F1 Drivers Look Ahead to Imola Weekend | 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 

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Hear from our field of drivers ahead of an unusual weekend in Imola!
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koppy7 23 napja
3:58 "ahuah it's something i wanna do and uhh simple as that" i love kimi
FrntRw 23 napja
Nice Muzzles so the don't say anything that might possibly show they are humans. Drone racing is here
Felis Bieti
Felis Bieti 23 napja
2:51 voicecrack🤣🤣🤣
Neil Flannery
Neil Flannery 23 napja
Why can't F1 teams make or buy masks that fit? It's the pinnacle of motorsport engineering and it annoys me watching their masks drop below there nose.
William 23 napja
David Paul
David Paul 23 napja
F1 owners are happy with one team winning every pole & every Sunday. the remaining teams should start their own league where there is true racing & real competition. Mercedes can drive alone & guaranteed 1-2
Salt 23 napja
keep the championship gOIng into next year Nice one Carlos
Joe Millar
Joe Millar 23 napja
Is it just me or does Magnussen look like a plumber?
Brandon Harris
Brandon Harris 23 napja
Voice cracks
R A N 23 napja
Petition: from the 3 turns in Belgium eau rouge raidion the 3 named Hubert
Keiran George
Keiran George 23 napja
I really like Alex and he deserves to be on the grid. But not at Red Bull, it isn't right for him. Get Perez in there, see what be can do.
dimych 555
dimych 555 23 napja
Пьер как ты потом будешь без Дани,как я без него буду смотреть гонки? Тсунода хорош но Даня пытается бороться.ладно back to the future.
Airbus Dumbledore
Hamilton seems to be a marxist:(
joseph bardin
joseph bardin 23 napja
why aren´t you posting the FP1 & FP2?
andy chen
andy chen 23 napja
Lewis has no personality
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 23 napja
Kimi another year in F1 perfect
Pat176 23 napja
Hamilton long way from hitting his peak, like what is his peak man I can't even imagine. Winning every race? Hattrick every race day? Idk😂😂 it's amazing to witness history tho
Pierre Binyom
Pierre Binyom 14 napja
@Pat176 AHAHH exactly !!!!
Pat176 14 napja
@Pierre Binyom yea that's what a hattrick is.
Pierre Binyom
Pierre Binyom 14 napja
Technically I believe that his peak would be ( like for every other driver ) to take pole,fastest lap and win at EVERY SINGLE race in the calendar.
Nuno Reis
Nuno Reis 23 napja
F1 is SPORT not politics. Drivers should stop communist advertising.
Chuckiele 23 napja
Sport has been politics for centuries if you havent noticed that.
Galaxy Hotels!
Galaxy Hotels! 23 napja
Why do I have a feeling Lewis is gonna retire on 99 wins...
Al Re
Al Re 23 napja
Go Gasly! Most exciting driver of the year
Christian Reibig
I feel so bad for bottas because even though he comes second almost every race he only has to answer for small mistakes and is always overshadowed by Hamilton
Lore 000
Lore 000 23 napja
I want Alpha Tauri on the front row.
Ronnie 23 napja
Kimi must get paid a ton to keep those Carreras on at all times
Hrvoje Tasner
Hrvoje Tasner 23 napja
Russel if Perez got his seat: "They took our jobs"
Spencer Williams
Dey derk er jerbs
ChampS20 23 napja
Love Russell in the end
V 4
V 4 23 napja
I know it’s a petty comment but how can a F1 team spend $200 mill a year on engine development and not procure a face mask that does not fall down at the first mouth movement. Lando Ric MCL Merc next year can’t wait !
tg72201 23 napja
Interviewer: "What made you want to stay in Formula 1?" Kimi: "It's something I wanna do."
Atharva Aher
Atharva Aher 24 napja
Hopefully Gorge score his first point
A D 24 napja
Bottas gifted the opportunity of a lifetime to drive arguably the most dominant car in F1 history in this era, and hes blown it miserably. Doesnt deserve a seat at Mercedes.
John Bloor
John Bloor 24 napja
Sergio Pérez is very fast, I think it will be the surprise of the weekend. Let's not underestimate it
Derek Watson
Derek Watson 24 napja
not naming names ha ha
Jorge Gutierritoz
Get someone competent in the second merc please! We are bored of Bottas’s excuses.. he doesnt deserve the seat
Ren 24 napja
At the moment I don’t think there is anyone who could really compete with Hamilton. He wouldn’t be a 6 time world champion if there was. Saying that Bottas is incompetent for not being able to match one of the best drivers in the history of the sport isn’t really fair to VB.
