F2 Sprint Race Highlights | 2020 Russian Grand Prix 

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Jack Aitken and Luca Ghiotto walked away from their big crash at Sochi's Turn 3, which ended the race prematurely. But, in the 7 laps before there was plenty of action...
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Scolvic 17 órája
For sure the ppattern gonna stay for schumacher for atleast somewhat a decent first year in f1 and then the show begins in 2022
Vlerke Damne
Vlerke Damne 4 napja
I hope he joins Kimi at alfa how amazing would that be
Não gostei porque acabou rápido 😞
Mika Sasaki-Renzullo
Ticktum speaks a lot
Oliver Hirschböck
Forza Schumi sohn
Lidija Nedanovska
Gioto is ok
pottsman420 20 napja
So I’m new to f2, Netflix introduced me to f1 and I’ve been addicted since (I’m an American and didn’t know this existed)....what is the difference between a feature race and a sprint race?
Josh M
Josh M 8 napja
What rock have u been under....
Hamlet01 27 napja
Matt Gallacher? Erugh.
Ryan Orr
Ryan Orr 28 napja
It doesn't make any sense with art like at the beginning of the season they were at the top and now there struggling to make it in the top 10
Leopold 29 napja
Why do the cars that cause the red flag get to keep their points and place instead of DNF?
Stereotype 29 napja
First time hearing an F2 car. They are so.. ehm, quiet.
Arjun अर्जुन्
Schumacher and Tsunoda are the best of the class this year. They both deserve F1. It’s a shame Tsunoda crashed into his teammate in the first race and messed up the entire weekend for Carlin! He could be much closer to Schumacher
HRL_01 Hónapja
tom d
tom d Hónapja
Matt Gallagher... it’s in the game
Mei Liza
Mei Liza Hónapja
Schummacher Championship Leader Win In Prema Powerteam
Frederick Faulkner
The corner isn’t dangerous, the drivers are fighting too hard
Colin Morand
Colin Morand Hónapja
When hamilton retires from F1 Schumacher will be the NEW
CheZZ Hónapja
3:00 every online lobby ever in the history of f1 games
Adhar Azura
Adhar Azura Hónapja
Nice Race
Chuckiele Hónapja
I hope Zhou will get a proper win before the season ends, this just doesnt feel quite right.
Just a WARLORD Hónapja
if you told someone in 2000's this was F1 they would get super excited thinking the sport will only get better and better
Adrian sky
Adrian sky Hónapja
Wait sooo... car is on fire and no one is there to help him out?... he got out just by himself with no one near if I saw right... what if he couldn’t get out?...
reroller Hónapja
this track needs to go from F2 and F1.
John Cash
John Cash Hónapja
New wheels look sick
Captain_ Nesquik
Literraly IN the wall he's between two security wall 😶
sheamus Hónapja
Weird heating Matt commentate
Chady Nader
Chady Nader Hónapja
Well f2 is way more intresting than f1 these days
Bill Weeks
Bill Weeks Hónapja
Aitken turned into Ghiotto at 3:40. This "wheel bump" manoueuvre has got to stop. I've seen numerous drivers do this. A slight flick at the right time, wheel to wheel, to unsettle the other car. Should be a DQ from the race. The Red Bull car was able to hold it's line through the turn so why couldn't Aitken?. All IMO.
Ryan Thunderhammer
I find it funny how fast the F2 tires get punctured after they get hit compared to F1
kingzozo19 Hónapja
3:28 there is nothing wrong with the car, except is on fire
Quacky Hónapja
schumacher is outstanding already
ben spibey
ben spibey Hónapja
Getting 5 mins of highlights out of 7 laps of at RUSSIA shows everything that is right with F2 and everything that is wrong with F1
Dan54440 Hónapja
Schumacher will win the F2 i dont see how he can loose that
Matheus Henrique
something needs to be done about that t3, the runoff is way too close for such a high speed corner
Toney Twine
Toney Twine Hónapja
Fantastic start for Zhou! The Chinese driver deserves a champion.
