F1 Esports Pro Series 2020: Round 3 

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No more messing around - the F1 Esports Pro Series is well under way! The search for our 2020 champion continues as we hit Shanghai for Round 3...
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Kuba Napja
Why is there only 360p quality
Eddy Lobo
Eddy Lobo Napja
Opmeer is far the best driver in this Championship
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor 2 napja
360p ?
Marco Frühwald
why only 360p?
poldilite 2 napja
why is the quality so bad?
VG Sorbetto 91
360p... ok
Alberto Escolar
Es un error que la calidad del vídeo sólo sea de 360p. Decepcionanre :(
Panagiotis Bouloutas
There’s a sound when onboard like the gearbox is stuck
Kevin McLaren
Kevin McLaren 4 napja
Love the races - overall commenting/presenters? You guys need to learn what this game is about. Boring.
Hartley Dahl
Hartley Dahl 4 napja
Maybe there should be an age requirement like real Formula 1. Renault has obviously hired a ten year old, and nobody looks old enough to have enjoyed their first scratchy voice moment.
Levente Szabó
Bereznay better than jarno
James Minett
James Minett 4 napja
How many packs of biscuits is brendon hiding in his new seat?
Luca Flaminio
Luca Flaminio 5 napja
What a joke for the Ferrari drivers....
ReacTim 5 napja
Heyo this looks great I’m Australian as well If y’all can subscribe to my channel that would be phenomenal I’ve been grindin and am trying to upload every day I just want a chance to chase my dreams and I know you guys are awesome
Patrik Pályi
Patrik Pályi 5 napja
Most dramatic esport race so far
the Sun
the Sun 6 napja
Mister Orange
Mister Orange 6 napja
There is something about that women that is strange... I mean, she isnt bad or anything, but there is something strange about her Edit: she do be cool, but still
Rachel Hadfield
Saya Anjing
Saya Anjing 6 napja
how can be theres technical issu in this gane?? lol
Mntlchaos Napja
@Saya Anjing yeah I agree, this export has a lot to improve before it should be taken seriously.
Saya Anjing
Saya Anjing 5 napja
@Mntlchaos they sgould be restarted the game if still under 25% of laps like any other esport if one of team get lag or bug by its game mistake so this esport still not ready tobe called an competitive esport p
Mntlchaos 5 napja
I'm assuming they got disconnected or were lagging. That it happened to two people on the same internet connection would make sense.
Callum Jocelyn
56:04 - Don't forget the drink.
Karin Detsch
Karin Detsch 6 napja
Helder Almeida
Lol this more interesting than the real thing
WholeWizard 6 napja
whats up with tonizza
Maxi F
Maxi F 6 napja
What a great race the title stand are changing every race
Sidhu Khuddian
50% race distance must
Revox 6 napja
how is the 20 laps how it's done
Ride All You Can PH
8oooomoooo8 6 napja
welcome to arcade racing
Dhairya Oza
Dhairya Oza 6 napja
In bahrain he could have gone for lunge but he thought about team
Dhairya Oza
Dhairya Oza 6 napja
Dany berezeny lost two races to his team mate because of stretgy
Daxner92 6 napja
Why dont stream the quali?
Matheus Alvarenga Neves
If they did 50% race, we could have some races with 2 or 1 stops.... like in the real formula 1. I think this will give more strategy to the teams and it will become more fun yet!
Charlie Morris
they would all one stop and they would choose not to battle for so long into the race to save tyres and not lose time to the guys around them
Piotr Kobielus
Luigi perrotta
Ma la Ferrari?
Banconslash 6 napja
Banconslash 6 napja
Deividas Navickas
Is the F1 Esports races on PC only?
