F1 Drivers Look Ahead To The 2020 Eifel Grand Prix 

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Hear from the F1 grid as they look ahead to race weekend - the first for F1 at the Nurburgring since 2013!
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Daniel Machado
Daniel Machado 10 napja
You know a champion from the eyes. Max is a true champion, Lewis, Alonso, LeClerc. Just as we can see Sainz, Rubens, Bottas, Ocon, Albon, Gasly, are not champions. The eagle, tiger, snake, dragon, lion eyes. Everyone of these arquetypes simbolize a psychological profile that is absolutely inevitable for someone who intents to beat all the others in a sport.
David Chapel
David Chapel 12 napja
Latifi is trash! I have never witnessed a driver do so terrible and retain his seat as long as him. All this proves to me is what my biggest fear was as an up and coming racer..... It's all about money and luck!! 😢
CalgarGTX 12 napja
They all look like it's -10° or something
Fredrik Z
Fredrik Z 12 napja
It's probably the accent everything Giovinazzi says sounds like flirting
George Giannopoulos ZL1 2015 2017
Funeral for blacks cut his own black carotide Lewis Hamilton 🤣
Mr. Magaña
Mr. Magaña 12 napja
Your outside take ur face diaper off...
SoulsBorne Geralt
Sergio and Gasly looking way cooler with the mask on...
Larry Lemur
Larry Lemur 12 napja
Hamilton is wearing winter gear, and Bottas is showing up in a sweater.
O Sneakis
O Sneakis 12 napja
What's happening guys? Why did Kimi talk so much? 2020 STOP IT ALREADY
Andreja Milivojevic
It is cold isn't it? Lance- "I am from Canada."
Prakhar Awasthi
Prakhar Awasthi 12 napja
Who else is thinking that their masks are so cool
Rins K
Rins K 12 napja
Imagine being RedBull and every single time there's an interview all the questions are about Honda..
Prediction: Bottas , Verstappen, Checo
Apis4 12 napja
Upbeat drivers... the two Canadians, the Dane, the Russian and one of the Fins.... everyone one else, too cold... Kimi... why is this even being discussed, and who the F are you again?
Samuel _
Samuel _ 12 napja
I smell some big accident in the air
edward lubisi
edward lubisi 12 napja
I want to drive your cars I say not everyone will think I'm crazy I know I'm not love you guys so much Toto when he bangs the desk after Lewis wins its amazing
Anna Smyrnova
Anna Smyrnova 12 napja
They are torching masks constantly LOL
tommobeast2 12 napja
Albon so boring
Freddy 13 napja
Throw Gasly out of the F1!!! He was lucky once and never again!!!
Saumyanil Baruah
Nicholas "the canadia" eminem
Mano N
Mano N 13 napja
Wetter ist zu kalt!
USMCLP 13 napja
Stroll’s hat looks great.
HWG 10IAR 13 napja
Sainz is going to crash 100%
Byee Giovanazziii
Dorito Boi79
Dorito Boi79 13 napja
What if Williams manages to win that would be so exiting
ThisiscoolGAMES 13 napja
0:26 bro, how do I get that jacket!!!???? 😯 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤
Ashlen R
Ashlen R 13 napja
i wonder what grosjean is going to complain about for this race
Alley._. Mae
Alley._. Mae 13 napja
I'm Single 😍😥
Ronnie 13 napja
RedBull should get BMW power!
Charles misspoke wouldn't
N V 13 napja
Max: "It is what it is"
Baue Dauvillier
Baue Dauvillier 13 napja
how is 10 degrees cold?
Rizky Bernansyah
Kvyat : it's too warm for me
Michal Mateja
Michal Mateja 13 napja
Do they really need the masks for interview? Its silly.
Rob Ogden
Rob Ogden 13 napja
Shouldn’t ask same questions as the press conference?!
