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Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics. www.BostonDynamics.com.

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josue daniel valadez miguel
Lastima que los crearon para fines militares
David Coleman
David Coleman 14 perccel
woke oak
woke oak 20 perccel
No I Dont
Asif Sabir
Asif Sabir Órája
Good one..I feel like dancing with them
James926 Órája
Dude this is epic I wanna see mooreeee
martin i
martin i Órája
I can hear the voice of Admiral Adama saying: "this is Galactica actual, prepare to jump" in my head already.
Ann Órája
This video made me feel better, thank you boston dynamics
Finnean Roney
Finnean Roney Órája
T. F.
T. F. Órája
Organic organisms make unorganic organisms. This is the next evolution.
no no
no no Órája
Why does it look so fake
wnazgul Órája
had the same feeling but it's because the colors are very 'matte' and it feels like it is cgi. However, you see their reflections on the glass behind them, with the cameraman etc. I wont say that is impossible to fake but is extremly hard to achieve on that level.
Benjamin Hackett
Because the lighting is extremely even.
Sing Song Sign
If it looks fake, then it most likely is.
鄭모아이 Órája
기계가 나보다춤을 더 찰추네;;;;
Владимир Малюкин
Это круто!!!!
hot_machine_4_lifes S
This is the best video I’ve ever seen
私が神だ Órája
It so cute
CoŘųPþəĐ Ą8qłā
How come scary?
Carl Gustav
Carl Gustav Órája
Wow. This is so cute and scary at the same time.
xyaxaxo Órája
SOON hurun.info/to/vide/qmyCq36krGLAsqs.html
Mr. Mustash
Mr. Mustash 2 órája
I can't believe a robot dances better than me XD
john smith
john smith 2 órája
Humanity fades.
saubriz 2 órája
Damn, I can already see it 20 years from now: “Dancing with the Robots” on Fox.....
Ash91 2 órája
Their victory dance after conquering humanity
srikanth rathod
srikanth rathod 2 órája
Damn I loved it
Anthoney King
Anthoney King 2 órája
OMG I really dint realize how much Robots have come i was think Robots to build space habitats in space was still a dream i can see now its much closer than I thought Awesome Job Boston Dynamics
elraennin lemonu
elraennin lemonu 2 órája
Regolith 2 órája
This is how the Robot Overlords have taken over every world: 1950s be-bop.
fllavour 2 órája
is this real?
Mechanysm Órája
Yeah this is real, Adam Savage has a recent video on the "tested" channel where they show the software that makes this happen!
rusty shackleford
no CGI
fllavour 2 órája
@_Spin_G_ really?? thats crazy
_Spin_G_ 2 órája
monzer osman
monzer osman 2 órája
This is beyond incredible!
sheepgaming 2 órája
Damn i can smell my own fear
Come And Get Me
Come And Get Me 3 órája
Cool !!! They're real robots !!! No special effects here !!! Just good editing !!! 🤖
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 3 órája
It moves so smoothly it seems fake but I know its probs not
Ângela Cardoso
Ângela Cardoso 3 órája
This shit makes me wanna dance with them
Duane Degn
Duane Degn 2 órája
Just don't let them stop on your toes. I'm pretty sure those humanoids are heavy.
cichlider 3 órája
Aleksandra Rogal
Aleksandra Rogal 3 órája
They dance better than 80% people in clubs ❤️😜
19Marc79 2 órája
Robots in the future will be able to analyze the dance-abilities of the human dance partner and immediately adapt to it. No need for feeling insecure on the dancefloor anymore ! But I seriously doubt the one-night-stand-capabilities of the robots ;_)
звизданутое солнце
Илон Маск давай так же с ракетами танец))
MoltenMonsters 3 órája
cant we just skip to the part where they are burning down cities
Kirill Stolyarov
Kirill Stolyarov 3 órája
The future is now, old man.
Jiruri 3 órája
This new Pixar animation seems like it will really become a hit!
Ankur Shende
Ankur Shende 3 órája
Looks like old men dancing with a their big pets.
Uhura Enterprise
Uhura Enterprise 3 órája
When they become affordable I want a dance partner like this. He's gonna be red and named Artemis. Just sayin.
Remote User
Remote User 4 órája
Этим танцорам батарейки не мешают.
Бардак Незалежный Иванов
3D технологии делают своё дело
Matthew Luv
Matthew Luv 4 órája
So good to be true
David Russell
David Russell 4 órája
Chemical brothers ; Believe.
Marlon Franco
Marlon Franco 4 órája
Oh cmon, just skip to the part where they got weapons and stuff.
Bennu 4 órája
So sweet 😂😂🤩🤩
chris nance
chris nance 4 órája
Make them do WAP!!
B AJ 4 órája
did they code all this or just mirror real-life dancers?
reln72 4 órája
2020: aw these robots are so cute! 2030: OMG these robots are so deadly! They're killing everyone!!
Isys Eye
Isys Eye 5 órája
Absolutely Fabulous!!!
