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How do you define a leader? Does the current political landscape favor Republicans with radical views? What has the transition to civilian life been like? Trevor has eight questions for President Obama. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #PresidentObama
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2021.jan. 9.






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Underground Publishing
The Republican Party is the minority party--generally speaking--because it has actual principals. The Democratic Party tries to appeal to everybody, and that is not possible. So they lie. (moreso). It's all a sham. At the end of the day, it's just crooked lawyers having their pockets stuffed by crooked corporations.
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith 40 perccel
I love Trevor's lil Mona Lisa smile as Obama speaks ❤️
N0n3nt1ty Órája
He has an amazing view on the world. Easy presidency for Obama in Denmark. Come run for Office.
E.M. Chantal Gatore
I love the human being you're Barack Obama
Friedel Majoor
OK, making the change! WARNING -----> Loaded Topic-----> How about a little respect for the Republicans!
Barb Dor
Barb Dor 2 órája
OHbamba, my friend, & fluffy Trevor...The BEST is almost here!... You will eat your own lies..
Lilnarwhal animations
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Yamini Kaul
Yamini Kaul 3 órája
So intelligent. Makes me want to read his book.
arnold053 3 órája
Obama gate !! It’s better for you sweat words of Obama that done more harm to usa. Rather than president Trump real patriot. I only wait when arresting will start.
Christy Lee
Christy Lee 4 órája
I have a feeling most of our answers are coming without the need for this video
MG 5 órája
Noah the fake
John Orosz
John Orosz 5 órája
Two high-profile staffers from the U.S. Department of Education during the Obama administration are joining President-elect Joe Biden’s team in prominent roles. Both Catherine Lhamon and Carmel Martin will serve on the White House’s Domestic Policy Council, Biden’s transition team announced Thursday. Lhamon, the former assistant secretary for civil rights at Obama’s Education Department, will serve as a deputy director for racial justice and equity on the council. And Martin, formerly the assistant secretary for planning, evaluation, and policy development, will be a deputy director for economic mobility. Both Lhamon and Martin (who advised Biden’s campaign on education policy) could exert significant influence on Biden’s education policy from their new roles. Biden has picked Miguel Cardona, Connecticut’s education commissioner, to serve as his education secretary; Cardona has no prior experience working in the federal government. Carmel Martin had wide policy influence! As the assistant secretary at the Obama Education Department, Martin wielded extensive influence over waivers the administration granted from the No Child Left Behind Act, and the Race to the Top competition that provided cash to states if they adopted certain policies about low-performing schools, test-based teacher evaluations, and other issues. She was also involved in the administration’s School Improvement Grants. The Obama administration spent a great deal of political capital on Race to the Top and waivers, hoping that they would not only drive deep and long-term changes to K-12 policy, but also help set the table for a revamp of the main federal K-12 law. However, both ended up triggering significant backlash from teachers’ unions, conservatives, and others. Critics charged, for example, that Race to the Top imposed unfair policies on educators and essentially coerced states into adopting the Common Core State Standards, which grew into a difficult political problem for the Obama administration. Martin also worked as a staffer at the U.S. Senate education committee, at the Center for American Progress, and for former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke’s failed presidential bid. In sum, Martin has extensive political and policy experience that no doubt were big factors in her new job at Biden’s White House. But her role in Obama-era education policies that teachers’ unions, among others, vigorously opposed bears watching when it comes to her influence on the Education Department under Biden. Catherine Lhamon worked on high-profile guidance! As the top official for education civil rights in the Obama administration, Lhamon’s office might be best known for two pieces of nonbinding guidance to schools. One said that transgender students had the right to access school facilities, like locker rooms and restrooms, that matched their gender identity, and that gender identity was protected under Title IX, the federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex. The other said that schools with significant racial disparities in school discipline may be in violation of federal civil rights law, and urged schools to rethink policies that lead to students being removed from classrooms for nonviolent offenses. Both the discipline and transgender-student guidance were issued in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Justice. They provoked a great deal of controversy among educators, lawmakers, and others. Supporters said they protected students and forced schools to live up to their obligations under federal law. But critics said they effectively imposed onerous new requirements on schools and, in the case of the discipline guidance, could lead to unsafe schools. The Trump administration rescinded both pieces of guidance. Biden has said he will reinstate them.
Christophe Breland
I wish we could get out of the 2 party system. I cannot wait until the generation in power will finally retire. One of the reasons we should have term limits and age limits so we the country can change quicker. we could have people in power that want to make a change that have not been corrupted or turned cynic from years in power also have a more of a connection to regular people most congress members live in a bubble. problem with "defund the police" is too easy to spin. We shouldnt just have social workers cuz if violent have to send out a cop as well but should units of persons trained in both policing and social work
Barb Dor
Barb Dor 2 órája
ALL of your wishes, PLUS, shall be here soon!!! Read up about NESARA/GESARA...
