Everything We Know About The Cayo Perico Heist | GTA 5 Online Cayo Perico Heist 

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Everything We Know About the next GTA 5 Online DLC, The Cayo Perico Heist. Discussing the facts, heist, location, island and how I think everything will work out.
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Map credit:
mgGamer100: gtaforums.com/topic/964604-cayo-perico-mapping-thread/#comments
-Asger-: www.reddit.com/r/gtaonline/comments/jx7w1n/i_tried_to_clean_it_up_a_bit_here_is_what_i_see/
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J p
J p Hónapja
Goodnight, and I subscribed😊😴
THE ONE Hónapja
Am good whit rockstar gaming news
Jesus -
Jesus - Hónapja
Watching from the future... we were so off
Jake McKnight
Jake McKnight Hónapja
This heist is pure shite. Ive done the 1st mission twice and it still fails to save the fucking thing. You cant skip any of the cut scenes and the submarine is nowhere near as powerful or realistic as proper submarine. It's like rockstar are trying to take 1st place on the shittiest games companies to exist
Christoph JayJay2018
Im glad you can do the heist on your own the mount of player's l've delt with who can bearly Drive a car something so simple frustrates the hell Outta me.. going alone is something l much prefer no players yelling or fighting with you.. you don't have to rush and plus I have a speech compartment so I really find it hard talking to people under pressure I prefer it this way... Love LOVE😊Rockstar has made it like this No more whiny annoying players ruining your work lm gonna subscribe😁
Gray & Slay
Gray & Slay Hónapja
Is the heist repeatable
Gray & Slay
Gray & Slay Hónapja
@Dod o thank you
Mo white
Mo white Hónapja
what counts as a base ps4?
Andrew Wenger
Andrew Wenger Hónapja
I’m pretty sure we are getting it in free mode bc it shows the ppl getting in the plane in the trailer
Andrew Wenger
Andrew Wenger Hónapja
@FALC0N it is I hate it
FALC0N Hónapja
Close Headshot
Close Headshot Hónapja
He forgot for the big con grupe entry
Fullsets {Unk}
Fullsets {Unk} Hónapja
Property might be a shipyard, since we'll have a submarine and new military boats, would make sense imo And i think the submarine will work somewhat like the yacht, you can order it to go to predetermined locations( and maybe order it to submerge?)
perros de azotea
The more I watched this video the more my wtf face was on. Some of the things you was saying actually hurt my head
Yes, dls for 4 day
Elijah Robinette
Is it just my imagination or does that race track look like it was based on browser's castle from Mario kart🤔
Elijah Robinette
@Dod o I wanna say 64 or double dash
Elijah Robinette
I love how people just walk by a bloody corps🤣
JuicyLemon Hónapja
I mean, they should just do like they did when the game was on ps3 an the ps4 came out, just stop updates to the last gen. They did it once, they can do it again.
The two man Voice
I think you gonna need a nightclub because slommen is in it and tony
Aether CBA
Aether CBA Hónapja
I’m thinking the property you need to start the heist will be the submarine
The good ole days
Guys i understand gta online on pc is full of modders but i love it and im scared that you will have to buy gta again for next gen like a gta remastered version cause i can't see myself buying it again
Don Giovanni
Don Giovanni Hónapja
0:40 "A guy taking a nap on the beach " lmao
At this point, they should just keep adding stuff to 5 instead of working on 6 in my opinion
ALI-K not A
ALI-K not A Hónapja
00:24 👌 everyone saw his hand ?
James Santiago
James Santiago Hónapja
I actually want that car you are driving, what car is it
Nakki_Boii Hónapja
I think the casino will have new night club
Eugene Hónapja
0:20 gottem
GTA 5 Kingkong0581
I hope we can go on it in free mode if they don't let us they are scum rockstar has money off loads of use we should be able to extort them in real life , I want a rolex off them in the future or one of them is going to get shot
Ensydeouz BlvxkByrd the Enfymouz
DLC is giving me Vietnam vibes. Jungle island, old military vehicles. Those boats.
[SERANEX] Hónapja
What if it new map online only no story mode if it is I hope old map stay story mode it's og map gta v and gta san andreas los santos own og map 😓❤️
Reina Arana
Reina Arana Hónapja
DESARD12 Hónapja
i have 1k hours of this game, i only have 1 friend who plays this, and only barely at least i'll have something to do alone now other than getting cars and selling them
MTN SHIZ Hónapja
0:20 gottem.... I looked😂😂 I think I can speak for everyone when I say if we can't access the island in free roam, this updates gonna die fast
Kinda reminds me of far cry 3
Bills Fan butalsogopackgopleaselovemetom
I think all anyone wants from this DLC is a free roam map.
Fialovej Biftek
Fialovej Biftek Hónapja
2:01 looks like fotoshoped Czech Republic.
Tom Garnett
Tom Garnett Hónapja
stop talking and focus on the race man, all my homies get top 3
Oh, for fuck's sake. Just make GTA 6, you spastics.
Gabe Collins
Gabe Collins Hónapja
Um island and big boi nuclear sub
The island kind of looks like the Wu-Tang emblem!!
