F1 Esports Pro Series 2020: Rounds 7 & 8 LIVE! 

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Let’s go! Rounds 7 & 8 of the 2020 F1 Esports Pro Series are ready! Join us as we race at two historic tracks: Silverstone & Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
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Alberto Escolar
Gracias a Longuet, Moreno y Rasmussen por tan emocionante final en Silverstone. Un saludo desde España.
Aurelijus Miciulis
50% race distance and full car damage have to be switch in 2021. Better TV coverage, replays.
; D Szumiandrasvok
Lets gooo Bereznay Dani 🇭🇺
Shivam Tuteja
Shivam Tuteja 6 napja
Driver standings please
Riccardo Silva
The host and his guests are nice and absolutely up to their job, whilst direction and coverage could be better. Minimal replays, no championship standings at the end. Anyway all in all i still enjoyed it a lot!
Maxi F
Maxi F 7 napja
Awesome battle in the Uk Longuet get his first win with an awesome defense in last corner Tonzilla the hero of Monza & Spa this season is awesome the title fight goes down on the last F1 weekend in Abudhabi
Bene Fischer
Bene Fischer 8 napja
Why we never see the drive and constrictor championship standings
Zrob8 9 napja
The Ferraris, especially Tonizza, have really been giving their race away with the strategy. From P4 to P9 at Spa, the first race was P4 to P7 without the Red Bull penalties.
Kai Deliz-Posey
This so boring you guys gotta switch to 50% and full damage instead of simulation so that these guys aren’t scared
F1 9 napja
."The its the nice video i am formula fan."
James Ner
James Ner 9 napja
not gonna lie the f1 race looks like a video game
Rajarshi Mukherjee
Berezney does a 'Late Late Show'
Schumy 7
Schumy 7 9 napja
Get a life and some sunlight
Dirk Hanekom
Dirk Hanekom 9 napja
The commentators really need to pay more attension, they miss so many important instances that make such a difference!
shinji nakajima
Esports world champion in 2021 is...lance stroll
Piotr Kobielus
Ice Cream Tv
Ice Cream Tv 9 napja
Race Ratings: 🇬🇧 10/10 🇧🇪 6/10
dtMuzL 9 napja
Nikhil amith
Nikhil amith 9 napja
red bull masterblan
Sean Vincent Acordon
Im such a HUGE HUGE fan of F1!
Muhammad Haris Firdaus Zainol Mahariq
I wonder if James Baldwin Is F1 Esport Worthy
XCV 9 napja
He is, he just also has commitments when it comes to irl racing (GT3)
Grandes Lagos
Grandes Lagos 9 napja
Even less overtaking than actual F1
Every car is equal so ofc less overtaking. To overtake here you need blistering pace then the other car you’re trying to overtake
Manuel Avila
Manuel Avila 9 napja
Luke K
Luke K 9 napja
Great racing, terrible sub-par experience: - No replays (race start/overtakes/crashes); - Mid-pack battles are ignored; - Standings are rarely (if ever?) shown The broadcast hardly improved since first season
MrRare 7 napja
Most likely a limit of the game, can only have so many spectators, during a race you can't rewind thus only if the situation was visible to one of the two spectators in this race (believe 2 since lobbies can have 22 players). But yes, those other two points are major shortcomings regarding the production that can be dealt with.
Michaël 9 napja
It's actually so weird to see Rasmussen's reaction when he won... It's like he didn't even enjoy to win there
Nikhil amith
Nikhil amith 9 napja
he was just sad that keifer got overtaken at thelast corner
tayshan94 9 napja
The teamwork between the red bulls is something else, pleasure to watch this spectacle between team mates you boys deserve that prize
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 9 napja
I hope Rasmussen wins the championship finally
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 9 napja
@Przemysław Ludkiewicz he gets leap frogged all the time by randoms
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 9 napja
@Przemysław Ludkiewicz only for this year, he didnt beat Rasmussen the last 2 years
Przemysław Ludkiewicz
@Alex Smith opmeer deserves it more cause he has more points and has to work more for them then rasmussen easy
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 9 napja
@Przemysław Ludkiewicz Rasmussen deserves it more since hes finished runner up for the past 2 years after finishing 2nd behind both leigh an tonizza, opmeer well hes already in racing in real life an his teammate isnt half bad tbh. It's just werid how hes all of a sudden quick out of no where even though he wasnt like this for the past 2 years. I bet opmeer is the only driver on the grid that's actually in real motorsport
Sadikur Rahman
Rasmussen isn’t as aggressive as well as Opmeer Opmeer has to fight his way through the field to win whereas Rasmussen needs his teammate all the time
Ryan Bains
Ryan Bains 10 napja
Юра Кужель
Imagine watching hotlap with engine sound glitch - pure preasure
Joswell Esteban
They are a massive company they can do whatever they want
Speedbooster27 10 napja
Man some of these people literally sit inside their steering wheel xDDDD
Jonno. 9 napja
not everyone is as tall as you :P
Simone Dal Ben
Simone Dal Ben 10 napja
Rasmussen was pushed off the track and he had a penalty?! this is a joke!
Юра Кужель
In fact he was behind McLaren after fight with Renault. McLaren came from nowhere, Rasmussen couldn't expect that, otherwise he could stay safe and try to overtake later during last lap. All better than 3sec penalty.
boomboxmaster 1 2 3 4 5 6
More like a yoke
ayodraws 10 napja
Great first race tho
Daniel Devadas
Daniel Devadas 10 napja
Yeah Bereznay didn't leave any space... if Charles' move in Monza was a black-and-white flag, this should be a penalty.
SilentWolf 10 napja
Everyone Gangsta till someone goes inside in stavelot
Adams 789
Adams 789 10 napja
can you please show the standings after the races?
Marc Celis
Marc Celis 9 napja
Yeah and not only the standings also valuable informations other than fake excitement remarks... they definitely need to level up the coverage...
Richard 9 napja
Yeah it's confusing, you can't even see drivers standings on their website.
Schumy 7
Schumy 7 9 napja
No, maybe some sunlight XD
seeker 006
seeker 006 9 napja
yeah! cant believe this needs to be requested
That wasn‘t that fair of Bereznay.. I would give him the P3 back for that 🤷🏼‍♂️
c__j_r 9 napja
Thats a clean move from how it looked
7ndrew 9 napja
He also already had the position, he was ahead in both corners
Weber Niraschtoe
imo he did leave a car’s width on the inside while Kiefer lost traction on the kerbs, but idk that’s just my opinion lol
Kim Meakins
Kim Meakins 10 napja
Longuet needs a better teammate
José Dias
José Dias 10 napja
2019 Racing Point in thumbnail
Geilsonduarte Rodrigues
Boa pista
Sharcc 10 napja
Robby Auzigni
Robby Auzigni 10 napja
Marcel Kiefer is Bottas in F1-Esport
Noah Noah
Noah Noah 10 napja
Gengu 10 napja
Not first
Ben Huffman
Ben Huffman 10 napja
Benjamin Ivey
Benjamin Ivey 10 napja
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