F2 Sprint Race Highlights | 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix 

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Once more unto the breach! Join us for highlights of the final Formula 2 race of the season in Sakhir, where the championship battle between Ilott and Schumacher went down to the wire!
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2020.dec. 6.






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Momeen 27 napja
Jahan ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Vasant Hebbar
Vasant Hebbar 29 napja
Ultimate winner is Jehan Daruvala but his name in commentary can be hardly heard...
Roshan Dudhalkar
Proud of Jehan! You have made India Proud🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Pari Pate
Pari Pate Hónapja
Whole video for s*maker looks he owns formula1. Not taking about the winner 😡😡😡
cricz Hónapja
Still waiting for season highlights lol
Remember this is new emerging India
Wolf Empire
Wolf Empire Hónapja
Congratulations daruvala
Dank boi123
Dank boi123 Hónapja
Ayyappan S
Ayyappan S Hónapja
congrats Mr.Jehan Daruvala
Akshay Katkade
Akshay Katkade Hónapja
Expected by Mahavir.... Delivered by Jehan..... Just amazing drive by Jehan bro.... making India proud.... Jai Hind 🇮🇳
Mary1248 L
Mary1248 L Hónapja
3 seconds into the video.. I:..oh, this is so satisfying
Lars F1
Lars F1 Hónapja
Michael is proud I just know that
Nhi Thu
Nhi Thu Hónapja
the_wizardry -ofcrisps
Shrenik Rajput
Shrenik Rajput Hónapja
Waiting modi to felicitate Jehan 🇮🇳
Ihsan Kamil
Ihsan Kamil Hónapja
Come on Sean Gelael Partner setim bisa bersaing papan atas Jangan mau kalah 💪 🇮🇩
Aman Bisht
Aman Bisht Hónapja
Proud Moment for every Indian..
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee Hónapja
Jehan is the most talented Indian driver to date
Tsunoda needs to be bumped into F1 asap
kunal Ch.
kunal Ch. Hónapja
Lifting pure lies as The White Mn's Burden .. DAR
abhishek mukherjee
Great to see an Indian driver at top
Chirag Rao
Chirag Rao Hónapja
Daruvala 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 ♥️
Joseph Dungee
Joseph Dungee Hónapja
1:42 You can't pass like THAT??!!! Outside of track limits....
Flameburst GT
Flameburst GT Hónapja
Michael Schumacher would be very proud
TH CrOFu Hónapja
0:57 como el de Russel a bottas
Masa Morishita
Masa Morishita Hónapja
3:56 Tictum "After Yuki"
Rahul Halankar
Rahul Halankar Hónapja
You made India proud
ACErusea Hónapja
Wish F1 had turbo flutter sounds and backfiring
Roberto Racinet
Roberto Racinet Hónapja
RevarBB Hónapja
F2 > F1
veeresh sangolli
jouhannaud jean françois
i have an idea for liberty media... take f2 machinery, and call it f1. absolutely everyone would be happy
Andrew Omeruo
Andrew Omeruo Hónapja
i like how the f2 cars are constantly spitting flames
Muhammad Rachmadi
Where is sean gelael
banu rosidi
banu rosidi Hónapja
Vidio ini tidak tersedia mulu
banu rosidi
banu rosidi Hónapja
Why i can,t watching a vidio
Clark Hónapja
Feel like im listening to Eminem with all the "around the outside" calls.
CRA_55 Hónapja
Schumacher not punting a title rival off the track? Very un-Schumacher of him.
Xeleko - 100% MultiGaming
Look like lock up and not turning into turn 4 is the DNA of ferrari driver ! Leclerc did the same :D
Happy Rao
Happy Rao Hónapja
varmaips Hónapja
Jehan daruvala for F1. Go champion..
mtgPlayer Hónapja
Lord Mahaveer approves
Games Project Channel
you gotta say hes lucky that he got an f1 seat
Valentin Grandjean
Man on a mission...
Maxi F
Maxi F Hónapja
Schumi drama but Title Advantage is enough Redbull F2 team 1-2 the Schumi in F1 they are back
Sourabh Salke
Sourabh Salke Hónapja
Too much Schumacher oriented.
samarth sharma
samarth sharma Hónapja
Jehan Daruvala - U made Indians proud today brother..
