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F1 LIVE: Eifel GP Post-Race Show 

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LIVE from Nürburgring, we bring you all the reaction from the 2020 Eifel Grand Prix. While Will Buxton is still recovering from COVID-19, Laura Winter is stepping in to bring you into the heart of the paddock. Get well soon Will!
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srinidhi gowda
srinidhi gowda 16 napja
Cyril mentions "There was a question about what Daniel ricciardo brings the team" I wonder which team would not fancy him on their side.
415 s30
415 s30 16 napja
Video unavailable This video is not available.
Krunal Baria
Krunal Baria 17 napja
Where is willl??????
Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett 18 napja
Abandons? What now?
Eugénio Montês
hope we have the best reporter team for the rollercoaster of portugal
Dhern1212 18 napja
Hulk will probably go to HAAS
Byron Meikle
Byron Meikle 18 napja
Hulk on some agency contract
Manu Thomas
Manu Thomas 18 napja
I love the word Abandon being used instead of retirement....let’s abandon the use of retirement from now! Bottas can abandon his 2020 bid after his abandon!
GloomGaiGar 18 napja
Albon is Albout.
El Majico
El Majico 18 napja
I guess (Laura) winter is coming
Sidhu Khuddian
Sidhu Khuddian 18 napja
Max said it right... No need For SC... Its look so scripted..
thepymes 18 napja
SAM, You have got it completely wrong. BOTTAS was on the outside of Turn 1 NOT Lewis...
Ginger Knight
Ginger Knight 18 napja
an RB14 with plumes of smoke coming out
Martyn French
Martyn French 18 napja
SteveMHN 18 napja
I'm so sick of hearing about that tattoo, just do it so we can all move on with our lives.
Ryarama F1gobshite
To many ad’s get 👎
Fred P
Fred P 18 napja
38:51 Stroll hasn't got any team
Gonzalo Carranza
Where was Lawrence this weekend?
jon aharvey
jon aharvey 18 napja
1:37 I quit my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Space Ghost
Space Ghost 18 napja
renault should be very proud
Keenan Lewis
Keenan Lewis 18 napja
Albon is absolute garbage
Samanthaflower 18 napja
Keenan Lewis The clown called the guy with 80 plus race wins and 6 WDC a sore loser so what do you expect?
Keith Clunk
Keith Clunk 18 napja
Laura Winter is head & shoulders above the other presenters. More Laura!
Breno Tanure
Breno Tanure 18 napja
Laura is so adorable! Hope to see her more
Deundre Ward
Deundre Ward 18 napja
36:26 History!!! Let's GO Hamilton!!
Afif Hossain
Afif Hossain 18 napja
0:59 I stopped my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
leongt1954 18 napja
Great drive by Hulkenberg he should be in F1 full time and would be a more competitive teammate to Verstappen at red bull than Albon
Josh Gee
Josh Gee 19 napja
Danny ric outdrives that car if he was in the McLaren of Sainz he'd be in the same position...He's a top tier driver, Ricciardo, Hamilton, verstappen and Leclerc are the best drivers on the grid ATM
hello there
hello there 14 napja
Skill wise yes lerlerc has one of the top but he loses concentration during race at times.
Max Musterman
Max Musterman 17 napja
No, not Leclerc. He does too many mistakes. He might be the fourth fastest but the Top 3 are in another league as him.
Colton NC
Colton NC 19 napja
Nobody really talking about the distance between Charles and seb
Vander Pereira
Vander Pereira 19 napja
I'd like to thank Hamilton for stand up for and support the people that has no voice. There is some former f1 driver that make bad judgment about it. They just MUST accept the quality and achievements of the almost best driver of all time.
Dhaniele Joseph Demontaño
The CEO's of Renault were very visibly happy in the Renault garage and it's kind of sad though on parc ferme where Renault team looked happy and sad at the same time because they are improving but Daniel Ricciardo won't be with them next year.
Patrick Traille
Patrick Traille 19 napja
Great job Nico
Koudjo 19 napja
We all know that hulkenberg deserves a driving seat
Omar Nava
Omar Nava 19 napja
And what about Ferrari? Williams?
Tiny Pie Media
Tiny Pie Media 19 napja
The presenting feels so forced, it's really annoying
Karn Ingham
Karn Ingham 19 napja
They all seem unnecessarily intense when they’re just talking to each other aye, really weird vibes
Liofa 19 napja
Could Roseanna sound anymore posh and plummy?
I was raped by the Pope
Alex Albgon
Seraina 19 napja
"its beginning to look like Christmas, thats all I got" 😂 you got to love Lando and his brain
Pascal Plastina
Pascal Plastina 19 napja
Hope Will is getting better and we will see him in Portimao.
kh40yr 19 napja
You can see that gravel pound his finger,,if you slow that up. Alex A was rewarded with a rock to the finger recently, from someones off. A trend this year,,everybody gets a rock!. Ouch!.