Notebook Of Thinkers
-.- so a robot dances better than me....and it is considered robotic if u dance out of rhythm.....so i am officially worse than a robot.
Uhura Enterprise
Uhura Enterprise 3 órája
Count me in
PURPLE 5 órája
Nice C.G.I
Rock Wood
Rock Wood 5 órája
Seems like a re-post of the Atlas video from a year ago. Makes you wonder what kind of tech they're NOT showing...
Rock Wood
Rock Wood 3 órája
@Uhura Enterprise I was thinking more along the lines of machines carrying high caliber weapons, or explosive payloads...
Uhura Enterprise
Uhura Enterprise 3 órája
I guess the not so friendly dancing AI's
what ʇɐɥʍ
what ʇɐɥʍ 5 órája
it's all fun and games, until you are getting demolished in dance dance revolution by these damn machines!!!!
Displee 5 órája
This is their victory dance after they destroyed us.
waffle2434 5 órája
I have watched this too many times, and I don't know why😅
Mandy 5 órája
Can I have one to do my house chores 😊
Asimetrik 5 órája
please like this comment
Uhura Enterprise
Uhura Enterprise 3 órája
It's even right now☝
Ezra Nugroho
Ezra Nugroho 4 órája
Please like this one instead..
Alexander Jovanovski
Cyberdine system model 101 ASTA LA VISTA BABY !!!!!
Sevilay Çelik
Sevilay Çelik 5 órája
Can I work for Boston Dynamics?That's incredible.
BobBIZARRE 5 órája
Why does this remind me of old school claymation?
mightysprocket 5 órája
I can see this in a future Tarantino movie, only they have weapons and dance through a crowd killing everyone in sight....
Fabián Alejandro Cuello Reimundo.
Skynet distract us...
Goran I.
Goran I. 6 órája
Is that for real or is it computer made?
Uhura Enterprise
Uhura Enterprise 3 órája
Soon enough they will be able to program themselves.
Eduardo R. Ramos Ferraz
I'd say both, with the proper programming (computer made) those robots can really perform amazing moves...
Emanuel Silva
Emanuel Silva 6 órája
Real dude 😯
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia 6 órája
I 🎏🏮h🖍🎈
Purple Twinkies
Purple Twinkies 6 órája
When robots can dance better than you
charp 6 órája
C L 6 órája
From 1900s to 1950s, huge cultural shifts and technological change has happened....Now compare that to 2000s to 2050, We already have internet, smartphones, reusable rockets and humanoid dancing robots......For the next 30 years, major technological advancements will reshaped our society whether we like it or not....For normal people, the next few decades will be anxiety inducing but for us Nerds, It will be like a freaking Utopia.
M is for Microwave
They groovin
Digital Mike
Digital Mike 6 órája
Yeah...but can you play Microsoft Flight Sim X on it?
Stefano Viola
Stefano Viola 6 órája
It seems the perfect intro for a post apocalyptic sci-fi movie...
Tawseef Chowdhury
Let's just acknowledge that the bots are awesome. Just *awesome*
chronic wrist pain pain
What frustrates me about all these comments is that it seems like no one is acknowledging the fact that all of this a choreographed showcase of the robots' capabilities. They aren't controlled by AI but rather preprogrammed. Or they're CGI, who knows. Either way they aren't Terminator robots yet
Matthew Walden
Matthew Walden 2 órája
I mean just watch the video, in one of the cuts you see a robot being taken apart in the background seemingly because something went wrong with it lol
Andi Arpo
Andi Arpo 5 órája
TwoDumb Gamers
TwoDumb Gamers 5 órája
I think the craziest part is how fluid they move! Along with having no cords for power. 👁️👄👁️
Wood Rhyme
Wood Rhyme 6 órája
Bro I don't think anyone thinks that the robots were dancing of their own volition. What people are amazed by is the fact that there are robots that can perform these moves so easily and fluidly. I don't think you need to be so frustrated.
Elayne Griffith
Elayne Griffith 6 órája
I’d love to know if it was learning based autonomy or programmed. Wish they specified. Autonomous is even more impressive of course. Cute little robots, regardless. And, yeah, we’re far from terminator unless a crazy human behind the controls programs them to go on a murderous rampage. Humans are still scarier!
Alone Gamer
Alone Gamer 6 órája
not realy
Alone Gamer
Alone Gamer 3 órája
@Ümit CNR sence Hulk gerçek olabilir mi ümit yaw
DOROEE 4 órája
No, not realy
Ümit CNR
Ümit CNR 6 órája
proxin1 6 órája
All fun and games... until you realize that these are the robots that will be enforcing Biden's leftist dystopian and totalitarian America. And no... 2021 will not be better, it'll be worse.
imd1b4u 3 órája
@TwoDumb Gamers I'm not the one behind the curtains, YOU are, and there made of Iron, just because you paint them RED WHITE, and BLUE does not change that. You won't come to your senses for years to come, because your surrounded by people that tell you what to do, what to think, people like an Orange fat man!