Rachel Hadfield
j belz
j belz 7 napja
I think Albon will be here next season
Jelle 16 órája
I think norris as well if there is gonna be a lockdown then
Jean-Thomas Mill
José Zambelli
Somos fanáticos de todo el mundo por la F1, en Latinoamérica representamos un alto punto de audiencia y de compra de juegos. Por favor pueden habilitar subtítulos ??? Es mucho pedir??? gracias
Maik Gerrits
Maik Gerrits 7 napja
For people who want to see the top 10 championship standings: 1. Jarno Opmeer 65 pts 2. Marcel Kiefer 41 pts 3. Daniel Bereznay 33 pts 4. Nicolas Longuet 28 pts 5. Frederik Rasmussen 28 pts 6. David Tonizza 25 pts 7. Joni Tormala 20 pts 8. Brendon Leigh 18 pts 9. Alvaro Carreton 14 pts 10. Lucas Blakely 9 pts
Cryptic Alibi
Cryptic Alibi 2 napja
David Beachall no he was outside the top 10 when he got the fastest lap
Harry Hinch
Harry Hinch 4 napja
Took them an hour to start the race but they couldn't show the standings lol
David Beachall
tonizza has 26, he got fastest lap in bahrain
Ahmad Rashidi Suhaimi
Thanks bro. I'm searching for this very much👍
NeXo Gaming
NeXo Gaming 6 napja
Ty appreciate it
Rakzo Racing
Rakzo Racing 7 napja
Animo Fabrizio Donoso!
Sayyid Mohammad Bakhir
First time watching a F1 race
Chi Lok
Chi Lok 7 napja
much more exciting than the real life version but 3 changes I would make to the format (1) change race distance to 50%, (2) make it compulsory for all to race with cockpit view and (3) pro series drivers should use pro hardware i.e. direct drive wheelbases
Charlie Morris
with 50% they would all one stop and they would choose not to battle for so long into the race to save tyres and not lose time to the guys around them
Ufuk Ercan
Ufuk Ercan 6 napja
Lucas blakeley use cockpit view
Salty 6 napja
It'd be so much cooler with the cockpit view
George BA
George BA 7 napja
Race start at 59:53
braadmate 4 napja
Not all heroes wear capes
Sondre Dahlskaas
So where can we see the full qualifying? It's as important as real life, and we should really be able to watch the whole thing... No commentary is fine, but only giving highlights of such an important part just isn't enough imo :)
n5vBill 6 napja
can watch the full qualifying stream on twitch /formula1
Ale Creek
Ale Creek 6 napja
@Rishi Naik no, the official F1 twitch channel stream the qualifying sessions
Rishi Naik
Rishi Naik 6 napja
@Ale Creek Do drivers stream on twitch?
Ale Creek
Ale Creek 6 napja
AlexCb 51
AlexCb 51 7 napja
Jarno Opmeer and Alvaro Carretón were definitely the best drivers of the day WHAT A RACEE🏎
pedred 7 napja
Why aren't they forced to use cockpit view.
Emil Bortnowski
yeah, that should be a must in pro series.
Sergio Buoso
Sergio Buoso 7 napja
Possibile che a Maranello non abbiano una connessione adeguata ?
Banconslash 6 napja
James 6 napja
@Riccardo Silva proprio così
Riccardo Silva
@James questo conferma quello che altri ed anche io sosteniamo da tempo, e che cioè f1 esports è uno spettacolo bello e coinvolgente ed un vero sport ma necessita di una piattaforma migliore
James 7 napja
@Riccardo Silva hanno detto che la connessione non c'entrava niente, il gioco è semplicemente crashato perché è pieno di bug e fa cagare
Riccardo Silva
Mah, l'anno scorso a Bereznyk si sono rotti i pedali, che erano sicuramente first class...gli inconvenienti capitano in F1 e, anche se un pò diversi, anche in F1 esports. Comunque sono perplesso anch'io: che cavolo è successo? Un fulmine ha brasato i computer? A Maranello devono avere una connessione coi controcaxxi, specie per queste occasioni!
Li Hua
Li Hua 7 napja
are there no standings to look up anywhere?
Justin Moraga
Justin Moraga 7 napja
Lol the revs issue on the replays is so funny come on Codies!
UN F1 RACING 7 napja
UNITED NATIONS F1 RACING🏎💨🏁, is a PS4 F1 E-Sports league, dedicated to following along with the real-life F1 calendar and weather every Sunday! 1:00PM EST / 6:00PM UK @UNF1racing on instagram, twitter, twitch.
kudason 7 napja
Nicolas Longuet is Bot Kubica
Riccardo Silva
I noticed that too! He looks so similar!
Adams 789
Adams 789 7 napja
can you show the championship standing please?
