria
You deserve to be happy
sophia ruggeri
I love her
Brooke Jimenez
Brooke Jimenez 2 órája
Demi lovato is mean to her fans & her music sucks anyways. She looked so cracked out on sunny with a chance. F her lmao sorry
Abree Clarey
Abree Clarey 2 órája
Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!!
Chelsea Christina
I applaud Demi for being so strong. With everything you’ve been through over the years... she is so inspirational!
Jazelle Peters
Jazelle Peters 3 órája
I seriously can't wait for this to come out iv been watching this trailer like a million times
Harout Mirzakhanyan
omg same
Dire Straits
Dire Straits 3 órája
When I came home from my second tour in Iraq, Marine Infantry. I watched Sonny with a chance and it made me escape to a happy place. I watched Disney Channel for months in 2009. Demi’s awesome.
Minimal Red
Minimal Red 4 órája
Poor dumb 🐄
Junior Gil
Junior Gil 4 órája
New Remains • Lexi Brunk
Such a beautiful creative soul ❤️
Ultramonk27 5 órája
Part of the issue I see is the pressures that come with being a child to teenage celebrity (or star) and as you get older, there's more pressure to get better and that type of pressure and anxiety can really get to you. So to cope, one takes on habits that may ease it at first, but then take over a life. Even all of us have pressure and deal with it in different habits for better or worse. Just my thoughts on the whole subject.
Sly 5 órája
Great another singer soul their soul to the devil. Don’t attack me atheist
JoshuaIII 5 órája
Who else misclicked while searching far horizons skyrim thinking it would be the first result??
Sean DiMarco
Sean DiMarco 5 órája
I'm here bc my little brother fell asleep listening to this. He's 10. He's usually mean all the time and rude but walking into his room and him asleep while this was playing gives me some hope that he's not all bad.
Alex Velez
Alex Velez 6 órája
Love you girl. Take care
VlogsFamiLy BunchIA
New here po
adashino benio
adashino benio 6 órája
Guys did u know the demi Lovato have eating disorder 😔
Robert D
Robert D 6 órája
Coke head
Sage Trebilcock
Sage Trebilcock 6 órája
We’re so closeeee
thomas thumim
thomas thumim 6 órája
She should be studied not praised
J P 6 órája
I am over the moon excited to hear this story 😍
Robbie Bailey
Robbie Bailey 7 órája
I have so much love and respect for her!!
Abducted by horror Reviews
I was all about you until this narrative you’ve conjured up about gender reveal parties being transphobic. You celebrities really will do and say anything not to be “cancelled” with that fake woke bullshit. I feel for you in what you are being open with in this trailer, but what you said recently is just borderline fucked. Sorry not sorry. I am not against transgender. I support it, but this narrative is absurd.
Head in the clouds
NIEEH 29 8 órája
Omg i cant wait!!!!!
bigffernando 8 órája
What makes her more important?
Nick Perez
Nick Perez 8 órája
Your not done doing his will
Derrick bright
Derrick bright 8 órája
Sitting out side walked by
Juan Rojas
Juan Rojas 9 órája
Señor Kinky
Señor Kinky 9 órája
Damn bro that’s crazy and all
. 9 órája
Your chin looks like a butt.
Brayden Kitchens
Brayden Kitchens 9 órája
U got fat
Suprem3 Savages
Suprem3 Savages 9 órája
I will be watching her last documentary was astonishing and made me like her even more!!!
Wes Blac
Wes Blac 9 órája
Wes Blac
Wes Blac 9 órája
Wes Blac
Wes Blac 9 órája
Rìah Famousss Tv
Rìah Famousss Tv 10 órája
This is so amazing ❤️
Dee Mescudi
Dee Mescudi 10 órája
Sorry but Im tired of this crackhead 😂
Caro SH
Caro SH 10 órája
They should’ve kept the engaged part out lol damn
Moe 10 órája
Who cares
Samantha Diane
Samantha Diane 3 órája
Only about 16 million people.
