F1 Esports Pro Series 2020: Rounds 1 & 2 LIVE! 

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The search for our next F1 Esports Pro Series superstar continues. Join us for races in Bahrain and Vietnam as the stars of the F1 Esports Pro Series do battle once more!
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Gareth Nyland
Gareth Nyland 2 napja
I need to join a league
Projeto e-Piloto
go go go
Track limits in Bahrein were too forgiving I think. Besides, in normal racing if you get out of track limits you get punished by lower grip but not in this game.
Alberto Escolar
¡Genial! Un poco brusca la entrada en los boxes ¿no?
Vorrn 4 napja
Have I missed something? It's 18:46 into the video. I have no idea how many teams there are or what they're called. I have no idea who the drivers are or which team they're driving for. This is the first event or at least that's what I understand, so why no build up. So far It's a thumb down from me so I hope it's going to improve or I'll have to give it a miss.
ReacTim 5 napja
Heyo this looks great I’m Australian as well If y’all can subscribe to my channel that would be phenomenal I’ve been grindin and am trying to upload every day I just want a chance to chase my dreams and I know you guys are awesome
Tiago Vilhana da Silva
I dont like the way they watch esports with this perspective
Harry Dymond
Harry Dymond 5 napja
Airbus Dumbledore
Honestly what are we doing here, racing or play a game?
Karin Detsch
Karin Detsch 6 napja
Revox 6 napja
how is the 20 and 19 laps how it's done ??
fraggi 6 napja
I wish they would use a realistic damage-mod. Would make this somewhat more interesting
Rawnak Shroudness
simon did a multiplayer slam on David
shanefanon 6 napja
wow ...
CJ. 7 napja
This commentator is so much better
UN F1 RACING 7 napja
UNITED NATIONS F1 RACING🏎💨🏁, is a PS4 F1 E-Sports league, dedicated to following along with the real-life F1 calendar and weather every Sunday! 1:00PM EST / 6:00PM UK @UNF1racing on instagram, twitter, twitch.
JR Smith
JR Smith 7 napja
Does anyone know why the skip Australia?
Hooch 7 napja
"esports" "pro" how insulting to actual sports and professionals.
Daniel Dambeck
They get paid alot of money because these are the top-racers in this game. Just like in the real F1 its all about pace and experience. Keeping their concentration and focus that high is also an enourmous act and isnt that easy as you might think.
Samuel Robson
Samuel Robson 6 napja
you should probably look up the the definition of professional
Firstname Lastname
These guys are professionals in esports, just look at how consistently fast they are, absolute aliens
Scott Atwater
Scott Atwater 7 napja
xbigcalx 7 napja
no parc ferme tho? that takes the whole point of missing Q2 and 3
KP L 7 napja
Alfa - pure power 🍀
Ludvic Freire
Ludvic Freire 7 napja
"right -left" Tyre. Nice one matt
Scott Atwater
Scott Atwater 7 napja
Why did Baldwinn pit so early?
Scott Atwater
Scott Atwater 7 napja
Scott Atwater
Scott Atwater 7 napja
Poor Tonzilla!! Someone hit him?
Scott Atwater
Scott Atwater 7 napja
Gotta be Bereznay's year!!! He's had some bad luck in the past n it can't continue forever!
Scott Atwater
Scott Atwater 7 napja
Longuet? Where has he been hiding?
Scott Atwater
Scott Atwater 7 napja
YoLo LP 7 napja
This is probably one of the best racing games till now, thanks for video!
Adam Isailovic
For F1, yes. For GT3/4, Assetto Corsa Competizione game has awesome races too. Check SimSport channel, 12H of Nurbugring with Mr. Jenson Button :)
DAVID Ohrem 7 napja
Etwas Deff
Patrik Pályi
Patrik Pályi 7 napja
Szép volt Dani 🙌
Джимми Нейтрон
35% races are better but i'm still waiting for 50% ones
Karin Detsch
Karin Detsch 7 napja
929279, 537354, 88884
Julian Pietsch
Start Stream: 7:40 min.
Julian Pietsch
Start Race 2: 1:03:02 Stunden
Julian Pietsch
Qualifying Race 2: 56:21 min.
Julian Pietsch
Race 1: 18:40 min.
Julian Pietsch
Race Calendar: 10:30 min.
