F1 Esports Pro Series 2020: Rounds 4 & 5 LIVE! 

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Let’s go! Event 3 of the 2020 F1 Esports Pro Series is ready! Join us as we race at for the first time ever Zandvoort, as well as Circuit Gilles Villeneuve!
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2020.nov. 4.






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Alberto Escolar
¡Ánimo a los 3 pilotos hispañoparlantes! Un saludo desde España.
cyberpunk7 10 napja
Opmeer should have been penalized for dangerous driving. He does not give him enough space to stay on the track and he knocks Tonizza into the wall.
Roger Michel
Roger Michel 16 napja
Where is the race direction????
17M323 Mohamed Irshadh K
what happen marcel keifer he downin quali
Jonathan alis
Jonathan alis 17 napja
common, jarno should be black flagged
Maxi F
Maxi F 17 napja
Mega races but opmeer seriously should get a penalty for this Dangerous move on Tonizza at Montréal but it can be his amazing season Rassmussen & Kiefer fight as the Renault fights for the title great season
Eddy Lobo
Eddy Lobo 17 napja
What the hack!!!! 1:23:04
Eddy Lobo
Eddy Lobo 17 napja
CODMASTER, fix the onboard engine sound is being a long time with the same problem
Ahmarel Virgio
Ahmarel Virgio 17 napja
Opmeer didn’t saw him ? I don’t think so the replay was clear
Justin M.
Justin M. 18 napja
@1:23:02-1:23:09, that brings back memories of the HUrunr Championship
Peter ktm
Peter ktm 18 napja
1st of all esports f1 is much more spectacular(especially the last year's) than the real f1 after 2010 and more the2014 era....and 2nd rasmussen is like Christian's Horner child!!!
girandole 18 napja
seems to me that Tonizza doesn't have a very stable internet connection given that he was disconnected in the last tournament as well.
Talib Mongalo
Talib Mongalo 18 napja
F for Ferrari
Donair 18 napja
Jezza slade
Jezza slade 18 napja
No thanks. I’ve got a fkn racing game at home .
Jezza slade
Jezza slade 18 napja
It’s electric also
Alan Braaa
Alan Braaa 18 napja
seems like the game probably lagged for opmeer and david ghosted/dropped back when in reality they were side by side. Opmeer took the corner like normal without realising david was there. It may be more clear that there was some kind of lag since the contact did nothing to opmeer car whatsoever which suggests the game was glitching.
Fede Biva
Fede Biva 18 napja
Opmeer deserved a penalty
Nicolas Solano
Nicolas Solano 18 napja
This game is getting better and better but really needs improved collision/damage physics and reworked spectator mode.
dylan wijkamp
dylan wijkamp 18 napja
Game getting better? Graphics yes but online racing is at the worst point it’s been in 5 years
Hrag Lakhian
Hrag Lakhian 18 napja
Constructors standings pls
Ákos Fődi
Ákos Fődi 18 napja
For HaloHUD graphics, check my channel! ;)
Transport Channel
1:23:00 Big crash
hooderaw 19 napja
You guys really need to improve on the production. You missed key battles like donoso when he came out the pit on softs and was .011 behind until there was some type of collision but you didn't even mention it. he was on softs and was expected to make some time up on his second stint. then, you really never show the tires graphics so we know how long drivers have been on their tires especially when you can't show every battle on screen. Just my opinion as there is much room for improvement.
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 18 napja
They are improving it every year
hooderaw 18 napja
@Trusten Baker And F1 racing is just a game. I still expect then to give the best production as possible just like any 'game' I watch.
hooderaw 18 napja
it's past lap 20 but you are still showing the number of stops instead of the tire graphic when this is more important towards the end of the race.
Trusten Baker
Trusten Baker 18 napja
It's just a game dude! lol
Automobili 19 napja
Worst online gameplay ever by Codemasters. Crazy!
Kacper Wiciński
perfect race Alfa Romeo Racing Esports
MannySkullx 19 napja
Do the mechanics make mistakes 😅
Mister Orange
Mister Orange 19 napja
They do need realistic damage on
Ghozt-S 19 napja
At first Glande I thought it was the real one xd
c__j_r 19 napja
how tf did he flew at 1:23:04
Timbraska 18 napja
The cars glitched into one another which sent one of them flying off.
Abdul Majid Shahbaz Samad
broken game physics
Vedant Bansal
Vedant Bansal 19 napja
I feel bad for David Tonizza
So Shi
So Shi 19 napja
what ping are they playing on? it's so smooth?
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi
You call this smooth? I'm pretty sure the game doesn't even support 120 hz tickrate witch is considered the minimum for e-sport
Daniel Perretta
Daniel Perretta 19 napja
Why do they end the stream, without waiting for the final results!?! What a joke! Keep pushing Kiefer
George Trakas
George Trakas 19 napja
LOL they all look like theyre too close to their moniters. And I thought seating positions effected race pace.
Nemanja Vla
Nemanja Vla 19 napja
Sad for Tonizza but very happy for James baldwin scoring his first points of the series
In the esports are the cars set to realistic or equal?
Marki 19 napja
They are equal
Max -
Max - 19 napja
The cars are equal,it will be very unfair if they set it to realistic
Edward Jam
Edward Jam 19 napja
So many T-Cam noobs.
Edward Jam
Edward Jam 17 napja
@scott R basically yes :). There should be a forced cockpit version of this league for non noobs.
scott R
scott R 17 napja
heh..fastest sim noobs on the planet
Max B
Max B 18 napja
It's just the fastest camera as you can see where more of the surroundings around the car
thebeuken 19 napja
Is europe the only continent competing?
