Emotional Farewells, And All The Best Team Radio | 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 

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The 2020 F1 season drew to a close in Abu Dhabi, and plenty of drivers said goodbye over the airwaves! Listen in to your final serving of radio gold from the season...
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Zachary Reia
You mean the second non Mercedes pole of the year
enspa1r Napja
"The first non-Mercedes pole of the year!" Lance Stroll: *am i a joke to u*
The Official Henry 100Man YouTube Channel
At 0:33: My Reaction To The Miami Grand Prix Been Held At Hard Rock Stadium
Laura Atkins
Laura Atkins 8 napja
I spun on the last corner surface temps were ##### nowhere
Bogica0422 & Lexike0124
5:44 Vettel's song
Romanische050 22 napja
4:22 Awkward silence...
Axwell 22 napja
"Mate, I am a big fan of work." Broke me in a thousand pieces.
Aarav and Benji
Aarav and Benji 23 napja
I actually think sebastian was kinda crying i am going to miss seeing him in a ferrari
Megabyte Gaming
Megabyte Gaming 25 napja
first non mercedes pole? what?! Oh non mercedes and non PINK mercedes pole
Hellscream V2
Hellscream V2 26 napja
It's very sad to see Vettel out of Ferrari without a WDC or a WCC. He deserved it, the pracing horses deserved it. Hope next year Carlos and Charles can fight for the title.
iM Salvo28
iM Salvo28 26 napja
first non-mercedes pole of the year stroll: am i a joke to you?
Петър Василев
szewei85 27 napja
haha i dont know how smooth operator gonna work in red camp
Da gamer 252
Da gamer 252 28 napja
Dave Tobias
Dave Tobias 28 napja
0:42 Even Christian Horner knew the 2020 Racing Point is just a 2019 Mercedes in pink
Pedro Parente
Pedro Parente 29 napja
That "yo dude" of Zak makes him an awesome boss to work with. It's sad now that Seb learned Italian he is the leaving.
SammyInABox 1
SammyInABox 1 29 napja
Checos last race for racing point, not of his career!
Vit Vo
Vit Vo 29 napja
I love this movie.
Joonmo Ku
Joonmo Ku Hónapja
was it carlos talking to lando there? timestamp: 3:59
Kerem Erdi
Kerem Erdi Hónapja
That accent from sebs engineer sounds more like french haha
Grazie Seb
Samras Malboroschachtel
Lando and Ricardo ohhhhh boiiiiii i am hyped
atokz nenekz
atokz nenekz Hónapja
Smooooooth Operatorrrr
Nepal Sharma
Nepal Sharma Hónapja
Grazzie ragazzi seb....u will always be a champion..
mikosoft Hónapja
At 3:10 you can hear Zak Brown screaming in the background
Lefki Sarantinou
only me cried with vettel's song
Dannyrcd Hónapja
booptidyscoop Hónapja
Perez , Kvyat , Grosjean , Magnesson leaving f1 Riccardo , Seb , Sainz leaving their teams This show deserved to be in front of the fans.
Lefki Sarantinou
Mike Carpenter
Mike Carpenter Hónapja
McLaren is just bunch of teenagers
E Loredo
E Loredo Hónapja
“Yo dude!” The most American response lol everybody’s dialect is so regional by country; and I love it.
Kürşat Kaya
Kürşat Kaya Hónapja
I can't imagine a Scuderia Ferrari without Vettel.. Been a fan of him since childhood, been a fan of SF , too.. But this feels like saying goodbye to your close friend..
플로버 Hónapja
Thank you to all drivers
TheRacerGuy Hónapja
We will miss Magnussen, Grosjean, Perez, Kvyat, Fittipaldi, Vettel and more,
Roemu TT
Roemu TT Hónapja
Seb is the guy who reads a little Note he wrote while driving an F1 car😂
luca luca
luca luca Hónapja
Seb: i'll sing for u Ferrari: Thx for making us spend 40mln per year to win nothing and listen u singing while u spin around
[ 任 ]
[ 任 ] Hónapja
I love u mclaren
Jerry Gilbert
Jerry Gilbert Hónapja
3:57 Norris and Sainz radio each other? They can do that?
Justin Désilets
0:41 Christian very happy about the first non-Mercedes pole of the year stroll: am I a joke to you?
Tá Falhando
Tá Falhando Hónapja
Um piloto da McLaren falando "Vamos", sensacional
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson Hónapja
The dizzy statistic acly pop because employee synthetically pick apud a enchanting winter. scintillating, jittery woman
Hasham Ashraf
Hasham Ashraf Hónapja
2021 set up for a classic - McLaren, racing point and alpha are really pushing on
Jarvis VPN
Jarvis VPN Hónapja
Foi uma grande temporada! Voltei a ser fã da f1 após muitos anos.
Otto Stierlitz
Otto Stierlitz Hónapja
Vettel, d bist peinlich
Karsten ve
Karsten ve Hónapja
The "Cheers Zack" from Lando is by far the best sound effect I've heard this year lol
Ian Justine Pagatpatan
its so fast its from the beginning to the end wow that was fast
Alicia García Alonso
Viva la F1
chawwn _
chawwn _ Hónapja
I dont know what kind of statement redbull made 😂. Hope its goin to be a close season next time
Robert Bio
Robert Bio Hónapja
This, this brings a smile to my face
Charlie Collis
Charlie Collis Hónapja
1:24 love that boi is spelt like that
AM75 AM75
AM75 AM75 Hónapja
F1 drivers can not sing but at least they have feelings of benevolence towards the teams they're leaving.
