F1's Updated 2021 Rules Explained - Everything You Need To Know 

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The 2021 F1 season is closing in, and while it might not be the massive overhaul we expected, now delayed till 2022, there are still some very interesting updates to the regulations coming into play. Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at how the FIA's new Formula 1 rules will affect racing in 2021, from car aerodynamics to fuel usage, to copycat teams and even green materials.
0:00 F1's 2021 Rules
0:25 New Aero & Floor Regulations
1:54 The Rear Of The Car's Aero
2:36 Heavier F1 Cars
3:32 Exhaust & Tailpipe Changes
4:02 DAS Is Gone
4:31 Green Materials
5:46 Fixing The Fuel Situation
6:30 Stopping The "Pink Mercedes" Copycats
7:33 Will The Changes Work?
Thanks to YCOM and Bcomp for access to their Natural Crash Structure footage!
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Sean Astro
Sean Astro 16 órája
How about some tire innovation so they don't have to reduce downforce ??? Won't get that unless we have two or more tire manufacturers permitted. If multiple vendors, could even have a tire maker's trophy for the year.
Dexter Bernard
Dexter Bernard 17 órája
2022 will be the year of change.
harold cooper
harold cooper 2 napja
More of the same, The difference will be a bigger gap between Mercedes, Red Bull.! and the rest. The great pity is the owners of F1 are complete MORONS AS FAR AS THE CONCEPT AND HOSTORY OF F1 IS CONCERNED.
ScubaJoe YT
ScubaJoe YT 2 napja
Eh maybe it’s a good season or a bad one idk
M B 2 napja
F1 will be boring as always
VimWolf 4 napja
ALways interesting to hear they're banning things I didn't even know they were using. Stereowhatogramitry?
Mateo López
Mateo López 4 napja
Here’s an idea: instead of making the cars slower make the tires more durable to match the car
Robert Rendall
Why did they not get rid of the Drs and make it more interesting
Luu Duong Hy
Luu Duong Hy 6 napja
The new rules are following 1. There are still three qualifyings, but the time in each qualifying is reduced Q1= 15 minutes, Q2= 12 minutes and Q3= 8 minutes 2. The collison penalty is become more strict Old penalty: 3 place grids penalty New penalty: Back of the grid penalty 3. If the driver unable to served full penalty, they will started the race in Pit Lane. Example: If a driver who qualify 19th/20 and get five place grid penalty, he only down one but will received a Pit Lane Start Penalty because he is unable to served penalty 4. The 107% rules is reverted back in Wet race. Any drivers who didn't set on 107% but advanced in Q2 will not allowed take part in Q2. Example: Only 7 drivers managed to set 107% time, while Q2 entries had 15. If the new rules introduced, seven drivers will automatic went to final qualifying. If more than ten, the elimination change 14: 4 drivers and went to 11, where one driver will get eliminated. 5. The fastest lap point now increased to two and if the driver who get fastest lap did not finished on top 10, the riders who had second fastest lap will get Extra Point
Armyan1988 7 napja
Wow! These regulations seem to be focusing on punishing teams with quality R&D departments. This is definitely going hurt MB, Ferrari, and McClaren
Maciek 8 napja
F1 should keep improving instead of caring about the planet. If they want to be green they should just cancel all races and permanently stop the entire organization, but not invent some stupid rules that make F1 greener. In my opinion it is just hypocrisy.
Owen Mccubbin
Owen Mccubbin 10 napja
In terms of cutting costs sustainability and technical advancement should there be more research into tyre development..ultra durable tyres that can de driven flat out at race distances with mandatory pit stops...more exciting races
Jr H
Jr H 10 napja
Isn't it absolutely nuts that restricting something to a 2mm maneuverability could be seen as a game changer and field equalizer. Absolutely incredible. The pinnacle of technical know how and innovation. Love this form of motorsport. To go back in time a little, Schumacher and his transparent air flow directors on his helmet, feeding the air flow to rads and around body work. Innovative. Come on f1 2021, please don't disappoint. No Lewis this year though please.
Andrew Moody
Andrew Moody 11 napja
Why all the changes to accommodate the limits of years old tyres? Tell Pirelli to get a move on some better tyres instead.
Jason Davies
Jason Davies 11 napja
I believe Lewis Hamilton's record is being tarnished by videos like this to suggest that's all you need is Mercedes to be world champion is not true
MegaFrixi 13 napja
F1 was died.. And we still watch it.. Fools.. :) btw i wait more the new netflix season than the real season...wtf is this...
