Diablo® II: Resurrected ™ Announce Trailer 

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Arise, Diablo, Lord of Terror. Diablo II: Resurrected is the definitive remastering of Diablo II and its Lord of Destruction® expansion - two hallmark entries in Blizzard Entertainment’s genre-defining action role-playing series.










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DaLi 4 perccel
0:54 but why does the amazon look like an old man..?
Hiphop Finest
Hiphop Finest 21 perce
Ultra hype for this and i didnt even play the original...it looks so good!!
unnamed 39 perccel
Still doesn't look as good as PoE
Евгений Давыденко
Ааааааааааа хочу хочу хочу хочу
Voiiid 2 órája
Why does the amazon's face look like a man..
Take Note
Take Note 3 órája
We remember Warcraft 3: Refunded, thanks!
Indrawibawa I Nyoman
There is no cow level
CallMe EJ
CallMe EJ 5 órája
Yep I’m getting this
Barnabus Korrum
Barnabus Korrum 5 órája
How many features you gonna remove?
VertLIVE 5 órája
Blessed are we, who are about to waste another 20 years. Amen!
Filip Lackovic
Filip Lackovic 5 órája
Spent my chiildhood grinding in Diablo II, of course I'm gonna stay awhile...and listen.
Arjun Neil Menezes
Can we have a Diablo 1 Resurrected too 🥺
Blocka Datnikka
Blocka Datnikka 6 órája
I hope blizzard knows all the of players that played on pc will be switching to console ... cross platform online play would be ideal
senni bgon
senni bgon 6 órája
"On PC" - is this an out of season April Fool's Joke?
ra yara
ra yara 7 órája
Many Thanks Blizzard this my favorit game
Kora Na
Kora Na 7 órája
Blizzard not being out of touch with their target audience ? What a pleasant surprise of 2021...
senni bgon
senni bgon 6 órája
Dads who played Diablo 2 in their childhood: *See this* Dads who played Diablo 2 in their childhood: "Sorry, son, i am the child in the house now"
bence babka
bence babka 8 órája
cant wait to refund this one as well after false promises
Eduardo FA
Eduardo FA 9 órája
We will have a "re-build" system or what???
Marek Õunpuu
Marek Õunpuu 10 órája
That moment when Diablo 2: Resurrected reveal has more hits than Diablo 4. My body is ready Tyreal...
Stress Lah
Stress Lah 10 órája
Add on story? Well, diablo 2 one of the best story/ best acts/ best voice over
PlanB 11 órája
Diablo 2 remaster wow!!!! cant wait for it :D
leejordan001 12 órája
Diablo 2 > Diablo 3 + Diablo 4
Babzik 12 órája
валерия карпенко
Ну наконец-то
EpicGifted 13 órája
Can't wait for the palace guard to tell me "you may not pass" in HD
Danilo Rozas
Danilo Rozas 14 órája
Man it looks terrible like smarthphone game graphics, this will be another mistake.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 15 órája
This game changed my life for the better
fireroastedsunflowerseeds of joy
This better have 8 players.... if it doesn't you guys are in deep.
Handelo 15 órája
Cross-progression is cool and all, but considering most of us don't own multiple consoles, I think crossplay is the word to look for here. Anyone know if that will be possible?
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 15 órája
It's nice to see there isn't any technical issue to wrap this Go'old jewel in a modern shroud afterall. "First of all, I think it's probably impossible to really capture it... It wasn't eve
Digimortal 15 órája
Done enough Baal runs....
Miranda Bryant
Miranda Bryant 16 órája
Will it have local multiplayer on console?
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 17 órája
Dads who played Diablo 2 in their childhood: **See this** Dads who played Diablo 2 in their childhood: "Sorry, son, i am the child in the house now"
William Barnes
William Barnes 17 órája
I'm afraid I don't have a phone powerful enough for this one.
Mr. Ed
Mr. Ed 19 órája
This trailer made my spine chill with excitement. This generation has no idea what it was to play Diablo 2 in its original form. I’m excited beyond belief that this is really happening.I really hope they keep the PvP as it was before. Paladin,sorcerer, and the real Druid. I wonder how rare they will make the Stone of Jordan this time 😜. Not to mention the real cow level!!!
