F1 LIVE: Emilia Romagna GP Post-Race Show 

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Recap all of the action LIVE from Imola with Will Buxton and Pietro Fittipaldi.
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2020.nov. 1.






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W NG 16 napja
Albon's race could be summed up to bad tire strategy. He had no chance like all the others on the hards at the end. Everyone that had new softs passed, and everyone on the hards were falling back. LeClerc, Perez, and Albon.
Eddie Friberg
Eddie Friberg 20 napja
No Albon interview? 🤔
Mikkel Örstedholm
Alpha Tauri teamwear looks like a painter.
ArmyEnergy 21 napja
Racing Point acting like a bunch of loosers, they are confirming it every single GP this year since the Strolls arrival. Arrogance corrupts and destroys teams as well. Take a look at Ferrari.
Harrison Woods
Harrison Woods 21 napja
We don't need the studio part of this btw
John Smith
John Smith 21 napja
Tiring strident fake-drama blonde is annoying.
Mike Druce
Mike Druce 21 napja
Sergio should get that Redbull seat
Fred Ferreira
Fred Ferreira 21 napja
John McCann
John McCann 21 napja
I DON'T like this new format, Will has proven he can carry a show on his own. No disrespect to the others.
Richard ter Veen
That guy in the studio was close to licking Lewis his boots ....... I heard he was a sportsjournalist, that can’t be true, he sounded like a fanboy
Travel Legend
Travel Legend 21 napja
Albon: they spin me so hard
Calvin Chann
Calvin Chann 21 napja
GIO had a great start from 20th. Could warmer softs have been the reason. He was quite late to the grid.
Shrinidhi Hegde
Shrinidhi Hegde 21 napja
27:26 XD
Kolani Lates
Kolani Lates 21 napja
Emilia Romagna... hmmmm,.... many strange events ocurred today... Too many, honestly. George Russell is so scared. Gasly was forced to retire ...his team radio message has a voice tone of his engineer, a bit too worried and afraid .. Max's tyre explodes, just like that... and the list continues... "Things that me make you go: hmmmm" Bizarre... Ayrton (et.al) wherevere he is now, must be worried too. Oh.... Just realize: is Halloween !!! Hmmmmm..... (sorry my bad english)
axelcosgirl 21 napja
Opening 0:14 Sainz 0:36 Perez 1:58 Giovinazzi 4:07 Race Results 5:25 Discussion of race start and first stint 6:24 Gasly 7:44 Rosanna Tennant & Sam Collins discuss Gasly technical issues 9:10 Pietro Fittipaldi on approaching a race with a known car issue (like Gasly) 11:46 Russell 13:11 Kvyat 14:56 Buxton & Fittipaldi discuss DRS zone 17:41 Discussion of Verstappen’s surprise puncture 18:33 Verstappen 19:14 More discussion of Verstappen puncture 20:06 Bottas 21:26 Discussing debris found on Bottas’ car 22:30 (Rosanna & Sam segment starts 22:59) Rosanna & Sam discuss Hamilton’s speed + overtaking and how he got the lead 25:08 Back to talking about Verstappen’s puncture 26:26 27:27 Sam: “Vettel’s endplate that got stuck in Bottas’ car is the most competitive any Ferrari part has looked all season!” 🤣 Buxton & Fittipaldi discuss Albon 29:01 Ricciardo 29:25 Buxton & Fittipaldi discuss shoeys 31:36 Discussing Hamilton’s race 32:12 Hamilton 33:30 Discussing Hamilton’s role in Mercedes strategy decisions 35:33 (Rosanna & Sam segment starts 36:05) R & S discuss Hamilton’s pre-race seat issue 36:23 R & S discuss Hamilton’s issues following other cars 37:25 R & S talk track limits 37:33 R & S talk how Ocon’s DNF affected race outcome 39:07 Toto Wolff interview 40:34 Buxton & Fittipaldi discuss what 7 consecutive World Championships mean to the sport 44:48 Drivers’ Championship Standings 45:38 Constructors’ Championship Standings 46:21 Wrap-up (finally!) 47:16
GamerSX PSN 21 napja
The most competitive part of a Ferrari this year was carried around the track by Bottas! Great call!
Brian T
Brian T 21 napja
Based on the fact that they said low water pressure I would guess they had an issue with an electric water pump. Probably a pump that supplies water to the power electronics, not the engine. Just a theory.
David Addley
David Addley 22 napja
Cant have the guy being replaced by vettel getting a podium i guess? Weird pit decision
Behind the Wheel
It’s over for Albon
jj jz
jj jz 22 napja
Wonder if Kimi had a giggle when he saw Russell spin off on the SC
Silverbolt 22 napja
I‘m thinking this could be a thing under drivers in general if something strange or funny happens (like a driver crashing on his own under safety car for example)
Fer Gallart
Fer Gallart 22 napja
Next year, Racing Point will have a great line up! (Sarcasm)
Samuel James
Samuel James 22 napja
Fantastic show. Thank you.