Herr K
Herr K 14 napja
Nothing really changes. Everything should've changed this year, but the new rules have been postponed to guarantee mr. Superstar another easy title. It'll be another "super interesting" season, with kneeling, dirty political topics instead of racing etc.
Full of Mischief
I don't see how the FIA or anybody can stop teams from copying each other to some degree. It's a bit like a class being split into teams while working on some science project. You're going to SEE what everyone is doing; what works. You'd be dumb not to make mental notes of that stuff. Proving you came up with things all on your own is just academic at that point. With plenty of people on payroll it wouldn't be hard to reverse engineer things. My point is, I don't get why people hate on the pink panthers last year. Whether they waste years coming to the same conclusions as Mercedes just to feign ignorance or they just get on with it, what's the difference? You'd be dumb NOT to look at a winning car for inspiration. Teams are trying to win, so I don't really see how you can stop people from recognizing what works on a given car. There's still resources they won't have. And the fact that the midfield was so fun last year, I say let it go. It is what it is.
scotty s
scotty s 16 napja
Get with Michelin build better tires 🤷🏻‍♂️
Mirozenx 16 napja
The FIA is a joke, they're going to kill the sport
Joel Sánchez -Gil
I don't think these new "rules" are going to be good for the competitions
Justin Timbersaw
2022 car would be made out of rice and cookies powered by hamsters and steering wheel using robe attached to caster wheels.
Adam Riches
Adam Riches 17 napja
I think it’s sad that most of the new rules are actually going to slow the cars down, surely F1 should be the pinnacle of technology and allow development and new technologies. I understand the budget caps to allow for competitively amongst different teams but surely this is all just backwards. Faster, louder, lighter stronger. If they’re not careful they will ruin the whole concept of what F1 is and should be. The best and most up to date technology providing optimum and ultimate performance in every aspect not the opposite.
Spoorsey 17 napja
Pirelli either need to step it up or the teams can assess the tire damage levels and adjust their strategy accordingly. I can't stand when the FIA come in to ban progression.
Jeff Holmes
Jeff Holmes 17 napja
Boring sport I never watch anymore. Watch MotoGp, World Superbikes, British superbikes or touring car racing for excitement. F1= yawn zzzzzzzzzz
Kirin Kirin
Kirin Kirin 18 napja
Why not push to a limit the downfoce.wasted
Ed Mu
Ed Mu 18 napja
hamiton will still win in any car.
APM M 19 napja
The FIA deliberately leave loopholes in the regulations, to keep the top teams happy. So the cars will probably lose little time from last year. Don't forget Ferrari, Mercedes etc basically run F1.
Catcrumbs 19 napja
1:47 Newtons (N) are not the same as newton-metres (N·m (note that a space or a half-high dot (·) is *required* between the unit symbols of a compound unit to indicate multiplication)). Sort yourself out, Autosport.
audiocrush 19 napja
yea how stupid are people in thinking you could replace carbon in carbon fiber composite materials with hemp and make it environmentally friendly that way? you still have the epoxy stuff in it and it is completely unrecyclable might as well figure out a way on how to recycle carbon fiber composite materials... money way better spent
Matias Diaz Borbolla
I just saw Mclaren's 2021 car, is the same thing!! hahaha
Griffin Gaming
Griffin Gaming 20 napja
sooo to make racing more exciting they are trying to force all the cars to be the same and slower, so basically comes down to who has the better engine, well loos like Mercedes win again,
why do they hinder advancement. We need a F0 no rules go.
pino de vogel
pino de vogel 24 napja
We need less downforce to safe Pirelly who is unable to make better tires so lets add weight that surely adds less strain to tires. and they need to just allow copying. that way teams have limites benefit from huge budgets. After all the next week other teams can use it if they can make it fast enough. that keeps innovation going. we had this 2 decades ago and racer where a LOT ore fun.
lampros karajohn
one day 2 strokes f1 cars... waitng the day... xaxa
Malcolm Gambrill
The whole point of F1 was to develop the best car to win a race and stick the best driver you could lay your hands on to achieve that. All this restriction and dumbing down prevents that happening, it's a big boys game, if you can't afford that don't play. As for the risk, drivers all know the risks and they get paid a LOT of money to do it, if the risk is to high for you, you are playing the wrong game. Bring back one than 1 tyre company that will spice it up.
csl 18 napja
Yip... One of these all drivers will be getting a participation award while driving lawnmowers around the track
Andre Martindale
I’m looking forward to the new rules regulations for the racers. The new era is like eco friendly, less downforce.
zabaleta 28 napja
Dumb rules mostly....if the tyres are wearing quicker than improve the tyres! Glad DAS is gone though.
