F1 LIVE: Abu Dhabi GP Post-Race Show 

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The curtain falls on the 2020 season with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina. Join us LIVE for the final post race show of the year with Will Buxton and special guests!
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Lewis Jones
Lewis Jones Hónapja
Plot twist: Merceded dialled the engine back to make it seem that they will be at a competetive disadvantage next year
Cedrik Adryan
Cedrik Adryan Hónapja
This season shows what kind of a driver Stroll is, a very decent F1 pilot who can provide some exceptional performaces occasionally.
CT Hónapja
Agreed Jack, I def dozed off during the race.
YotaXD Hónapja
Perez to Alpha Tauri ? ^^
Bill Weeks
Bill Weeks Hónapja
Hurrah for Nico! He beat six other drivers this year. If only he could have started the British GP.
Cem Sinan
Cem Sinan Hónapja
See you in 2021. Happy christmas!
Will Aguiar
Will Aguiar Hónapja
Come on guys. We need to end with Interlagos, not Yas Marina
bu kwok
bu kwok Hónapja
52:06 P15 HULKENBERG Renault and MCL Logo, something wrong right??
Rico Unprofessional
we definitely need more teams on the grid!!!!!!
Rico Unprofessional
Checo is savage lol
marklower007 Hónapja
Classic stroll always blames the car lol
cmacdhon Hónapja
As usual, the winner was decided at the end of Q3. The race for P4 is the main reason why I still watch every week.
Richard ter Veen
Verstappen coming so close to Bottas in the championship ..... and that with 5 DNF’s!!??
Orestis Papadopoulos
Sam is such a nerd 🤣
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins Hónapja
Proudly so
d.ii.c Hónapja
I thought the 4 minute highlight video was boring. Deleted the race DVR without watching.
Florian 2711
Florian 2711 Hónapja
Nico Hulkenberg: Racing Point, Renault and McLaren?!?
Valtaojan Esko
Valtaojan Esko Hónapja
Bottas 3.1 will strike next season! Be aware, Lewis! Val77eri is in her last opportunity to win a F1-championship next year and he knows it.
WinterSoldier86 Hónapja
Nico Hulk is for RP not Renault :)
Dr Boruzia
Dr Boruzia Hónapja
This is what can happen when you have to rely on Stroll getting you points xD
Flatspotted Hónapja
Loving the festive touches
mcmcnair97 Hónapja
I dont know if its in Australia's contract that they open the race, but Abu Dhabi should not be allowed to close the season once their contract ends. Let them open the season. I can deal with a boring opening race, the excitement of a race is enough. But at the end of the season, whether its a title decider or not, it is just utterly dreary and a dreadful advert for F1
Calvin Chann
Calvin Chann Hónapja
Pit stop is a non issue. In any normal pit stop the car behind will leave behind. I can’t imagine you don’t realise this.
Irrational Geographic
"So many memorable moments this season", hmmm I can think of maybe 6, this has been the most predicable and boring season I can think of in 42 years of watching F1.
Hassan Hónapja
haha I actually had a couple naps and no positions changed
Daniël De
Daniël De Hónapja
At 7:48 I thought Will was talking to and about a little Christmas tree on the desk...
shmet Hónapja
8:03 "it haas"
thesmallerhalf Hónapja
I am amused by all that analysis on the pit ‘incident’. The stewards have rather dampened this particular squib.
Rill Music
Rill Music Hónapja
fire Sam Collins!
Lmao Hónapja
Rizki tv oificial riki
next year in 2021
Sem Hónapja
so happy to see maccas up in third for the year
8BitZ0mbie Hónapja
Yep. It’s actually the worst final race possible. With all the great tracks this year, to finish here is just a shame.
GloomGaiGar Hónapja
F1: The pinnacle of automotive engineering. Also F1: Sticky taped discount christmas lights.
Aaron Vannistelrooy
Seb can finally speak his mind
Ricagrave Hónapja
20:50 Checo stinging at RP choices
dekx räikkönen
where's Alex going? Is he still doing the f1 nation pod?
Monty Boon
Monty Boon Hónapja
Even if we lose daniil Kvyat, we still have Daniil Fiat
BBO Hónapja
Where is Heineken as a sponsor?.
esciteach Hónapja
we all (90%) of us in chat agree: Mazepin out, . . someone else in. This is 2020. Do you hire ANY young man who has sexually assulted (groped) a female????? Only F1 b/c it is all about $$$$$$$$$$. Disgusting
miguel angel tudela sanhueza
Maravilosa F1
LedFingers Hónapja
26:36 Bruh it's television. Comb your hair, shave and iron that shirt. Have some self-respect.