Kenny Liu
Kenny Liu 22 napja
VSC took away a bit of excitement but Lewis worked hard to put the car into that position, great work from the 6 times WDC
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer 22 napja
It's obvious Perez wanted to dump on his team but knows if he wants any shot at Red bull he's has to shut his face. The LOLs
jjbb18 22 napja
Enjoy being a test driver next year George 🤣
Paul Escobar
Paul Escobar 22 napja
Pietro is the best!
zbyfareezonae 22 napja
Hamilton : 90% pace 99% luck 0% tyre BoNo mY tYreS aRe dEaD..
Matthew Roth
Matthew Roth 22 napja
42:00 Toto, how do you manage to sleep and manage a team? Toto: Germans dont sleep.
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale 22 napja
*Seems like the "OLD" Circuits tend to level the battlefield.* B teams become much more of a threat... *F1 there it is! You found the answer for: REAL RACING*
Hurri 22 napja
Hammilton did not paas Bottas on the track he was saved by the virtual safety car.
James Sharpe
James Sharpe 22 napja
Riccardo has to be having some doubts about leaving Renault.
Jinny Samuel
Jinny Samuel 22 napja
Carlos’ hola at 0:38 😂😂
W 22 napja
Pirelli needs competition, too many blow out this year
Da Medusa
Da Medusa 22 napja
Driving over carbon will do that. Also Pirelli have tried twice to introduce new compounds, the teams voted to remain on the current compound. The blowouts at silverstone which where the major issue where actually driven past the recommendations so the teams are to blame for many of them. There haven’t been many for no reason at all. From over heated breaks to debris.
Gilberto III Padilla Diaz
The podium was there, Checo was already in the podium, with just 10 laps, with 15 laps fresher tires... and what RP team decided? Pit him... I don't know what to think... :/
Will Aguiar
Will Aguiar 22 napja
27:25 Sam SAVAGE !
Dirk Spelsberg
Dirk Spelsberg 22 napja
Auch das dritte Italien-Rennen der Saison wurde für Vettel zum Debakel. Nach Monza (17. Startplatz, Ausfall nach Bremsdefekt) und Mugello (14. Startplatz, Zehnter) nun die Schande von Imola. Nach der neunten Quali-Klatsche in Folge (wieder eine halbe Sekunde langsamer als Leclerc) blieb Vettel auf Mediumreifen lange draußen und war nach zwei Renndritteln Vierter. Doch beim Reifenwechsel klemmte vorne rechts der Schlagschrauber. Das befeuerte natürlich wieder die Sabotage-Gerüchte. 😡😡😡
mieguistumas 22 napja
Stroll is a huge embarrassment for the sport. Race after race.
Planetdune 22 napja
That girl in red overacts to much, to much fake exitement..
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly 22 napja
Dope show. These 2 pairs work well together.
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost 22 napja
Racing Point was one of my favourite team in formula 1 from the days of Force India but what they had done to Sergio is just unacceptable and very disrespectful this team does not deserve to appear in any kind of sports. This podium could have boosted Sergio's chances in red bull but the guys who he gave everything to save from bankruptcy just backstabbed him. Just horrible
Will L
Will L 22 napja
Perez to Redbull! He can definitely be a better support for Max, and possibly contend as well?
peter pan
peter pan 22 napja
Pietro is so cringe. Please have Aitken everytime or someone who knows how to talk.
Russ Serpico
Russ Serpico 22 napja
SERGIO: I'm getting my 9th podium boys. Please don't subterfuge my race this time, like you always do. RACING POINT: Not a chance. We have to make sure we undermine all of your races, so you don't keep humiliating Lance on the track and moreover, we can't have you make Lawrence look like a complete and total idiot for letting you go. SERGIO: With teammates like you, who needs enemies. RACING POINT: Correct.
Ganesh Chakravarthy
Where is Kimi, Vettel and Leclerc?! No one gonna talk about Vettel's pitstop?
ace matthew ocampo
Let’s go Antonio!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
brellfan 22 napja
Racing point pitted Perez because it's easier to justify keeping Lance over Perez if Perez doesn't finish on the podium.
Da Medusa
Da Medusa 22 napja
No, they really don’t care about justifying it. They just messed up.
Kanishk Trivedi
Kanishk Trivedi 22 napja
Lewis is a gentleman 💓
Elliott Wardle
Elliott Wardle 22 napja
How well is Giovinazzi doing these days? Well worth the re sign! 👌
PT 46
PT 46 22 napja
Albon out!
