Drivers' Qualifying Reaction: 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 

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Reaction from the F1 grid as they reflect on a dramatic final qualifying session of the 2020 season and look ahead to race day in Abu Dhabi...
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ItzAnonymous Hónapja
Hamilton's quick head flick and eyes lighting up at the sound at the Renault R25 just at the end of this cut interview tells everything
James Chamberlain
How much of the off season is Albon required to spend under desk of the Senior Thai executive @ redbull that secured albons seat for next season because Albon surely has not done it on track for himself this season. . Outside of the points in a podium car on so many occasions... it's pathetic really
Milan Perera
Milan Perera Hónapja
Dear Lance stroll...... Please go back to f2 Thank you
come on max come on lando come on alex
Rheinhausen / Wuppertal
Alphatauri has to Keep Hardbass in their Team! Last few races always in Front of Gasly
Skulldetta Hónapja
"Omae wa moe shindeiru." - Yuki Tsunoda
Justin S
Justin S Hónapja
Lewis can't resist the v10
Himanshu Balyan
Himanshu Balyan Hónapja
Qualifying - Valtteri P2, Lewis P3 The race - "Lights out and away we go and Bottas had a poor launch and Hamilton gets past his teammate..."
Harith Farhan
Harith Farhan Hónapja
latifi lose to fitipaldi
Paolo Accad
Paolo Accad Hónapja
McLaren's getting faster. Excited for Ricciardo next season.
Bucky L
Bucky L Hónapja
Dwagginz Hónapja
Why does Stroll always whine, no matter what happens?
Derrick Best
Derrick Best Hónapja
The Mercedes are going to take each other out first lap.
silvias15Driver Hónapja
I miss Vettel winning races. His personality off track is so likeable.
Major Tom
Major Tom Hónapja
I will say that therefore some drivers are going to leave f1, this is one of the important moments of the year. Drivers that leave shouldnt leave, and some that are coming in Like Mikita Mazepan shouldnt be in F1
Raihan Muhammad
Raihan Muhammad Hónapja
4:14 yeah i know latifi mate but who the f is nicky??
Submaridz Hónapja
if any driver that beats mercedes in the championship will consider a legend, dont care if its verstappen or leclerc or vettel, hoping next year someone will do the impossible
Mufc Inspired
Mufc Inspired Hónapja
Alex albon looks like a lady boy
Cherry Anne
Cherry Anne Hónapja
Sean McManus
Sean McManus Hónapja
Perez: “I hope I can recover” After he goes from 20th to 1st at Sakhir
Vincent Manjera
Vincent Manjera Hónapja
Number 10 on 10th
Jasper Or
Jasper Or Hónapja
sharl lando and albono bois Edit: Seb seems relieved to have a final run with the SF1000 regardless the result, might just cruise tmr idk
A IX Hónapja
Hamilton reaction to V10 engine is ✊
koxkola Hónapja
The real winner on Saturday was Alonso driving his old V10
szewei85 Hónapja
Haha what a yoyo Q session deng
Martin Pedersen
Martin Pedersen Hónapja
What is Latifi doing in F1 ? Seriously
don’t mess with my toys
Aryan Shakeel
Aryan Shakeel Hónapja
I, am sad for checo 😔😔 hop he will race in 2021
#SHANK Hónapja
'bwoah.. I was pretty happy and ahh..' *following the footsteps of kimi
MimM Hónapja
* BOTTAS: Well, at least I will end on pole.... To whoever it may concern- * VERSTAPPEN: I'm gonna end this man's career.
Itz willow
Itz willow Hónapja
Iam putting this out there lando is gonna win, gut feeling
Pininto Sarwendah
Hoping for surprises. Hope for those who have not in the podium will be in the podium.
