F1 2020: The Biggest Stories Of The Season 

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Will Buxton looks back on some incredible moments in a remarkable year.
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Christophe Commin
Mel 3 órája
ホンダ復帰後から見始めたけど、このシーズンが一番面白かった... 2021もきっと素晴らしいシーズンになるだろう!
Ashish Pradhan
Was this the greatest F1 season? No. But it was certainly one of the most emotional ones
Oscar Whitehead
Lance strolls emotion almost makes me rank him as a driver
Jack on Linear ツ
10:14 Roscoe having a great time
Kevin Bellamy
Kevin Bellamy 3 napja
Put all banned F1 cars in the next F1 game
Best season ever by far!
Amanda 3 napja
you showed Lando's first podium, what about Alex and Esteban Ocon?
Amanda 3 napja
2020, what a crazy season. To think this all happened over 6 months, crazy!
J0hanNmonster 3 napja
last song?
Baltej Miglani
I really want to see Russel in a Merc
kaski tv
kaski tv 4 napja
no one cared about ocon's first podium, poor esteban
Alexy Blanc
Alexy Blanc 5 napja
Where is Ocon first podium ?
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 6 napja
19:06 A season seasoned to be spicy! 😉
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 6 napja
18:32 👋
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 6 napja
15:53 the benchmark race. Latifi was happy I think (comparable result from team mate).
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 6 napja
15:23 the helmet? 🤔
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 6 napja
13:53 no wonder the first 50% of the race is just too risky with the heavy cars. (900+ kg)
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 6 napja
12:16 Because impossible is nothing! 😉
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 6 napja
11:11 Get a room Lance! 😉
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 6 napja
10:24 that weather though. Unusual scenery at an F1 weekend.
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 6 napja
08:15 Daniel Joseph Ricciardo? 🤔
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 6 napja
07:29 yeah, the theatrics! 🤣
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 6 napja
07:47 after 2019, it's a miracle. 👍
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 6 napja
04:41 P20 - P8. Maximum out of the car. I think! 👍
Jesse Lopez
Jesse Lopez 6 napja
Whats the tune at 17:42
Joel S. Mendoza
Hamilton Hamilton's p... should have been a black flag
ermak Smoke
ermak Smoke 7 napja
Can't wait for 2021 f1 season...
Adam Delemere
Adam Delemere 8 napja
Stroll getting poll is higher than Gasly winning Monza ....
Zach -ips
Zach -ips 8 napja
George Russell "The chosen one who will bring balance to the grid"
Kit Roadley
Kit Roadley 8 napja
8:46 it was 1997 because of jerez
Karan 9 napja
Sakhir is the definition of races in 2020. Lewis was far away from pack Bottas showing his 2nd driver qualities George being unlucky Perez trying to be fit in the red bull seat Mercedes being together in terms of position
Juan Peña Rostrán
Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton the GOAT
Samuca Ferreira
What color people do you like, You are neg?
Led Floyd
Led Floyd 9 napja
DILO GOD !!! 10 napja
i like seeing seb and Lewis getting on, just nice that the first thing seb did when getting back on the podium was congratulate Lewis on his record.
Atha Pratama
Atha Pratama 10 napja
Honestly what a crazy season, i wished Hulk could have a seat in the next season. Russell, Stroll, Perez, and Gasly did amazing, looking forward for the next season.
Charlie.T 10 napja
“That’s P1 Lance, P1” Do you want to sound any less enthusiastic Brad?
Jamie F1
Jamie F1 10 napja
Lando's podium was overrated
Billybob 10 napja
Grosjean is such a loving and humble person, I think some people need to understand that.
Laura Gonzalez
Laura Gonzalez 10 napja
The moaning geography compellingly pull because guitar adversely damage across a secretive flavor. depressed, gainful north korea
Henrik 10 napja
McLaren back to the top, Carlos podium, Lando podium, Gasly win. We just need Williams to get their 2021 car back in order now.