Christine Pratley
I'm Alone 😍😥
Ha ha Ha
Ha ha Ha 13 napja
Lewis can’t wait to race in the rain again 😂
NimTDNL 13 napja
Cold? 10 - 12 degrees isn't cold, come on. What are you, a lizard?
abhishek makhija
Ferrari should fix their cars and masks!!
b145701s 13 napja
Love how everyone seems to put the guard down, a bit more human
kim jong un
kim jong un 13 napja
It's lights out and ocon wins the race with latifi second and Grosjean thrid. WHAT A RACE!!!
Evil Mario
Evil Mario 11 napja
A real victory for the French speaking contingent!
vrh13 13 napja
Kimi and Valteri are like "Wut are u talking bout it's not even cold in here" :D
InqInst 13 napja
Hamilton wears a mask which was designed for doctors, because it only filters what he inhales, but not what he exhales. He's protecting himself, while everyone else is protecting others, classy.
Scuffed Paul Denino
It's not even that cold. Are these guys from Southern California or what
Irene Garcia Arquero
0:02 Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 0:26 Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) 0:41 Max Verstappen (Aston Martin Red Bull Racing) 0:57 Alexander Albon (Aston Martin Red Bull Racing) 1:17 Daniel Ricciardo (Renault) 1:35 Esteban Ocon (Renault) 1:45 Sergio Perez (Racing Point) 2:00 Lance Stroll (Racing Point) 2:16 Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) 2:29 Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) 2:40 Lando Norris (McLaren) 2:51 Carlos Sainz (McLaren) 3:15 Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) 3:34 Daniil Kvyat (AlphaTauri) 3:52 Romain Grosjean (Haas) 4:03 Kevin Magnussen (Haas) 4:40 Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) 4:55 Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) 5:18 Nicholas Latifi (Williams) 5:37 George Russell (Williams)
Weigner Leigner
Weigner Leigner 13 napja
Lewis”my mechanics dying but let’s race” Hamilton Also Lance” I’m not use to this weather but I’m from Canada so I’m use to it” stroll
great respect
great respect 13 napja
Antonio has very very thick acsent....
Andy Aim
Andy Aim 13 napja
Ricardo’s nose in that mask reminds me of a hung pornstar in a thong 😂😂
Naufal Herma Irfansyah
Seb 1 max 2 ric 3 Everything can happen on sunday if it rains lol
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly 13 napja
George Russell. Ultimate pro.
Ian Jordan
Ian Jordan 13 napja
The reporter know Leclerc will give an honest expectation
Iván Martínez
Iván Martínez 13 napja
So you are telling me there is a chance for rain this race? Pls dont give hope...again
Maverick 13 napja
Ocon has a serious chance if it rains
Magnus Frejat
Magnus Frejat 13 napja
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Nisheet Verma
Nisheet Verma 13 napja
Finally masks that fits apart from Ferrari, obviously.
jasper emmer
jasper emmer 13 napja
Pretty interesting how Kimi is sporting the iron cross.
Harsh Rane
Harsh Rane 13 napja
Stroll at the first gp since 2013: I always love coming here Also stroll : not very used to the race track...
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 13 napja
Crusard Modding
Crusard Modding 13 napja
You know it's gonna be an interesting race if it rains
Hz S
Hz S 13 napja
Grosjean : the banner of haas f1 team
juhva 13 napja
I'm still wondering, why in sport which uses millions of dollars/euros, they are not able to design/use masks which you constantly do not need to adjust and touch. Seems that some of these mask do not have nose wire or it is not adjusted correctly.
BeeCee 13 napja
Latifi with his machinegun tempo sentences....
Ryan Lane
Ryan Lane 13 napja
If only he had machine gun pace
aatif nawaz
aatif nawaz 13 napja
If albon fails to secure anymore podiums this year, perez would likely take his place cause now verstappen staying is no longer a guarantee. But then again redbull can pull out altogether
BeeCee 13 napja
Never been there.... Lance: always love comming here...
LordSeth1000 13 napja
Strolls woolen hat👀
FETTSpence 13 napja
00:26 am I the only one who thinks that the colors of the collar are a bit too german?