AaronAlso 4 órája
@HUrunAccount159 WTF are you on about? I was talking about the robots, whom, much like myself do not give a shit who the figure head president is today ,next week, or year. It is pretty ignorant for you at this point to attempt to deny that companies like Google, Microsoft, Turner Broadcasting, WarnerMedia, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon have far more influence over our government than any vote you or anyone you know has ever cast or will ever cast. Trump had to be made into a demon because he would not be controlled and occasionally got out of control. Biden has neither the intelligence or the motivation to go against anything he is told to do. So, you may get exactly what you asked for, but it will not be even close to what you want. Then of course I'm sure you will continue to REEEEE about Trump supports and completely neglect top blame Biden of the Democratic party.
AaronAlso 4 órája
@Wurstbuden Andi Don't we all? Just so happens my delusion is more firmly grounded in reality than yours.
proxin1 5 órája
@Daryn K 👆 this simpleton doesn't understand hyperbole. Here's a link jr. "Hyperbole definition"
proxin1 5 órája
@HUrunAccount159 "tried to demolish Western democracy", Ha!... says the pawn that voted for the Chinese Communist puppet and child sniffer. If you think you're at the end, and not a beginning, you're going to be unpleasantly surprised. And If you thought 2020 was bad, just hold on to your panties.
Power Amulets
Power Amulets 6 órája
The elites are getting closer to eliminating the middle class, then replacing everyone with bots. Fake world and fake dancing.
Mr M
Mr M 6 órája
Lesson learned. Don't say "work work" to a robot because they'll just start dancing and not get any work done.
Oklino LP
Oklino LP 6 órája
well after reviewing some of the Capabilites back in 2013 of these robots im totally confused if this is CGI (motoion capture at least for the 2-legged robots) or real... Time for a new Videogame about the near future... "Boston become human"
Егор Шарахов
everyone is waiting for the channel in tik tok
Allan Brz
Allan Brz 6 órája
bostão dinamico kkkkk
Allan Brz
Allan Brz 7 órája
you can clearly see that it’s CGI
Wurstbuden Andi
Wurstbuden Andi 5 órája
@yrc are you aware that you can literally see their decade long progress in about 50 videos?
Fielding Questions
Given that Boston Dynamics has been purchased for $1 billion, probably not CGl…
C K 5 órája
@yrc If you think it's CGI, it's kind of sad you have no knowledge of current technology. But it also goes to show how advanced Boston Dynamics has become if people think their robots are CGI.
yrc 6 órája
are u graphic designer ? because im seeing this too its CGI.
C K 6 órája
Sadly there are uneducated people like you...
saubhagya deep
saubhagya deep 7 órája
* robots after taking over the world *:
Glória 7 órája
DAAAAMN!! a dancer T-800 :D Noice!
Lethi 12
Lethi 12 7 órája
Fun fact: the cameraman is a robot
Miguel Saavedra
Miguel Saavedra 7 órája
Impressive!!!!!!!! 1.- WALK 2.- DANCING 3.- TERMINATOR
Laindal 7 órája
These robots have higher chances to hit than me
Lejim 7 órája
nos evoluimos tanto
I.L Investing
I.L Investing 7 órája
Yeah be amazed now...till you'll be up there dancing for the robots in 50 years 😅
Cartoon Raccoon
Cartoon Raccoon 7 órája
1:27 When Gypsy comes in on MST3K
Notes for Sons
Notes for Sons 7 órája
This looks disturbing. Something so human mimicked 99% accurately by what I know is an unconscious things. Note: a movie should have robots fighting martial arts style but with dance moves just like this.
Saphire Mcpe
Saphire Mcpe 7 órája
This is a phenomen called "uncanny valley"
inkedshinigami 7 órája
This made my whole day better
loveranking 7 órája
I will be back
Chuck Caudill
Chuck Caudill 8 órája
This is how you get terminators...
Ewan Wadsworth
Ewan Wadsworth 8 órája
In that whole video none of them did the robot. V disappointing
Stephanie Farid
Stephanie Farid 8 órája
asimo sent me here
Mr. Fortytipper
Mr. Fortytipper 8 órája
Armstrong and Getty sent me here
Kesava E
Kesava E 8 órája
Humans: Robots will takeover the world Meanwhile robots:
Saumyadip Kumar
Saumyadip Kumar 8 órája
23k non humans disliked it. Oh wait!
Rakesh Raj
Rakesh Raj 8 órája
Amazing work...
Thiyagu Vengat
Thiyagu Vengat 8 órája
Note this comment, Within Next 20 years those robots will be program us. We will dance in front of those robot's. Imagine its too Scarry.
Im1sickpup 8 órája
Sheesh,, damn robots have better moves than I do
Jules 8 órája
These guys have the coolest jobs on Earth.
ThankYouESM 8 órája
Next... I believe we will soon be having robots that can also do every type of breakdance move.
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