RoPEK123xd 10 napja
i only now realized the only race where seb scored his (final) podium with ferrari was the one where lewis took the 7th crown. him congratulating lewis' win makes so much more sense to me now
No highlights from abu dhabi 😂😂😂
Seth Remo
Seth Remo 10 napja
Honestly didn’t realize how incredible my first season watching F1 was...
Jaffethepolice 11 napja
Kimi most race entered: AM I A JOKE TO YOU
Baltazar Cruz
Baltazar Cruz 11 napja
11:11 Stroll sounds like a spoiled brat.
tibiawar147 11 napja
Honnestly, Romain Grosjean being healthy is by far the biggest story of the season.
NGKaktusz 11 napja
Perez really out here doing last to first challenge in real life 😂
nydilakinz p2000
Wait, Portimao had crowds in their stands?
Xeres Forteen
Xeres Forteen 12 napja
The Miracle at Bahrain is THE story. The others are noteworthy, for sure.
Aaron Joinson
Aaron Joinson 12 napja
Hulk deserves a seat so much
JOSE 720 PR 12 napja
13:02 14:59 The goosebumps though
Resqwec 13 napja
Romain Grosjean being able to walk out of that accident is one of the most incredible things I’ve seen
Jon Cook
Jon Cook 13 napja
Love Seb and Sir Hams interactions, here's to 2021!
Edwards Bridges-Pugh
how did lando norris get his first podium
Eren B
Eren B 13 napja
What a year man! Incredible.
Leon Krans
Leon Krans 13 napja
Honestly if people doesn't like Hamilton, they shouldn't like Schumacher.
Leon Krans
Leon Krans 12 napja
@F I know I'm just saying that people hate on Hamilton to much for winning and being in a "Mercedes". (in my opinion).
F 12 napja
People didn’t like Schumacher when he was winning all the time. People didn’t like Sebastian when he was dominating at RB. People don’t the the person who is winning everything
Kurt M
Kurt M 13 napja
Hamilton winning on three wheels was utter madness. Incredible tire management - you can hear the usual cool and collected Bono’s voice get a bit concerned.
Juan Dorta
Juan Dorta 14 napja
What a great season it was and what a way to escape what this 2020 has been for many people. Thank you F1!!
Juan Dorta
Juan Dorta 14 napja
Thank you for providing an escape to us in this 2020
Arya Gahlout
Arya Gahlout 14 napja
Idk y but every time I see the Monza clip of gasly winning I get goosebumps
Fire works In Malta
FORZA Hamilton
10:01 Pit board number '3' flies out from under lewis's car. Wonder who dropped it lol.
Jonatan 15 napja
Lewis was too lucky again this season
Jon Cook
Jon Cook 13 napja
Sure 🙄
Yankee Delta20
Yankee Delta20 15 napja
It was really inresponsible of Hamilton to keep driving with that flat tire
Avinash M
Avinash M 14 napja
Boo boo!
PandasAreBAE 15 napja
Will Buxton has such a calming voice. I need him to do audiobooks.
xGreeN 15 napja
Ricciardo gets his like 50th podium and gets a Flashback Ocon gets his first Podium Liberty Media: i pretend i didnt see that
V1lemin 15 napja
Me at every race please dont let Mercedes win they win Me at Sakhir please let Russel have it they lose
William Walters
William Walters 15 napja
Lewis sounds like a kid
Hazarbey Yılmaz
George Russell and Sakhir... Still hurts
Mayur Hedau
Mayur Hedau 15 napja
3:34 he said force India instead of racing point anyone noticed that
Randy Dubin
Randy Dubin 15 napja
0:30 Albon and I am not like other birds of prey. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hal lo
Hal lo 15 napja
The Championship fight this year was really boring
Hal lo
Hal lo 15 napja
For me 2012 was the best season to date
Rj D
Rj D 16 napja
10:09 i am seeing correctly? Theres people on the stands?