Will Warner
Will Warner 24 napja
"Kimi why do you want to stay at Alfa?" Kimi: Because I want to...
Siddhartha Nath
Siddhartha Nath 24 napja
Perez for a podium❤❤❤
Rushil Patel
Rushil Patel 24 napja
dan ric lets gooo
Monkey TriHard
Monkey TriHard 24 napja
It’s a pretty funny coincidence that Sainz is interviewed in front of a Ferrari people. 🤣🤔
abhinaba ghosh
abhinaba ghosh 24 napja
Hamilton doing too much BLACK LIVES MATTER
Nzila Ng'andu
Nzila Ng'andu 24 napja
Russell killed me 😂😂😂😂
Zachary Tan
Zachary Tan 24 napja
2:54 Something most Lance-haters seem to forget.
Samitto Geean
Samitto Geean 22 napja
@Sandipan Bala also made FIA make new rules about age. He's on another level
Sandipan Bala
Sandipan Bala 23 napja
@Samitto Geean So did Max..
Samitto Geean
Samitto Geean 23 napja
People hate Maybe because he skipped formula 2
Daniel Reid
Daniel Reid 23 napja
@Rohan Kuppuraj and that his father owns the team he drives for
Rohan Kuppuraj
Rohan Kuppuraj 23 napja
People dont hate lance because of his achievements, they hate him because of the mistakes he makes here and there which ruins his race and another drivers race.
Utathya sarkar
Utathya sarkar 24 napja
FP1:- Bottas Q1:- Bottas Q2:- Bottas Q3:- Get in there lewis
Johnny Blaize
Johnny Blaize 24 napja
Daniel always looks like there is a diaper on his face.
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 24 napja
Nathan Muzika
Nathan Muzika 24 napja
When F1 is so boring reporters are even putting the thought of retirement into Hamilton 😂
Black Horse
Black Horse 24 napja
quite curious f1 allows his champion in charge to do propaganda for a terrorist marxist racist movement which asks for white people discrimination and submission and it's responsible in USA of many MURDERS. No doubt f1 is infected by sordid freemasons who are exploiting this once beautiful sport for propaganda
Only mercedes can complain about second place xd
Scott Richo Gaming
Carlos Sainz’s voice break tho 😂
Div 07
Div 07 24 napja
Perez Deserves a seat at Red Bull. 😐
Alex Lenas
Alex Lenas 24 napja
Why is Bottas still learning for past 5 years?
John Luu
John Luu 24 napja
Limited time on track? Well, let me tell you the tale of Sir Nicolas of Hulkenberg...
Jonathan_W 24 napja
Same answers every week.
Ark Kedia
Ark Kedia 24 napja
Where is seb..
Leonardo Santini
Black lives matter propaganda here now? Wonder if soros is funding formula one as well...
Jasper Jones
Jasper Jones 24 napja
Kimi is the business😎😎😎
Ernest 24 napja
Where is the FP1 and 2 highlights?
ppiness 24 napja
there is only one practice session this week end and that will be on saturday
Ahmed 24 napja
Kimi the only one where the reporter says more than the driver! Just kimi things
Amin 24 napja
Russel is really a very matured driver. The way he articulates himself.. Smart guy. He is not overrated or underrated for now. I want to see him in a merc. I want to see how well he can perform. Nobody should take then 2nd seat other than Russel if bottas time is up next year..
Muneer Ghure
Muneer Ghure 24 napja
Its very hard to judge GR, bettered his teammates in Q, but Latifi has been right there with him in races. What is the justification for a Merc seat? Not saying he doesn't deserve it but what are the reasons he does?
Kenneth Boork
Kenneth Boork 24 napja
Can someone tell Hamilton to stop making a fool of himself? Please!
KBowWow75 24 napja
Someone tell Lewis that not all black people are routed through Africa, and that slavery still exists in Africa.
Ashkrofth 24 napja
-Russell, how many points will you finish with at the end of the seasons? -Maybe one or two. That'd be hard considering a 21/20 position.
Akhyar Rayhka
Akhyar Rayhka 24 napja
Being in ferrari makes vettel 5-10 years older
Made Bilan Asasia Binov
doctor scoot
doctor scoot 24 napja
re: George & Williams -- can you guys please do a special feature on just how much the rumour-monging mill is driven purely by the various parties 'briefing' journalists off the record?
Jose Sales
Jose Sales 24 napja
"What made you want to stay in Formula 1 with Alfa Romeo?" was an actual question asked to Kimi Raikkonen. I'm pretty sure that at this point they're just doing it on purpose 😂
Joe Kidd
Joe Kidd 24 napja
Is there no friday practice?
