F1 Drivers React After Qualifying | 2020 Imola Grand Prix 

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The first F1 qualifying session at Imola since 2006 was a dramatic one - here is all the reaction from the drivers as they also looked ahead to race day...
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Alper Ergin
Alper Ergin 21 napja
why Latifi was 10 fps
Ghulam Afzal
Ghulam Afzal 22 napja
Painful to watch these interviews and see Russell say it’s one of those tracks where you’re on the edge and a small mistake and you’ll be in the gravel Because that’s exactly what happened to him in the race 😢
DeJuan S
DeJuan S 23 napja
Gasly 📈 Albon 📉
flakey 23 napja
Drivers and fans: these old tracks are amazing, theres nothing like them FIA: y'all hear sum?
Lanz Vasily
Lanz Vasily 23 napja
UNA VERGUENZA la direccion de carrera . el safety car deberia haber salido , al menos 15 segundos luego de que se quedara el auto alli . pero el control de carrera espero hasta que HAMILTON este cerca en la entrada de boxes . para que no perdiera tiempo . .¿ ADONDE hemos llegado che ? :(
FrontSideBus 23 napja
Why is every video on the F1 site "video unavailable. This video is unavailable" all of a sudden?
Juan Jacobo Tejedor
Gotta apreciate Renault's consistency, while other teams like Racing point or Mclaren go up an down the grid all the time, Renault shows some consistency with ricciardo's race finishes
eduard ionitsa
eduard ionitsa 23 napja
I mean does lance has any personality at all? Neves seen him exited, sad, happy, thrilled... He sort of... Exists...
ALC0LITE 23 napja
Why was Albon's first parse in Q3 deleted?
Mario 23 napja
3:08 BWOAH
Waleed A
Waleed A 23 napja
Horner's logic: Alpha Tauri is easier to drive compared to Red Bull, therefore its easier to beat Renault, Racing Point, McLaren, and Ferrari if you drive an Alpha Tauri.
Gamal Kevin
Gamal Kevin 23 napja
Btw what kind of mask are they wearing? Seems like it has a second layer inside
Curious how much overtaking there will be with such a narrow track
Zelaya 23 napja
I ll do it for you Gasly, Middelfinger to Horner
Sindhu Sojan
Sindhu Sojan 24 napja
1:13 Albon: *coughs* Hulk: bonjour
Silverbolt 24 napja
Apart from Gasly, lets also mention Kvyat, got into Q3 and approved the seemingly strong AT performance on this track.
Derek Watson
Derek Watson 24 napja
if they just have a white line then grass/gravel the track limits problem goes away.....
Pranav Menon
Pranav Menon 24 napja
Can we please get an on-board video of Charles & Seb comparison.!!!!
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri 24 napja
Gasly you beast
Meme Raven
Meme Raven 24 napja
1:13 .. Mate your career at RedBull is also only OK.. nothing much to celebrate
Sudipto SHP
Sudipto SHP 24 napja
Does anyone else dislike this short weekend format?
Sujan Narva
Sujan Narva 24 napja
Another predictable race: 1. Hamilton 2. Bottas 3. Max Saturday it self race overguys.... have great Sunday
Maky 6969
Maky 6969 24 napja
Hamiltons bragging about his qualifying that he is sad yet other drivers are very happy if they get in the top 10 of the grid. You call yourself a great racer but cant accept defeat.
Samet Akın
Samet Akın 24 napja
Even FPS drops while haas drivers pop up the screen and then after LOL
Travel Legend
Travel Legend 24 napja
three alpha tauris on the top 10 nice
Travel Legend
Travel Legend 24 napja
two red bulls on the second row nice
david orama
david orama 24 napja
Latifi has used the phrase “what-not” too many tines this year for my liking... here it is again...
david orama
david orama 24 napja
Stop racing on modern clinical racing circuits
Chris T
Chris T 24 napja
Does Ocon really still believe he is as quick as max. Destroyed by a man who got destroyed by max
Ankit Kasi
Ankit Kasi 24 napja
1:33 It's awesome that Ferrari has come back to a level where P7 is disappointing for Leclerc... Couple of months back P7 would probably be a decent performance for the team
Blob Fatterson
Blob Fatterson 24 napja
Im backing albon and Leclerc. Super humble.
