F1 LIVE: Sakhir GP Post-Race Show 

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Recap all of the action LIVE from Sakhir with Will Buxton and special guests.
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2020.dec. 6.






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Vidyut Lokur
Vidyut Lokur 15 órája
Will Buxton seemed very critical of Sergio in drive to survive season 1. Almost made him a villain
Felippe M Marques
This race was awesome! Thanks for the best season ever! 👊
Alex Green
Alex Green 24 napja
10:25 .. Dear Sam please leave us mate. Who gave u this job? I bet u are some kind of master in races when u have 0 minutes experience on track... ur explanation is soooooo of point.
Andre Faelnar
Andre Faelnar Hónapja
wow the past and future drivers for the team force india/racing point are all in one podium
Shalem Jackson
Shalem Jackson Hónapja
22:10 Look at all the Ferrari Crew Enjoying Mercedes wrecking their race! 🤭 I guess they exchanged the Mercedes Pitstop book with the Ferrari Masterplan Guide! 🤣
Francisco Barba
Francisco Barba Hónapja
From the back to the win: SERGIO PEREZ 2020 - from 18th LEWIS HAMILTON 2018 - from 14th KIMI RAIKKONEN 2005 - from 17th RUBENS BARRICHELLO 2000 - from 18th MICHAEL SCHUMACHER 1995 - from 16th JOHN WATSON 1982 - from 17th 1983 - from 22nd JACKIE STEWART 1973 - from 16th Very exclusive club!!
Benoit Beauchamp
The CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEECOOOOOOOO !!! BWT need to have 3 car Next Years... !!!!
Leong Chen
Leong Chen Hónapja
Rigged sport. Who owns Racing Point? 3rd spot. Perfect cover up.
tray fitness
tray fitness Hónapja
where is VB77?
bu kwok
bu kwok Hónapja
maybe LH44 keep winning make him feel boring,so take one year off ,give himself long holiday , so give the seat to Russel for 2021, and comeback 2022 , you never know. 2020nothings normal.
Arthur Barnes
Arthur Barnes Hónapja
Congratulations Sergio Perez!!!! Viva Mexico!!!!
Jah Blessin
Jah Blessin Hónapja
So sad for gruss
Matt Hannah
Matt Hannah Hónapja
The first time I've rooted for someone in a Silver Arrow since Nico Rosberg in 2016
BBO Hónapja
He George! Now you know that racing in a top racing car is no guarantee for victory. It’s a shame that it was this race.
Deepak Valecha
Deepak Valecha Hónapja
Wait - didn't Aitken cross the white line for the pitlane???
Lee Hónapja
F1 to an actual oval track now? 🤔🤣
Georgy Thomas
Georgy Thomas Hónapja
George is the winner we might have deserved but not the one we needed. That was absolutely Sergio Perez. What ever people say, Checo earned that Win. No one can say, he inherited it or whatever.
tak yam
tak yam Hónapja
The team that did the match-fixing, the team that won, the team that triggered the match-fixing, all of which are equipped with a Mercedes engine. You know what you mean, right?
Félix Bouchard
Félix Bouchard Hónapja
Can i just say, F1 without Will Buxton is not F1... hope he stays for long. He is so respectful with drivers and a great presenter! Love him
Pv Pwner
Pv Pwner Hónapja
Red Bull never there when Mercedes throws the race this season.
B8kedBean Hónapja
Lance is right he could have won the race.... if he was anywhere near the level of Sergio
rusty_frame Hónapja
So Leclerc is the new Verstappen in more ways than one.
hidet05m3 Hónapja
No offence, F1 'd become more exciting and competition become fierce without Empire Mr. Hamilton. I hope one more chance to Russel in the last race 2020! By the way, Congrats to Checo, you are the man !
Tiago Serra
Tiago Serra Hónapja
I'm sooo happy for Perez, I do hope he manages to find a place in RB. Concerning Mercedes, well, I think this proves that the real 7-time world champion is not Lewis, but the Mercedes-AMG F1 W11 EQ, and that Bottas is over-rated. Something we all knew but until now we refuse to accept.
Andreas Bergström
Hulk still in 15th place
Giri Dharan
Giri Dharan Hónapja
One of the races, where we know that the actual winner is George, he set the pace and had a comfortable margin and still everything else fell apart.
Mr NixxxoN
Mr NixxxoN Hónapja
Stop calling him "PURREZ", that's not how you spell his name...
Lewis Jones
Lewis Jones Hónapja
2022 - Bottas OUT, Russel IN
War Peace
War Peace Hónapja
That should be enough evidence to put Perez in a Red bull. Albon can sit next to Gasly next year and again Kvyat is the boy no one wants to dance with.
Remco Hónapja
Max: "This is not a racetrack..." *Sunday comes *Most dramatic race of 2020
denmark39 Hónapja
These commentators continue to forget the car. Perez is driving like he always have
sjonhigh Hónapja
22:10 What I've heard and read is that Bottas front tires were put on Russel's car, not the rear. Or did I heard it wrong?