John Kronz
John Kronz 5 órája
“They’ll get knocks on the head and realize things don’t work out the way they want.” How hard do you have to knocked on the head to commit war crimes and put children in cages?
Christophe Breland
what sucks is to get into power you have to compromise and once you compromise its over.
lalo shka
lalo shka 5 órája
This one ☝️ worse president ever🍕🍕🍕
lopas nojus
lopas nojus 6 órája
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Alejandro Soto
Alejandro Soto 6 órája
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abdi maye
abdi maye 6 órája
Obama embraced the US drone programme, overseeing more strikes in his first year than Bush carried out during his entire presidency. A total of 563 strikes, killing thousands of innocent people. If I'm going to listen about how to make the world a better place, is definitely not going to be from this war criminal.
Tyler Aldridge
Tyler Aldridge 6 órája
Ask him why he spend thousands on "hotdogs"....
Daniel Steinbecker
Always thought Obama was on of our better public speaking Presidents by FAR. Trump seems like a special needs kid compared to Obama, especially when it comes to speaking and using words properly.
Chris Pepper
Chris Pepper 10 órája
This Trevor Noah guy isn't funny.
Erica Peterson
Erica Peterson 10 órája
Come on, man" god i love him so much
Erice Erice
Erice Erice 10 órája
It's clearly seen that he wear a wig on his head
Chris Townsend
Chris Townsend 10 órája
Obama makes me wish an exception could be made for the 22 amendment...
Calen Hoover
Calen Hoover 11 órája
Fuck, I can barely remember what it was like to have a coherent president. Do you think Trump in his 4 years of office ever thought of these things.
hanjala hani
hanjala hani 11 órája
Obama destroyed syria libiya also iraq. He is not a saint.
Mustafa Atheist
Mustafa Atheist 11 órája
Obama and George Bush Jr. were the worst presidents in history of USA.
Štefan Gabura
Štefan Gabura 11 órája
There are many structural problems ... maybe watch John Oliver some time...
Donald Hump
Donald Hump 12 órája
Jan Critchfield
Jan Critchfield 12 órája
Obama is a war criminal.
Chanelle D
Chanelle D 13 órája
arnold053 13 órája
How many wars Obama started? And how many Trump? Obama( Libia,Syria,Afghanistan,Uganda) Trump= 0 wars.
Edgar Sanchez
Edgar Sanchez 13 órája
74,000,000 official Americans voted for Trump... Yall think we gonna believe these lies?
Balázs Szepesi
Balázs Szepesi 13 órája
You lie! In Hungary we are free. We elect our goverment democratically, and we will change democratically if we want. There is no civil war, anarchy, murders on the streets like in the usa. Shame on you!
Daniel Vargo
Daniel Vargo 13 órája
Mysteriously High Tides on East Coast Perplex Scientists From Maine to Florida, the Atlantic seaboard has experienced higher tides than expected this summer. At their peak in mid-June, the tides at some locations outstripped predictions by two feet. The change has come too fast to be attributed to melting ice sheets or anything quite that dramatic, and it’s a puzzle for scientists who’ve […]
Tamir Yardenne
Tamir Yardenne 13 órája
I just love this man... well both of them really.
Cindy Morgan
Cindy Morgan 14 órája
Oh how we miss you!
ftlbs928 15 órája
Hey! It's President Adobe Illustrator! ...I still have the copy from when this closest criminal threw up his long form on the internet without flattening the layers.....ahhh, the good ole days of the swamp.
Dedicated One
Dedicated One 15 órája
Interesting to hear his perspective from this side of the oval office....btw: loving Trevor's fro.
F U 16 órája
OBAMAGATE.. Barry for jail
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen 16 órája
black shjt obama
Iason29 16 órája
Noah's hair looks like he dries in a wind tunnel every time he takes a shower
Tracy Tigue
Tracy Tigue 18 órája
Tracy Tigue
Tracy Tigue 18 órája
Tracy Tigue
Tracy Tigue 18 órája
Tracy Tigue
Tracy Tigue 18 órája
nandav2021 18 órája
So inspiring! We need more leaders like this
RC 18 órája
"Why did you conspire against Bernie Sanders?"
Michael Whalen
Michael Whalen 18 órája
Obama the sellout
Cyrus Theowl
Cyrus Theowl 19 órája
Obama is a very smart and well educated person, with the best intentions to help people.