Moe 10 órája
Looks like you do cuz you replied
Carl L.
Carl L. 10 órája
about you? no one
PkmnProductions 11 órája
Ok why's it called "dance with the devil" sry girl not for me. I ain't want nothing related with satanic bs.
Blonde Baby
Blonde Baby 11 órája
I had chills the entire time watching the trailer. I can’t wait for this
Thatgirl 212
Thatgirl 212 13 órája
Thatgirl 212
Thatgirl 212 13 órája
Thatgirl 212
Thatgirl 212 13 órája
Thatgirl 212
Thatgirl 212 13 órája
Thatgirl 212
Thatgirl 212 13 órája
Thatgirl 212
Thatgirl 212 13 órája
Thatgirl 212
Thatgirl 212 13 órája
Jesus Nunez
Jesus Nunez 13 órája
Grow up
jhev gainz
jhev gainz 13 órája
"are you entirely sober now" ....this wasn't part of the script
Mackenzie Lewis
Mackenzie Lewis 13 órája
You’re health is more important than pleasing everyone around you
Andres Saenz
Andres Saenz 14 órája
It’s shrek documentary
Eggs McMuffin
Eggs McMuffin 14 órája
lol she’s lookin worse and worse. that’s what you get for being a bully and then nationally victimizing yourself. gross. her ghost producer can make some catchy songs tho
Carl L.
Carl L. 10 órája
Zachary Haddox
Zachary Haddox 14 órája
Go overdose again
Erika Rodriguez
Erika Rodriguez 7 órája
Wow... just wow.
Carl L.
Carl L. 10 órája
To Release is To Resolve
Who cares?
To Release is To Resolve
@Carl L. no
Carl L.
Carl L. 10 órája
TheHostWithTheMost 14 órája
Lmfao. Hey poor people. Care about a famous dope head. Forget about the homeless ones in the street
Carl L.
Carl L. 10 órája
stay pressed
Carl L.
Carl L. 10 órája
go get a life
Carl L.
Carl L. 10 órája
no one cares
Maggie Zajdel
Maggie Zajdel 14 órája
Whats 6×8? I forgot
kimmy kim
kimmy kim 14 órája
This girl always relapsing. I don’t believe not one word from her. She likes the drugs. If you are strong you are strong if you are weak you are weak.
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 6 órája
It’s a mental disorder. It significantly changes your brain chemistry, especially neurotransmitters like dopamine. Schizophrenia is caused by too much dopamine. Are schizophrenics just weak minded too?
To Release is To Resolve
Illusivv World
Illusivv World 15 órája
I enjoy this. I agree.
Illusivv World
Illusivv World 15 órája
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson 15 órája
Your face and your chest are two different colors.
TmacAlpha 15 órája
This is going to be one crazy interview... Side note: I'm still crushing on Demi to this day
Ongo Gablogian
Ongo Gablogian 16 órája
Demi is obese LOL
Ongo Gablogian
Ongo Gablogian 7 órája
@Carl L. also heroine LOL
Ongo Gablogian
Ongo Gablogian 7 órája
@Carl L. also fat.
Carl L.
Carl L. 10 órája
demi lovato: pretty, successful, talented, rich stay pressed bye
Future Ninety four
Future Ninety four 16 órája
Love u Demi I want to marry you
Brody Montana
Brody Montana 16 órája
lol must be nice Demi.
RandomXvideos 16 órája
Bruh for someone on there 9th life they still look and sing better than me!!! 😬😂😂
Timothy K
Timothy K 16 órája
Didn’t she goo ok to the hospital for doing drugs. Kids don’t do drugs.
Chubbie CheekzQT
Chubbie CheekzQT 16 órája
She shouldn’t be here. Her “celeb title” would of had a meaning... for 5 mins.
Itsyagirl Zy
Itsyagirl Zy 17 órája
I got scared
Itsyagirl Zy
Itsyagirl Zy 17 órája
5 to 10 more minutes
Riley Howell
Riley Howell 17 órája
Itsyagirl Zy
Itsyagirl Zy 17 órája
Me too
Tugce Bozkurt
Tugce Bozkurt 17 órája
Best Song EVER!!!!!!!!