Niko942 28 napja
They ought to get rid of all the car rules and just let engineering have it's head. That's you get innovation, not by restricting everything.
Ivan Dobrichkov
Ivan Dobrichkov 28 napja
Waiting for that MB sandbagging, "well our car doesnt even have steering!"
J. Myers, Making it work
FIA: Keep slowing the cars Fans: Pretty soon they’ll look and sound like Nascar. FIA: No, Slower.
Dave Dickman
Dave Dickman Hónapja
Yawn. F1 is dying and has lost most of its appeal
MO Hónapja
More the same 🤔
LimitedWard Hónapja
Unpopular opinion: using stereo photogrammetry to gain intel on competitor designs should be allowed. It's literally just taking photos of the same object at different angles. Surely if these race teams can afford to drop millions of dollars every season, they can afford a couple of cameras.
Kenneth Phillips
It all hinges on weather Hamilton signs or not is my opinion 👌and I for 1 hope he does
Mr Serrano
Mr Serrano Hónapja
Bring back the V10’s!
IFM Hónapja
Dear Lord
Jeroen Roland
Jeroen Roland Hónapja
lewis hamilton wins 4 world titles on row and in time when Senna was racing the FIA coming some nasty electronica to stop Senna's success in the Formula 1.
World of Stuff
World of Stuff Hónapja
Great vid
JayniaK Hónapja
Wasn't the whole point of F1 teams at the pinnacle of motor sport to design and out fox each other to be faster? Give them the same engine and gearbox, and let them shine with there own aero designs, why hold them back like this, how can teams compete, F1 was so exciting, and now the opposite. Like anything on this planet if its Fun for us they will kill it.
ThatGamerGuy Hónapja
If I made the rules for f1: no
Nation of Masturbation
Hopin for noisier engines and more driver skills instead of tech makin cars self-driven
NollieFlipX Hónapja
The more I try to look at F1 the more I hear "make it slower", "ban this", "ban that". It's is getting less and less interesting overtime. All I see is over regulation and monopolies at its best.
John Vanzyl
John Vanzyl Hónapja
F1 is all about the cars and very little to do with the drivers. With all those so called expert engineers, you would think they could find a way to change that reality. Just not competitive!!!
ferrari2k Hónapja
I think the changes are so minimal that Hamilton and Mercedes are set for another title...
colin mitchell
colin mitchell Hónapja
More of the same i think, Mercedes to win most of the races Lewis to be WC, Max 2nd, Valtteri 3rd, boring as ever. F1 has lost all of its entertainment value for me and is now an engineering exercise.
Melvin Rumints
Melvin Rumints Hónapja
Amended 2021 F1 rules. F1 engineers: Am I a joke to you.
Nedim Ali-Mehmet
Great let's keep making them heavier
Mroowczan22 Hónapja
about weight ho about they change ragulations to 1200kg like road cars have and drivers will suffer from 593845739587 G-Force in the corners... and do it electric like giant vacum cleaners or even more giant blenders/food procesors... Sound and emotions will go to subzero this is bad way that F1 going to.... :( :(
Luu Duong Hy
Luu Duong Hy Hónapja
Here are some more change that happen 1. All american race are mid-night race, which will be live on 2AM/USA time 2. If rider fail to slow down on yellow flag, they received 5 places grid penalty. If the driver unable to received full penalty, they will received drive through penalty at the beginning of the race. 3. The pit lane now closed 7 minutes before the race instead of 20 minutes 4. After Belgium GP, the standing will divided to two groups. Group A from 1st-8th and group B from 9th onwards.
Zul Azlan
Zul Azlan Hónapja
They are close on creating the first "flying car".Good luck F1 engineers
KYS Racing
KYS Racing Hónapja
Well Mercedes 8x world champs here’s to 2022
AladinsCave Hónapja
came here to see... never mind back to MotoGP..... it’s fun there
jeffownsyou1 Hónapja
More political mambo jumbo
Gerardo Mena
Gerardo Mena Hónapja
Are these the major regulations that were promised a few years back to help even out the competitive advantage of richer teams, or are those still coming in the near future?
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Porto Alex
Porto Alex Hónapja
Mercedes will dominate the grid and in 2021 so we have to wait for 2022 to watch something different. Furthermore, this economy, cut spending, budget cap, you name it, must stop or otherwise there will be limited progress in F1, almost no innovation and certainly no breakthroughs in the technology. At the end, if they want limited budgets and economy above everything lets have one car design and one power unit for all teams
adrian russell
adrian russell Hónapja
Going to see crash after crash 💥 in the first few races with back ends kicking out on each corner.