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle Hónapja
It's probably worth some kind of redesign. As we saw with this incident, there's virtually no time to slow the car before impact.
Felix Gifford
Felix Gifford Hónapja
We all love a big crash but we all love seeing them walk away from them better. Very glad they are OK.
Mike Spearwood
Mike Spearwood Hónapja
Shwartzman has gone off the boil recently.
shredderkrang Hónapja
“OH and that’s a big crash!”
Arved Ludwig
Arved Ludwig Hónapja
@shredderkrang yeah on the F1 channel. The live stream from yesterday.
shredderkrang Hónapja
Arved Ludwig Is it on HUrun? I’d love to hear that. Was it Christian Danner?
Arved Ludwig
Arved Ludwig Hónapja
The German commentator had a Hollywood performance for that crash. Oooohh aaahh uuuuuhh oooohh That's what he said basically.
J K Hónapja
Didn't Ticktum get a one year ban for deliberately crashing into a driver who took him out? While the safety car was out and marshals were on track? Silverstone three or four years back. Cares so much about safety.
M IZ Hónapja
mustbsouf Hónapja
Yeah man so cool to see Schumacher again
Andile Nyathi
Andile Nyathi Hónapja
what a race crazy schumacer deserves the win
StalinWasBallin Hónapja
that was the most likeable ticktum has ever been
SakharovVVSugar Hónapja
Sorry Rob, but the name Schumacher will bring more money to F1
The Ferrari Guru34
who wants ticktum to be the third f2 commentator
American Pride
American Pride Hónapja
If they kept the walls closer to the track they wouldnt hit them straight on, instead of skidding off them
Bonita Boys
Bonita Boys Hónapja
Matty G
Phil Coonan
Phil Coonan Hónapja
More happened in 8 laps than all of F1
Duval In The Wall
Aitken and Ghiotto caused such a big crash that they were able to keep their top 5s lol Also Zhou, for all the bad luck he’s had in F2, finally has it go his way
Doge YT Plays And Reaction
I reckon it was the final race
billybob_pow Hónapja
Hol’ up since when was Matt Gallagher a commentator?
MCPE4theBeacon Hónapja
Since Styrian GP, they rotate between commentators tho...
Stefan Djukic
Stefan Djukic Hónapja
Dan Ticktum is the track side commentator always in any situation he needs to say something
Han_Gyeol_Sheld Hónapja
F2 sprint race highlights: Shows the whole race hahaha.
Kevin Qiu
Kevin Qiu Hónapja
Ticktum cares about safety? Anyways. Glad both drives escaped unhurt.
jose luis Alvarez
terrible accidente, or suerte los pilotos salieron ilesos
chappybmx Hónapja
I wonder if anyone was in the porta John during that crash lol glad they were both okay
Xeakpress Hónapja
That accident was terrify and just like Dan said hats off to the safety im soo glad they're alright
Erik V.k
Erik V.k Hónapja
Very cool to see that matt Gallagher is a f1 announcer now. Also great to see both drivers made it out of the crash ok
Pip Hónapja
That circuit has serious issues which needs addressing ...
Midaspl Hónapja
Tsunoda on 3rd? Two weekends to go. Let's see if he makes it.
BRuh Hónapja
how dfua they still 4 and 5th
Kristen Nieves
Kristen Nieves Hónapja
Congrats Guanyu Zhou!
Aron James Garcia
Later on or tomorrow, the great Matt Gallagher will burst everything his say about F2 on his next vlog, soon...
SuperSonic14 Hónapja
I do wish Ticktum would stop giving a long dialogue on absolutely everything. I don't know why but it's a bit cringy to me.
Nils Hónapja
Scary crash
Santiago Olivella
60 days before the next race is a lotttt
Andi A.
Andi A. Hónapja
Since this season F2 is much more interesting that F1.
Muchos años antes F2 ó GP2 es mas espectacular e interesante que F1
Richard Brown
Richard Brown Hónapja
Congratulations to Zhou for winning the first race in career, well done 🍾
DiseverinIX Balwen
You could have just posted the race
TL Hónapja
Schumacher's confidence level has really gone up. I'm happy for him. See you in F1 in the near future mate!
happy they are okay.