Tony McCrary
Tony McCrary 20 órája
Diablo II: God of Greed
Tony McCrary
Tony McCrary 20 órája
lol, I got screwed on wc3 reforged. I think I'll wait for reviews.
Rodrigo Troncoso Ramírez
somehow, someway we all know that this will be a disaster, blizzard is already in a no-return path that claims for its death
CrazySerb011 21 órája
Will it be available for mobile lmao
Alex zax
Alex zax 21 órája
pff, really not investing in a remastered game. i've played d2 since launch till 2004 when lineage2 launched.. moved on, we needed d3 vanilla and u guys f it up. is this april's fool?
BreivikIsOurHero 22 órája
Music from this game remind me how young we use to be how old we are now.
Joachim Fie
Joachim Fie 22 órája
All cutscenes are redone ?
fafaf afaf
fafaf afaf 22 órája
the original was bit darker...just sayin
lucas seidel
lucas seidel 22 órája
it looks like beatiful. this master-piece.
LanciaBear 23 órája
"On PC" - is this an out of season April Fool's Joke?
SoulStorm-Media™ 23 órája
It's nice to see there isn't any technical issue to wrap this Go'old jewel in a modern shroud afterall. "First of all, I think it's probably impossible to really capture it... It wasn't even a true 3D game, everything was rendered sprites and so to really capture the exact feel of what happens when you click in a 3D environment is going to be challenging at best." - This interview was just half year ago.
John Tripp
John Tripp 23 órája
I want to know why we can't get a D4 instead of wasting time on resurrecting the old game. I own all the sets and love Diablo. However, I am tired of rust, ark, things like this leading the way when we have an iconic game that could and should surpass them all. Come on Blizzard! Give us all what we are waiting for. Release the new Diablo PLEASE
40 euro chyba was porypało z tą ceną 😂😂😂😂😂
Mario S.
Mario S. Napja
Hope they didnt change any item/bonus rolls. 1:1 game with better graphics hopefully. Diablo 1 resurrected would be great too. Dark dungeons and catacombs... scary music and sounds. With optional 3D Ego-Shooter perspective.
Michael Do
Michael Do Napja
Splash damage and corruption!!!
Gungho73 Napja
*sees Hammerdin in action* MY BOY!!!!
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Napja
The Fortnite generation will know what is GAMING if you make it right...
Ragnazz Napja
Pls make some balance changes like project Diablo 🥰🥰🥰
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Napja
If they don't let me drag Akara out of town to heal myself during duels, i quit!
Carlos Jaramillo
Plz don't lock the game at 60 fps
I'm not a fan of the new werewolf, bring back the werecoyote skin.
Mobydick Napja
Why not just make a better Diablo 4???
Stevey B
Stevey B Napja
Please just leave d2 alone, get rid of bots, close the online stores down, shut down d2jsp, add a new act, new items, 2 or 3 new characters and fix a few other small bugs like items/characters disappearing after not playing for 60 days.
SM0R3S Napja
So If I buy on PC does that mean I don't have to buy for console as well?
quietly Eye
Uboli prstom u govno ljudi iz blizza
Happy Camper
I'm more excited about this game than losing my next gf over it. RAKINISHU!!
Ken Maverik
Just great!!!
rly? jess
Hendrik Napja
Stupid i still have to old game and have to buy it again .... buying the same game 2x no thanks...
Chris England
Been waiting for this for a long, long time. I've put more hours into d2, than all other games combined. I cannot wait to dive into this game again.
Bloodymer Zkizzoid
Иван Колев
no remaster could ever be better than the original game
Vladimir Nesterov
Guys, we really need crossplay and local coop for D2, PLZ!!! I have a wife and son and i want to play with them in D2, but we do not have 3 same platforms at home, but we have 3 gamepads and/or XBOX, PC and Switch. PLZ hear me)))
hej Napja
If they don't let me drag Akara out of town to heal myself during duels, i quit!
Dyingsoul Napja
The Fortnite generation will know what is GAMING if you make it right...
Sobik 243
Sobik 243 Napja
It's not Amazon anymore now it's manzon :D Her face is ugly do something about it and make her female again :P
David.S Napja
Mod support yes. Please allow mods to run on private servers or connected modded realm on bnet. Staying true to the original game is fantastic, but mods also provide great experiences and online communities are a huge part of keeping them going.