Anthony Figueiredo
Mercedese will still control formula-1.
It's incredibly upsetting to me that they are trying to make cars slower.
Marc Girard
Marc Girard Hónapja
These regulations won't change a thing. Glad I cancelled my F1 TV subscription. Maybe 2022 will be better. F1 needs to do what MotoGP does - there is more freedom in design with machines with very different strong points and yet the racing is very close and exciting. I long for the days of old that allowed different approaches to solving the F1 "problem."
robert greene
robert greene Hónapja
These changes will make things interesting until the top teams understand how to manipulate the rules then it's the top three dueling it out
jax rammus
jax rammus Hónapja
I like the idea of f1, ut vigorously hate the fia. All I see them do is stiffle and stamp innovation and promote dumb as shit ideas because of broken logic
CharlesHrodric Hónapja
These rules are stopping engineering progress. Is much better for everyone when teams are allowed more ingenuity. I would love that Formula E be like that, let the teams get crazy with any design. The results will pave the way for companies and engineers around the world develop more EV tech than ever
Nikki Schlachter
The acrid fox weekly snatch because mice largely post absent a dependent racing. aloof, materialistic cream
the Ubermensch
the Ubermensch Hónapja
I'll start watching f1 when they bring back the v10 engines
Fariz Aziz
Fariz Aziz Hónapja
So the FIA is going to eliminate technological progress and analysis this season? Fuckin great!
J.J The Gamer
J.J The Gamer Hónapja
I cant wait for a lot of s🅱️inollas In 2022
Faiz Hónapja
Wait no higher rev limit??
Sung Shin
Sung Shin Hónapja
F1 is stupid! Just add more weight. Add 500 pounds if they want to reduce the speed ! Run by dumbass people!
Eduardo Sánchez
I never understood why the FIA wants to keep speed of the f1 vehicles on check. Imagine there wouldn't be so many regulations, that would be an amazing show. I understand there are safety concerns but the cars are so much safer that 20 years ago I can't conceive that's their real goal
Maximo Hernandez
The gainful citizenship astonishingly smoke because friend internally blush through a racial danger. smoggy, high-pitched guatemalan
LJTeam Hónapja
I wish theyd go back to smaller cars
athul krishna
athul krishna Hónapja
This is great
athul krishna
athul krishna Hónapja
athul krishna
athul krishna Hónapja
carl de wet
carl de wet Hónapja
Very Interesting. Very Informative. However, Mercedes 2021 Dominance will Continue Regardless of these Exciting Changes. TeamToto Simply Does a Better over a Season Compared to other Teams and it Reflects in their Results.
marko sporn
marko sporn Hónapja
Sure...all of those restrictions will help with pandemic situation
martijn Hónapja
So if i understand correctly, the cars will be heavier, quieter, harder on tires and have less downforce? How is that making F1 more exciting???
Wallie du Toit
Wallie du Toit Hónapja
Add refuel to tyre change and see which team is really efficient !!!
idpro83 Hónapja
Why didn't they reduce the fuel tank capacity?
No Limits
No Limits Hónapja
From next year FIA gonna design the cars,engines,choose tyres and let teams just choose the driver 😐
Davor Đurić
Davor Đurić 2 hónapja
F1 IS BORINGGG , no one's watching
Thedudeabides803 2 hónapja
Hamilton getting out the mop.
Johnathan Botha
Johnathan Botha 2 hónapja
More of the same boring racing over and over. This is why I don't watch F1 anymore - just catch the highlights on HUrun so I don't waste as much time.
Dolley Fusik
Dolley Fusik 2 hónapja
The knowledgeable baseball overwhelmingly sprout because drawbridge successfully realise with a omniscient dressing. cluttered, waggish waste
pilignos 2 hónapja
FIA in 2022: Let's ban the tires.
pilignos 2 hónapja
FIA in 2022: Let's ban the tires.
Former Everything
Former Everything 2 hónapja
F1 - ruling out innovation in racing!
Anabel Wentworth
Anabel Wentworth 2 hónapja
The wonderful physician unfortunately fix because airbus comprehensively queue forenenst a garrulous bobcat. puzzling, pale edward
Jamrug 2 hónapja
The only rule of F1 should be power and speed. Everything else is bullshit.
Radish 2 hónapja
F1 commentators:welcome to F1 the fastest motorsport in the world FIA: aw hell naaaa...
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