V8Hilux 19 napja
Isn't it annoying when you have a friend who always converses on another audio level to everyone around them... bring back Will ASAP or at least go get Lee McKenzie in. I tapped out at 3:20 what a write off both technically and with presenters.
Cole 730
Cole 730 19 napja
Who are half of these people!? Seems F1 is taking “diversity” to new level
SIBAL SEKI 19 napja
Cole 730 forced diversity
James Stevens
James Stevens 19 napja
How is Will doing?
War Peace
War Peace 19 napja
Inconsistency from the stewards is the most consistent thing about F1. Totally amateur hour administration having volunteers as marshals and stewards. It costs careers and lives. When will you learn F1 and FIA? Such inane questions in the interviews. "What is your overriding emotion?" Seriously? Do you really think millions of fans around the world are tuning in to F1 to find out about a drivers emotions? Again F1, you can do much better than allow these pathetic mass hysteria companies to distort your product into a soap opera. Produce and sell your own product.
War Peace
War Peace 19 napja
@lifeschool - Thx for your comment and interesting insights. An awesome sport full of some of the highest grade talent in ALL fields and flushed with money can do so much better in key areas. The people in it do so many things so well that expectations are very high. This season is a great example how highly competent people can achieve things very few thought would happen. I refer to a successful season of F1 racing under circumstances not seen before. I live in Melbourne and we are still under lockdown trying to get to zero cases. I predicted back in March that there was unlikely to be a season this year. I predicted two years ago that the halo may cause more problems than it solves. I could not have been more wrong about both. I have been very impressed with F1 on many things this year. TV coverage is not one them because they have outsourced it to corporations who care exactly as much as the money goes and no further. F1 needs to do their own product. It is easy to distribute nowadays and F1 people excel at nearly everything they do. I would pay a premium for their direct content, would you?
lifeschool 19 napja
They live by the rules, the sport dies by the rules. Perhaps things will change once Stefano gets the top job, but to be fair, the old white hair brigade have always been the stewards. As for the interview, they always say the same thing. I watched Steve Jones on Channel 4 and he said the same thing to Ricciardo. There isnt much more you can say except tough luck.
D A 19 napja
Can't wait for Will Buxton to be back!!
Gebirges 19 napja
Did Stroll get fired or something, or why does he not have a country and team on the Drivers' Championship Leader Board?
Adam L
Adam L 18 napja
I'm guessing some kind of technical glitch, where placing Hülkenberg into the Racing Point category for this weekend has automatically kicked Stroll out of that category and left him not representing a team.
Thawk 67
Thawk 67 19 napja
Didn't race because of flu like symptoms, Nico Hulkenberg drove the car
Chris Hewson
Chris Hewson 19 napja
All of the ferrari fan club f1 chiefs, and directors changing the rules, points systems and penalising him to try to stop Lewis Hamilton from breaking records and world titles 🖕, no chance.. He just swallows it all up and shows them how it's done! Well done Lewis 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 👍
Motorsport Fan 009
That’s not what it is mate.
Beebo! in the House
do you know what tattoo would be nice? an honey badger holding an arrow pointing on a trophy with number 3
Luca Priore
Luca Priore 19 napja
Laura winter she’s doing a great job and she is a beautiful interview 👍🔝💖💖
Archie Lundy
Archie Lundy 19 napja
Ricciardo wringing the neck of that Renault.
Anriandor 19 napja
Lance Stroll probably couldn't drive because he got sick from knowing that his dad's money kept him in but got really great talent fired :D
marshallmarthes 19 napja
Wow this guy Lewis never fails to impress the greatest of all time without doubt
marshallmarthes 19 napja
Ring back will or maybe put Lauren there who is this lady
Soren Ingram
Soren Ingram 19 napja
Hulkenberg Has Shown He is worth a 2021 Seat. Over Multiple Incumbents ......!!!
Jon Gray
Jon Gray 19 napja
Need a change of presenter please
ClaraAndYou 19 napja
Cyril has small feet
Thornton Tarr
Thornton Tarr 19 napja
While F1 is so strict with masks, what's up with Rosana and Sam? And not even 2 metres apart!
Adam L
Adam L 18 napja
Different rules between the F1 paddock itself and the studio back in England (though I'd have them sat further apart anyway, even if they've been tested).
Eugene Armenis
Eugene Armenis 19 napja
Give grosjean some credit great job by this man
Guillermo Gustavo Sinigaglia
Excelent Pilot !!!!!!!!!!!!