Luiz Gustavo
Luiz Gustavo 7 napja
I would love to see a Williams racing a Mercedes like that in Shanghai. Mercedes is ruining the sport
Luiz Gustavo
Luiz Gustavo 6 napja
@S M I would like to thank you for this polite and respectful reply
S M 6 napja
Every decade there are teams that dominate. I have watched F1 for 40 years and seen McLaren, Williams, Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes dominate for seasons or much longer. I know what you mean but other teams will catch up and then you will see another team take the advantage and dominate. This esports series is very competitive and great to watch. It is also more accessible to participation - you don't need huge expense/massive sponsorship to enjoy sim racing
George Snarr
George Snarr 7 napja
wish they did 50% races 😔 would be so sick
Chris McDonald
100% all the way
Thomas K
Thomas K 7 napja
At least they do 35 now
Yaminabototal 7 napja
opmeer cant buy a decent camera ggwp
Li Hua
Li Hua 7 napja
i think he wants to save data...
Zukumeka1 7 napja
Всем привет! Hello!
Rob West
Rob West 7 napja
Never seen easport race before. It's more entertaining then real race ;)
Edvard Kosina
Edvard Kosina 7 napja
Ilove how alfa came into the f1 esports so strongly, have been cheering them on since the sart!
Rick Heemskerk
I like how Mercedes has a driver called Bono
Dr. MG M
Dr. MG M 3 napja
@Mads Husfeldt Oh thanks for the info :)
Mads Husfeldt
Mads Husfeldt 4 napja
@Dr. MG M their reserve driver is called Bono Huis i think
Dr. MG M
Dr. MG M 6 napja
He's Bari Boroumand not Bono
Kochen und backen mit Jann und Frank
Then he calles: Lewis, my tyres are dead, i cant keep the car behind!
GRIM 21212
GRIM 21212 7 napja
Nick's personality is so much more likeable than Lewis. But I guess 6 championships can blow your ego up.
Karn Ingham
Karn Ingham 7 napja
Yeah I think most personalities are more likeable then Lewis sadly haha.
cinegraphics 7 napja
This almost looks better than the real thing.
David Kim
David Kim 6 napja
@Janko Jvs Speech -100
Blamblo 6 napja
@Janko Jvs nice argumentative skills mate.
oi mate
oi mate 6 napja
@Janko Jvs and?
oi mate
oi mate 6 napja
@Janko Jvs yes I know how to read
Janko Jvs
Janko Jvs 7 napja
@oi mate do you know how to read?
Seiyariu 7 napja
lave vaisselle 3000
I'm sad for Nicolas Longuet
I couldn't have timed my dentist appointment any better lol.
F1 Union
F1 Union 7 napja
Calling all league racers! Like if you are here! 🏎🏎🏎
Owen’s Beats
Why do they sit so close to the wheel
Juul Thijssen
Juul Thijssen 7 napja
Pretty much the same as real life really
Jace Johnson
Jace Johnson 7 napja
Easier on the arms I'm guessing.
Kenan Sarangi
Kenan Sarangi 7 napja
What happened to Tonizza, I'm so confused!
Edvard Kosina
Edvard Kosina 7 napja
it was a technical issue that logged them out. Wathc the end though
Faze’s chicken
@Mihai Nicolae nice lol
Mihai Nicolae
Mihai Nicolae 7 napja
The game suddenly tweaked the ferrari’s performance to match the real life car.
n5vBill 7 napja
Connection went out for the whole ferrari team
R A N 7 napja
Ferrari got network problems
Toasted' Nugget_'
Valaki magyar
Domonkos Majer
Itt vagyoook!!!😀😀😀
Dániel Seregi
Peter D'angelo
Why nico rosberg isn't here?
Peter D'angelo
@max mustermann no i mean not in one race; why isn't he in the f1esports from the beginning.... I mean it is perfect for him; he does track analysis on his channel using the F1 game...
Slahudeen Hussain
@max mustermann I'm pretty sure he means as a presenter
max mustermann
bc he is not a e sport driver? he would be way of the pace of the rest...
The Tarkhmog
The Tarkhmog 7 napja
The Tarkhmog
The Tarkhmog 6 napja
@Riccardo Rivera it's a joke I know
Will's Epic Channel
They disconnected
Riccardo Rivera
Game bug... yesterday this bug happens to the 2 Mclaren
Xuran135 7 napja
Yh, and getting defeated by Alpha Romeo
Charlie Deakin
F1 2019 All Crashes and Spins
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