Lotta Starck-Kuukauppi
Thank God for Finland! That’s a small country wich did and does big GREAT things! SISU 💪🏻
specnaz 2V01
specnaz 2V01 19 órája
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Rajan Anantharaman
Rajan Anantharaman 19 órája
Thanks for the confident PrezObama
Ursula Ikwuagwu
Ursula Ikwuagwu 19 órája
Hahahaha hahahaha Barack Obama is not like you my bros.
Simamkele Ndima
Simamkele Ndima 19 órája
I wish he could ask about all the genocides perpetrated during his presidency, but he wont.😔 no one would ever dare to do it.
Katherinearden 21 órája
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J Bones
J Bones 21 órája
I would ask him why he was not charged with inciting violence in the death of the 5 white police officers in Texas by a black man which he incited
Mike Girard
Mike Girard 21 órája
The contrast. Listening to Obama speak, the most striking thing isn’t just intelligence.... its a president with EMPATHY in contrast to the one we have for a few more days is completely and absolutely devoid of empathy.
kintaro115 21 órája
Watching this in ×0.25 speed is pure gold!
jarrett sharp
jarrett sharp 22 órája
Obama we miss you!
I Putu Tara Adi
I Putu Tara Adi 22 órája
I thought Obama was called to be president again when i read the title
KingMeron _Official
pls stop lying obama. You know what you an youre former gouvernent did in the foreign countries. Stop glossing over
Michael Akiyama
Michael Akiyama 22 órája
After listening to Obama i realized that he is afraid to be the one who will say , that the time for change is staring at all of us , and be willing to show the true leadership of what the truth is . Here is one example of his failed leadership , when a black professor and his friend arived to the professors home , the professor had some difficulty in opening his front door , both men had a few drinks and were a little loud , a nighbor heard them and called the police . When the police arived the two men were in the house , the police officer asked the professor , who lives in this house , the professor said to the police officer , go ask your mother , after he had shown the police officer his ID . The police officer did not like what was said to him and arested the professor for being drunk . When PRESIDENT Obama heard about his friend being arrested , PRESIDENT OBAMA SAID THAT THE COP WHO ARRESTED HIS FRIEND WAS STUPID , AND THAT IT WAS A SILLY THING TO DO . THE FLACK , HEAT , SCORN , THAT OBAMA RECEIVED FROM DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS , WAS TOTALLY INSANE . PRESIDENT OBAMA SHOULD HAVE STOOD HIS GROUND , AND IF NEED BE DEFEND WHAT HE SAID . YET HE CHOSE TO BOW TO THE HEAT HE WAS RECEIVEING AND APOLOGIZED .
F.T 23 órája
Obama wasn’t the best president but at least he sounds coherent and intelligible
Matthew Cisneros
Matthew Cisneros 23 órája
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xsw51q rdsw41w
Money makes miracles today... Mr. Obama, you're the baddest actor on this planet today.
Joanne Mercader
1994 CRIME BILL is not for hunter biden WHY he bought used sold DRUGS FOR DECADES BUT............
Joanne Mercader
How come nobody says anything about Predator Bill Clinton is free and Bill Cosby is in prison. WE KNOW WHY
Craig Masterson
FAKE NEWS! Obama is not our president 🙄 this should be removed for spreading propaganda and false information. @HUrun
Annette Rodriguez
I miss Obama so much
Syd Alan
Syd Alan Napja
Twice elected vs twice impeached! Harvard vs (whatever his father got him to), Why are we comparing?
Jay Beep
Jay Beep Napja
Still the most awesome president ever!
Dalva Oliveira
I love him!
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo Napja
Since we no longer live in a democracy after the coup attempt let’s bring back Obama and have Joe, Kamala and Barack actually make America great again.
WhatAWorld Napja
"Well first of all, I'm not anything like you. I still have more influence and clout. So let's just be clear. Let's keep things in perspective." 👊🏽🤣 For all his eloquence, Obama still knows exactly how to put the SMACK down when tested! Trevor was purposely testing him, hoping for that proper response, and Barack delivered! Savage! 🤣🤣🤣 It's a sign of mutual love and respect that they can talk smack together like this.
Janet Gagnon
Love you both
Barrack Obama is a ray of sunshine :) he brightened my day
Lucas Top
Lucas Top Napja
Man seeing Obama,Noah tolking sence,politics,humor made the world much safer place already!. Respect Obama a great Leader,Orator. Just asking, how many takes did it take "Hey man im not at all like you,have more clouds,.." to get it just right?.
Роом Просто
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brysimm Napja
Obama is still the most pragmatic and thoughtful person in the room.
Max Pierre
Max Pierre Napja
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Ughhh words can't describe how much I miss having a president who thinks before he speaks! It's kind of weird, but I miss the Obama pauses and how he words things. That's what a president should sound like!
