F2 EXCLUSIVE: Schumacher Wins the Feature Race! | 2020 Russian Grand Prix 

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A super start, a well-timed pit stop, and an epic overtake! Watch as Mick Schumacher secures Feature Race victory and further extends his championship lead...
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Mister Wong
Mister Wong 25 napja
the famous schumacher switchback. easy does it.
Michael Barreto
Michael Barreto 25 napja
Estratégia perfeita da prema do Schumacher
Arshad khan
Arshad khan 27 napja
Future 3 time F1 champion he will❤️
Maxi F
Maxi F 27 napja
Season 2022 is his first real F1 season because Alfa get maybe the team contract complete his first race weekend is the next sunday at his home at the Nürburgring the title win is maybe Finish he is the Champ but he can take the title at the Nürburgring with his First win at home
rcm021 28 napja
A New Schumacher is coming!!
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Hónapja
1:43 This Pic Old Felligs coming back
Anirudh Maiya
Anirudh Maiya Hónapja
Looks like bottas took notes from Mick’s start from 3rd
Tanyo Dachi
Tanyo Dachi Hónapja
His call to PIT without his box knowing first, but the Box being ready to get him sorted and chase was a Masterclass aswell. What a Winner this is!
Eduardo PB
Eduardo PB Hónapja
Verstappen frozen watching this
Nekfeu 97
Nekfeu 97 Hónapja
Like father so the son
Jo$h Hónapja
This is probably the strongest grid of f2/gp2 history and Schumi will probably win this season. Can't wait to see micki in F1.
Philip Karosi / der Safety Car Fan
Sgt Fler
Sgt Fler Hónapja
He’s gonna win this
Vaibhav Saraswat
If he gets a chance at Alpha next year and considering Sainz just moved to Ferrari and Leclerc with a long term commitment He has more chances of racing for Mercedes or Redbull than Ferrari for 2022.
Die Lichtgestalt
Boaaaaa what a move! So smart! I think he surprised him with this overtake.
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri Hónapja
The move he made on Tsunoda was superb! He'll get the Alfa seat, no doubt
GreatGamerKZ Hónapja
Watch, he is gonna be the next Schumacher. I was a fan ever since 2019 F2 season. I think he will win atleast 5 titles
Aniket Waghavkar
The Legacy Continues..........🏁🏆
T krishna prasad
Like father like son
Hendrik Brosda
Hendrik Brosda Hónapja
I Hope the FIA doesnt give him a Penalty
eoe123321 Hónapja
@MR7 MR7 indeed it would be completely bs if they do that
MR7 MR7 Hónapja
Would be ridiculous because it had no effect on the race in the end
Barun Dutta
Barun Dutta Hónapja
Like father like son.... what a move....
Atif Hussain
Atif Hussain Hónapja
Jan Dittloff
Jan Dittloff Hónapja
In germany we say Hops Genommen
Barclay_84 Hónapja
in germany we say yallah schumi mashalla wie seine vater
Mrinmay Kumar Das
1:08, the famous Schumacher switchback
Ganapathy subramanian
bad news is we have to wait for 59 more days for the next f2 race weekend
Christel Kappis
Christel Kappis 25 napja
nooooooo, nobody are interessed to see just the lame f1, where this one brillant driver dominates everyone. 🥴
Válrâukàr Dso
@eoe123321 only Bahrain left and they'll race when f1 goes there too. And f1 has some tracks left before that.
eoe123321 Hónapja
why such a long way?
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri Hónapja
Gouthaman Guna
Gouthaman Guna Hónapja
That's friggin sad...then a double header
Racing in his blood....
arnab ganguly
arnab ganguly Hónapja
*Feels like a 10 year old again*
LFernando GAMER
LFernando GAMER Hónapja
Please legend 😔 PTBR
Marz _
Marz _ Hónapja
why this is even in F1 channel?
Timo Hoffmann
Timo Hoffmann Hónapja
because F2 is pretty much a FIA development league.
prateek16g739 Hónapja
It will be extremely interesting to see him in F1 by 2022 with Ferrari having a competitive car
Adi Hónapja
@prateek16g739 Ferrari spends around two to three times the money of teams like racing point McLaren and Renault and got a worse car do you really think they can build a better with the same money^^ Plus the Renault and mercedes engines are better than the Ferrari one and engines won't change till 2025 My prediction for 22 is Top teams: mercedes, mclaren, Aston Martin, Renault Midfield: red bull, ferrari, alpha tauri Bottom: Haas and Alfa Williams could be everywhere
prateek16g739 Hónapja
@Adi In 2021 it won't. In 2022 it will most probably
Adi Hónapja
But ferrari won't have a competitive car in 2022
Dobby The free elf
Has any family given more than 2 drivers to F1?