Devansh Royal
Devansh Royal 13 napja
The Fins are in their zone now
Evan Saunders
Evan Saunders 13 napja
Pointless asking about driver market to the drivers. They gona say two things....."I am focused on the weekend" or "i dont know anything" Come on interviewers do a better job. Been watching this sport for 30 years now. There is more important questions to ask.
I hope it rains then can max can get to the top
Ankit Kasi
Ankit Kasi 13 napja
Why does Kimi need a Jacket?
Beangel Brimer
Beangel Brimer 13 napja
Go Checo Go . Podio for Pérez.🇲🇽🇨🇦🏁🤟
R Ram
R Ram 13 napja
Yea sure 🌹
amaan shanawaz
amaan shanawaz 13 napja
dileep ksd
dileep ksd 13 napja
redbull p1
T Orrent
T Orrent 13 napja
How is Albon enjoying the weather? I've been to Thailand, most of that country thinks 15C is worse than freezing temperatures.
P RITHESH 13 napja
mrcededes is going to win beacause they have DAS
P RITHESH 13 napja
i am scared beacause jim claark died in same type ( tyres werent warm it was dead cold ) i am scared
Max talk is always different. Yeah it's a shame not only for our team. For formula 1 😂😂😂😂
Abby Gierke
Abby Gierke 13 napja
I'm Single 😍😥
R Ram
R Ram 13 napja
Aneesh Parnerkar
When the drivers say there will be opportunities this weekend, don't they just mean I HOPE THERE ARE MORE CRASHES.
OMG Ahya
OMG Ahya 13 napja
This race will definitely be up in the air. Will definitely be entertaining. Slick conditions, just hope all the guys stay safe out there!
fish 13 napja
what jacket is he wearing? hamilton*
fish 13 napja
@Richard Ashton do u happen to know where i can find it?
Richard Ashton
Richard Ashton 13 napja
It's called victim.
ZahirTube 14 napja
Cgwik82 14 napja
SUBTITLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
regardless irregardless
That was not Romain Grosjean. 😅😅😂😂
Aeon J. 07
Aeon J. 07 14 napja
Press F for Lance's beanie
Darshit Metaliya
kvyat looks like 90 year old man!! 😂
Brittany Saunders
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Sindhu Sojan
Sindhu Sojan 14 napja
“Woul dent” - Sharl Le Devil
Sindhu Sojan
Sindhu Sojan 14 napja
Bottas: these black overalls are cozy
It's cold. The two Canadians and Finns: Jogging weather.
Gaming With Ethan
TheOtherNeutrino and Dane
Aditya Rana
Aditya Rana 12 napja
Russian too(Kvyat)
Xanda Foolheea
Xanda Foolheea 12 napja
Hannah Barley Kimi is the cold
Hannah Barley
Hannah Barley 14 napja
Kimi likes the cold 🧊
Leon Polat
Leon Polat 14 napja
All interviews in one word: COLD
Colt4KILLS3 14 napja
Best of luck everyone. Let's make the most of it! =)
Lewis : "I love the challenge!" Also Lewis when he gets the "challenge" : "Why are we 4th guys?" "I can't be able to pass these guys" "You don't go from 2nd to 4th guys"
A-W-E KKK 13 napja
What does that have to do with ANYTHING. Like read what u typed and think if what ur comparing is in the same line. A challenge doesn't mean he doesn't want to finish first. Nobody doesn't wanna finish first.
Don Corleone
Don Corleone 14 napja
I really wanna see checo on the podium
Neil pentony
Neil pentony 14 napja
Of you see @aarava s video if redbull had mercedes engines u will know that they ca be title challengers
Thomas Griffin
Thomas Griffin 14 napja
Albon just jinxed red bull next year. Reliability issues incoming 😬
Alex Axel
Alex Axel 14 napja
Bottas an Kimi feel at home with this temperature
Carlos needs a better fitting mask.
Ajunta 14 napja
I like the cold. Prefer winter to summer.
Mums of the 2020 F1 drivers