F1 Esports Pro Series 2020: FINAL RACE, Round 12 

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One more time! We head to Brazil for the final race of the season, where there’s victory and pride on the line. PLUS, stay tuned for our end-of-year awards!
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Edward Onischenko
Really nice idea - esport championship! Looking forward for the next exiting champs!
Joshuha Hodkinson
My phone randomly played this when I was asleep
Rafael Kozechen
Tim Dev
Tim Dev 14 napja
It's the freaking Eurofan! :)
It’z Izaaz!!!
It’z Izaaz!!! 18 napja
I wish F1 Esports races were on the same day as F1 races
Chris Carlson
Chris Carlson 21 napja
Hope Formula 1 2021 comes with better camera options for events like this. Just not enough different views.
Felippe M Marques
Thanks for the best season ever! 👊
Callum Jocelyn
Callum Jocelyn 25 napja
what a finish. Longuet Vs Kiefer / that was insane.
guitargamery 25 napja
like i said a million times...plz get someone else do to do the camera work...it is very very bad. this cant be boring
Simon Larsson
Simon Larsson 26 napja
Nick is so cool and inspiring! If you can do it, maybe I can have a shot as well ;) That's the type of inspiration you are to people Nick Hamilton! I didn't know he was racing in real cars on such a crazy high level! Really impressive!
Logie Bear
Logie Bear 27 napja
Im getting copyright claims from this video when its not even footage of this.
Vic B
Vic B 29 napja
What track tho
ff Ning
ff Ning Hónapja
Maarten van Roij
Nicely done, Jarno. This year a Dutchman World Champion F1 eSports, next year another Dutchman World Champion in real F1. 😜
F Longa
F Longa Hónapja
Mais competitivo, mais disputas.....melhor que a F1 Real.....
peter allridge
peter allridge Hónapja
Adam fix your intros audio no left channel. PS great vids keep it up. From the UK.
burdine estep
burdine estep Hónapja
Well done Jarno, and all other drivers. Well presented crew. Thank you.
burdine estep
burdine estep Hónapja
That's the Hamilton I like.
Taris Henrique
Taris Henrique Hónapja
This could make the Winter Series. Only full races every weekend.
DRS Zone Info
DRS Zone Info Hónapja
kiefer have to worry, albon could join redbull racing ckwk
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris Hónapja
Nic is such a great commentator! I really hope he commentates again for future years. His knowledge of racing is amazing, and he has great insights
Tapas DECHANCE Hónapja
Nj Nico
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Hónapja
This ESports F1 Final Round is what we need.
Finn Conlon
Finn Conlon Hónapja
Brendon Leigh needs a new teammate tbh ?
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara Hónapja
Same woth David Toniz
Z Hommes
Z Hommes Hónapja
Yes another Dutchie!
RoyceRoyal Hónapja
Das war eine geile Saison, geiles Rennen. Danke dafür! Gz an Opmeer.
Ariana Grande Fan
Feel.sorrt Freddie.. his always challenging but never wins the title. Hopefully next season he wins. Bjt who knows with how competitive it is.
Rommel Bunny
Rommel Bunny Hónapja
Akshith Pillari
Akshith Pillari Hónapja
Perez for red bull official seat for 2021
Vlerke Damne
Vlerke Damne Hónapja
Perez has a seat!!!
Colin Baldwin
Colin Baldwin Hónapja
Daniel Evertsson
the lap 25 overtake first corner didnt seem fair to me . marcel was ahead right?
Sunset Hónapja
I honestly think I can beat all of these driver's
Queen's Knight
Queen's Knight Hónapja
not happening.
GatoFeo Hónapja
D Eye's
D Eye's Hónapja
1:21:21 that claw! 😳what did I watch later that night 🙈 Bl ack d
Beats Of Eden
Beats Of Eden Hónapja
Wish there will be something similar for f1 mobile too... 😔🥺😊
django1123 Hónapja
Arxaggelos Dimayl
Picklewiickle. Hónapja
Gamers nothing more
Sim Racing Veteran
Well with the EA buy out of Codemasters. I think it’s time F1 moves to an other game developer. Maybe give KUNOS a call. I’m sure they’ll do a great job making an official F1 Game.