Daniel Holes
Daniel Holes Hónapja
i wonder if rockstar knows something we dont or they are just really stupid and daring by deciding to relase 15th of december instead of earlier or later
castlev1986 Hónapja
the hackers will fuck everything up so it will be a waste of time giving a fuck about it
0:20 👌gottem
I was scrolling through massive hordes of mindless idiotic gta youtubers looking for a vid to watch when I almost scrolled past you. Then I realized it was you and was so happy cuz I know you dont peddle nonsensical bullshit. So I just want you to know that im very thankful for you
I like pineapple Pizza
0:21 no one going to talk about his hand?
javi C
javi C Hónapja
I think wat will be at the casino is a little nightclub since they mention new party space
ChatNoir13th Hónapja
0:35 the dead body with the briefcase might be a reference to Operation Mincemeat, so ...
scubadiver scottwilliams
My xbox one gamertag is dudeperfectyler and u can do my casino heist and we can do your casino heist
Nate Plissken
Nate Plissken Hónapja
Why would you purchase tickets to an island from the Casino? The airport will come into play for this. (Passenger jet flying overhead in trailer)You will be using a submarine for the heist planning so get your money up. Its very likely that the Airport and sub will be your access to the new area. I wouldn't expect it to be a free roam environment so don't get your hopes up at all. Think about what would happen, nobody would play on the mainland anymore. An overcrowded island with 20 oppressor mk 2 flying around ready to spoil your heist efforts....no thanks.
Tanner Vaughan
Tanner Vaughan Hónapja
ur silly if you think we aren’t gonna have free roam
GRIMTAKERx23 Hónapja
Bs like all the other fuck gta6 trailers
phillip thor-kristensen
Thanks for the info im getting hyped for the heist... espicially the submarine
SuperRoloTomasi Hónapja
Salute to the original irue
0:41 im pretty sure he’s dead 💀😂 he’s more than just resting
The Casual ATV Guy
For consoles if you entered the sub i guess you could pop up on the island to free roam as the sub as the base for that section, kind of like Yankton ex rather its free roam and a load screen like the casino. Is something like that possible? That could work to do free roam and missions there.
Go Away
Go Away Hónapja
I wonder if they'all add anything major PvP wise, not on the level of something like the orbital cannon but maybe like the Oppressor Mk.II Edit: I also believe the Submarine will be a property to plan the heist like the Facility, Arcade etc, but it'll have the function of moving to different locations around the map stationary like the Yacht.
Mr. I Don’t Feel So Good
apparently, if you look up the coordinates in the teaser in google maps, the street makes a “VI” shape 🤔
Javier Barry
Javier Barry Hónapja
3:40 my man said the Second World War 😂
TakeNoShift Hónapja
Cayo perico = Cocaine Island Also, what's weird about the construction is that it's on the part of the building where the waste disposal is located.
Ag45067 Me and meme boy
I hope this Island is a HUB for your business and privat own place so you can relax then some stupid grifers.
A P Hónapja
I think that the new island will be its own instance and will require loading-screens
meteris petelis
meteris petelis Hónapja
0:19 look at the hand please
Luke Bellmason
Luke Bellmason Hónapja
I think the sub will be the ‘property’ and you’ll use it to travel between Los Santos and the island, where you will do setups. I also think you’ll be able to travel to the island’s resort as a tourist to do scope-out missions, but you won’t be able to take any weapons with you and you’ll have to deal with the guards if you go near the mansion.
Jason dp
Jason dp Hónapja
Should I buy stormberg?
Why it look like the guy floating
Jarmail Hónapja
i feel like the submarine will be very similar to the yacht
LocksKitchen Hónapja
I imagine we're going to see even more lower quality characters/models (understandable to help prevent too much lag) in this next update + overpowered NPCs who can survive multiple headshots.
_KeO Hónapja
0:18 Look at his hand. Hahaha You Looked.
Fegel Hónapja
BRUH 😂😂😂😂💀
SAUCEY 36 Hónapja
It would be cool if they payed you 200000 k for a setup just make it long a setup
Angel Ayala
Angel Ayala Hónapja
Maybe the mild club will be a property you need to start the heist
Stupid Gorilla
Stupid Gorilla Hónapja
Would be better if we could just fly to the Island
Why You Trippin' Deebo
Why am I here? People are always wrong about these updates.
Mjute Hónapja
imagine if you won the island in the casino that would be cool
Reginald B. Campbell jr.
Thank you I'm still working on my peap for the conisio heist it's tough to do on your own need help bad to get it done. lordly-Chance2 PS4
I like you (No homo)
Saxon Farrell
Saxon Farrell Hónapja
Has anyone else noticed the submarine being built at the merry weather base at the docks or just me??
Luke Bellmason
Luke Bellmason Hónapja
@Saxon Farrell Are you serious? Imma gonna check that out!
Saxon Farrell
Saxon Farrell Hónapja
@Luke Bellmason it’s changed check story mode then the submarine in gta online it’s nearly complete
Luke Bellmason
Luke Bellmason Hónapja
It’s been there since 2013
GTA Gamer - Wrench The Chief!
