Every Drivers' Post-Race Radio | 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 

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The 2020 season came to a close at the chequered flag in Abu Dhabi - and there were some touching tributes and goodbyes across the airwaves at Yas Marina. Hear messages from every driver on team radio...
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Where is russell's
Fredrik Z
Fredrik Z Hónapja
Grazie Seb
Mantrr Uprit
Mantrr Uprit Hónapja
message for dany...whatever?!
Teddietubehd Hónapja
everyone: celebrating, singing and happy stroll: UNBELIEVABLE
No Tru
No Tru Hónapja
I Like Turtles
I Like Turtles Hónapja
2:53 It's unbelievable how bad YOU are at maintaining temperature Lance.
Filipe Augusto
Filipe Augusto Hónapja
Diogo Coelho
Diogo Coelho Hónapja
4:10 I'm not crying, you're crying
Federico Guadiana
Knot in my throat when I hear Sebs Ferrari song 🏎 Favorite Team Favorite Driver
Denys Takahashi
Denys Takahashi Hónapja
Everyone (Kimi included): Let's finish the year with a positive and lovely message to the team and fans! Stroll: Temperature!!!
Legoo Jan
Legoo Jan Hónapja
when sebsantian singing , really touching, smooth operator make me laugh
Joel Murugiah
Joel Murugiah Hónapja
Doesn’t need to be said but I’ll say it anyway, absolute gold once again from Kimi.
Arav G Upadhyay
Arav G Upadhyay Hónapja
in sainz and norris's radio you can hear the mclaren garage exclaiming for getting p3 in the championship
Jared Matthew Falck
I love the fact that you can hear Zak in the McLaren radio
A_Hopeful Hónapja
3:00 Lance: 'We're bad at maintaining temps in traffic"... Well, of course you are mate. You copied the Mercedes - it's only fitting you get their problems as well.. :D
Varun Hónapja
Gutted. Checo's last race with RP was a dnf. He can't even feature in this video
MoonPanda Hónapja
I personally like Latifi that much better than Stroll, even though he's the better driver. Latifi just seems to have more sportsmanship
Auto formula_YT
Auto formula_YT Hónapja
Everyone: thanks for the year, it was amazing... Stroll: ITS UNBELIAVABLE HOW BAD WE ARE AT MAINTAINING TEMPERATURE Bruh
Svenn31 Hónapja
seb been using half of the season to write that song and practice it cuz he ain't got noting left to do :(
William Vriend
William Vriend Hónapja
1:06 you can hear Zak Brown celebrating trough the radio 🤣
Sofian Hassaine Year 9
Stroll didn't even bother tanking the team for the work they've done in the Pink Merc.
midelro Hónapja
Lance "Suggar Driver" Stroll
Jakub Markiewicz
Sainz in Ferrari: "Smooth operator" Engineer" "Copy, we are checking"/"Stay positive"
Iker Fernandez
Pronto, Carlos? S🅱innala
Maxi F
Maxi F Hónapja
Awesome Video
menoname 43
menoname 43 Hónapja
This was one of the most emotional last races in all F1 history.
Shane Forde
Shane Forde Hónapja
Is Charles Leclerc Jimí Raikkonens race engineer?? Uncanny
vexed garbo
vexed garbo Hónapja
Carlos be making gang signs
Praise Erinle
Praise Erinle Hónapja
Who else got their comments removed. Mine came back today
Rics gaming
Rics gaming Hónapja
Sainz: 2017 Boomshakalaka 2019-2020 Smooooth operator
Juan Felipe Plazas
man, i'm gonna miss so much carlando :C
Max Constable
Max Constable Hónapja
I really don’t like stroll
Davina Demers
Davina Demers Hónapja
~smooth operator~
Riften Guard
Riften Guard Hónapja
0:00 Max Verstappen 0:28 Valtteri Bottas 0:35 Lewis Hamilton 0:56 Alex Albon 1:04 Lando Norris 1:28 Carlos Sainz 2:00 Daniel Ricciardo 2:10 Pierre Gasly 2:36 Esteban Ocon 2:49 Lance Stroll 3:06 Danil Kvyat 3:16 Kimi Raikkonen 3:37 Charles Leclerc 3:55 Sebastian Vettel 5:09 George Russell 5:18 Italian Jesus (Antonio Giovinazzi) 5:28 Nicholas Latifi 5:52 Kevin Magnussen 6:07 Pietro Fittipaldi
legit behind
legit behind Hónapja
1:05 lol you can hear zach brown
Anshuman Bhatt
Anshuman Bhatt Hónapja
Who else was crying, during Sebastian's time😭
Norm Alltime
Norm Alltime Hónapja
Seb legend singer song writer
Pasca1 Hónapja
"Azzuro" but its sang by Vettel❤️
Kenneth Tang
Kenneth Tang Hónapja
1:53 Dat moan tho
Alexander Schneider
Right when you think you might actually start to like Stroll...
Appreciated f1 and every team members gave us 17 races in this tough year, thank you!
supasonicdx 1998
When it was Seb's part, I felt super touched
Da Blitz
Da Blitz Hónapja
Sebastian Vettel: Driver,mechanic,marshal,strategist, engineer and song composer
Rafael Righetto
Rafael Righetto Hónapja
Well done guys !!! @ this crazy CRAZY & unusual Year !!! 😱😱🤦🤦🙈🙈 ... BIG HUG & KIND REGARDS FROM A BIG F1 FAN FROM BRAZIL !!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🏎🏎🎯🎯🏆🏆🏁🏁😍😁😉👍🏼🤜🤛
Fabulous MTB
Fabulous MTB Hónapja
I’ll miss Magnussen and Grosjean so much
Tuan Enambelas
Tuan Enambelas Hónapja
Smooooth operatooorr
Hishmith V vardhan
where is the great sergio perez
allenochi Hónapja
Albon knew that was his last team radio at Redbull
Win Cuesta
Win Cuesta Hónapja
Listening to Seb's song made me cry
Not Streamer
Not Streamer Hónapja
"Kimi you will not have the drink"
Manas9210 Hónapja
Seb is just an incredible human being. That gesture was wholesome! Sad seeing him leaving Ferrari but happy he is leaving for much better! Danke Seb!