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 24 napja
Pierre and George are driving out of their skin. Generally speaking the dream is for ten teams to be competing for podium finishes every weekend, but longstanding F1 fans know that's unrealistic. That said, guys like George really deserve to have a competitive machine. If Williams can't provide it for him in 2021, someone else will in 2022.
Adam Francischiello
Gasly needs to keep competing with the Red Bull’s, proves a point that they shouldn’t have demoted him.
Rupanjan 24 napja
In an alternate universe, carlos is an engineer for mercedes and toto is 6 time world champion
Devang Kangad
Devang Kangad 24 napja
alpha tauri really benifited from filming day..
Leandro Oliveira
Gasly beat Albon on a inferior car
arnold kamau
arnold kamau 24 napja
If that Williams is half decent, even the 5th fastest, it could get an odd podium with Russell
Prog Faiz
Prog Faiz 24 napja
I really like this format (1 Pratice then qualy). May be a bit longer Practice.
Bunky80 24 napja
These old school tracks really need to become regular features (Portimao being new still has the old feeling to it). The drivers and fans both love them. FFS they are racing in Saudi Arabia next year on another street circuit.
H Mat
H Mat 24 napja
Look how happy Romain is to be racing at Imola :)
El Majico
El Majico 24 napja
Tomorrow Gasly *is gonna race Albon so hard*
mike portnoy
mike portnoy 24 napja
Valteri to Ferrari in the near future.
Ivan D'souza
Ivan D'souza 24 napja
Paid drivers like latifi are getting exposed
Adriano Antonio
Adriano Antonio 24 napja
Russel P8 tomorrow, Gasly P3, Ricardo P1...🤔
Geo Sebastian
Geo Sebastian 24 napja
Horrible that Kimi's lap time was deleted. F1 taking sides.
DoxTT 24 napja
What’s with the Ferrari blank hats this season?
Ayush Tibrewal
Ayush Tibrewal 24 napja
As a Mclaren fan, I still have to admit Pierre and George are doing amazing, you have to be proud of them (still love Lando and Carlos tho)
Jasper Or
Jasper Or 24 napja
Lando in a beanie is what we need rn
Rodrigo Cruz
Rodrigo Cruz 24 napja
All part of the ferarri master🅱lan
Effect Phoenix
Effect Phoenix 24 napja
I love how Romain is really passionate about racing, he always have the smile and is enjoying the laps.
Alex Tanner
Alex Tanner 24 napja
How is no one talking about George in P13...he has incredible talent and deserves a top seat without a doubt.
Ariff Azuki
Ariff Azuki 24 napja
Seeing albon smiling, makes me smile.
Sachindra Mihindukula
Pretty impressive laps from Bottas,Gasly and Ricciardo...
Ashwanth Alexander
Albon is a sad box of excuses
Patrick Cesalesta
Qulifying reaction just "bwoah" For me.
Muhammad Shahzlee
Sorry but i just feel Ferrari car feels quite heavy.. is it just me or does anyone feels the same way??
하진오 24 napja
rspec2 24 napja
so hard to listen to Lewis when his not in P1
ぶき 24 napja
Spar3 Cus
Spar3 Cus 24 napja
From what kimi and albon said... track limit was little bit confusing imo!
abhinav kashyap
abhinav kashyap 24 napja
Albon: P6: Qualifying was okay P11 - My qualifying was okay P15: Qualifying was okay. :D Meanwhile Gasly qualifies above him.. Finishes race above him
Yuma Amuy
Yuma Amuy 24 napja
Merc turn using u-mask
THE Riften Guard
Latifi talks weird
Alistair Helliwell
I’m so proud of pierre
Mysia 24 napja
Imagine Gasly in Mercedes......
DecentShot Gaming
I love often I see Albon smiling. Nice. Made my day, made me smile.
M. Alfi Tarish
M. Alfi Tarish 24 napja
I actually had a dream about George getting his first point last night. Lets see if it comes true
Yi Qin
Yi Qin 24 napja
I have a random business plan that could increase the amount of people that are interested into f1. My friends and I went go karting today and it was a lot of fun, and I know that a lot of racers started by racing at go kart contests. I was just thinking if it’s possible to increase the amount of younger people interested into formula one by providing more opportunities to experience racing. It could also be an opportunity to recruit young drivers that can prove themselves on the go kart track. Then again, this is just a shower thought so it consists of a lot of flaws. But I do think that f1 should do something that make racing more exciting to the younger generation. Big fan, keep up the great races.
