F1 Rewind: 2020 Season Montage 

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From bleak beginnings, to an incredible 17-race season, here's to a season like no other...
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Metamonogatari 6 órája
that would be fantastic for f2 as well, although it must be some hard work editing all this
Villager 22 órája
1:57 That sound 😍😍
dragonage200 2 napja
Yes, Mercedes dominated once again, but man was it a roller coaster season full of highs and lows..
bruh 2 napja
Silverstone race: Pixar's cars IRL
bruh 2 napja
tbh idk why i thought nascar was better than f1 back then
Yuraskin 2 napja
These effects are cringe
Refa Buana Putra
Surprising Driver of the year : GAS (Italy R1) & PER (Bahrain R2) Win Crash of the Year : Grosjean Bahrain R1 Scariest of the year : Grosjean Big Crash on Bahrain R1 Driver of The Year : Lewis Hamilton Funniest of the year : Banana Leclerc
Sicc TV
Sicc TV 3 napja
The first F1 race I ever watched was 2020 Monza GP. After this race I got addicted to F1. Best sport ever!!
Andrew Bedford
Man this made me tear up.
Stanisław Dębiec
Im watching this 5 th time
Elestro Air-soft
Come on Netflix, give us season 3 of Drive to survive already!
I Love McLaren F1 Team
McLaren will never be the same without this duo😭 And this season was best in f1 history
Ahmed Omer
Ahmed Omer 5 napja
Oh boy, this is so emotional.
What a f***ing season for lewis😂😂😂
Nico Zana
Nico Zana 7 napja
One of the best seasons ever
SSR Hamilton
SSR Hamilton 7 napja
This season was smth else
Matty W.
Matty W. 7 napja
I wont cry after this😭🤩who editted this is the best person on the world
mahatma munaf
mahatma munaf 7 napja
Fexify 1
Fexify 1 8 napja
HUrun: We won't make a rewind of 2020 F1: That's our chance
Pedro Guimarães
Esses the best f1 season
Benediktas Šalkauskas
I had happiness tears and this was so happy to watch When I watched Bahrain gp it was horrible when grosjean crashed and caught fire I thought he would die but I nearly cried when I saw him get out of the car safe
Leonel Rojas
Leonel Rojas 10 napja
La voz de Will arruinó el Rewind, no es que no me guste, pero el himno por si solo es una delicia de escuchar.
Cristian Costa
Cristian Costa 11 napja
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli 11 napja
Hey F1, please adjust the Portuguese GP into the 2021 calendar. It was one of the best races last year. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😭😭😭 What a track, Portimão! 🔥🔥🔥
Thomas Dudas
Thomas Dudas 11 napja
3:15 I got goosebumps :D
Soufian Badaoui
Soufian Badaoui 11 napja
what song sounds from 3:44 ?
RacePunk 12 napja
Does anyone know what that particle or smoke effect that they had trailing the cars in some scenes? I want to find out what its called so I can find a tutorial on it and make a edit with a similar style to this.
TheGamer 12 napja
DoodlebugRocket 12 napja
This editing is godly
Alexis Vazquez
Alexis Vazquez 12 napja
vamos CHECO
Anthony dacres
Anthony dacres 13 napja
The guy that edited this wow🤯💯
Cris 13 napja
Why do I hear Hamilton on my radio? That's for all the kids out there...
Yashwant P
Yashwant P 13 napja
This montage is overdone. A simple one like 2019 and 18 would have been better
Sergio David Buitron
A pesar de las dificultades gracias por ofrecernos espectaculo y emoción en las carreras,para mí ha sido la temporada más emocionante de la era híbrida. Feliz Año Nuevo
JavaShrimp 13 napja
the part when Grosjean crashed the music was just PERFECT!!! 2:36
Onur 7
Onur 7 14 napja
Why F2 commentators are telling abaout F1?
Filip Wlodarczak
It gives me chills every time I watch it jesus especially after the ''sad part'' and the drop it's amazing, I think I like F1 :)
Oliwier Przepióra
Only thing this season didn't have was title fight and wheel to wheel action!
Alifa Firdausi
Alifa Firdausi 15 napja
Whoever edited this video, thank you! This video is amazing ❤️
marcelo acosta
marcelo acosta 15 napja
2020 is the best season, in 21st century. Great races and Hamilton is the best.
Michel van der Hoek
Copy-paste to 2021, MB & LH dominating...
Sourav Singh
Sourav Singh 14 napja
But midfield would be super super tight this year
Felippe M Marques
Thanks for the best season ever! 👊
Juan Rodríguez
Juan Rodríguez 16 napja
Solo con la música y la mezcla de las mejores escenas del 2020 hubiese sido mejor,(nada de narración) solo con esos dos factores le aportan emoción y adrenalina.
Leila Barwel
Leila Barwel 16 napja
The effects are amazing! This is better then the 2019 montage
nasser samano
nasser samano 17 napja
For all the kids out there who dream the impossible, you can do it to guys.....so long as you drive my car (a Mercedes).
Lozza 17 napja
That slow motion and sound with the sparks at Kmag and Albion's crash at Britain is sooo satisfying
Lozza 17 napja
Boren 17 napja
worst edit i ve ever seen
Or-I 15 napja
why. it's really well made.