Vestra videos looks wonderful!!
pressel VODS
pressel VODS Hónapja
Holy fuck a solo heist? But you can bring freinds along if you want? You took your fucking time but thank you so much rockstar.
pressel VODS
pressel VODS Hónapja
Holy fuck a solo heist? But you can bring freinds along if you want? You took your fucking time but thank you so much rockstar.
steam b0at
steam b0at Hónapja
Your likes picking it apart
Sequoyah Bigmeat
One more score aurther and we can get out of this place go to Tahiti
Puggles Hónapja
I don’t think that dude is taking a nap on the beach 😂
Fern_XD Hónapja
I have a THEORY and it goes like this: you will have to buy a submarine and it will be like a terrorbyte/moc/avenger that you can drive around. In that submarine you can invite your friends in and go to a new island not in Freemode but you can explore with your friends or yourself when ever you want but everyone has their own island progression (or their own island) that you have to take over and its your island, this way you can't really be grieved by random players. You get to decide who goes in your island. Idk just a thought.
Slowpoke Rodriguez
I havent played a single heist since heists came out due to all my friends giving up on gta back then glad its solo prob wont be able to afford to start it hopefully u dont need to buy anything to just go there
OZoolydie Hónapja
Had to dislike because 69
DotDotDashDot Hónapja
My Xbox has no problem loading anything on the map, you’re just a PC supremacist...
DotDotDashDot Hónapja
I just want to buy a new beach house and permanently retire my character, I’ll dress him in a robe, lay down on the bed and delete the game forever.
yunis a
yunis a Hónapja
No oppressors no police onlg peacefull
foodank_atr Hónapja
If you wanted to say it with the Spanish intonation you'd say "Kaiyo PeDEECO" heist.. Just regular English would be "Kaiyo PERRIHco" heist But you said it just fine
Joseph Calder
Joseph Calder Hónapja
Real gta players flew to the island in gta 3 😂😂
Shadow_Fox71 Hónapja
Finally a solo heist it blows my mind people fuck up the old ones despite being out for years
Matt Allred
Matt Allred Hónapja
As someone who never got past prison break despite being over level 100 and having many properties, I appreciate a solo heist option. It’s almost like a story DLC.
Rukai Werewolf
Rukai Werewolf Hónapja
0:20 had to do it to em'
Blackout 4444
Blackout 4444 Hónapja
We didnt go to Tahiti, but this time, we going to Cayo Perico
Gaming Revolution HQ
The gaming revolution has begun. Think you're up for it? Report at the HQ!
THE ONE Hónapja
Lissen before yah come and sub cribe to utuber go stray to rockstart wires news and read carefully what they all saying all this utuber are saying everything wrong u can roam in the island and u can buy propeties at the island if u read u can buy a night club in the island and others properties read what exact rock star say in wires news
Braden Greenberger
Here’s my theory: The Duggans have expanded their resort business to the island, where they now own a small area on the other end of the island from the mansion (presumably owned by a drug lord) after finding people dead that had ties with Cayo Perico, the FIB is now launching a secret investigation on the island and its inhabitants. Thats where the player comes in. Presumably, Agent 14 or that one lady that we met in act 1 of the doomsday heist (I call her Michelle Obama because I don’t remember her name) will call/text the player and ask to meet, somewhat like Lester did in the diamond casino heist. Our job in the heist will be to help gather evidence about the drug lord. As an incentive, the contact will probably tip us off to the fact that there is a bunch of money/gold/cocaine/etc that we can steal while we’re there. As I said earlier, the diamond would have a resort in Cayo Perico, making for the perfect base of operations. Possibly, this could be where we store the submarine in a similar fashion as we store the MOC, Avenger, and Terrorbyte. The sub wouldn’t be NECESSARY for the heist, but it would give the player a HUGE advantage. I also would expect that the areas owned by the drug lord would have a heavy guard presence and anti-air measures rivaling those of fort zancudo Of course, this is all just a theory, so take it with a grain of salt
Raquis Hónapja
Hmm highly doubt a resort owned by the casino would be a base there as rockstar themselves have said that the submarine will be HQ. But I can agree with this government aspect, say agent 14 meets up with us or spams us about buying a submarine from war stock and there you go.
Aaron Rose
Aaron Rose Hónapja
Performance suffers tremendously when the aircraft carrier is added during business battles. They're will 💯 be a 10 min loading screen and IDGAF. I'm stoked
Aaron Rose
Aaron Rose Hónapja
I predict you will need a yacht or submarine to access the island 🏝️
Covbadman 79
Covbadman 79 Hónapja
Its called a jeep bro ffs Fuck copyrights
Covbadman 79
Covbadman 79 Hónapja
Theres new radio stations and club party areas So its going to be free roam
myers rosen
myers rosen Hónapja
0:19 i just got got
I highly doubt u can play that heist by yourself, people said that with the casino heist. Granted u can do setups by yourself but the heist probably will be 2-4 people. It's gta people. They rinse and repeat. Imma still play it tho.
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