Fisting The System
cheko in the rb16B!
tira Hónapja
It was so boring
Bonjovi AE
Bonjovi AE Hónapja
I hope Vettel will come back strong ang kicking in 2021.
Gabrijel Pezelj
Gabrijel Pezelj Hónapja
please design better face masks YOU ARE F1, you can do it.
Manny Laguatan
Manny Laguatan Hónapja
If Albon did enough, he should have been second.....
isshyfux Hónapja
F1 show with Christmas lights, thats a first for me lol
Brian Zappa
Brian Zappa Hónapja
Brookey Hónapja
Absolutely unforgettable season! We're gonna miss a few drivers, but will also welcome (back) Schumacher and Alonso 🤩. I cant wait for Drive To Survive 3...
VC YT Hónapja
Mclaren are back !!
Martin Stenvers
Martin Stenvers Hónapja
The Carlos Sainz analysis is not Accurate if you´d ask me, If Carlos would be slowing down "knowingly" to disadvantage his Competition, it would be making the Gap to Racing Point Smaller, which does not make any sense....better keep the highest Speed, then at release from the Pit the gap would be bigger as well...so if you´d explain the marginally slower speed in order not to stand still waiting for Lando´s pitstop...Ok, but surely not to get an edge by doing that....
Bondy Hónapja
Thank You 🙏 1 and all....F1 YES👏👏👏👏🇦🇺
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell Hónapja
Seems Hamilton just settled for 3rd with Verstappen in front it makes me wonder if it was on purpose to protect Bottas in the championship I'm hoping mclaren will keep 3rd in the championship although the pit stop issue may bring some kind of penalty mclaren are going to argue safety issues rather than advantage
Jewel Zhu
Jewel Zhu Hónapja
@51:50 why does hass have Renault badge
r Hónapja
Thanks to Lawrence Barretto for a great job filling in during Will's absence.
Alexandra G
Alexandra G Hónapja
Disappointed Jack didn’t get another chance this week - hopefully we’ll get to see him again in a F1 car
anubis1119 Hónapja
what a year for F1 despite coivid 19. thank you everyone from each teams, broadcasters and supporter crews. cant wait to see the netflix special.
Sir.Craze- Hónapja
I love how the camera guy is getting a little fancy with his cuts on the last episode xD
Chesties Hónapja
Looking at the whole pit stop thing... Seems like BS
Dave F
Dave F Hónapja
That ending made me really sad...
Jace Ace
Jace Ace Hónapja
Great show as always. Get some deserved R&R and see you in 2021 👍
jorje manso
jorje manso Hónapja
Subtítulos : (
James Powell
James Powell Hónapja
will buxton is so gross
Víctor F. Amaya
@27:24 "backing up Lance Stroll significantly" What a load of c@#$. Stroll didn't even have to brake! Even Stroll in his post race interviews that it pretty much didn't affect him at all. Sainz knew the gap to the car behind, and used it to his advantage. You can slow down as much as you want, as long as you don't imped the car behind. He didn't. Master class double stacking by McLaren
Aris Vlachopoulos
You've got to love Wills savage jabs here and there
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen Hónapja
Will Buxton's time to thank almost everyone, except his pal Lawrence Barretto. The end of a bromance?
toneykk Hónapja
Savage Pérez
MunkyNZ Hónapja
This makes me sad, so many drivers moving on....
iloper Hónapja
Congrats to the Media. They arw going to cancel a young driver F1 carreer... And have a 10 year veteran in its place...
Rob Fer
Rob Fer Hónapja
HAMILTON 2021. 8th :)
Lucas Happe
Lucas Happe Hónapja
This race was soooooooo lame I nearly slept during it
Dominik Cierpiał
Please ban Mazepin and hire Perez!
Srikanth Kundurthy
Well it's open confirmation through the year as mentioned it's and having two powerful drivers...
Shivam Kapoor
Shivam Kapoor Hónapja
Man put Pietro in the second Haas pls
Garrett Poole
Garrett Poole Hónapja
Will mentioned he was a former child star?? I’m not familiar with his background and can’t find info on Google, anyone care to fill me in?
Berťa Kučerů
Berťa Kučerů Hónapja
Gonna be a painfull 97 days
micah Hónapja
What a season. Have a wonderful rest and holidays to everyone!
Rahul Singla
Rahul Singla Hónapja
Shots fired: 1. Checo talking about the importance of having 2 great drivers. 2. Seb talkimg about Leclerc getting a car that he deserves.
James. Hónapja
F1 needs 12 teams.
Martin Veeman
Martin Veeman Hónapja
His name is schumacher. There are beter drivers.