Sustainable Developing
Ah in championship order I see that
Talapino Music
Talapino Music 24 napja
Kimi my man
BlaizeV 24 napja
Man Vettel saying he has never raced at Imola just blew my mind
AfanDianto Ramadhani
3:55 only 5 sec answer from kimi
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago
“I think WE fixed most of it.” It’s only your car Max. It’s only your car.
Alex Lin
Alex Lin 24 napja
7 rings is come for Lewis Hamilton
Blech319 24 napja
Black lives matter, unless you're black and not from Africa, eh Lewis?
Anıl Özbek
Anıl Özbek 24 napja
Nikt Ważny
Nikt Ważny 24 napja
Jimo Mertz
Jimo Mertz 24 napja
Pierre....your season has been decent? What? You’re killing it out there! Keep it up!
Kaitlyn Charnetski
yes, was waiting for him to say 'best I've ever had'! he's on fire
D Sai Shivam
D Sai Shivam 24 napja
Whwn Will Bottas stop learning and start racing wheel to wheel with LEW???? Comment Below
Sir Mounted
Sir Mounted 23 napja
Miguel Eduardo
Miguel Eduardo 24 napja
Saudades do Ayrton Senna
R EMcW 24 napja
you can really see all the divers fat necks
Aaron Hall
Aaron Hall 24 napja
Reporter “Kimi what made you stay with Alfa Romeo” Kimi “ well it’s what I want to do and it’s as simple as that” 😂😂 love kimi
Mahomed September
Thought this was a meme comment till I saw it with my own eyes
Gretix500 23 napja
Well it's just a hobby for him you know so...
Rodrigo Bedin
Rodrigo Bedin 23 napja
Madeeha S
Madeeha S 24 napja
"I only do this to annoy you" (when he moved after Ferrari)
Patrick Neill
Patrick Neill 24 napja
I was amazed he said that much 😎
Aset 24 napja
Vettel has aged considerably this season. Poor guy looks about 40 now.
Xendex Motorsports
We all got saloon specialist in the comments
Chuckiele 23 napja
Balding? A lot of guys have pattern hairloss when theyre 20, its absolutely normal.
Ethanmeister 23 napja
6th year at Ferrari, can you blame him? lol
Kilik 23 napja
@A B yes
Eddie Tiller
Eddie Tiller 23 napja
That’s what being in a Ferrari gets you
Jons Jong
Jons Jong 24 napja
Realize that every driver can speak fluent English and maybe the best footballplayer atm (Messi) cant even talk English...
Zevano Yaumalvasti
@Chuckiele Exactly. Because English still used frequently even if you're driving for Italian or French team. Also, they probably do racing in UK competitions or for English team at some point in their junior categories. So they have to learn English.
Chuckiele 23 napja
@Zevano Yaumalvasti Except that drivers also learn French or Italian depending on their teams and still can properly speak English.
Zevano Yaumalvasti
A lot of players don't need to learn English because they're not playing in UK, while F1 drivers have to because most teams based in UK, so most people communicate in English, including media, FIA, etc
Aset 24 napja
I wish F1 would clamp down on Lewis making political statements. His pro-Marxist mask propaganda is not welcome in our sport.
ERGIEMALL 24 napja
No pressure Alex but you need a really incredible master class performance to redeem yourself. Again, no pressure though
Christina L.
Christina L. 23 napja
@Sir Mounted if he did that he'd probably start performing better and wouldnt be dropped. win win
Sir Mounted
Sir Mounted 23 napja
Not happening, he should just accept that he will be demoted and put some pressure off himself. He needs it.
Epick 24 napja
Wait so basically george secured his seat?
Epick 23 napja
@Andreos Tippereros makes sense, i always feel like mercedes have a B team like redbull.
Andreos Tippereros
His seat was never in question. It's linked in with the engine deal.
Kaitlyn Charnetski
Yes Williams confirmed him and Latifi during the press conference today :)
Mario Zapata
Mario Zapata 24 napja
“Not naming names, but Mexican” - Russell
Xendex Motorsports
@Charlie Robertson nope. Just thought but I really don't want that discussion . I am bored of it .
Charlie Robertson
@Xendex Motorsports you really want chaos back?
Xendex Motorsports
Black lives matter . This was a trend if I am not wrong ? Now it had faded
Frank Li
Frank Li 24 napja
It's so obvious who. Esteban Gutierrez of course.