Mercury Hónapja
I dont understand how russel is 18th. What happened he was the fastest with his young skills why isnt he on top 3?
rohan singh
rohan singh Hónapja
0:40 you can hear Fernando flying on the track in the R25 😍
Sachindra Mihindukula
Now I'm thinking albon and Kvyat also deserve to stay in F1 next year
Manjunath Danavadi
Nando interviewbombing everyone with R25
Alex Henrique
Alex Henrique Hónapja
Obrigado quem colocou a Legenda pra gente, valeu mesmo se não sabe como isso me ajuda a entender oque eles fala, uma vez que não sei falar inglês Tmj
baby yoda partake
Fittipaldi seems really inexperienced
baby yoda partake
McLaren! 👍💪
Vale Vigo_
Vale Vigo_ Hónapja
Can mclaren on the podium ? Even win it ?
baby yoda partake
Vettle: 13th place, I was happy.
baby yoda partake
Hamilton: What did you do to my car George?
baby yoda partake
Toni Maluleka
Toni Maluleka Hónapja
Max could've had atleast 3 poles this year. Nice to see him on top though
M K Hónapja
Bottas beats Lewis - still 2nd
Enderbot cyborg
Enderbot cyborg Hónapja
Give Mclaren a 1-2 before Sainz go to Ferrari :)
Thermostokulus Hónapja
People saying how great George Russel hes over here getting 18th. Even seb with a shitbox is doing way better
Anita Nugraha
Anita Nugraha Hónapja
Every racers : uses f1 mask* Daniel ricciardo : uses normal mask*
Nikt Ważny
Nikt Ważny Hónapja
Most of those masks are useless falling all the time :/
Thermostokulus Hónapja
I only watch these to see Seb
Lucas Hónapja
Ocon statement made me scary with what is happening in 2020 lol 😂😂 “Its all in or nothing”
Race Hoglund
Race Hoglund Hónapja
I love latifi’s energy. Such a positive guy
Drummer Boy
Drummer Boy Hónapja
Danny Ric will be rear gunning for Mclaren in the race... 3rd place in the constructors $$$ 😂😂😂
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle Hónapja
Kvyat is overdriving Gasly since Imola And Perez almost everyone, especially Albon
komi Hónapja
hehe kimi
karl Rensburg
karl Rensburg Hónapja
Get in there Lewis. Hammertime.
Sat Nav
Sat Nav Hónapja
Brian Fari
Brian Fari Hónapja
they stop the interview bcs v10 sound lol
The Living Room
The Living Room Hónapja
Bottas sounds the same with and without the mask
rurouni_TIMTIM Hónapja
that Mercedes misses George.
skudaaron1986 Hónapja
If Lewis got pole he would say something else.
Nancy Quinteros Hoyos
Max no se lo merece
Small Ben7
Small Ben7 Hónapja
Kvyat should keep his seat
Marie-Thérèse Hónapja
"It's one of them things" has got to be Alex's most used sentence! I can understand he's under a lot of pressure, so I just wish him well whatever the next season brings
Bukan Matin
Bukan Matin Hónapja
I like the way Daniel is smilling on 2:54 and then quickly tries to hide it by changing into a more *"serious" and "tense expression"* to be more appropriate considering renault's quallifying pace. I bet he's actually excited to be in Mclaren next year and he's happy seeing their results on this quali.
EYNTK Joe Hónapja
Seb is so done 😂
fillsgarage Hónapja
1. Max 2. Hamilton 3. Sainz
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor Hónapja
Kyvat has switching something on inside him the last few races, he has been on fantastic form. I hope heba great race tomorrow it will be sad to see him go
Silver Kif
Silver Kif Hónapja
How has Kvyat in the end-season become Gasly in the start and mid-season?
imnotftw Hónapja
Alex is not making himself look great with the things he says. he'll be 3 thenth behind Max saying things like "I was really happy with my performance" If Max doesn't get pole he's not happy. That's the attitude you need for a top team in F1. Alex doesn't have the mentality. I really hope he can improve though because he does have promise, I think Max is just destroying his confidence.
Hafizh Ramadhani
Kvyat pulling off an ole for the last part of the season lol
Thato Modisane
Thato Modisane Hónapja
Kyvat needs to stay in F1. He is amazing
Hoàng Đạt Ngô
Yeah, I really that he can find a seat in 2022. He seems a really nice guy
Giorgia Caroli
Giorgia Caroli Hónapja
“The car was really not happy today” is the new “tires are dead”. Big lie
Julian Staniewski
Latifi actually turned out to be a really likable guy
FrederikVater Hónapja
Hamilton of the day: Verstappen. Bottas of the day: Hamilton. Leclerc of the day: Norris. Vettel of the day: Vettel. Latifi of the day: Latifi.