Jaroslav Z
Jaroslav Z Hónapja
Räikkönen best of ferrari
Eowyn - Lady of Emyn Arnen, Ithilien and Rohan
Sainz did nothing lol, he just slowed to meet the pit entry speed limit and avoid a penalty. He got back to 80 kp/h as soon as he crossed the pit lane line...
Eowyn - Lady of Emyn Arnen, Ithilien and Rohan
@issac clarke I have more common sense than they do... well so far he received no penalty so It seems I'm right.
issac clarke
issac clarke Hónapja
I'm sure you have more data than they do
Christian Pilon
Christian Pilon Hónapja
Great Perez
Mafape Babel
Mafape Babel Hónapja
The best McLaren season end they could have asked for.
Cool Reviews
Cool Reviews Hónapja
Kevin is only 28? Why it's his last F1 race?? Perez it's like his family the team..kept working for it untill he was backstabbed.. McLaren with those shity tactics..
TeamSukiyo Hónapja
I love the subtle shade every 2nd second to money taking over F1 instead of talent
Raymond Honderdors
more teams ++++ 3 car teams, option? --> 30 car grid engine championship (points for the top 2 cars per engine) / chassis championship (points for the top 2 cars per chassis) / tire championship (if more then one supplier) option?
Troy Lewis
Troy Lewis Hónapja
Sounds just like the sixties and 70's so yours is not a new idea! ;)
Kakha Khmelidze
Kakha Khmelidze Hónapja
Thank you for your job in 2020. See you soon in 2021. Happy Christmas.
Fabian Grob
Fabian Grob Hónapja
FACTS: Lance Stroll 16 Races - Points 75 - Points/race: 4.6 Nico Hulkenberg 2 Races - 10 Points - Points/race: 5 Stroll has 14 races more than Hulkenberg and leads him by 65 points Stroll has 1 race more than Perez and leads him by ...ehhh is behind by 50 points Perez ended his season at 4th in the WDC Stroll ended his season at .. uhh...let me just scroll down the page...11th in the WDC In my Opinion Stroll is much more than a pay driver, he is quick, has a nice character and also massively talented compared to other young drivers like Leclerc(Who smashed his Teammate completely), Norris, Russel. Can't wait to see him next year.
Bharadwaj R
Bharadwaj R Hónapja
Why is it Renault for Hulk ? He drove the pink merc.... I mean racing point.
Sir Hansen
Sir Hansen Hónapja
39:30 That "see you next year" by Lewis seemed pretty easy to come over his lips. I am expecting to extend his contract, but I feel now pretty more sure about it.
I actually fell asleep mid race and missed literally nothing.
Teo Vokes 03
Teo Vokes 03 Hónapja
The only this you missed was ric3 pit stop
Ahmed M. Ragb
Ahmed M. Ragb Hónapja
Me too and it was 4pm
MrKarty01 Hónapja
kingofda Hónapja
🤣🤣 me too I live in California...it was 6am and I was done once Checo DNF
Fisnik Ramadani
Fisnik Ramadani Hónapja
Seb: "He gave me headache here and there" You can see on his interview that Sebastian never liked Charles.
F1 Josh
F1 Josh Hónapja
“It shows the importance of haveing two strong drivers”- checo shading stroll
Kern Hónapja
@Mark Mitchell haha
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell Hónapja
@Paulo G or both
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell Hónapja
@Fernando who's Alvin one of the chipmunks
Paulo G
Paulo G Hónapja
Or advising Red Bull about Albon
Fernando Hónapja
And Alvin for that matter 😂
Clive Madi
Clive Madi Hónapja
Vest-happened hahahahaha,
Jaybee89 Hónapja
Bottas doing 'doughnuts' with Lewis .... awkward that.
Jaybee89 Hónapja
@Troy Lewis again Lewis yes .... Valtteri no
Troy Lewis
Troy Lewis Hónapja
They have nothing to celebrate in 2020 ... how dare they!😂🤣
JMP Hónapja
And what is awkward in that? I think they deserve their doughnuts all day!
DaniechkaA Hónapja
W: How many laps were there? J: Too many... Couldn't agree more, Jack. Not the best way to finish such an exciting season
Barath Kiran
Barath Kiran Hónapja
Aitken sounds like Ricciardo
Brian T
Brian T Hónapja
As someone who lives in PST, part of the reason why this season has been better for me than seasons in the past has purely been an increased access to content. Thanks for nothing bernie, and thanks liberty media for finally getting it right.
Mahedi Hasan
Mahedi Hasan Hónapja
0:16 I may forever leave my awful job with the help of, *G R E A T E A S Y P A Y . C O M*
baby yoda partake
When does next season start?
Troy Lewis
Troy Lewis Hónapja
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