Zaphod 18 napja
It's where most of the best drivers live. And where F1 is most popular. I think there's one or two competitors outside of Europe, but for the most part, the Europeans rule the top of the rankings.
Ryan Schuck
Ryan Schuck 19 napja
Why can't Bono be Bono Huis's race engineer 😂
RANKKY 19 napja
I just hope Codemasters loses their license to make the f1 games
Girija The Saviour
@Ryan Ng heard of Metal Gear SURVIVE
Zaphod 18 napja
No game is perfect. Even iRacing has issues in online races. Net code incidents occur all the time. Even games like GT Sport and ACC have issues.
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 18 napja
To go to EA,the quality will improve but we will have to pay for my team and for everything Konami would be nice
Ryan Ng
Ryan Ng 18 napja
How is Konami greedy
Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander 19 napja
@Girija The Saviour yeah gamers logic
Brendan McCallion
1:23:03 Nico Opmeer
1234567890 0987654321
Tonizza was invisible for him the whole race
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 19 napja
Gaddiel Likes Formula 1
Idk of Canada is a special circuit
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi
Canada is the best. You just never learned it properly
IGK_SebVet5 18 napja
@Sunnybunny bunny i mean for track limits is the worst, Monaco is the worst for other reasons
Sunnybunny bunny
@IGK_SebVet5 what about monaco
tylau98 18 napja
@Gaddiel Likes Formula 1 canada 2011 sorry for typing error
IGK_SebVet5 18 napja
It’s the worst track on f1 game, no doubt
Alby LC
Alby LC 19 napja
We actually saw the onboard of opmeer and Tonizza was there, no penalty?
Alby LC
Alby LC 18 napja
@Timbraska Having such big bugs in a professional series is quite sad. You thought they would learn after 4 years.
Timbraska 18 napja
Go to 1:23:00 and use , and . to go frame by frame. You can see that Opmeer drives through Tonizza. So for sure Tonizza wans't there on Opmeers screen. Else he would have bounced off as well, which didn't happen.
The Devil
The Devil 19 napja
no, davids car was invisible on jarnos screen. that's why jarno just used the normal racing line
Ray Aguilar
Ray Aguilar 19 napja
Why does it look like they all drive with FF off? Is it off?
Ray Aguilar
Ray Aguilar 7 napja
@Arnold Tóth Isaszegi Do you know why? Some pros do that in iracing but most dont.
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi
It is off
User 307351926
User 307351926 19 napja
1:23:00 The controversial crash
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 18 napja
@Spurdublone Reduced damage
dylan wijkamp
dylan wijkamp 18 napja
Are you blind you clearly saw a front wing flying cause he broke it
Spurdublone 18 napja
That he can drive with that damage lol. eSports should be at least 50 % race distance and damage on. Why no damage now?
tayshan94 19 napja
When the engines begin to sound like a microwave on spice, can we please change the camera
Marc Princz
Marc Princz 17 napja
@Luiz Felipe Cerqueira yes its a bug
Luiz Felipe Cerqueira
Why this happen? is it a bug?
Python 19 napja
Welcome to our F1 2020 Videogame! We have: - Engine going IN IN IN IN IN IN IN mode - Invisible opponents but you can still crash into them - Tyres -200 degrees cold - Steering wheel by our main sponsor dies in game if 2 specific buttons are pressed at the same time And yeah, we're doing cybersports. What can go wrong?
Александр Осадчий
@Max - this bug can happened on every circuit in game. If you lucky, the game don’t give penalty in speed 65 kph)
Max -
Max - 18 napja
@WrFy- MxChickenImagine it when you league racig,you cut the corner because the 2 cars aheat battling and one of them messes the braking zone,then I got an illegal overtake from like 5 car behind xD
WrFy- MxChicken
WrFy- MxChicken 19 napja
@Max - yeah this overtake bug is so annoying...
Max -
Max - 19 napja
And,I forgot the random illegal overtakes
Max -
Max - 19 napja
In singapore,if you go into the pits with pit limiter,it just limit you to 61 so you get a 5 sec :D
Kiyoshi:] KING
Kiyoshi:] KING 19 napja
The sound of the cars here is so annoying
The Devil
The Devil 19 napja
yeah the onboards sounds are glitched. great game
Xeggom 19 napja
Show 😎
Phi Rim
Phi Rim 19 napja
Has opmeer a penalty?
Asare Isaac
Asare Isaac 17 napja
@Arnold Tóth Isaszegi That's not what happened. Opmeer couldn't see Tonizza for the whole race and so he couldn't even get the drs on him. It's not that he could see him one second and didn't see him the next
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi
@Zaphod no u. Obviously if a millisecond ago there was a car and now it isn't i should go as close as possible to the wall
Zaphod 18 napja
@Arnold Tóth Isaszegi you are an idiot dude. Obviously have never played the game.
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi
Opmeer race ban for sure. I CoUlD NoT SeE HiM In My ScReEn.
Ole 18 napja
1:31:11 there is the explanation
GIANFO GTR 19 napja
F for Tonizza 😭
Cody Miller
Cody Miller 13 napja
@Mr Bungle Why would he intentionally hit him? He had the pace advantage.
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 18 napja
Intentional crash by Opmeer,i just can see the lies in his face,he didnt see him just in that moment? How can people believe that
TwinCouger 24
TwinCouger 24 19 napja
Race starts 18:20
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