AppleLauda 7 napja
OYC 7 napja
Ferrari go brrrrr
Tolga Kocyigit
Codemaster need to improve the game mechanics
Felipe Ferreira
tonniza is the man!
Pablo Pedrosa
Pablo Pedrosa 7 napja
Anastasiia Koniaieva
*eSport* *F1* : 1. Too many unclear, muddy "ways" to qualifying in 2021. Why is it so complicated? 2. Two quali in one "livestream", but the first isn't even full. Why? Why don't you make just a live Quali and Race for each event? Specially, when the race is only 35% distance long. Or You can broadcast the livestream of each Quali on Saturday, and the Race on Sunday, like it is in the real F1. - Two quali in one prerecorded broadcast, but no race. Why? Who makes that decision? Why do you like to make things so muddy? - 35% of race is a joke. - Still no live broadcast like in real F1, when the fans can be involved. Prerecorded session is a joke. - Big issues with technical part: bad microphones, bad livetiming graphics (scanty sector time's comparison looks like: you're So lazy, to do more of Real F1 graphics), poor video broadcasting (too much of showing commentators, too little of real eSport F1 action), poor scenario: too much talking is boring to watch. Overall, it looks like missed opportunities. Real shame! P.S. I've read the rules about qualifying of 2021, and it blew up my mind: So many "ways" too get involved, but it's not clear for what is the time trial, for what is the weekly events? Just too many useless words. Make it clear for everyone.
Jaiten Devjani
The qualifying is shown in full on F1’s twitch channel. Also it is not prerecorded it is shown live.
Idrees Ismail
Idrees Ismail 7 napja
What a bunch of nerds!
M B 7 napja
Why was this better than real life F1
Hạnh Nhâm
Hạnh Nhâm 7 napja
Ice Cream Tv
Ice Cream Tv 7 napja
Guess who back Back again eSports back Tell a friend
Master Pax
Master Pax 8 napja
1 28 52 full revs
łukasz m
łukasz m 8 napja
🦅 Orlen 👏
Iviša 8 napja
32:41 That "Oh so close!" sounds familiar
Ale Creek
Ale Creek 7 napja
And they touched
Norris Mckay
Norris Mckay 8 napja
The last few laps in Hanoi circuit track was actually crazy i've ever watched
[MxQ]SaucySev 8 napja
I just absolutely love the energy put into this. Everything is just brilliant.
Skunk Realm
Skunk Realm 8 napja
Can we have F1s cars in Gran Turismo 7, pretty please!
Dayrahl 8 napja
They racing in cockpit yet?
Dick Dagger
Dick Dagger 8 napja
This is the gayest thing I've ever seen
TiltEV 8 napja
You'd be shocked how big the esports scene is in general, the prizepool of some major competitions can be as high as $40,000,000 USD (The International 2020)
2020 F1
2020 F1 8 napja
It seems that only really great F1 GAME masters will come out and learn a little
dmoney69812 8 napja
Pro series doing 20 laps. They should be doing at least 50% races and honestly 100% to be pro.
Akshay 8 napja
wanna try racing against them?
Jakub Skohoutil
The rev glitch in F1 Esports. Guess there's nothing else left to make Codi finally do something about it
Borsikeitto 8 napja
Opmeer is my favorite
Yasin Nazik
Yasin Nazik 8 napja
Better Then real f1
Nicholas David Hutabarat
Race 2 making a leading group like a train-
Javier Yeo
Javier Yeo 8 napja
Why is there still no Singapore?! That race track is a classic, it will really test the drivers skills.
revbouncer 8 napja
Natalie is so gorgeous with a sweet heart
pyrho1 8 napja
Are they all on PCs? Or do they use consoles
Daddy1724 8 napja
Motorsports Guy
The time Mercedes isnt Dominant in a Simulator.
Bruce Walson Abellanosa
Oh noooooo i miss the live esports
Yianni Ts
Yianni Ts 8 napja
Tonzilla is something else
toffolotty 8 napja
Please more of this! So cool, I'm so into it
Sergio Buoso
Sergio Buoso 8 napja
Grande Tonizza, purtroppo penalizzato in gara 1. Necessario partire davanti, per non rimanere intruppato.
y1521t21b5 8 napja
Whatever happened to _Leigh?_ No one still competing has regressed more than him since he last won the title...
Zdoroviy Antony
@Bryan Alexander Leigh dominated in F1 2018.
