F1 LIVE: Turkish GP Post-Race Show 

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Recap all of the action LIVE from Turkey with Will Buxton!
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junk4dimeji 12 órája
Bottas, Max, Leclerc: A race to forget. Lewis: one for the books!
Stimulated Stats
Amazing Turkish Grand Prix
NOB 3 napja
The best Lewis Hamilton what a fenomenal driver showing a masterclass to all small drivers on the grid
mrndlprsnr 3 napja
to whom it may concern...f...me!
Anish Airi
Anish Airi 4 napja
Great content as always - thank you! Fantastic drive by Hamilton, that race really showed what an amazing driver he is and what a way to win 7 championships. However, what’s really quirky is the problematic start of the red bulls, they almost looked stationary to the other cars....
mukundan nair
mukundan nair 5 napja
F1 is not an arcade game. It's the pinnacle of motorsport. It has always struggled with the balance between car/driver/too fast/too slow etc. But nevertheless it isn't an arcade game. Why make the cars slower and less grippy...
Ke Er
Ke Er 5 napja
The Turkish Grand Prix showed people the following truth, that is the truth of the racers' abilities, not the cars.
BIG Dave
BIG Dave 6 napja
Chequered flag Charles: F-bomb after f-bomb Max: .............................
BigBoyMcEvoy 6 napja
Poor Bottas looked so embarrassed
DNS 6 napja
This F1 crew is the best in the business. Charisma + knowledge + humbleness
Shalem Jackson
That tribute at the end for Lewis Hamilton with the poem "IF" was absolutely surreal.
Mark Marshall
Mark Marshall 7 napja
Jack is a wonderful drivers’ analyst, very confident in front of the camera.
Leo Charles
Leo Charles 7 napja
What an AMAZING poem at the end. It touched my heart...
punch 7 napja
Ferrari and McLaren will have the best driver pairs next year. I hope they can build better cars as well.
Acke 7 napja
GET IN THERE LEWIS !!!!!! As a motorsport fan I'm overwhelmed and thankful to witness a one in a lifetime talent like Hamilton. What a racer!!! Too secure his 7th title in the way he did here in Turkey is another proof what an exceptional driver he is. Congratulations Lewis!!!! /a Riccardo fan
Shane Hawkins
Shane Hawkins 8 napja
They didn't beep out Leclerc! Nice! LOL
Chevy Chaze
Chevy Chaze 8 napja
On pace would of been 1. Max 2. Ham 3. Perez Red Bull need Perez, Albon back to Alpha Tauri
lenandov 8 napja
Hahah. Eight minutes of race highlites. One hour of commentary.
Marcin Pajak
Marcin Pajak 8 napja
we race as one doesn't make any sense.
day 2 day
day 2 day 8 napja
Ask8ng if they need a break is silly. Just bc they've won doesn't mean they have worked harder. All those teams work extremely hard. And I'd be willing to say Merc probably doesn't have it as bad as most. Because they have so many staff. Its ridiculous how many ppl work for them....
Thunderbolt Calgary
So happy for Vettel and Hamilton Both shown they are masterclass in F1. Long lost fire of Seb surfaced! And that impossible win for Hamilton well deserved title is an understatement. Horrible race for most teams. Red Bulls seems to struggle most with Inters with almost drying laps. which is a pity as both Max and Alex were driving perfectly. inconsistent handling hurt them both.... Perez did a amazing job to finish 2nd goes to show whom should have stay with Aston Martin next year. But oh well what do I know right....
Billal Hossain Francis
Eugénio Montês
19:15 24:51
Small Talks
Small Talks 8 napja
I saw a Zomato Advt before the video what Advt did you see?
Dogan Doganay
Dogan Doganay 8 napja
that nice touch at the end with Rudyard Kipling... my favorite words becomes more meaningful after this!
Graeme S
Graeme S 8 napja
Asking Charles why he went for it over and over is just mean.... Hes a racing driver, of COURSE hes going to go for an opportunity.
Neli Angelova
Neli Angelova 8 napja
Guys where I can find and watch the full race?
r c s x
r c s x 8 napja
any catJammers?
Tukor Shin
Tukor Shin 8 napja
Any idea where the last three minute monologue is taken from?
Elena Vorobeva
Kipling, "if"
Stephen Wratten
Norris on top of things, made some great points...Champ of the future!👍😎🇦🇺🏁
Black Girls Rock
And salty Lewis hater!🤡
Robb Phillips
Robb Phillips 8 napja
Meanwhile Bottas has spun again...Albon had the best chance he has ever had and dropped it. Max dropped it. Danny Ric dropped it as well. All huge consequential impacts for the minor placings in the WDC.