Richard Keep
Richard Keep 19 napja
Cyril should get a tattoo of Daniels face on a wurst
tiktok toyatoya
tiktok toyatoya 19 napja
The shock on Riciardo's face when he realised the missed shoey
Subarno Sinha
Subarno Sinha 19 napja
The only person happier than Danny Ric for getting a podium is Fernando Alonso.
Stefano Roma
Stefano Roma 19 napja
Charles Leclerc is THE BEST 👍🏻
tiktok toyatoya
tiktok toyatoya 19 napja
Hülkenberg is the driver of the weekend hands down
elucidate 19 napja
She's so pretty
Herr Denker
Herr Denker 19 napja
Hülkenberg has as many Top 8 finishes as Vettel this season...
Procyon Lotor
Procyon Lotor 19 napja
Danny's shock, when the interviewer asks him about the shoey 😂
mail me
mail me 19 napja
My ears are at max pressure
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez 19 napja
I wouldn’t mind if she replaced Will
xWHOGAFx 19 napja
Where's Will Buxton?
Yeet 19 napja
2:35 so satisfying to see
Bill eib
Bill eib 19 napja
Red Bull may have put Renault at the top of the Power Unit list.
Jossy M
Jossy M 19 napja
Worse race start analysis I've ever heard. Got the drivers positions the wrong way round, then thinks there would have been a penalty for a first corner 'incident' (using the term very lightly) when the race was about 5 seconds old on cold tyres in cold weather, unbelievable. The coup de grâce was thinking that Bottas's lockup was a result of his power failure - _"Bottas having this failure did lead to that other battle with Hamilton"_ . Amateur hour at F1.
Max Musterman
Max Musterman 12 napja
@Charlotte Taylor Actually you are right. Charles should have surely gotten a penalty.
Charlotte Taylor
If Charles didn't get a penalty for taking Stroll out on the first lap in Russia then there's no way Lewis would get a penalty for that 😂
Max Musterman
Max Musterman 17 napja
Why are you hating Sam so much? He is the most liked person in this channel.
peter pan
peter pan 18 napja
Not to mention his "genius" idea of having two file SC restart. Hah as if the leader isnt already punished nonsensically by the SC itself.
OutZydaz 18 napja
Saw his face and heard his voice and instantly skipped w/e he was saying. Remember seeing him a few years back in a video and he was totally clueless. Glad to see I was correct in remembering him. :D
Lev Win
Lev Win 19 napja
yo f1 at 9:10 ur camer starts moving up and down side to side like a rollercoster
Daniel Rowe
Daniel Rowe 19 napja
Time to get Hulk a seat! He is better than half the people who have seats
Samanthaflower 19 napja
Daniel Rowe Like who? Who are these awful drivers that Hulk is better than? 🤔 Grosjean, Kevin and Lance all have podiums! Hulk doesn’t! Only Antonio, George, Ocon and Latiffi don’t have podiums! Most of the other drivers on the grid have podiums! And they don’t bottle it like Hulk! Ocon actually makes top ten in most races even at Force India! And the drivers who don’t have podiums were not in F1 for ten freaking years!
Samanthaflower 19 napja
Pietro is AWESOME! Love him! Keep him F1, he is amazing! Will and Pietro are lit af!🔥 This chick is cool too! Love, love, love Pietro!😍😍😍
Daniel Thorneley
Ouch!! I can feel that pebble from here. Right on the knuckle
J Biafra
J Biafra 19 napja
Come on people. Merc's DAS system. Thats why lewis pulled the gap on restart, his fronts were much more on temp t hen the redbull
maxouf1 19 napja
Let's give a name to Grosjean's stone: MARCUS
Andreas Baumgartner
Beebo! in the House
I got the reference 😂
frdml01 19 napja
Why is F1, organisation and presentation, so over represented by Britons? Introducing more nationalities in the whole organisation and televising would make it more impartial.
Samanthaflower 19 napja
frdml01 Watch the Dutch channel then! Or the German channel! No one putting a gun to your head to watch this!🙄🤡
Caspar Wilson
Caspar Wilson 19 napja
What’s the story with Sainz’ giant kneepads?
gold333 19 napja
I LOVE this guy with the afro. He seems like the ultimate guy to meet in a pub and talk about F1. Brilliant addition to the team. Absolutely brilliant
Terrence Klaverweide
Jihad Way this
riemjann1 18 napja
@Liofa She doesn‘t pretend to be an expert though
wickedjuice 19 napja
@riemjann1 Yep, he was explaining how great Hulkenbergs start was, how he was passing cars "left right and centre" while we watched footage of him passing no one apart from two cars that fell off the track nowhere near Hulkenberg.
Liofa 19 napja
@riemjann1 --- Roseanna is worse...