Ritwik Mohan
Ritwik Mohan 16 napja
Petition to add : Seb's podium with that tractor..
Chuck N.
Chuck N. 16 napja
Mercedes was so dominant that Lewis could win with only 3 wheels with few laps to go.
Sam Jesuthas
Sam Jesuthas 16 napja
2020 pretty much showed that if anything bad happens to Mercedes, the midfield turn into absolute masters. Think about all the underrated drivers like norris, gasly all winning races, and also underrated teams like Racing Point, managing to get more podiums and wins than usual. This is a maddness
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 16 napja
When you realize that the two different red bulls have the same amount of wins. And there were four Ferrari cars out there👁👄👁
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 16 napja
@George Duffy-Smith No gasly won in the redbull sister car, i phrased it the best i could srry and the 4 ferraris were charles and vettel and kimi and antonio cause they had the same car pretty much
George Duffy-Smith
Max won twice?
JC HD 16 napja
From all F1 fans, Thank you FIA for putting together this incredible season.
Carl Marcus
Carl Marcus 16 napja
12:04 look at his helmet Man..
Darth Owster
Darth Owster 17 napja
I don't understand why Lance gets hate
Sam Jesuthas
Sam Jesuthas 16 napja
its cause they still see him as "Daddy's money driver", they don't realise that it takes absolute skill to even drive an F1 car on the grid for many consecutive seasons. Hes a talented driver but the people that win and get podiums are the same, they work hard just as any other driver would. All lance stroll needs is a more reliable car, which he does indeed have but now who knows if he will even get a seat in 2021
Clément Mry
Clément Mry 17 napja
And Ocon's podium??
Matthew Lim
Matthew Lim 17 napja
Get in there Racing Point
aamgdp 17 napja
"he's a lucky boy" Truer words have never been spoken.
Leo Thaller
Leo Thaller 17 napja
You forgot ocons podium
BL1TZY no.2
BL1TZY no.2 17 napja
this is amazing so glad we had F1 this year it bought so much amazement and thrill
Specter Makoto
Specter Makoto 17 napja
hamilton the politician needs to leave f1.
Nikos RocknRolla
That Ricciardo face was amazing 😂😂😂😂😂
Ciaran Selva
Ciaran Selva 17 napja
Lando Norris: a lot of hard work, dedication and sacrifices all paying off Billionaire Father:...............it was a struggle Side note, that is why i have little to no respect to these kind of drivers and have respect for Hamilton and Alonso esp Hamilton, very different up bringing and perspectives to the things norris mentioned.
Sam Jesuthas
Sam Jesuthas 16 napja
yeah that is true, african father and everything, I bet he was never expecting this madness to happen
Mr Aquarium95
Mr Aquarium95 17 napja
The George Russell and Mercedes story just hurts to much
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli 17 napja
Hey F1, please adjust the Portuguese GP into the 2021 calendar. It was one of the best races last year. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😭😭😭 What a track, Portimão! 🔥🔥🔥
CM Skinner
CM Skinner 17 napja
Say what you want about 2020. But F1 was GREAT!!!
Dan M
Dan M 17 napja
I got the chills listening to Gasly post win radio, and then I rolled my eyes hearing Lance talk about how he nailed his pole lap. I wonder how I would react if I had no background on those two. I don''t think I've seen the shot of Romain still in the car while the flames engulfed him. I know that's what happened but never saw the video slowed down. Amazing.
Wojtek11423 17 napja
TOP MOMENTS FROM ABU DHABI: this folder is empty
I hope lewis likes champane
Lewis Allcock
Lewis Allcock 18 napja
What a season. Wow.
Yeeet Lol
Yeeet Lol 18 napja
Ocons first podium: am I a joke to you
Manthan Chhabra
Manthan Chhabra 18 napja
I like how the video ended at Sakhir GP, nothing from abu dhabhi xD
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