Bryan Alexander
@Florian Hansen have you ever played f1 2015-17 before? If you have, you can feel the difference. Or maybe depends on what steering method you are using.. keyboars, controller, or steering wheel
Florian Hansen
@Bryan Alexander Not really, F1 2019 drove horribly nervous. If it was for that reason he would‘ve been a real competitor there too
Bryan Alexander
Now codemasters make the car more easier to control, so that what makes everyone more competitive now
Bryan Alexander
He's just cant matching the the f1 2018-2020 game driving style.. because 2018-2020 car handling is not so nervous anymore. 2015-2017 f1 games has a sensitive nervous car handling.. so the car so hard to control. maybe only leigh who can handled it perfectly back then..
Yue Fei
Yue Fei 8 napja
It would be nice if there was actual Virtual F1 constructors other than the irl constructors who build the cars for the F1 esports tourneys based on the actual FiA technical regs, and race them in the esports GP.
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alvaro vitali
alvaro vitali 8 napja
Tonizza G.O.A.T
AlexCb 51
AlexCb 51 8 napja
The Battle between Tonizza and Longuet in the Last Four laps of the second Race was lengendary 👏🏻🏎
Anna Smyrnova
Anna Smyrnova 8 napja
The only gamę Russell my get a point
baran .aksoy
baran .aksoy 8 napja
Such nonsense! No strategy, no real life car performance! What is this? F2!? Why aren’t they racing at least %50 laps. We can as viewers have more of an entertaining race and strategy also comes into play. Wasn’t 2020 Italian GP entertaining as the team with the best strategy came out on top? Wasn’t it worth watching a team from the back win? Wasn’t it!!?
baran .aksoy
baran .aksoy 7 napja
@Fedealbi30 wdym logistic problems?
Yasin Nazik
Yasin Nazik 8 napja
You are nonsense
Fedealbi30 8 napja
Its true. With a 100% or 50% race there woud be much more strategy, but there would be less races and points to achieve due to logistic problems
Fedealbi30 8 napja
1) they are not playing just for losing with a bad car. 2) there is still a lot of strategy as you can see with the tyre choice. 3) they go for 25% so that they can play 4 races. 4) this is very entertaining, with many overtakes and not just the best car front running the whole race. Monza its something that happens once every 2 or 3 years
Scott Elder
Scott Elder 8 napja
Glad I clicked on this and stuck around for Matt Gallagher, incredibly close racing and the last few laps of Hanoi were insane
FIREDELL10 8 napja
Codemasters really need to fix that spectator sound glitch, eh?
freshyeye47 6 napja
They definitely do, it's so sad to watch official racing with this glitch
Flamarz 7 napja
Will probably have to wait until the 2025 game
MrMalthe 7 napja
Im with you 😅
satyris410 8 napja
Nick Hamilton is awesome, it would be awesome to have him commentate on F1 proper on his brother's race wins. He's got that great commentator's voice you could listen to for 2 hours!
Stardem 6 napja
@GUS 28yt Yes
GUS 28yt
GUS 28yt 7 napja
Is Nick brother of Lewis??
Tiago GTSport
Tiago GTSport 8 napja
if F1 was a one make championship I bet it would look similar to this
Joe Rose
Joe Rose 8 napja
This is like formula 2 feature race but f1
r00ks 8 napja
When will they ever implement a replay function like other race simulations? Man that would be nice, to see a replay of a maneuver....
Lucas Ávila
Lucas Ávila 7 napja
@r00ks yeah I miss that kind of feature as well. And I’d like if they could possibly allow infinit spectators just like CSGO.
hooderaw 8 napja
you can rewind it!
celia cw
celia cw 8 napja
@n5vBill it is the same case irl too. Races are live so i don’t see why they couldn't have replays in esport
Ron Benabu
Ron Benabu 8 napja
@r00ks you can, there is a view highlights option
r00ks 8 napja
@n5vBill I agree in these Pro Races. But what about my own online races? I would like to see that after the race, too.
Marco Porfido
Marco Porfido 8 napja
Tonizza great pilot! Forza Tonizza,forza Ferrari💪👍
Dont You Fucking Look At Me
Nicholas is cooler than his brother honestly
I like the use of those real graphics when they close in or when it shows, how their position is compared to the grid position, adds immersion and has that F1 feeling
would be awesome for the fastest laps as well but I don't know the workload that would require
Just Sus
Just Sus 8 napja
n5vBill 8 napja
Great to see the additions of the real life graphics, makes it much more professional and better to watch. And the addition of Alex Jacques too😉
Lisa Ruhm
Lisa Ruhm 7 napja
@Agil Anjas I think he meant the display that shows the last laps of 2 fighting for a place, and so on.