Jk M
Jk M 9 napja
Lewis Hamilton the Greatest of all times The legend So much love to him
KX Toh
KX Toh 9 napja
interesting analysis, makes sense y lance was struggling so much on new inters
dinesh sharma
dinesh sharma 9 napja
Ferrari atleast give Seb a well fitting mask
Umonunki 9 napja
Race of the year ! what a drama
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 9 napja
its simple want to make the racing more interesting low grip stuff which was exciting , take the wings off simple or use less wing angle
Alpha Anderson
4:00, how can he see through those glasses ?
Gavin Ross
Gavin Ross 9 napja
what are lando's shoes? Need to cop a pair asap
Bartandaelus 9 napja
Podium: Seb, come over Seb: I can't, im in a 2020 Ferrari. Podium: Binotto is out... Seb: *eyes glow red*
George Thomas
George Thomas 9 napja
I am very impressed with Lando Norris' driving knowledge. And more skills from Carlos Sainz turning DRS on and off. Listening to Lewis is just amazing. He made it work. Outstanding finish.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 9 napja
Respect for LH44. THE REAL G.O.A.T
Mr18000rpm 9 napja
After a race like this, there is no way that Max is 2nd best on the grid. Congrats to Lewis on #7!
Ck 9 napja
Highlight for me was for sure Lewis, vettel and perez showing who's boss, but i enjoyed more that those biased dutch fans being put in place. Max had pace, but his driving was rlly a joke today..
Pablo Hernandez
Great to see Lewis winning under this condition. This race proof that Lewis have the capabilities execute any race plan and become the winner. Congratulations Lewis for your accomplishments!!!!!!
brineusa 9 napja
Retire Stroll and keep Checo, a much better and more reliable driver..
Jehohanan John
Is the monologue at the end a poem that I can look up?
Jehohanan John
If-- by Rudyard Kipling
riley 9 napja
waow its amazing. guzel bir yarişti.
khimaros 9 napja
Absolutely gutted for Charles, second best driver of the season for me. Just one mistake right at the end took away what would have been an astonishing recovery...
K2o 9 napja
The chroma on the lens annoy me... Any chance there's a change for next time?
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale 9 napja
21:00 *sBinotto wasn't at the Track, Ferrari gets it's best combined finish this season...* _That outta tell ya something, Camilleri_
Amanda Prentice
me just hearing the dragon from Merlin at the end. hehe
curiosity 9 napja
Frecking yeah! Sam Collins always, I mean ALWAYS nails it.
Seb 9 napja
Forgot to censor Charles on the interview lolol
MenOfWar 9 napja
Very unprofessional from the hosts to laugh at what happened to Bottas, which can be seen around 24:15 Hosts should be unbiased, and they, specially her, are making fun of what happened.
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell 9 napja
But come on its hilarious the number 2 driver lapped by his team mate and six spins was it 4 or 5 that he done all my himself
Mustafa Kadri
Mustafa Kadri 9 napja
The show must go on and İstanbul should be added to the calendar ❤
Laura Furtado
Laura Furtado 9 napja
Jack is great! I enjoy when he is on.
CD Arthur
CD Arthur 9 napja
Congratulations Lewis!!! Here is 1 American who started watching F1 because of him. The Greatest F1 Driver in History!!!
Suman Ray Pramanik
Perez and hulkenberg deserve a seat. I know Perez will get one.
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell 9 napja
Why does Hulkenburg he brings no sponsors with him he's one of the older drivers and what's he actually won in the past very little
Suman Ray Pramanik
Shouldn't racing point have 169 points
Corban Dallas
Corban Dallas 9 napja
The british bias gets on my nerves. Obviously not lewis, he deserves the lime light, but lando and george, they use to do the same with palmer. Kyvat no where again in interviews. We race as one? Maybe stop being racist against russians? Thats how i see it. Disagree with me? Stop being a racist .
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell 9 napja
Idiot who knows the reason why the Russian driver wasn't available for interview
Julian 9 napja
i hope istanbul will be the part of calendar 2021 and other years
Gavin Bailey
Gavin Bailey 9 napja
I didn’t think Stroll deserved to win anyways
Tolga Altinbas
jeran fuentes
jeran fuentes 9 napja
Get a HAIRCUT you goat!
Maxime Müller
sound of the camera showing the drivers in total always has a time lag, is it only me?
Brian T
Brian T 9 napja
I can't imagine hamilton won't do at least another 2 years. Michael had 5 on the trot, so hamilton needs to win 2 more to beat that record.
Uğur D
Uğur D 9 napja
Great Runway!
Jacob Russo
Jacob Russo 9 napja
How upsetting to see Hamilton win again
pirre97 9 napja
The speech in the end, who is speaking and where is the speech from?
