Drivers React To Lance Stroll On Pole And More! 2020 Turkish Grand Prix 

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Who predicted that qualifying?! Certainly not many of the drivers! Hear from them as they look back on a tricky qualifying session in Istanbul, Turkey
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Amazing Turkish Grand Prix
Vinay Raman
Vinay Raman 2 napja
Vinay Raman
Vinay Raman 2 napja
kirk loren
kirk loren 8 napja
these races are watched from istanbul
Yvonne Pingleton
I, will miss seeing Roman Grosjoan, on the side of the track. He, he...
Not a single reaction or comment about Lance Stroll on poll... I want my 4:45 back *FORMULA 1*
Chucho Pad
Chucho Pad 9 napja
Valtteri Bwoahttas
Bernie Yoda
Bernie Yoda 9 napja
*Vettel P3!*
AcE Stebba
AcE Stebba 9 napja
From Hero to Zero.
Mathew Gilbert
Andrea Maccario
Do a skids compilation!
xD4rkridex 9 napja
George Russel's logo is so genius
Sarang Sharma
Sarang Sharma 9 napja
Get in there lewis!!! (That's what happens in the race)
Yizhou (Jerry) Hao
Max, everytime, loves the phrase :"it is what is is."
MK_ Pupp3ts
MK_ Pupp3ts 9 napja
Who is here after race?
Sami Sert
Sami Sert 9 napja
Formula1-İki saniyede teker değişimi ve Formula 1 İstanbul :
Defaulted Default
Where Lewis and Botas belong without the car advantage.
Isaac Chua
Isaac Chua 9 napja
I can't believe his luck in the race
Priyo M
Priyo M 9 napja
Finàlly vettel in podium
Jenny GW
Jenny GW 9 napja
A unanimous 'it is what it is'. The most agreement for a very long time ;)
CharlesG 9 napja
Come on racing points you seriously keeping stroll over perez? The driver started from p3 and finished p2 or from pole to almost losig points lol
Daddy’s cash
Radko2006 9 napja
Hamilton won anyway!
Matic Šega
Matic Šega 9 napja
"We are all in the same boat" Quite litteraly
Aras Lg
Aras Lg 9 napja
very beautiful and very difficult track, real skills are revealed here, this track is a test of difficulty, a real land of heroes,
Mr Gert
Mr Gert 9 napja
Yes! With a mask they look like a turkey.
Harrison Ochieng
Me watching Drive to Survive like: 👁️👄👁️
JigsawLV 9 napja
Magnussen was like "give me whatever mask you have, I have to go complain"
Aaron JR
Aaron JR 9 napja
Nicholas Latifi is the most useless driver in f1 history
AÇ 68 Albania
Mercedes:The Streak isn't going to over yet Stroll:Hold my Magnesium mineral water
Jasjeet Singh
Jasjeet Singh 9 napja
The guy inthe ad on this video mssed up Im talking about max
jjeffery worboys
Success can do so much for a drivers confidence.
MJ 9 napja
So many surprises here. Biggest of all, no interview sunglasses for Kimi
Turkic 9 napja
Go McLaren Go! Gooooooo
Shehriar Mohsin
every driver: it izzzz what it izzzzzz
Lando Ferrari
Lando Ferrari 9 napja
I reckon an unexpected win
Leo E.
Leo E. 9 napja
Alfa faster then Ferrari
Jaminevi 9 napja
Lets go see in the race what Stroll donjaja
harel kachlon
harel kachlon 9 napja
Who I can to wathe in the rece?
Kimi for podium
Collin Castel
Collin Castel 9 napja
It does not matter how many poles you have. Sunday is the day... But I keep saying... Last year when Ferrari was the best there where questions about how they did it. But now, when Mercedes are more fast than others no one is asking questions about it. That really amazes me.I think they cheat... But as long as no one can prove that they can go on.
Enes Işıldak
Don't hurt our lawn guys
Manuel Llata
Manuel Llata 9 napja
Sale mejor Vetel que Sáinz que ascoooo
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba 9 napja
Congrats on Vettel for continuing his p12 consistency. Can't wait for tomorrow's spin in lap 1.
Rad 9 napja
Who ever said daddy’s cash take it back!!!! I always trust lance.
ThatWhistle9 9 napja
U can see the pain in max
Yash Acharya
Yash Acharya 9 napja
Ha! Verstappen did a Bottas yesterday, smh!
Jose Flores
Jose Flores 9 napja
@FORMULA1 Keep doing these post qualifying interviews which gets everyone's perspective!!! Im all for this
Akshay Soni
Akshay Soni 10 napja
I think Mercedes drivers are not the best in Formula 1 lineup today, as their cars are top performing in F1, way better than others, and don't require them to push to their limits!
salih aktürk
salih aktürk 10 napja
Hamilton cried a lot
Gunnhfran2 10 napja
Love Lewis reaction! “You surprised? Why? Have you not been watching all weekend!”
moi 10 napja
they dont talk much about Stroll. why this title ?