Ivan Montes
Ivan Montes 17 órája
Seems like someone is tryin to stay relevant
Destinee M
Destinee M 17 órája
Damn my mom is over 33 years sober and my grandfather over 55 years sober. My moms story is a long and a forever life affecting one. My mom had to get away from a guy she was in a car with on the freeway so she ended up on the side of the freeway stumbling into a lane being hit by a car and run over by a truck. That was in the 80s. My mom is still disabled she’s gone through more surgeries than can be remembered. She’s the strongest and most kindest women I’ll ever know. She goes to her aa meeting everyday. At least everyday of my life and it’s literally every single day she goes. That’s been the same for 20 years. Whenever I’d ask her why she said because it keeps her sober. Shes really found a home in aa and friends in aa she’s had for decades now. I know being sober doesn’t sound fun but if you have kids and your struggling with sobriety here’s some suggestions, if you care about your kids don’t give back In to drugs. Fight for them if you love them otherwise to the people who don’t have kids yet but know they use and have a problem, just don’t. You’d spar your child a lot of twisted heartbreak rather than to see their parent fall down the rabbit hole again because they chose drugs over their own kid.
Grey Grey
Grey Grey 18 órája
I still can't get over her chin.
#SWEETS 18 órája
Demi is so beautiful im addicted to her tone im glad she is still here!
Bob D
Bob D 18 órája
What's so interesting about a stupid, narcissistic drug addict overdosing on drugs?
Fathers of the Sun Beckoning of the Xul
Guess the Heroin messed up her brain for her recent idiotic comments.
Katlyn Dobransky
Katlyn Dobransky 19 órája
I’m glad that she’s sharing more of her story to the public. I’ve never been a fan of her, and when I heard about her overdoses, I thought “how stupid can she be? She’s got the whole world and she does this?” But I get that she’s trying to make up for her mistakes and teach others that were in the same situation as her. I hope that others learn from both her rises and her falls
Mioski Mioski
Mioski Mioski 19 órája
Illuminati own her, like most of young stars in showbusiness. She live, bucause she sign a pact with the devil. Everyone, who refuse them, just died. Like Paul Walker, Heath Ledger and many many more. Popularity is empty shell, full of pedophiles and dark side of illuminati. Beware.
Finesse The Wealth
Finesse The Wealth 20 órája
Dancing with heroin
Wicked Miner
Wicked Miner 20 órája
Immortal Technique!
Marc Mora
Marc Mora 21 órája
Really dancing with the devil there!
NOGARA ISHI 21 órája
I wish the junkies that live in my neighborhood would have the balls to say they are just troubled souls.
Derek Fox
Derek Fox 21 órája
Nothing like a little heroin to wake up
Mishka Tot
Mishka Tot 21 órája
This is the sane woman who said we should get rid of gender reveal parties cause they’re Transphobic
kortneethomp 22 órája
I love Demi Lovato. This is so so brave of her ❤
LaNesha Stile
LaNesha Stile 23 órája
Love you forever 😭😍❤️💪💯
Trendsin Beauty1
Trendsin Beauty1 23 órája
I’m praying she doesn’t relapse again, she is so talented such a beautiful soul I’d hate to hear news she’s no longer with us STAY STRONG DEMI 🥺💗
Aylen Trochez
Aylen Trochez 21 órája
She just did sadly
Mags Yilden
Gosh...... Demi..... 😭🥺 this is why I love you🥺
jack watson
No one cares
uriel boldman
About your comment
Music TheorY
Nikeysia Butler
Still looking forward to watching it, but based on this trailer I definitely think it will be more dramatic/hyped up than Simply Complicated
Yukozuna Napja
So... she’s a satanis? How stereotypical #SpiritCooking
Is there an unlimited button for ♥️ in here?
Kimberly Michelle
“Dance with the devil might last you forever”
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