Silverbolt 22 napja
@Samanthaflower Neither does any clown complaining about racing him too hard in the biggest motorsport class existing.
Miguel Rivas
Miguel Rivas 22 napja
Checo: Ey Guys we are so close to have a podium... RP strategist: did ou see the tires that we have for you? Fosfo fosfo!
Tim Tyber
Tim Tyber 22 napja
After all Checo has done for that team over the last 6 years, it's disgusting that this is how they're treating him. He deserves so much more.
Miguel Rivas
Miguel Rivas 22 napja
Strollin Rickyn canallin!!
Miguel Rivas
Miguel Rivas 22 napja
Someone have news about the mechanic who was run over by Stroll ? Is he ok?
LudwigBeefoven 22 napja
Checo is a diplomat.
ollie cane
ollie cane 22 napja
Can we go to.... Carlos : ¡HOLA! 🙃
Brian Yeo
Brian Yeo 22 napja
135 renault, 134 mclaren, 134 racing point. 4 races left. crazy
itano07 22 napja
Renault is ahead because of Ricciardo best lap at Spa =)
Lucas Madden
Lucas Madden 22 napja
I as a Williams fan feel so bad for George. He was so close and is an absolutely amazing driver who out of all the 20 drivers on the grid deserves a reward for his efforts. He is a one of a kind driver and has a great future ahead of him. The points are surely coming and when they do itll be worth it even more
G Sav
G Sav 22 napja
Nico Hulkenberg. 3 races, 2 actual starts, 10 driver points. Ahead of 6 drivers who have run 13 races.
peter pan
peter pan 22 napja
With that car, it shouldve been 2 podium finishes. Hulk typically inept as usual.
ol are
ol are 22 napja
En français
JimL 22 napja
Pietro “It looked like Max was almost going to overtake Bottas”, did he not watch the race? Max did overtake Bottas before his tyre failure.
jb 21 napja
think he meant in the first stint
JimL 22 napja
Would love to hear Racing Point explain the Perez pit.
BustinBabies1 21 napja
"Uhhh, we don't care for him anymore.." - RP behind closed doors.
561 Sporty
561 Sporty 22 napja
Stroll needs a race ban from FIA Completely out of control at this point
JimL 22 napja
This was a gift day for Russell, a podium for Gasly. Both were hard to watch.
Péter Deák
Péter Deák 20 napja
mi ?
Felipe Cunha
Felipe Cunha 22 napja
You drink from your stinky shoe... We get it Australians, we already get it
Vettel pit stop was like 13 sec penalty.
Aaron Ek
Aaron Ek 22 napja
Perez box, just to make his teammate not looks bad😉?
G Sav
G Sav 22 napja
i think you said it...
Andreji 22 napja
Finish DRS next year & Shui pl...
Div 07
Div 07 22 napja
Checo needs to join Red Bull fam he deserves a better car and team
Div 07
Div 07 22 napja
I mean they have been a championship contender for so long, they are the only team pushing LH so, Yes.
Shreya Jha
Shreya Jha 22 napja
Red Bull's a better team?
Muuo Musa
Muuo Musa 22 napja
Love IMOLA 🇰🇪
Dario Cavazzini
Dario Cavazzini 22 napja
Ma Binotto dov'è era megli arrivabene
Tanausu Gaming
Tanausu Gaming 22 napja
Yah please Liberty Media, bring back Imola to the regular calendar...
Ezzxe22 22 napja
"There are no small accidents on this circuit." - Senna about Imola
Himanshu Kumar
Himanshu Kumar 22 napja
Sergio Perez will the F1 champian ship in coming time....he has very potential...
Hansiddh Thakur
Hansiddh Thakur 22 napja
Sam Collins is a pretty cool presenter.
G Sav
G Sav 22 napja
Like his brain. The hair, not so much, haha.
JohnyG29 22 napja
Has Albon been sacked yet?
Shreya Jha
Shreya Jha 22 napja
@Red Bull Sauber Petronas wait, what?
Red Bull Sauber Petronas
Gasly shouldn't even be in f1 this year
Skippity Blippity
He never had a chance Looser
Alex Drones on
Alex Drones on 22 napja
Rosanna wearing a bra???????
Brendan Wagner
Brendan Wagner 22 napja
I think Williams is cursed. What a heartbreak today. With both drivers being o so close
Henry Akanno
Henry Akanno 22 napja
Congratulations Lewis Hamilton
Sudesh Gunasekara
Fastest ferrari is a mercedes
Vincent Ras
Vincent Ras 22 napja
Lewis was lucky today.