人光 24 napja
Imagine Pierre got a podium this weekend. Boom.
Mark Stankiewicz
Beeny boy Lando...........funny........he's wide open to be Jabbed.......... Riccardo's coming.
Trizzie 24 napja
Helmut Marko made terrible mistakes at Red Bull Racing. He should consider his abilities and workflow. Because Albon reaches beyond level and Gasly is performing phenominal these days. On top of that, Albon was replaced to Red Bull in his Rookie season, even tough Max was still at Toro Rosso in his rookie season. My message to Hornor: Just fire Helmut!
sarif samudra
sarif samudra 24 napja
This now facts of formula one Honda engine almost catches the Mercedes dominant, Mechanic of RedBull already surpass Mercedes, Hope 2021 RedBull can be proud to 2 driver so they can dominate again like in the past
Ryan Hall
Ryan Hall 23 napja
Also don't forget, Mercedes are doing any more development on this car, they have canned all development on the 2020 car and are planning and working on some 2021, while Red Bull are pushing there car for the remainder of the year, So naturally the gap will close between the 2 as the season wheres on.
Crack Cocaine
Crack Cocaine 24 napja
Latifi shouldn’t be racing, an I’m Canadian
Mohammed Siyam
Mohammed Siyam 24 napja
Petition for RIC to have a see through mask?,
Roland Lawrence
Roland Lawrence 24 napja
wow max is a beaten man :O chin up mate.
Mauro MmMmM
Mauro MmMmM 24 napja
Giovinazzi: never lost a position in the first lap in 2020 Also Gio: starts P20 Statistics: *it's free real estate*
Diamond Racing
Diamond Racing 24 napja
Redbull: we need a strong driver that can finish in p4 Gasly: hey look at this Redbull:.......
Sir Lancelott "we'll look into it" Stroll
mukundan nair
mukundan nair 24 napja
Hope Lewis will get the job done tomorrow
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis 24 napja
I wish HAM wasn't wearing Black Lives Matter. It's not at all the organization/purpose that people think.
Dylan Dickeson
Dylan Dickeson 24 napja
Im impressed by Russell this quali !
Li 24 napja
How Sainz said that EVEN ferrari are quicker.....
Amaru 24 napja
I hope bottas wins the race. We can then hear him go off saying F YOU. LOL. That’s all i remember from his wins.
Andrew Torres
Andrew Torres 24 napja
Bottas! For the win!
Patricia Rawson
Patricia Rawson 24 napja
Bottas gets more pompous about being the best!!!!!
Alexandre Nabais
Russel will get points tommorow!!! I BELIEVE!!! I HAVE A FEELING!!! IM EXCITED!!! Also fingers crossed Jhamilton crashes lap 1 with Verstappening and Valteri
BADKALOS 24 napja
Where are the Vettel fans blaming the car now?
Lachlan McMillan
anyone else just wanna see lewis smile
xD4rkridex 24 napja
3:21 honestly that was so nice what he said
Davide Alesi
Davide Alesi 24 napja
Anyway Mercedes 1 and 2... Wow strange usually is never happened Mercedes in the first 2 places 😂
Bondy 24 napja
Way to go Daniel 👍. Anything can happen tomorrow 🇦🇺
Normal Guy
Normal Guy 24 napja
cmon,Gasly for the win,i tired seeing Hamilton winning....(salty Ferrari Fan)
Motorsports Guy
Motorsports Guy 24 napja
Redbull aint having a great time.
B 24 napja
heheh i liked that sentence by giovinazzi: "its a tricky track with the traffic" almost a tongue twister XD
Zaza Natanael
Zaza Natanael 24 napja
Gw gak mudeng bahasa nya😂
Ollie Pearson-Smith
Bottas: I don’t think anyone got a perfect lap Ricciardo- I’m HaPpY wItH mY lAp
Michele Frisoli
Michele Frisoli 24 napja
Gasly should sign for Ferrari seeing has he bosses all the Italian races lol
Elsyvien 24 napja
I normally don't wish for people retiring from a race, but if ham retires we could maybe see another gasly podeum :)
Lord Omiotek
Lord Omiotek 24 napja
It took me so long to realise they were showing the drivers in quali order
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