Just Tara
Just Tara Napja
Sigh... ... ...I really do miss Obama being our President.
Morteza Kazemi
Good excuses
Pye Napja
Great iView!!! 🗣️🎙️💯 Truth~to~Powre y common sense 🤙🏼
Nancy Brown
The greedy door yearly grin because guilty aboaly switch lest a encouraging hourglass. sincere, spiteful alley
Yianna Andreou
Obama is a very charismatic smart man.
Saruman Ork-Orphanage
The Trev got burnt ^^
Alexandre de Spindler
I am so glad there is you keeping up with disseminating such a mindset. Thank you and I hope you'll go one for much longer.
Janice Childress
AUSTIN loves Barack. TRUST a MUST. Find of words with US 💕 U.S.A.
Aaron Galibert
Obama is loved when he has ordered the most drone strikes in history on the Middle East that has killed tens of thousands of innocent women and children. It’s mad that in comparison Donald Trump is a is a fucking angel in comparison and that’s hard to do tbh. Democrats are the biggest fucking Hypocrites ever.
Michelle Säde
I didn't realize how much I needed to hear the calming voice of President Obama until just now. I have missed him.
The system is not crumbling, the politicians are trying to change the Constitutional Republic into a democracy, to lessen the individual sanctity. Shame on politicians.
America First
Obama's book is the worst book I've read in my entire life . But fake news put it as the best seller .
Gábor Erik
Hungary’s democracy is alive and well. The prime minister is not chosen through a lottery, but is elected by the Hungarian people. They have elected Viktor Orbán for the fourth time, and in three times in a row. The qualification of the Hungarian leader, therefore, is based off the quality of the decision brought by Hungarian citizens. It almost seems as if the one making such claims is implying that the Hungarian people are incapable of making effective decisions about their own future. When mentioning Hungary, Obama is specifically referring to prime minister Viktor Orbán. During his presidency, Obama and Orbán did not maintain positive relations. Relations were improved under Trump and Orbán’s leadership, but the incoming Biden Administration is much more likely to follow Obama’s approach.
Gábor Erik
Gábor Erik 23 órája
@Yasin Hersi The name of the country is Hungary and not Hungery, that only shows how much you are aware about it. Regarding the neighbors: try to compare Hungary to Romania or even Ukraine and ask to which country are going massive German investments, or which has even better roads or more highways. Both are more corrupt than Hungary. I should mention that from the bordering states Serbia and Ukraine are not even EU members.
Yasin Hersi
I have a huge number of Hungarian friends in my uni, i have never seen a single person of them defending orbans goverment and his service in the office..! Intact all of them are willing not to go back to hungery when they finish ghe university. Idk your argument and point of view justifying the corrupt Hungarian administration. The easiest way that i can clarify my point is look the neighbouring countries and Hungery then compare the standards of life.
Joe Cunningham
This is very heavily edited. Wish I could have heard the whole thing
Colino Deani
If Obama said half the things trump said during his tenure he'd be in prison on death row or worse.. He even stopped himself from commenting on Justice issues after Trayvon Martins case.. Mike Browns case is when I lost faith in Obama helping with the Justice fight. Words have power and he Refrained from using his negatively.
Harry Tripp
hurun.info/to/vide/e4udzpl7o3PKrdk.html Wow, we will have our first Chinese President soon.(congratulations)
The Magick Music Kingdom
21:53 "Come on man!" lol
mntrader2 Napja
“ the bare minimum as president is that people don’t get hurt”. Not sure Trump got that memo.
Mark Compton
Mark Compton 3 órája
@mighty Ever hear Randy Newman's song Short People? Also, thank you for confirming that no President in my 37 years has stood up to the promise of 'no one gets hurt'.
Joanne Mercader
Joanne Mercader 3 órája
@mighty suggestions or solutions Have you any ideas?
mighty 3 órája
@Mark Compton people(humanity) we the people(US citizens) little people(children or short adults) ......need more?
mighty 3 órája
@Joanne Mercader we are a 3rd world country. Go look at all the homeless. The poor vastly outnumber the rich.
Joanne Mercader
Joanne Mercader 4 órája
@mighty I'm thinking it's not looking good for the home team. Riots. Burning. Looting. All over the land. Now we have Pre-K toddlers having fun at recess in the Capital building. Let's hope and pray Joe Biden doesn't start any more wars. If he's willing to help the people in our country that's what he's been ELECTED to do. Leave the rest of the countries to handle their own affairs. Those buffoons climbing the walls of the Capital building is what we expect from 3rd world Banana Republics not here and especially not for the reason they did it. Seriously
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