Juan Camilo Ibañez
So happy for Checo, from last to first. virtually third podium in a row, we need to see him in a Red Bull next year!
Andrew Gurney
Andrew Gurney Hónapja
Heihei! Valtteri Bottas, hello George, welcome to Mercedes.
Calvin Chann
Calvin Chann Hónapja
First lap incident was Checo’s fault. Cutting across from far left of the track for the apex at the start of lap one is just asking for trouble. Stroll did it the week before after a restart.
Mahamed Qasim
Mahamed Qasim Hónapja
no win without Lewis Hamilton!
ceritachaty Hónapja
"We can confirm it's not the Netflix" 😂
B2video Hónapja
Isn't sport great, the unpredictability of it
Frederick Viedge
Perez deserves the red bull seat guys...
Darrell Manley
Darrell Manley Hónapja
So much for the Hamilton mystique. If an F1 rookie driver, without a single point before today, can hop into Hamilton’s car and run a race like that (without serious pit mistakes he wins), then any decent F1 driver can win in Hamilton’s car. Put Perez, or Verstappen, or LeClerc, or Sainz, or Vettel, or Riccardo, or Norris, or Gasly in that car and they would be winners, too. No more debate; it’s the car and the team, not the driver, that is the key to consistent success. The days of the high priced driver are numbered.
John Smith
John Smith Hónapja
These two guys should train all sports interviews in interacting with great athletes. Superb conversational investigation and interaction. A++.
A M Hónapja
I feel like Mercedes strategy was on purpose
Ashish _
Ashish _ Hónapja
Mercedes ruined Russell's Race . F1 fans will never forgive you 😡.
Shubh porwal
Shubh porwal Hónapja
A Win in the fastest car is not much deserved than a win in midfield car Thts why people dont celebrate Lewis's win for some years now And Russell may also get the same hate after some years driving for merc getting back to back wins
The KitOwl
The KitOwl Hónapja
Is that the same fans who are sick of Mercedes winning.
Nick Alappat
Nick Alappat Hónapja
its been 9 hours, I want to be happy that perez won, I really do, but 9 hours later im still crying
Jibran Stetieh
Jibran Stetieh Hónapja
From Max' onboard, the asphalt runoff and the gravel are the exact same colour
Will L
Will L Hónapja
Sainz is a real gentleman. Humble, realistic, well spoken.
Sean Han
Sean Han Hónapja
anyone agrees with me that Mclaren is suffering now because of the change of front wing for the Mercedes engine in their car next year
leongt1954 Hónapja
I'm not sure which one is the worst Mercedes or Red Bull with no tires in the 2016 Monaco GP
V Hónapja
j f
j f Hónapja
Said it before, I think lance is on a spectrum of sorts
Josey November
Josey November Hónapja
What an awesome show! Thanks guys!
Pascal Braun
Pascal Braun Hónapja
Perez is - i never thought i would say this - one of the best drivers of the grid. Russel would have earned the 25 points today, but he was - in my opinion - the most earned „driver of the day“-award-winner ever!
2121 Russell with Mercedes & Hamilton with Redbull!
Kevlar Editor
Kevlar Editor Hónapja
And Perez doesn't have ride next year. Unbelievable.
MrSausage Hónapja
bottas must be paying someone so russell didnt win that race after russell take over him
y1521t21b5 Hónapja
An even more popular victor than GAS in PER. What a race! Must have had the highest TV ratings in years, that thriller. Criminal that PER doesn't have a race seat for 2021. As for RUS, it's only fitting that he gets a second chance in _Abu Dhabi._ *The **_W10_** triumphed as the **_W11_** was revisited by rare chaos reminiscent of the 2019 **_German GP!_* 41:31 *In a cruel indictment of ALB's 2020 woes and illustration of HAM's consistency in the fastest **_F1_** car to date: HAM has now officially outscored **_Red Bull Racing Honda;_** **_≥382pts_** vs **_≤326_* Glad GRO is still with us and wishing him all the best as he recovers and plots his next career move.
MrSausage Hónapja
​7 Years Hamilton 1 mistake by Mercedes. 1 Race RUSSEL 2 mistakes. And everybody believen that?!
Irrational Geographic
Please Please have Russel race the next race for Merc
httpyousmell Hónapja
Missed Aitken and Fittipaldi off the Driver's Championship standings at the end.
The Driver Mexa
The Driver Mexa Hónapja
¡¡viva México!! ¡¡ viva Checo!!
justingt3rs Hónapja
36:45, yup i agree totally!
Ted Perez
Ted Perez Hónapja
@LewisHamilton get well soon. please let GR race again!
Sam VE
Sam VE Hónapja
Max saying "they are just so agressive" well how the tables have turned...
Ronaldo L
Ronaldo L Hónapja
ferrari guys watching and taking notes during that pitstop
justingt3rs Hónapja
22:14 they totally pulled a haas lol
Legendary Rc
Legendary Rc Hónapja
this is proof of the curse of the Russels
Reapov Hónapja
The fact people wanted George to win so bad shows they don't hate Mercedes, they just hate Lewis Hamilton.