Rob K
Rob K 22 napja
Yeah!....The better he drives the luckier he gets......funny that!
hahaha hahahaha
hahaha hahahaha 22 napja
I heard the debris already there at botas car at lap 2 . The first stint the gap between him and max is big but why the second stint kinda slow suddenly. I'm really confused and don't understand. Alex is going to be so much stressed now.
Andrea Vidal
Andrea Vidal 22 napja
I really feel for Checo, he did an amazing race where everything was going his way up to Verstappen's crash, where basically he had a podium on the bag... until the team told him to box =( and the rest is history. 6th place from 11th does´t sound that bad, but it could have been 3rd, a podium and basically 4th on the championship. Really gutted for Sergio!
Ben Harrison
Ben Harrison 22 napja
He was lucky to be there in the first place due to Magnussen holding up the pack, so sometimes it goes both ways. But RP really should have waited to see what the other positions did before pitting.
Jasonic Multiverse
Kimi Raikkonen Still the best !!
Isaac Andrade
Isaac Andrade 22 napja
You can bet Mercedes had the masks and the t shirt ready for this race
Carrie W
Carrie W 22 napja
They obviously did because otherwise they wouldn't be wearing them after the race.
Gabriel Henrique
poor pietro, waiting a chance to drive :(
Mário P
Mário P 21 napja
Who cares, only has one name, like the Piquet's, they're done.
Roshan Pradeep
Roshan Pradeep 22 napja
Where is seb?
tacitus 22 napja
They don't interview all drivers in the post race show
Rogelio Robledo
Rogelio Robledo 22 napja
We all know that Racing Point betrayed Checo in this race... You can hear it in his voice
Dry My Tears
Dry My Tears 22 napja
Happy for the Alfas.
Erika Watkins
Erika Watkins 22 napja
29:38 LOL love this guy
Ana M
Ana M 22 napja
george russel interview 13:10
That GamePlay
That GamePlay 22 napja
Nothing makes you smile like Daniel on the podium
hellodavey1902 22 napja
If Hamilton had held off Max that long with a piece of somebody else’s cars inside his.... he would have declared himself a Genius performing miracles.
G Sav
G Sav 22 napja
NO! But everyone else would have.
Nabeel Ahmad
Nabeel Ahmad 22 napja
Will: Amazing 7 Constructor Championships! Toto: yeah
Tejas Manoj
Tejas Manoj 22 napja
Sad to see checo leaving RP despite stellar performances!!!
Ad Pe
Ad Pe 22 napja
Checo go red bull. Its a fact.
Bartandaelus 22 napja
He'll go to Haas next year. i'll be shocked if he doesn't.
Ash 22 napja
15:45 you told me your appendages were- You mean THE 🅱️ALLZ Yea ur 🅱️allz
pitu72ger 22 napja
Terrible intro
Shaun 22 napja
George Russel on record to become the worst f1 driver in history. And then crashes behind a safety car on a straight road. Lol. Overrated much?
Mário P
Mário P 21 napja
@robin If his name were Grosjean you would be insulting him. He's getting the Hulkenberg stigma, failing in the crucial moments. He lost to Kubica the race he couldn't loose, he will do the same with Latifi, this one was close.
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly 22 napja
I think so. And I like him.
G Sav
G Sav 22 napja
@Shaun you can't even spell, so...
G Sav
G Sav 22 napja
As Toto pointed out, EVERY great F1 driver has wrecked a car during a safety lap. it happens
Shaun 22 napja
@robin don't be such a triggered snowflake. Tell me, who will have the all time record for most race starts without scoring a single point by the end of turkey? Oh yes, russel.
JTRulzzz 22 napja
I reckon Hamilton’s shoey is a sign he might not be in f1 next year.. thoughts?
Silverbolt 22 napja
I thought exactly the same. I remember him saying he wouldn’t ever do that, certainly not from another drivers shoe. He did so today. Maybe he knew it could be the last chance, because Renault isn’t that much of a guaranteed candidate for a podium. It actually makes me uncomfortable, as I‘m fan of his since Istanbul 2006. I know many people want him to retire, I don’t.
George 090
George 090 22 napja
Nah, i think he wants to pass Schumacher on titles, so he might leave after 2021, or whenever he claims his 8th title
em emole
em emole 22 napja
Nah I don't think so, I also have read that he will stay in f1 next year
liejuray 22 napja
I had the exact same thought, and he also said he might not be here next year
Vojislav Bilic
Vojislav Bilic 22 napja
Pietro Fittipaldi comments F1 race... Like just Alonso said " It's a joke"
Dineo Mnisi
Dineo Mnisi 22 napja
Sam is the greatest troll ! I love it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Xavier Morla
Xavier Morla 22 napja
So nobody gonna talk about Albon?
G Sav
G Sav 22 napja
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