F1 Esports Pro Series 2020: Round 6 

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Who will prevail as the F1 Esports Pro Series arrives in Austria? Join us for live coverage of our sixth race of 2020!
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2020.nov. 5.






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Malcolm Fong
Malcolm Fong 6 napja
Wait, so Opmeer is not getting any penalty at all for the crash with Tonizza????? Wow it's so unfair to Tonizza, I really hope it's just a glitch
Alberto Escolar
¡Gran carrera de Álvaro Carretón! Y muy buena estrategia de los RedBull adelantándole a la vez aprovechando que Carretón no tenía DRS por ir el primero. También muy inteligente la estrategia de neumáticos de Opmeer; si la carrera dura un par de vueltas más termina primero. Contento de que el otro piloto español, Dani Moreno, puntuase en esta carrera :) Un saludo desde España.
MR. AASN The Antisocial Zeroone
Enoff is enoff great reference
Maxi F
Maxi F 17 napja
Mega race Redbull 1-2 on home track & the title leader on the podium great at the final weekend of the F1 2020 season we will see an Mega esports firework festival of battles, Overtakes & crash who will take the F1 2020 Esports title it's the raining Champ Tonizza, The leader Opmeer, the Redbull duo or Bereznay all we know is this weekend Hamilton can equals with Schumis 7 title on the Mega up & downhill Istanbul circute
Zsombor Farkas
Zsombor Farkas 18 napja
mennyé Dani mennyé!😄
Pedro Arnold
Pedro Arnold 18 napja
Quando é a próxima corrida?
MrCoreForce 18 napja
Race Start at 35:55 Thank me later
desmoAle121 18 napja
opmeer is just unbelievable this year
Keith O Farrell
Keith O Farrell 18 napja
Great job by the Red Bulls to keep Opmeer behind them, Some teamwork. Then with the crash he obviously didn't hear or see anything from his team(that's what I think) because his race could of been ruined aswell(just unfortunate I guess), Great teamwork used by Red bull all the same. I'm only a new subscriber to your channel but im glad I came across it. I'm a fan of Opmeer so far so hope he does well. Thank you for the entertainment FORMULA 1 from a fan in Dublin, Ireland 👍👍
Zeljko Madzo
Zeljko Madzo 18 napja
Is it only me who finds it ridiculous how much they are riding curbs before entry into a corner? This has always been my problem with this game for a so called sim racing perspective looks to unrealistic to how the real drivers drive the cars..... In ACC for example the disparity in lap times for Pro´s and real life is not that much and also how you drive in the sim vs real life.
MiniBomba1995 18 napja
35:50 Race Start
David Daumoser
David Daumoser 18 napja
Are the cars the same?
DeadlineToday 18 napja
The car setups are different
n5vBill 18 napja
n5vBill 18 napja
Jaden Hoosen
Jaden Hoosen 19 napja
Can I ask how they make a 25 lap race because a 50% race at Austria is like 36 laps and a 25% race is I think 17/18 laps?
Jaden Hoosen
Jaden Hoosen 18 napja
@CRG_Criptoniite Ohh ok thank you
CRG_Criptoniite 18 napja
They are doing 35% races this year but you can't do that on your game unfortunately. They use a different version of the game with more options.
Daniel Perretta
Daniel Perretta 18 napja
@Jaden Hoosen 🦊
Jaden Hoosen
Jaden Hoosen 18 napja
@Daniel Perretta I didnt know you could do that
Daniel Perretta
Daniel Perretta 18 napja
Its 33.3% of the real F1 race distance.
Erik3E 19 napja
17:15 How tf did Opmeer win after that incident. No penalty no nothing? .... That makes the entire sim community look like a joke
seb vettel
seb vettel 18 napja
It was game glitch he didn't see david
Jaden Hoosen
Jaden Hoosen 19 napja
So I think what happened is that what you see is not what Opmeer saw On Opmeer's screen apparently Tonizza wasnt there
Muhammad Faturrahman Al Ghozi Official
Indonesia goes to Formula one 2020 & 2021
Usha Elangalloor
Is wtf1 commentating
Zorawar 14
Zorawar 14 18 napja
Yes his name is Matt Gallagher
The Casual Gamer
These guys get paid and they only do 25 laps, races need to be longer so more mistakes can happen. I hope it’s simulation damage at least. Boring as frack.
Bharath krishnan
In game alfa romeo in front in real life mercedes in front
Jonathan Balkaran
This is much more fun and competitive than real f1
Vectro42 18 napja
More fun? Meh.. more competitive? Definitely
Rachid El amiri
Rachid El amiri 19 napja
لا أتكلم الإنجليزية 🤭🤭🤭
Rachid El amiri
Rachid El amiri 19 napja
احب F1 وأحب فيراري وأحب شارل لوكلير وأحب برنامجكم حظ موقف
Gareth Nyland
Gareth Nyland 19 napja
Opmeer is an animal! And gg to redbull that defensive strategy was crazy
Christian 19 napja
GG, Red Bull Team 👏🏼
DACK 19 napja
Natalie is so gorgeous
Zenvious 19 napja
Whats up with Tonizza? Did he get a 2020 Ferrari?
itz_ Ludgam3r
itz_ Ludgam3r 9 napja
@1234567890 0987654321 Oh ok, thats weird
1234567890 0987654321
@itz_ Ludgam3r because of the bug...... he couldnt see opmeer and opmeer couldnt see him. they where invisible for eachother thats why opmeer never had drs of tonizza even tho he was closer then 1 second.
itz_ Ludgam3r
itz_ Ludgam3r 15 napja
@n5vBill "Bug" It was Opmeer killing him
n5vBill 18 napja
First Race - Crashed into, damage on lap 1 Second Race - Won Third Race - Disconnected from 5th (whole Ferrari team lost connection) Fourth Race - 11th Fifth Race - Bug sent him literally flying from P2 Sixth Race - 10th
Pan Piks
Pan Piks 19 napja
Some bad luck and not great race pace
henry hill
henry hill 19 napja
21.00 mins in
henry hill
henry hill 19 napja
Why is this bredda standing there rubbing himsilf 😩
Keto Genesis
Keto Genesis 19 napja
Jayolic 19 napja
Show some respect man he's got cerebral palsy. I think it's awesome Nick Hamilton has found his own place in F1
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 19 napja
Tshak ut774
Tshak ut774 19 napja
how many races will there be?
Pan Piks
Pan Piks 19 napja
6 more
TRL Isaaz
TRL Isaaz 19 napja
Yooo JD here Trl limitless
Motivational power
Never knew that trl limitless is team manager of alfa romeo guess he is putting some of that extra rotation for opmeer 's car
Ale Creek
Ale Creek 18 napja
And as you can see
Ameya23 19 napja
Here as well?
Jonathan_W 19 napja
Opmeer is on another level this year.
Mr.Astatine 15 napja
@Rocksteady I was just confused mate
Rocksteady 16 napja
@Mr.Astatine Then dont correct someone if you dont know these things
Mr.Astatine 18 napja
@SpaCeDoUT CODM Dude I m new to all these things....... Go ez on me mate I didn't know about ERS
SpaCeDoUT CODM 18 napja
@Mr.Astatine you idiot it’s ERS. And Jared he barely uses ERS but still has soo much pace. I would say his ERS saving skills are very impressive
Mr.Astatine 18 napja
@Jared Matthew Falck DRS 🙄
Peter’s Playtime
Luca Valente
Luca Valente 19 napja
What only 3 comments
There are 69 now mate.
Benjamin Ivey
Benjamin Ivey 19 napja
Am I the first comment?
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