Benjámin Bokor
Benjámin Bokor 24 napja
Vettel aged 20 years
Sir Mounted
Sir Mounted 23 napja
and Ferrari is to blame, wasn't that long ago Vettel looked like a young kid
EarlGreyNRice 24 napja
Was waiting for Kimi to say "It's just a hobby for me".
RalfsStuff 24 napja
No free practice today?
Georg Meisl
Georg Meisl 24 napja
2020 is a weird year.. I feel like something bad is might going to happen during the race 😔
Jord Bello
Jord Bello 24 napja
Bye Torpedo! 🚀
Christopher Arenas
Kyvat and Albon know they are on a big risk of losing their seats just by their expressions
Ouss. M'solli
Ouss. M'solli 24 napja
Magnussen is very underrated
Ouss. M'solli
Ouss. M'solli 24 napja
Gasley looks very confident and thats great !
Ouss. M'solli
Ouss. M'solli 24 napja
The pressure on albon is intensive !
Ouss. M'solli
Ouss. M'solli 24 napja
I want to see russel next to lewis next year ! Why the keep valtteri ? I think george will learn alot from a legend cause he is the futur of mercedes.
Steev 24 napja
Your point makes no sense😂😂
Côme Robert
Côme Robert 24 napja
why keep valtteri you ask? ummm let me see... oh yes hes the best wingman possible, consistent enought to stay in p2 and win a race if 'yours trully Mr Hamilton' dnf's or whatever. But i do have to say it could really helpconsolidate russel as a even more complete driver.
Official_JR 24 napja
Think about it Lewis and Valtteri are a perfect duo they’ve won the constructors for the past 3 years and it’s about to be 4. Why change it now when there is nothing wrong with it
Sigfred Worren Nystøyl
I just hope and pray for Ferrari. I truly love Ferrari and I hope they can get back on top where they belong 🇮🇹 Forza Ferrari 🏆 My dream is to become a formula 1 driver for this legendary team and I feel that's what I live for❤️
Sir Mounted
Sir Mounted 23 napja
Ferrari is a team that will crush your dreams and hopes. Unless you are one of the very best drivers only then will they truly accept you. As a number 2 driver, like in Red Bull, you are nothing. I used to like Ferrari but after what they've done to their drivers, I have lost all respect for the team, I hope they never bounce back they don't deserve it.
Ronnie 23 napja
Don't listen to the critics son, never give up! I've always wanted to live in my mom's basement and here I am!
Juda 24 napja
Ferrari are cheaters! Remember last year? (;
Elijah Ward
Elijah Ward 24 napja
Elijah Ward
Elijah Ward 22 napja
I couldn’t tell which is which😂
Alicia Banja
Alicia Banja 24 napja
nooo that’s roscoe
Paulo Monteiro
Paulo Monteiro 24 napja
Only the mighty Kimi has driven here in F1!
Paulo Monteiro
Paulo Monteiro 23 napja
@Talapino Music I said clearly IN F1!
Daniel Reid
Daniel Reid 23 napja
@Stop Media Fakery aren't they both world champions?
Stop Media Fakery
@Some random guy Exactly my point. Kimi couldn't beat Vettel, and look at Vettel now. That proves my point that Kimi isn't as great as his worshippers want to believe.
Talapino Music
Talapino Music 24 napja
No not just kimi. lando norris had driven here. Lots have driven here. Just not in f1. Lance stroll won his f3 championship here.
Ian McLean
Ian McLean 24 napja
Alpha Tauri has done testing there fairly recently.
As much as I want Perez at Red Bull, I can't see it happening :(
theMguy24 24 napja
You gotta believe it's gonna happen.
ELCAIFAN10 24 napja
I want to see Perez in Red Bull also
Nikt Ważny
Nikt Ważny 24 napja
It's likely to happen. Red Bull can't afford to have underperforming second driver. The only thing which may keep Albon his seat is RB's ownership.
Now the comments are loww When other more people watch this the commands will hit up to 1k
Joshua Leith
Joshua Leith 24 napja
Kvyat looks so depressed. Poor guy
Blue_Man 20 napja
@Arjun Reddy mazepin is russian stroll, the souless schmuck
Eddie Tiller
Eddie Tiller 23 napja
He knew he was filling a seat and saw it coming. Still want him in f1
Guhan Sundaravathanam
3:23 😔
Arjun Reddy
Arjun Reddy 24 napja
@Blue_Man nah he won't have a place in haas with mazepin and Schumacher/Perez
Blue_Man 24 napja
@Mattman he'll still have chances if he'll decides to join in to HAAS
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