Mari Mikir
Mari Mikir Hónapja
I will really miss them
J024 Hónapja
Smooooth operatorrrr
Legoo Jan
Legoo Jan Hónapja
carlando. and zak dude. we all miss them, and really got tears when vettle singing
Mishael Trivennios
HAMboring time zzzzz
Frank Salvador
Frank Salvador Hónapja
Seb singing to his team of 6 years made me tear up. Man.. time keeps on moving.
Pablo López Castro
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss Great Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nazmir Warid
Nazmir Warid Hónapja
i'm not crying. you are!
Souleymane Watara
Strol also took a pole position
Vitor Abreu
Vitor Abreu Hónapja
Este foi o GP mais bosta que já vi
Maxi F
Maxi F Hónapja
Awesome Video
Stefano Perfetto
Danke Sebastian 🙏🙏
Prius Hónapja
And for one last time, I will sing for you. SMOOTH OPERATOR!
Raj S
Raj S Hónapja
Kvyat is such a genuine guy, he reminds me of Seb sometimes
Willem Hónapja
Grazie ragrazzie pampampampam
MrJhonvick Hónapja
Give CHECHO a bull please!
Ruben Inniger
Ruben Inniger Hónapja
What about Stroll his pole in Turkey?
Anne Feenstra
Anne Feenstra Hónapja
Why does Zak Brown sound like an NPC
samghost13 Hónapja
What would Kimi say?
kemibob Hónapja
Are there no girls in the pit crews? Or is "yes boys!" supposed to cover them too? So much for racing as one.
трололо жирнота
Daniel Avocado post race?
Thomas Gallinari
Zak is so excited in the background 😂
Leo Wei
Leo Wei Hónapja
Horror:first non Mercedes pole Stroll:Am I a joke to you?
Gobinath Singarajah
Why Zak reminds me of uncle Hank from BB!!
Komang Prastika
Komang Prastika Hónapja
When the race was so boring theres only 1 radio from the race itself
M Hónapja
Not including kmags donuts for the guys back home .. shame
Abdallah Umar
Abdallah Umar Hónapja
Who are the people giving this video a thumps down ? Unbelievable
rickybobby144 Hónapja
I'm not crying, you're crying.
Kyle Pacana
Kyle Pacana Hónapja
That moment when Smooth Operator hit different
Gray Smith Music
I love how it cuts from Checo going out to Max’s win - because nothing else happened.
David A.
David A. Hónapja
This is enough to make a grown man cry.
fian rofiandi
fian rofiandi Hónapja
Pre race radio 🤗😢
S T Hónapja
If you have a team boss like Mclaren's one, you don't even care if you never get pole, podium or even top 10. If zak was at Williams i will stay at Williams. Fantastic guy
Bye bye Lando Sainz McLaren will miss you
legit ken
legit ken Hónapja
Wowow so much respect to all the drivers leaving there team 😢it a sure emotional to but all the best to where they will go and in future
RPGMN777 Official
Max really cool! Started on pole, ended winning! Very cool! Edit: Nobody: Vettel: *Sings in pasta
Rafael Righetto
Rafael Righetto Hónapja
Well done guys !!! @ this crazy CRAZY & unusual Year !!! 😱😱🤦🤦🙈🙈 ... BIG HUG & REGARDS FROM A BIG F1 FAN FROM BRAZIL !!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🏎🏎🎯🎯🏆🏆🏁🏁😍😁😉👍🏼🤜🤛
chrissdevanoツ Hónapja
"First non-mercedes pole of the year" Stroll: Am I a joke to you?
AF IF Hónapja
Smoooooothh operator
Nguyen Ha
Nguyen Ha Hónapja
This Radio Highlight is actually longer than the Race one itself
Barry Er
Barry Er Hónapja
soy lago
Chris Cuff
Chris Cuff Hónapja
love the energy between lando and his team like a bunch of really close friends but all push for the same reason, love to see it best of luck next year guys! excited to see how daniel and him get along, WE WILL MISS U CARLOS still rooting for u even if ur dressed in red!
Agung Wisnugroho
So, will carlos sing when he drive for Ferrari?
Omar Ali
Omar Ali Hónapja
Tyrkane Hónapja
McLaren Team is like the biggest meme team of 2019-2020, breath of fresh air in the sport
Not Streamer
Not Streamer Hónapja
"Kimi you will not have the drink"
Masrur Ansari
Masrur Ansari Hónapja
I'm crying no I'm not crying 🙂
Tên Họ
Tên Họ Hónapja
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri Hónapja
Oh man, I'm gonna miss Carlos and Lando bromance
Ria DH
Ria DH Hónapja
the only reason why lewis is breaking records and achieving championships because he has the most dominant car in history and also he has no true competition he has a b+ talentless hrorrible driver who has a terrifying starts and cracks under pressure and got beaten by a 22 years old rookie an utter scandal and humliation if micheal had drs and this merceders and this generation he would have achieved records that no one could beat but him the greatest of all time in his prime with equal cars he would destroy and eat lewis alive
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri Hónapja
Latifi doing a Vettel, remember what he did last year in quali
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