Makgopelo Mkhwanazi
Finally someone thinking with common sense
Lucid Hydra
Lucid Hydra Hónapja
the last laps were utter gold (also proves why brazil should be the last race on the calendar
Joshua Chigoverah
who won guys?!im so exiteddddddd!!!!
RBferalo14 Hónapja
With Rasmussen's penalty and Kiefer fighting for win, 49:12 was almost a mini attack for constructors championship!
Salim Hónapja
This is def more exciting than the real F1. great race
Marcos Leguizamon
Por favor , los harían casteados en español ??
UNIA LTD Hónapja
Well done F1 for such encouragement of esports
David Price
David Price Hónapja
I wish the real F1 season also end in Brazil
Mar Fer Li
Mar Fer Li Hónapja
Então o Brasil patrocina pilotos americanos? Apesar de nascido nos Estados Unidos, de ter vivido e competido neste país, Pietro recebeu 1 milhão de reais de verbas públicas da União através da Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte para um programa intitulado "Programa de Formação do Piloto Pietro Fittipaldi, na Fórmula Nascar".[4]
Vitor Menezes
Vitor Menezes Hónapja
Congratulations opmeer, fantastic race.
Jarno Opmeer
Jarno Opmeer Hónapja
William Cox
William Cox 25 napja
Congrats mate, well done all round.
harshavardhan Vurla
@Purwanti Allan smoothh operatorrr ,grazzie raggazie,vamooss!!😅😂
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Hónapja
@harshavardhan Vurla GET IN THERE ESPORTS.
Sadri Oucharef
Sadri Oucharef Hónapja
the prophecy is fulfilled
Mika Meyers
Mika Meyers Hónapja
Lekker gedaan Jarno!! Gefeliciteerd! ;)
Mateo Vega segovia
Alguien de argentina
DC-SimRacing Hónapja
Jarno Opmeer raced at our community couple years ago! Great learning school i see. Congratz!!!
colpow11 Hónapja
THe piece with Nicholas after the race is amazing. Great stuff Nick.
João Pinto
João Pinto Hónapja
This is so fantastic! That last lap was just breathtaking.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Hónapja
Well done Jarno! Thoroughly deserved! I'm sure James will love his shout out at the end (TRL Limitless) 👍
Obsession Gaming co
Can’t wait for next season !!!!!
ilmelangolo Hónapja
this is so pathetic
lakshmivallabh Hónapja
marquickie Hónapja
Interesting what the future of f1 esport will be with EA taking on codemasters...
Danny Gregory
Danny Gregory Hónapja
@Purwanti Allan Curious why you think that? You know this isn't the same management team and company thay made the old EA F1 games right. They'll do to F1 exactly what they did to FIFA and Madden etc
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Hónapja
@Danny Gregory i hope EA SPORTS will return releasing new F1 games in 2021.
Danny Gregory
Danny Gregory Hónapja
@Pedro Silva That's already the case with the F1 games now. Codemasters don't need EAs help for that
Pedro Silva
Pedro Silva Hónapja
@Danny Gregory the game will be trash but it will still be released yearly, making milions because there are casual people out there who just buy 1 or two games like fifa, madden or f1
Danny Gregory
Danny Gregory Hónapja
@marquickieI have a feeling they'll look the other way like FIFA do because EA will introduce something like "F1 Ultimate Team" or some other BS monetisation which will make Liberty Media their much needed revenue
My Comedy studio
HUrun: Life changer” “Tik tok: Gender changer” “Dhoni: Game changer" formula1:Mood Changer
Salsa Channel
Salsa Channel Hónapja
What super race with Jarno opmeer
Knut Stolzebeck
Knut Stolzebeck Hónapja
Realy no one of this channel thought about cutting the first 13 mins?
T Hónapja
Can you cut stream VODs on HUrun? These get put up automatically after the stream ends, as far as I'm aware.
Jonathan Cournoyer
Congrats Jarno!
If anyone wanna vs me F1 2019 Xbox one , my Gamertag is Colescard
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus Hónapja
Snowwfology Hónapja
ah yes i am a gamer too
Hamza Ali
Hamza Ali Hónapja
This is a very entertaining show
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson Hónapja
Hobbits for commentators
Riccardo Silva
Riccardo Silva Hónapja
Veeery entertaining! Great show!
Jim Gahn
Jim Gahn Hónapja
Like the song at 6:51
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