Agil Anjas
Agil Anjas 7 napja
Please tell me,i didn't notice that.i had two time watch the video
n5vBill 7 napja
@Agil Anjas watch the video
Agil Anjas
Agil Anjas 8 napja
Can you tell me when they're said that they adding the real life graphics?
mat123 8 napja
whats the song in the intro/highlights on start?
Vendri Muslim
Vendri Muslim 8 napja
Intro is f1 them by bryan tyler. I dont know the highlights, sorry.
Piotr Kobielus
TwinCouger 24
TwinCouger 24 8 napja
The only time Mercedes will be 12 and 13
Joe Bilek
Joe Bilek 7 napja
@Macky it pops up as the top comment
Aiden Romine
Aiden Romine 7 napja
And if Hockenhiem comes back to the schedule
Macky 7 napja
@Harry Hinch don't read the comment before you watch the video?
Bryan Alexander
Meanwhile in real life Mercedes be like 1-2 and 1-3
I‘d love to see this with normal damage though. Would make it even more interesting :)
Jarno Opmeer
Jarno Opmeer 8 napja
@PoweredbyLicht noo last year it was full aswell👀
@n5vBill last year they mentioned it was reduced
Bojan RONDRAS 8 napja
This is just how the damage is in the game, its awful.
n5vBill 8 napja
They are running simulation damage.
Xenos A
Xenos A 8 napja
Are they really on reduced damage????
Daniel Löfgren
In car view only and some track limits would be nice
Jesse 8 napja
In game track limits are on regular. They have adjudicators that give penalties if needed.
Ben WC
Ben WC 8 napja
5 comments whaa
Rebuildingz 8 napja
That last few laps in Hanoi...absolutely brilliant. Honestly real f1 would be so much more entertaining if the cars were equal.
Dodo nub
Dodo nub 5 napja
*laughs in f2*
caioangelo_ 8 napja
Then just watch indycar, F1 isn't only about the drivers and the entertainment, but is also an engineering competition
Sharva Potdar
Sharva Potdar 8 napja
Yes, let's just make it F2 but advanced -_-
Craig Curtis
Craig Curtis 8 napja
Watching them almost off-track before a corner makes it a tad irritating for me. I know it's to maximise corner speed but I don't see it in real F1.
it always bugs me when I am playing the game that if you don't use the controller for years or better arent a veteran wheel user you get ages of penalties when you push and even those get some, especially depending on the track. Just feels so unsatisfying und unfulfilling to drive, knowing you either go way too slow or get penalties, as it requires absolute precision. I just rather have the ability to just throw it in and send it and it creates such gaps in favor of experienced users, especially on wheel
personally, I think they do it in f1 (however they are starting to restrict it more), like at the exit of the last corner in russia and prefer it that way, some spice, especially if they all know where to cut that tiny bit. Better than having restrictions and requirements for every corner and some kind of penalty management, we just want them all to be able to just push to the maximum. I want to see racing as raw as possible but with mutual respect for each other and more rules seems to equate to more subjective designs or outright wrong ones in my opinion. Someone understeers into turn 1 or is locking up and cant brake much harder and gets a penalty, even if it rather loses time than gaining time (in real f1, look at the turn 1 decisions in sochi or in other fields as well, like jump starts)
Dont You Fucking Look At Me
Well the games aren't still that realistic,but if a more casual player plays them its real fun
Random J
Random J 8 napja
This ain’t f1
Xenos A
Xenos A 8 napja
They drive on so many kerbs, irl F1 tyres would be burnt through in 3 laps
Juan Carlos F
Juan Carlos F 8 napja
I whish real races were that close
Da Medusa
Da Medusa 6 napja
chucknorris9896 it wouldn’t be f1 then. It would be a series.
Stardem 6 napja
Bruh it's a video game lol
Jasper Trinidad
I Whish tho
dudas97 youtube channel
They are in v8 supercars
I like the idea of a salary cap
Noah Maskrey
Noah Maskrey 8 napja
Why was it so difficult to get to this video?
Alexis Péneau
I want to do this !!
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