Wenkan Zhu
Wenkan Zhu Hónapja
Toropetskii Hónapja
Race cut short to 7 laps (less than half distance), drivers that crashed out are awarded points... If you're going to make such obvious scoring mistakes then it's better to not compete at all. Shameful display from the FIA/Formula body again.
J T Hónapja
FIA - safety this, safety that...bring in turns like this with little run off. Don't get me wrong, I like that turn and think it's great. Why not give it more run off? Or don't they have room? It disappoints me when the FIA chase after safety then introduce situations like this. Baku is another one. The long run to turn one in between concrete walls. If this situation had been an F1 car with a full tank, the fire would have been worse. Show some consistency FIA.
TheSergi 14
TheSergi 14 Hónapja
When highlights of the race are almost the whole race
jian wang
jian wang Hónapja
congrat Zhou!
M o o d
M o o d Hónapja
Shortest F2 race ever?
S_L Hónapja
тιмѕυ -
тιмѕυ - Hónapja
2:55: Danil Kvyat: WASSUP BOYS F2 Drivers:.... Bruh get back in F1
Szandor the 13th
Lol Aitken and Ghitto finishing?
Rizahri Hónapja
aitken better get a huge penalty there, that was super dangerous from him, garbage attitude
That crash was something else wow.
Asli Hindu
Asli Hindu Hónapja
Schumacher and his rocket starts
padam19 Hónapja
Not sure about those 18-inch rims, when the cars contact each other like this
Daniel Lajer
Daniel Lajer Hónapja
3.15: my Bed loking exactly the same at 6.00 when i Wakup to go to shool
Ζαβαρα Κατρανέμια
Tiktum is already a veteran athlete sportscaster..
Shaun Allen
Shaun Allen Hónapja
Aitkin rammed Ghiotto there if I'm not mistaken. Gave him a tyre bash.
TJ32 Hónapja
1. How tf did the 2 cars that caused the red flag end up keeping their positions on the count back? Your car should have to be running when the red flag flies FFS, imagine if these guys were running 1-2. Aitken would have won the race while his car burned on the side of the track, that makes no sense. They're the ones that caused the red flag why are they even classified? 2. BOTH cars submarined the barrier. The FIA needs to look at that, they could have had a driver stuck inside a burning car under the barrier debris.
Tsino Hónapja
Sad how Zhou's first win was due to a technicality.
OPSAT Hónapja
He doesnt deserve up there...
Jacob Brassard
Jacob Brassard Hónapja
How is tictum talking about safety when he was banned from racing for a bit after crashing into someone for revenge 😜
Jacob Wadsworth
Jacob Wadsworth Hónapja
Its hardly negligence if its blatantly intentional.
Binura Damayantha
@Gonçalo Marques finally a wholesome comment
Gonçalo Marques
We don't need to remain the same as human beings - change is possible
Rogue _O
Rogue _O Hónapja
jesus christ....+
Simon Berton
Simon Berton Hónapja
Five minutes of f2 better than full race of f1
Jamie Thomson
Jamie Thomson Hónapja
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 4:25
HakuroWW Hónapja
So the race was not restarded because the other car in the crash caught on fire? Thats a reasonable way not to restart the race.
Azka Sabot
Azka Sabot Hónapja
The race wasnt restarted because the barrier in one of the fastest parts of the track was set on fire and could not be replaced in time Indeed, a reasonable way to not restart a race
FlexyGoo Hónapja
Thank goodness he's okay cuz that looked horrible
tat2thadevil Hónapja
The slightest touch and the tires separate from the rim, which is worrying for F1
Zaciora Hónapja
Matt Gallagher:A legendary commentator
Hardys Edits
Hardys Edits Hónapja
so both guys who crashed still got points for p4 and p5
Gouthaman Guna
Gouthaman Guna Hónapja
Yes That's dumb