Imran Ali
Imran Ali 10 napja
Let’s see if he makes it through the first corner
Nishant Barave
Nishant Barave 10 napja
Albon is 2 seconds down on Max and blames tyres 😂
Scott Denny
Scott Denny 10 napja
To shake things up every race, the race controllers should have water guns to wet the track at random intervals, with a computer notifying the teams of simulated rain approaching the track before the spray makes the track wet. That should change up the races! Lol
Charly Jordan
Charly Jordan 10 napja
Guys try to play Hen's Revenge mobile game 👍👍🙏🙏😁😁👍👍🙏🙏 get it on Google Play and Appstore 👍👍🙏😁😁😁👍👍🙏🙏
Spek Bonen
Spek Bonen 10 napja
That is how the cookie crumbles (congrats Lance!) But FIA stewards should be WAY more consistent in penalizing drivers... I can't escape the thought of "shenanigans".
b kaya
b kaya 10 napja
Hamilton always cries whenever he gets bad results. İts truth.
dave smith
dave smith 10 napja
Safwan Chowdhury
Max for the win let's gooooooooo
Ice Cream Tv
Ice Cream Tv 10 napja
If I were McLaren, I'd just give up on P3 and go again in 2021 with Mercedes and Danny Ric
Bolsaras nagbolsa
Hamilton has demonstrated that he is not one of the best. Put his in another car and WILL NOT CLASSIFY FOR Q2...
DJ_CodNub 10 napja
Lance 'Token Pole' Stroll
Pinecone Buddhist
Ocon does his lap of the season for 7th
Qanber Qaiser
Qanber Qaiser 10 napja
looks like racing point copied something on the Mercedes car
Abdelkader MENDAS
Everyone happy for Mercedes not taking pole and it doesn’t matter who else takes pole, it just shows how exciting Formula 1 is with close competition
max mustermann
max mustermann 10 napja
loving the kimi chants during hamiltons interview...
bananafreak050 10 napja
£10 stroll ain't leading into T1
Steven Wong
Steven Wong 10 napja
Oh those are some pretty cool looking face masks Kevin Magnussen has entered chat*
(Meepooh) Pudinan Posirisuk
0:30 "I have a Giovinazzi" You still understand what he means lol.
Tarek El-Maddah
Tarek El-Maddah 10 napja
Kimi on 8th shows how rainfall defines elite drivers... not fake ones in dominant cars ..
samuel maher
samuel maher 10 napja
"F" FOR MAGNUSSEN. Since noone out there gave any.
fred tsuge
fred tsuge 10 napja
Aston Martin 1,2,3,4 !
SRAVAN S 10 napja
Drivers : *satisfied* , talking bout circuit , dissatisfaction AlBoN : It’S aLl BoUt ThE tYrEs !
whisper0555 10 napja
Kimi is looking forward to it being a bit damp at the start of the race.
whisper0555 10 napja
So what the drivers are saying is, "It was tricky"
Lohith Reddy
Lohith Reddy 10 napja
This is the second time this season that alfas out qualified both the ferraris
Bayu Ardianto
Bayu Ardianto 10 napja
First pole for Lance. Next, first point for George?
JackyRin 10 napja
Lance stroll is now improving on wet Track! EDITED: imagine here's senna playing just on the wet track!
GloomGaiGar 10 napja
"no one reacted to stroll on pole" they only answer the questions don't they and it's always "how was YOUR quali session?" or some variation, why would they mention anyone else?
Nimrod Balraj
Nimrod Balraj 10 napja
Wish it rains on all the race days
hamza katmer
hamza katmer 10 napja
It is now to see which driver is talented, this weekende is about the drivers more than the cars after a long long time.
Mats Buhrman
Mats Buhrman 10 napja
So Max has never had a pole? Sounds unbeliable! He has 9 wins i guess?
BlaxK_ Light
BlaxK_ Light 10 napja
Q3: Lance Stroll is on pole! Last Lap: *Get in there Lewis*
Luis Roman
Luis Roman 10 napja
Can Checo have any luck? That podium was his and this pole was his 😞
kaiserHD Booi
kaiserHD Booi 10 napja
Vettel ahead of Leclerc shows he still has it
Utkarsh Anand
Utkarsh Anand 10 napja
Sergio 'unlucky' Perez
huf journal Life
Like villenuve
🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦Go Lance Go 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦Go Lance Go
Yelopan 10 napja
Now all Alex needs to do to keep his 2021 seat is just to not s🅱️in
gregory cubizolles
P1? What a joke !
MrC1ean 10 napja
Its Tricky!!
H Mat
H Mat 10 napja
1:38 Okay, hold up.
Flying Walrus42
Flying Walrus42 10 napja
Daddy’s cash did NOT get Lance this pole, let’s hope he maintains his pace tomorrow
Flying Walrus42
@Yvonne Pingleton haha yeah he’s a master at ruining a great opportunity, so happy Perez got that podium with Seb as well, very fitting for Hamilton’s 7th title, awesome race
Yvonne Pingleton
Walrus, Lance's pace didn't hold. He, he. Perezzz, 2nd place. Lance, not so much.
Mitchell Larrieta
Perez please finish on the podium!
JarvizYT 10 napja
3:05 Sharl LeChair *No explanations for dat* Only true HotShots will get that
CRA_55 10 napja
Whole grid sandwiched by 2 Canadians
adam hachey
adam hachey 10 napja
Imagine hating lance stroll
Snifey secret channel
When you master the track from Rosberg
Marshall Lake
Marshall Lake 10 napja
just how poor is Haas? every other team has a custom fancy mask, but Magnussen is wearing those simple medical mask every normal person can buy and is wearing.
ModularFaun7327 10 napja
Origins of The Silver War (COMPLETE)
F1 LIVE: Turkish GP Post-Race Show
Go Kart Paintball Battle
Megtekintés 9 M