David Neal
David Neal Napja
Much hype. Just the other day, I was thinking of asking the bros to load this up with me.
Мистер Чаффи
Делать нечего что-ли? Зачееем? Пфффф
Siddhartth Napja
That's the kind of hardwork they should have done on warcraft 3 reforged. Why don't the terrain and models don't look like Heroes of the storm in that game.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Napja
Still waiting for missing features in WC3
Алексей Сидоровский
пуууууушка! ждём!
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Napja
Is this just D3 assets? Disappointing
Valentin Todorov
*Stares in promises unfulfilled from WC3 reforged*
Mr. Niven
Mr. Niven Napja
50/50 we'll see what happens.
AcidBuu Napja
I cant wait to see how this is going to be received by the younger generation.
aigomorla Napja
Didn't disney with their live remakes kill most of our childhood. Now blizzard wants to do that with 3d remakes.
Druskqq Napja
The score Matt Uelmen composed for Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction is still unmatched in the Diablo franchise.
Jiwoo Lee
Jiwoo Lee Napja
I'm really looking forward to D2R! But! Please delete the some Runewords that make all characters use other characters' unique skills. For example, Enigma, Call to arms, Chaos, etc. Personally, I don't want D2's original concept to disappear. I enjoyed from D2 original 1.03 to 1.12(expansion set), but personally, 1.07 was the golden age of D2. After 1.10, Diablo 2's original concept seemed to disappear due to the new skill synergy systems and new Runwords. So I personally didn't like it... The developers all know when the real golden age of D2 was. After patch 1.10, many users have left.
This is AMAZING you guys! I have been waiting years to see this. Let's see what will D4 be, but after the huge disappointment of the overly colourful Diablo 3, and the out of season April's Fool Joke, this is like a breath of fresh air because we all know how amazing the game is already, but feels like brand new with the re-style. That unsettling dark atmosphere, the soundscape, the story, the characters, all so perfect, and now seemengly perfected. Please, just stick to this model, you know what works and what we like, don't change the winning team!
tthanksman Napja
i wish to add options wrist 2Rings and 10 finger Rings each options ,head hand Rune, earrings that can add options and more specialized equipment armors...... i wish infinite difference level..too
Flo Rian
Flo Rian Napja
Activision will disappoint us like they did with wc3 reforged. Don't expect too much .
"Please no hurt! No kill! Keep alive, next time bring good to you!"
my all-time favorite game!!!! Yes!!!!!!
LUL Napja
looks bad
House of Dras
Never played it. Am super excited.
diabz Napja
Is this just D3 assets? Disappointing
Lugh Samildanach
@diabzThey've said they're not touching the OG and the two will exist entirely separate. Anything else you wanna cry over?
diabz Napja
Well doesn't really matter because it looks like it and also it's a game I've already paid for that they are going to make me unable to play just like they did with WC3 yay
Excalipoor Napja
Still waiting for missing features in WC3
laskin riubn
I told my girlfriend, stay awhile and listen, I will be giving my life up for Tristram.
Nikola Napja
Brad Hall
Brad Hall Napja
Great game. I got to a point, level 70 or something, where you just could not survive or advance any further and lost interest.
laskin riubn
A sorceress... Here, in Harrogath?
Diablo® II: Resurrected™ will be released on or before December 2021. thanq again for announcing a game that will be released 1 year almost from now.just to wait another 3 more for d4 , i'll ask my kids if they liked it
Sir Rorschach
Change Amazon's face, it looks like a dude. And chamge Assassin, she supposed to be pale white. Stick with original skins.......
Nanami Okuno
2000 Diablo II 2021 Diablo II: Resurrected 2040~2042 Diablo II: Immortality
Please Don't Change any Character Voice and BGM of Original Diablo 2. Just upgrade the resolution problem of 3d quality game and high-end effect. Too much darknest brings some dark emotion to players that could be easily exhausted. I felt Diablo 3 was the worst masterpiece among them. so Plz do not make diablo 2 resurrection lile a Diablo 3.
Bryan Soe
Bryan Soe Napja
Now all the ladies are gonna be single cuz the guys are busy
Zenek Lao
Zenek Lao Napja
I hope a physical/disc release is coming and not just digital only 🤞
Cheyserr Tampico
imagine if it was presented in the stage with live audience ........
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