1pr007 19 napja
@Deadpool Camaro Yeh me too but he made quite a few mistakes today so he needs to brush up on his knowledge a little
Valery Shuvalov
Valery Shuvalov 19 napja
Ricardo - top!
Drake Atlas
Drake Atlas 19 napja
Robby King Pin
Robby King Pin 19 napja
So FIA if you are all about safety, time to bring in the aero screen you rejected from Red Bull. Debris hit Albon when Stroll went off and now again for Grosjean
Richard S
Richard S 19 napja
Glad the guy who presented this last race isn’t doing it.
Wanderlei Silva
Wanderlei Silva 19 napja
"It's beginning to look alot like Christmas" great point of view from Lando 🤣
Sreejith 19 napja
Awww , now i wish Daniel would have stayed at Renault
bluewhale18 19 napja
Danny Ric, girls wanna be him, guys wanna be with him.
Eren Basement
Eren Basement 18 napja
You flipped it
Akku Zachariah Jacob
We need Nico along with Seb in Aston Martin
FreshCoolBeer 19 napja
Poor Bottas and his luck, it was clear that he was starting to lose power or something was wrong in his car a couple of lap earlier before he actually blocked his tires in T1, at least half a second per lap.
1pr007 19 napja
@Samanthaflower He also got 2 penalties in Austria, those 3 races where Ham got penalties are the only races Bottas beat him.
Samanthaflower 19 napja
FreshCoolBeer Poor Bottas? What? His teammate had TWO PENALTIES this season that he benefited from! Monza and Russia! In both races he catapult ahead of Lewis! How is it poor Bottas? 🙄🤡
Andrew G
Andrew G 19 napja
Hamilton leads the constructors championship
Emily Lahana
Emily Lahana 19 napja
Hulkenberg in red bull would look nice🤔
BBarria 19 napja
reliability was hurt by the lack of practice, teams couldnt optimize the cooling
Martin Trajkovski
I'm starting not liking Sam - studio. He is talking a lot of nonsense... He don't know what he is talking about most of the time... Bottas and Hamilton in trouble because of turn 1 lap 1???? Is he out of his mind???
1pr007 19 napja
@Samanthaflower I like him but he got it all wrong in regards to Hamilton.
Martin Trajkovski
@Samanthaflower no, its not about one video only... I'm following Formula 1 since i was 7 or something... I have hardly seen any of the reporters from Sky doing what he is doing. Basically he is just repeating what every Formula 1 fan knows and when he tries to give his own opinion he looks like he is representing Michael Masi and not saying anything logic. Last year you had more then 3 times where a fight was taken out of the track line and it was never an issue... You had Max and Leclerc, you had Bottas and Hamilton, you had Leclerc and Hamilton. Then it was never an issue with hard racing. Take a look at the other Sky reporters and what they are doing and how they are commentating. Its about how Sam is presenting situations and representing the Formula 1 to the new fans... I personally don't like it at all...
Samanthaflower 19 napja
Martin Trajkovski So one video and because you disagree with him that he’s talking nonsense?🤡🙄
Lucky Southern
Lucky Southern 19 napja
Stuart MacDonald
Im sorry but this guy is just unacceptable. Lewis on the outside? Has he race experience? Please f1 hes a proper plonker get him off air
Elliot Keil
Elliot Keil 19 napja
Grosjean 0:01 Sainz 3:18 Cyril 5:05 Hulk 12:50 Bottas 17:47 Norris 19:05 Pérez 26:51 Ricciardo 31:20 Verstappen 34:22 Lewis 36:25
SCP Tinting
SCP Tinting 8 napja
Not all superheroes wear capes
Sandro Nantes
Sandro Nantes 19 napja
Thanks bud.
Takura Chindove
Takura Chindove 19 napja
Thank you Captain! We salute you
Beebo! in the House
thank you hero
Emmanuel Aineh
Emmanuel Aineh 19 napja
U my hero
E vd Berg
E vd Berg 19 napja
Nice to see Max happy with his podium!
Iam_theetso 19 napja
The lady in this video is sooo obsessed with a freakin TATTOO
Davis Willis
Davis Willis 19 napja
I read this right as she started interviewing Cyril and started asking him all the tattoo questions 😂
Beebo! in the House
we all are mate
Pixel Boujee
Pixel Boujee 19 napja
As is the whole F1 community. What's your point?
Aiman Nazmi
Aiman Nazmi 19 napja
12:15 yeah I think so, I assume they all use Lithium-Ion batteries so if they are too cold their performance will drop significantly and may cause permanent damage due to lithium plating. If other European tracks have a similar cold condition then teams may need to think on how to keep the batteries to be warm enough or using (if they can) more suitable electrolytes