AviaNerd 18 napja
This was the first f1 season I’ve see, and I swear, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen, even this montage. First time I’ve ever got into Motorsports, started watching motogp, Indycar, a few nascar, a few rallycross. Unfortunately I never saw other great tracks. Still the greatest things this year
Martin PK
Martin PK 18 napja
aka drive to survive season 3 trailer
Tom Lademann
Tom Lademann 18 napja
why do the voices in the beginning sound like they've been compressed a few hundred times? nearly puked! disgusting
Mick Well
Mick Well 18 napja
Why do I get goosebumps watching this
Jack 18 napja
Who else thinks lando will win this year ? 🧡💙
ng 18 napja
This Season had everything, highs lows, Drama and extatic celebration, heartstopping Moments and Moments of pure joy. What a Season.
Alexander Wolfovich
Wytze Koster
Wytze Koster 18 napja
Petition: more (bestiful) new circuits at f1
Lev Win
Lev Win 18 napja
I have goosebumps
Jordi Ramirez
Jordi Ramirez 18 napja
This made me cry
Aravindh SM
Aravindh SM 18 napja
That theme song shows that edm can never give the thrill of pure instrumental song.
Remco 18 napja
Me: "how're you gonna rewind a whole season in four and a half minutes?" F1 editor: "hold my beer"
CrazoRex 19 napja
Too many goosebumps in my body
1995 19 napja
Who deslike this video im sure have a childhood problem
Ahmed Lord
Ahmed Lord 19 napja
I love bottas and hamilton and mercedes
Or-I 15 napja
Naufal Fahmi
Naufal Fahmi 19 napja
ngl the season that i watched every races of it and even the news,and i just got to f1 a on january 2020 xD
Oyuncu pro oyuncu yağız f1 Pros gamer
This is my favoreti f1 sesoen
Vetri Forward
Vetri Forward 20 napja
Dont get the theme music - we will race again
Musa Usman
Musa Usman 20 napja
Imagine telling someone in 2019 that Hamilton wasn’t able to win a single race after the Bahrain GP 🤯😂🤣🤣
Adrian Alli
Adrian Alli 20 napja
Big ups to f1 for letting the drivers be themselves with their wild personalities.
Ahmed Lord
Ahmed Lord 20 napja
Bottas: yessssss!!!!!! Noris: wooooohoooo gasly: yessssss!!!!!! Wooooohoooohooo
Nick Leone
Nick Leone 20 napja
I love the v10 audio bits sneaked in there
Max Alward
Max Alward 21 napja
that gave me chills
Sevki Durmaz
Sevki Durmaz 21 napja
If HAM did not win , you didnt show. nice! everywhere MAXXXXXX, and redbull . Only 2 gp winner MAX is everywhere . nice edit from redbull and MAX lovers. where is GASLY? where is BOTTAS? ( second place winner)? No no no no , only focus MAX Niceeeeee
jxnnxkTM [GER]
jxnnxkTM [GER] 21 napja
The 2019 Season Montage was better.
Jari Bernini
Jari Bernini 20 napja
2019 montage was awesome
Alan Drak
Alan Drak 21 napja
who's the other commentator and where it from?
Piotr Dolecki
Piotr Dolecki 21 napja
love it
Charkrit Atherton
How weird to not always be hearing crofty in commentary.
EOR_ Reigns
EOR_ Reigns 21 napja
this is epic
cgjh hgcxk
cgjh hgcxk 21 napja
what is the music at the beginning please?
Jørgen Brenna
Jørgen Brenna 21 napja
This was the best F1 season to date, and I feel honoured to have witnessed it
yash dayma
yash dayma 21 napja
These was my first ever F1 season , which I watched fully of all the 17 races, and it was incredible 👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👍👍👌👌👌👌
Ramón Ochs
Ramón Ochs 22 napja
The best season of F1! Never expected this back in March!
Sadagopan Sankaranarayanan
Sergio Perez had the best celebratory pic with fireworks behind him💥.
Ma Rek
Ma Rek 22 napja
1:57 is that a V10 or V8 sound?
Jiří Němeček
F1 isn't just the pinacle of motorsport, it is not even the pinnacle of sport as a whole. It's the pinacle of humanity
MEGA 323
MEGA 323 22 napja
What a season!!!
Siwaiw 22 napja
Best season I ever watched in 15 years! Can't wait for 2021 and 2022
84brunello 22 napja
No change sound track 2021 ♥️
Max Constable
Max Constable 22 napja
Best season for years
Marshmelox 22 napja
Im SHAKING the Formula Theme, the cars, the speed, the way they edited it, the commentators, all of the emotions associated with this season all the hopefulness for 2021. CRAZY races we've had this year. All these new records beaten, new polesitters and race winners. This Video is just like a rush, I'm shaking at how much emotion is in this video, well done F1, well done.
Loahs 23 napja
looks like a initial d intro
Wisnu Channel
Wisnu Channel 23 napja
Unbelievable is 2020
Moe A
Moe A 23 napja
That aftereffect with the cars after images as they race looked like it was out of an anime. Now i want an anime about F1 xD
Leon Van Rooyen
Leon Van Rooyen 23 napja
By far one of my favorite seasons ever
ashish yadav
ashish yadav 23 napja
Bring back grill the grid.
Jonas Silva
Jonas Silva 23 napja
Foi incrível fórmula 1 2020 😱👏 🇧🇷🇩🇪
Menno Wijkhuizen
Is HUrun watching? Because this is how you make a rewind!
Doğukan Sarpkaya
2:19 ❤️❤️
I don't know What to call this channel
Anyone else realise that for the 2020 cars they sometimes used v10 engine sounds
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