Vasisht Vasudevan
@ShionShinigami ahhh sorry Michael made it to F1 Not Marco
ShionShinigami Hónapja
@Vasisht Vasudevan Michel is the son, Marco is the grandson.
Boston 00
Boston 00 Hónapja
BammBamm he is mediocre at best
Philipp Lama
Philipp Lama Hónapja
@Piano by Oliver Phil isn't related to Graham and Damon
Gouthaman Guna
Gouthaman Guna Hónapja
@General DingDong I don't think so,that guy switched teams and he was still in that 15-20 range
Gonzo S3B
Gonzo S3B Hónapja
There is no doubt that he will get the Alfa seat. He is talented and has many abilities of his father. And if you are able to beat this strong F2 grid, then you really earned your way to F1. Give him time and he will become a big star.
SpecialD Hónapja
@so_n_ typ yeah I know.. Was just hoping for him to be competetiv and they borrow him :D but of course u re right - he is restricted..
so_n_ typ
so_n_ typ Hónapja
@SpecialD As a Ferrari Academy Driver, he is pretty much restricted to a seat at a Ferrari customer team. AlphaTauri is a RedBull sister team
SpecialD Hónapja
They should keep him away from the Ferrari mentality at the moment 😂
LeXR6 Hónapja
@SpecialD but hes a Ferrari junior
SpecialD Hónapja
Wouldn't the Alpha Tauri seat be more competitive at the moment?
Wilhelm Jackz
Wilhelm Jackz Hónapja
paulo rickli
paulo rickli Hónapja
schumacher with red car? Sucess
luiz guilherme moreira sales
ykhs Hónapja
He will need 3 wins in f1 to get his family to 100 wins in F1
Christel Kappis
Christel Kappis 25 napja
in a alfa romeo?🤔
The Ultimate F1 Geek
@Memologist ;)
Memologist Hónapja
@The Ultimate F1 Geek Lol I see what you did there
The Ultimate F1 Geek
@Dipanwita Nandi Most probably the Hamilton's will do that first too.
Dipanwita Nandi
Dipanwita Nandi Hónapja
So that would make them the first family to do it ; or did some other family did it
EXTdream Hónapja
give him the alfa seat now
Keisuke Takahasi
0:58 almost looks like initial d in reverse on that wing
Cyriac George
Cyriac George Hónapja
Deja vu
AbdulKlappstuhl Hónapja
Cant wait so see a Schumacher back in F1
Kai W.
Kai W. Hónapja
@SUPERMAXy nicht ganz: kann es kaum erwarten einen Schumacher *zurück* in f1 zu sehen" und da liegt der fehler aber es ist nicht schlimm ich wollte es nur gesagt haben
Kai W. Übersetzung Kann es nicht erwarten wieder ein schumacher in der f1 fahren zusehen...
Dhruv Gulati
Dhruv Gulati Hónapja
Kai W. Bist du lost er meint dass sein Vater mal da war und jz sein Sohn beide sind Schumachers also einer wieder zurück
Kai W.
Kai W. Hónapja
@AbdulKlappstuhl ich auch nicht aber back heißt soviel wie zurück und er war ja noch nie f1 deshalb würde ich sagen ,,i cant wait to see schumacher in f1"
AbdulKlappstuhl Hónapja
@Kai W. What would be the right word to use? (Im not a native English speaker)
Rami Rieble
Rami Rieble Hónapja
Already a big fan!
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee Hónapja
@Rami Rieble o ok
Rami Rieble
Rami Rieble Hónapja
@Nathan Lee kimi got announced to drive in 2021.
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee Hónapja
bayyer 04 ykknow, i also want kimi staying, but i don’t think it’ll be the case
Válrâukàr Dso
@Nathan Lee kimi is 40 and is still faster than Giovinazzi. They'll put Schumacher in Gio's seat
bayyer 04
bayyer 04 Hónapja
@Nathan Lee Never