Ernie Hónapja
Ouch! lol
Sandy X
Sandy X Hónapja
I missed the race as it was too late. But Albon still 6th after no hamilton, verstappen, LeClerc? Did he mess up? I think Perez has earned his place in RedBull.
szewei85 Hónapja
Haha what a race of the season👏👏👏👏
Sam Shroom
Sam Shroom Hónapja
Mclaren were unlucky again today, and then the usually jovial Daniel Ricciardo downbeat over the Pink Panzers scoring heavy... Gutted for George... Woke my neighbours baby up shouting obscenities... Not sorry either, noisy little animal.
justingt3rs Hónapja
13:50 it shows theyre in the desert lol
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale Hónapja
36:43 *"Track Layouts are probably the problem."* *HALF of the Fanbase has ALWAYS said that,* ever since Tilke's extra expensive and complex designs started messing up races. *WHEN WILL FIA ACCEPT IT?* They have been suffering a very _Serious Disconnect_ with their fanbase for decades now!!! We had some awesome races in traditional "old school tracks" this year BUT, we're heading back to Tilke/Ecclestone's _Sandbox Kindergarten Experiments_ in 2021??? *BS.* Same as Formula E, tracks are messing up the show.
김성진 Hónapja
Doctor : Lewis, You have to take another week off.
Juan Manuel Rojas
Great race Perez and Russel the best drivers, i love f1 for this results!
Lee Coleman
Lee Coleman Hónapja
Next time : don’t give Bottas tires too Russell , just because he is leading; idiots . AMG .
Donald Saunders
Donald Saunders Hónapja
Mercedes needs to replace Bottas with Russel. Russel needs a better seat than he is currently in now....
NoReality DA BAWS
They putted Bottas medium on Russel's car then putted Russel's tires on Bottas car before realizing that it was wrong and putted old tires back for Bottas because they had no other solutions (Bottas new medium tires are on Russel's car :s)
omar38317 Hónapja
Leclerc 2012: It's just a racing inshident Leclerc 2020: It's just a racing inshident
Salvador Garcia
Salvador Garcia Hónapja
checooooo in albon out
diesel Hónapja
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale Hónapja
11:49 And that's why I support *Gravel run-offs.* Many of the new "kids on the block" tend to abuse this area to gain what should be a unfair advantage. *VER* for one. And yes I do like Max, but he abuses that part of the track quite often...
MaliVinnyB Hónapja
Well, we know WHO WON'T be with Merc after the Contract is UP!!
markconlinrmt Hónapja
nothing makes me want to subscribe to a channel more than an obnoxious amount of useless ads.
Rezaya Mahananda
Perez will be max teammate next year.
Thinnesh Muniandy
Bottas didn’t speak?
Marko Zec
Marko Zec Hónapja
First race that Hamilton is not in it..... and LOADS of people loved this race. Plus was much MUCH more exciting, and tense. I mean when Hamilton is in it Bottas almost always backs up little for him. mean now really felt like proper Formula.....
Giutubo Spatubo
Giutubo Spatubo Hónapja
Matthew Roth
Matthew Roth Hónapja
Shame on you Mercedes, shame on you.
Vyanktesh Kanungo
Seems to me that Sergio can give Lewis a run for his money on an equal car
Jæ Š
Jæ Š Hónapja
I am loving the unconventional and unpredictable elements of the 2020 F1 season. Teams facing new unexpected challenges of strategy and the forced errors that result are riveting. Drivers overcoming the disadvantages of "outdated" components while going on to win sends a great message that the fairytale isn't predetermined. Everyone loves a standout underdog win.
klepetar Hónapja
but.. checo perez went from the complete left to the apex when he knew he had some drivers close behind him..that was very optimistic..
KURRY XUR57 Hónapja
So Russel easily in front means that Hamilton is not that great driver, it's all about the car, right?
Tomy Vera
Tomy Vera Hónapja
Me gusta formula 1
zbatchDOC Hónapja
Danny is way taller than I expected
Daddy's cash showing his true colors...his team mate wins and complains that "we could have won" (they did) and barely congratulates Perez. What a loser
Ernie Hónapja
As much as i like Lance....this is true. That "we could have won" statement really struck me odd.
Safwan Sheikh
Safwan Sheikh Hónapja
Why does it matter whose tyre they have? Isn't it the same tyre (medium) to go on both cars, and the same car that they both racing with anyway? 🤔
Safwan Sheikh
Safwan Sheikh Hónapja
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell Hónapja
Clearly not and the rules stipulate each car has its own wheels
lizardywizard Hónapja
Russell to Merc 2021
The KitOwl
The KitOwl Hónapja
lizardywizard Hónapja
Over to "Cod-Eye Rosey" In the studio ADDING NOTHING EVER
Роберт Мухин
I think everything is absolutely obvious. Mercedes couldn't let Russell win that way. Such an epic victory for Russell would discredit Hamilton and Bottas, both. And this whole circus with wheels and a puncture is just a fake.
Andrew Hónapja
Sam Power was a great presenter. Give that man a permanent job.
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