Lisa Dubz
Lisa Dubz 9 napja
cant believe Bottas spun 6 times
Chris Hammer
Chris Hammer 9 napja
Redbull needs to stick with Albon... I really think there are just multiple things fighting against him lately and underneath there is a top 3 driver. He is a beast overtaker, getting much better in qualifying, and now just needs a little better luck and wisdom to hold it together. It's his second year, and his first year ever last year with RB, he drove great.
陳慧能 9 napja
Ferrari was ruined their own, Charles slower cornering than Seb under wet ovbviously Team order send very soon, lets Perez trapped Charles in last moment, lost the chance for two podiums
DayDreamer Forex
50:16 that montage on Lewis's visor is incredible so creative !! thanks.
Ttt Ttt
Ttt Ttt 9 napja
Onkar Indurkar
Pirelli: here take the hardest compounds on the worst surface we had this year. Checo & Hamilton: hold our INTERS 😎
Richard Patton
Laughing like that during Bottas spins is a bit cruel....
Arnav Maheshwari
Rainbow 🌈 in the background
Astle Seethal
Astle Seethal 9 napja
Jack is actually a really great addition to the show
John Papadopoulos
Who is that studio commentator guy? He has to go, he is ignorant and he lowers the quality level of the whole show.
rien verreyt
rien verreyt 9 napja
George is butthurt?
Flaviano dos Santos
Dream the impossible. Congratulations, Lewis!
esciteach 9 napja
LH44 is my hero, my inspiration, . . but that being said, soooo happy for Checo and SEB: Come to USA: ALL WELCOME. Juan Pablo great yesterday in Sebring (IMSA final). Lots of tracks and series. Grosjean and Kevin already making inquires. SEB: always a Champion and always will be.
Dan Alex
Dan Alex 9 napja
Bottas will not like this episode
Diane Lacy
Diane Lacy 9 napja
Re: Russell's comments 'that wasn't real racing' - actually, it was real racing...pace, tire, pit timing management. That's a boy talking...best race of the schedule IMO
Ethan Dong
Ethan Dong 9 napja
No.4 in the driver’s championship, and he might not have a job next year. What a joke
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly 9 napja
It's criminal. Meanwhile we have to watch the bottoms of Haas, Alpha Romeo and Williams.
Rm Lances
Rm Lances 9 napja
20+ ads in less than an hour? It really hurts the production and quality of F1s content.
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell 9 napja
It's making who ever uploads this money lots of money if lots of views and likes
Tiago João Silva
Rm Lances That's on HUrun's camp, I'm pretty sure F1TV doesn't have a say on the ads
Nico C.
Nico C. 9 napja
It's days like this, if Nico Rosberg did not retire , if Arton Senna was racing right now, and Shumacher was in his prime, who would take the fight to Lewis? A hypothetical offering, any takers?
Giacomo Licata
Lati Asin
Lati Asin 9 napja
All the drivers seemed to be depressed 😕 today. What a race.
AWAS 1969
AWAS 1969 9 napja
yes Lewis yes Lewis!!!!!!!!!!i told you all before GOAT
Multi Vision
Multi Vision 9 napja
1)Perez to mec 2) Bottas to redbull 3) Albon to Alfa If Bottas is the racer I think he is. Red Bull would have a shot at the constructors and he would have information. also Red Bull needs a Mercedes engine
lampertl 9 napja
With the mask, Jack looks like a clone of George. :)
Dele Balogun
Dele Balogun 9 napja
There you go. Seb hasn't forgotten how to race. Lewis greatness is not just because of the car. Max choked again when it mattered; he still has a long way to go before you can start comparing him to a champion. When the chips were down, 2 out of the 3 champions on the grid came alive.
Jorge Tejeda
Jorge Tejeda 9 napja
Pérez as usual getting the job done quietly... I think his problem is a lack of charisma with the media, hardly gives a smile or a joke.... working on it should improve his career, we know he has the talent
Benedikt Windisch
Bottas caught Massa's record of spins in the Sauber 2002 in Brasil today xD
I though the guy on the left was George Russel 😂😂😂
dinesh shehant
Max bad start then he managed to pass Lewis, Vettel and just before he passe Perez he spined so he his podium...it was his if not for the bad start...Weldon perez
ian Jeremy
ian Jeremy 9 napja
Bottas is a joke !!
F1 #44
F1 #44 9 napja
I disagree with the take all the grip away theory what we want as a life long F1 fan is the fastest legal package winning and having battles on track, I like innovation like Williams active suspension, double diffusers, ground affects, f ducts, wheel rim fins and das, these things make racing fun for fans and the people making the 2 cars each year.
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