Muhammed Ibrahim
The song seb sang is soo sad
shamanth Shammi
shamanth Shammi Hónapja
Forever SEB
Ajitesh's Random Skits
ChillingSpree Hónapja
19 drivers: Thanks guys and well done Stroll: HUUUUUUUUUUUUUHTHERHHAETHNARHNIH MY CAR DOO DOO
KrisMcCool Hónapja
Everyone: yeah thank you, guys!! enjoyed it was a hard year but really thank you! Sir Lance a lot: UNBELIEVABLE DE CAR SUCCS
Seshadhri S
Seshadhri S Hónapja
Kvyat's leaving for tsunoda for sure going by Gasly's message
Jordan Cogley
Jordan Cogley Hónapja
stroll has the 3rd best car and hes still complaining
Whale Hónapja
She was the biggest Ferrari fan all along
Laaka Motlogelwa
We will miss you Kevin and Grosjean!
Karl Macbeth
Karl Macbeth Hónapja
I want to see Daniel's last lap
Grdi Majmun
Grdi Majmun Hónapja
Seb is an amazing guy
Anurag Hónapja
Perez missed out. He was the only car that retired from the race. And Grosjean of course.
Ibra Ibra
Ibra Ibra Hónapja
It's easy to sing when you can't drive. The pilots that sing have mostly no points at the end of the season. Shame in you . And you got payes millions. For whaaaat for singing???
Silent Knight Alam
I want Vettel to win the championship next year.
dalélama Hónapja
No one is talking about Lance Stroll's radio ? LOL check 2:49 . Every other radio was so positive except this....
Akshit Bisht
Akshit Bisht Hónapja
Gasly happy due to Ocon's overtake!! 2020 can't be much weirder😂😂
Wesley Lemayian
Wesley Lemayian Hónapja
Say what you will about Seb, but he's a real class act. Grazie Raggazi.
Michał Falkiewicz
Gasly being happy for Ocon winning a battle... Strange year
HighSolo Hónapja
Lance didn't pass the vibe check.
Thatguy Hónapja
David 999
David 999 Hónapja
From pilots to singers it is an instant😂😂🤣
Matt Hartley
Matt Hartley Hónapja
No guys, Thank you
Ballsey Hónapja
I thought Vettel is such a nice guy off-track but now he's it on-track aswell. Grazie Seb5.
Ice Cream Tv
Ice Cream Tv Hónapja
I wanna hear y'all sing it: Smoooooth Operator
Pawbulhed Hónapja
Smooooooooooooooth operator
Jerry Jerries
Jerry Jerries Hónapja
I think Gasly just confirmed that Kvyat is leaving.
Will M
Will M Hónapja
Vettel: I sing for you, Dama da ne🎶 weebs unite
Werevertumoto Hónapja
Checo post race message: lost this f*** engine again 😪 And that's where Racing Point battle for third was lost
Jack Ward
Jack Ward Hónapja
Don't know why leclerc was saying thank u for his tractor he has been driving
xDkf4Evs Hónapja
Lando imrpoved a lot this year
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle Hónapja
I wish you'd spell whoa properly.
Jorge Delgado
Jorge Delgado Hónapja
Nobody Hates more Lance Stroll than Lance Stroll’s engineer.
Jayed AL Sabit
Jayed AL Sabit Hónapja
The 2 reasons why Racing Point couldn't get P3 in the constructors are :- 1. Stroll 2. Cheating and copying One reason they can't compete with the top teams in the future:- They got rid off Checo And one reason they might compete with top teams:- S.Vettel!
Kian jones
Kian jones Hónapja
Carlos giving Lando the finger XD. they are amazing
azamiruddin Hónapja
You should hear what Perodua Myvi driver said. Please include them next year.
Rishen Reni
Rishen Reni Hónapja
3:23 Kimi is Disappointed 😟
Abhishekh Jonathan Rathnam
Stroll 🙄🙄
Samaksh Panjabi
Samaksh Panjabi Hónapja
He does not fok melt my tyres
Theo Magonis
Theo Magonis Hónapja
Nobody is gonna talk about Gasly confirming Kvyats exit?
William Lyle
William Lyle Hónapja
Smooooooth operatorrrrrrr
Jay Borah
Jay Borah Hónapja
Sainz 🤟Norris
Grenadier Gaming
My heart will Grosjean
Sebastian Vettel
I'm not crying its just sweat on my face I will say happy new year in March
muhdfuad 24
muhdfuad 24 Hónapja
Vettel masa dekat Redbull dibenci Vettel masa dekat Ferrari disayangi. Truely gentlement
Tambos Simanjuntak
If you’re a Ferrari fans, u will never hate Vettel. EVER!! He love our red color.. Forza Vettel !! Grazie !!
Wong Wai leong
Wong Wai leong Hónapja
What did you sing,Sebastian Vettel?
hsieh811 Hónapja
Sergio's last radio message: "I have no power...." =(
Aniket basatwar
Aniket basatwar Hónapja
belated happy birthday lannan (lazrer beam) yeeeeet
m talha afzaal
m talha afzaal Hónapja
Sad for seb
Gerard Khachaturyan
*Surely someone was cutting onions *
DeltaMike Hónapja
such a cry baby Stroll!!!!
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