Nick vds
Nick vds Hónapja
Hamilton’s comment on a question in a press conference a few races ago was, that he respects Bottas, partly because he “never” complains about the car and thinks they are similar in that... Pretty weird Hamilton, 0:25, you never complain about the car right? Pfff
Rahul Agarwal
Rahul Agarwal Hónapja
No one likes a merc winner
claysmell Hónapja
Beau Goddard
Beau Goddard Hónapja
Of course Lewis blames the car...
Tim de Boer
Tim de Boer Hónapja
Kvyat showing why is the only russian we currently need in the top tier of motorsport
Alberto Álvarez García
Lewis voice is a bit raspy
Stream Puppet
Stream Puppet Hónapja
2:24 'option tyres'
Stuff Hónapja
Kvyat > M*z*p*n.
Lando Ferrari
Lando Ferrari Hónapja
Lando deserved 4th today, extremely happy
Holden Cross
Holden Cross Hónapja
To think Kvyat may not have a seat next year. HULKENBURG?!?!!??
Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson Hónapja
Ham bot ver crash tomorrow first lap. then Albon will take out sainz when sainz passes him for a Norris win.
A Bains
A Bains Hónapja
Hamilton haters --max got pole because of the car
Pepek Námořník
from what I've read Angela had to stay in isolation still, so she is missing this GP, susp that Lewis didn't have to
klaas klapsigaar
If Fittipaldi wins the GP tomorow I'm growing sideburns like his grand dad.
toneykk Hónapja
perez starting from the back well it's going to be a fair race then
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Hónapja
Let's go lando
Florian Mavec
Florian Mavec Hónapja
love how seb is almost sarcastically happy with his results
Artem Chyornyj
Artem Chyornyj Hónapja
Kvyat should replace Albon next year, he has really great skills, he didn't do well in RB just because he didn't have much experience
CL Hónapja
I t can be a blizzard outside and an interviewer can ask ask Hamilton how’s the weather, Hamilton: It’s cold. Hamilton haters: HE WHINES SO MUCH!!!!!!
stephanie prudhomme
Avec des sous-titrage en français s’il vous plaît
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba Hónapja
Interesting to see what happens especially with tyres
odie ostrich
odie ostrich Hónapja
is bottas' mask half of his wife's bra?
Mujo Ramic
Mujo Ramic Hónapja
Latifi, that guy is proper joke!
First Last
First Last Hónapja
The car issue for Lewis.. so he is not on pole... He said it himself... It is the car that matters the most.... Max... I put the car on pole... Didn't think the car is this competitive...
Cleberson Pereira
Max Versyppen🏆🏆👏🏻👏🏻
Karthik Penumetch
F for Perez
chadgrov Hónapja
Checo is planning something isn’t he
Mikke_13 Hónapja
Really happy for Lando :)
Gio looks like he's maturing, slowly getting better than Kimi
rick nineg
rick nineg Hónapja
When it doesn't go well for Hammy, he blames the car haha!
A J Hónapja
Is the car magically perfect for all circuits? because that is physically impossible, but i guess hamilton haters arent known for critical thinking, jumping onto trends is what they do. whats next, when it starts raining its hamiltons fault?
Enoch Hampton
Enoch Hampton Hónapja
It was a weird quali session that the faster you went, the worse the tyres felt. The car argument doesn't work here, Max bossed Q3 but even in Q2 he said his mediums went off at the end
Venu Krithish
Venu Krithish Hónapja
@Dignited So. Hamilton has free practice to change setups and everything. You also know that George just got it and was straight on the pace right?
Jon White
Jon White Hónapja
@Dignited what does George driving his car have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing, they would've fully returned his car to his spec well before Lewis touched it again.
Madhavi Singh
Madhavi Singh Hónapja
@Dignited dude, Albon and Vettel are not comfortable with their cars. Hamilton won the championship with his. So, I'd think Mercedes would know what setup he likes
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