Raj Nair
Raj Nair Hónapja
Congratulations Jehan....proud of you
Avishkar Wankhede
Steve Worrell
Steve Worrell Hónapja
I have a new favourite for when Lewis retires.
Ayush Sarkar
Ayush Sarkar Hónapja
Indian formula fans are way too happy
TheDustyRavage Hónapja
Schumacher is no Champion material
Asaf Chen
Asaf Chen Hónapja
Write "THE HELLA HERO" on HUrun and thank me later
itsAle Hónapja
The best race i’ve ever seen😍
Tushar Shetty
Tushar Shetty Hónapja
Milind Patkar
Milind Patkar Hónapja
Congratulations jehan daruvala keep it up lots of love from the great India.
Mateo el Feo
Mateo el Feo Hónapja
Ilot just flat didn’t get the job done.
Ashish _
Ashish _ Hónapja
Tsunoda and ilot deserve much more than Mazepin -.- . And Jehan is on the right way . Well done . Keep India's flag flying high like this . 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Tejas Hónapja
Tsunoda could have been champion if he not ruined his own and his teammate Daruvala’s weekend in the first corner of the first race of the year. Which means they had no points in the first two races
リhir Hónapja
Conguratulations Tsunoda!!!
TalalShock X
TalalShock X Hónapja
👇This is how many times he said Schumacher
aswar suardi
aswar suardi Hónapja
Ticktum P3, gelael P17
Eagle Chiu
Eagle Chiu Hónapja
What does those green lights do at the main straight at the start of the race?
SavouryLobster Hónapja
Why is the F2 radio transmission quality so garbage?
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh Hónapja
Congratulations J. Daruwala for winning the first race in formula 2. This is just a beginning, more podiums are waiting... Go Daruwala Go !!!
Y4 -
Y4 - Hónapja
3:53 What were they doing?
Vivekananda Reddy
DRS and it's penultimate lap.
Daruvala🇮🇳😍 Tsunoda🇯🇵😍
Ana A
Ana A Hónapja
Happy for Giuliano Alesi!
DaGauntlett Hónapja
Well done Schumi jr. Hope next year 2 better commentators without the extra oxygene. Holy cow, that shouting and yelling.
View Putra P
View Putra P Hónapja
wow amazibg race for tictum but i cant see his teammate
Antagonist Hónapja
Mazepin gives me Ricardo Rosset vibes atm hope I'm wrong for F1's sake
chuala428 Hónapja
Not just the name
Momiji Super
Momiji Super Hónapja
MaFd0n Hónapja
My guess: Kimi stops in Alpha, Schumacher joins.
Ivana_13 Hónapja
My guess is that in 2022 Shumi will stay in Haas (he has a multi-year contract, it seems) and that if Shwartman willl do well, he will be promoted in Alfa to take Kimi seat.
Cameron Bowley
Cameron Bowley Hónapja
What happened with that Tsunoda overtake on Tictum? Why had he slowed down
Cameron Bowley
Cameron Bowley Hónapja
@_tamtan_ thought that was the case... understand why but don’t really like that as a tactic in the sport
_tamtan_ Hónapja
Both wanted to use DRS at final lap
Ambrus Roland
Ambrus Roland Hónapja
He gave all he had to fend off Ilott even if he ruined his own tires. It worked.
vishal vivek
vishal vivek Hónapja
It did indeed.
Kingvin Hónapja
3:53 What happened there? Someone can explain me pls? 😅
Kingvin Hónapja
@wirs ing ahhhh like alonso and hamilton in canada?
wirs ing
wirs ing Hónapja
They both wanted the DRS for the last long straight of the race, so they both slowed down in front of the detection zone
Chad Simplicio
Chad Simplicio Hónapja
Tsunoda needs to take the 2nd AlphaTauri seat, and Checo can have Albon's seat at RBR.
Vini Almeida
Vini Almeida Hónapja
Niklas Eßer
Niklas Eßer Hónapja
Imagine Samaia and Ragunathan in the same team 😂
Jorge Daniel Palacios
tsunoda just 2 points to Ilott crazy
Arch Vile
Arch Vile Hónapja
I don't understand how is it that Daruvala has drs but Ticktum doesn't on that straight???
Chuyew Hónapja
Schumacher won a title but for me the most impressive driver was Tsunoda. 4 poles, more wins than Schumacher and he is a rookie.
Juan Rafael Romero
This definitely looks a lot more competitive that f1
vishal vivek
vishal vivek Hónapja
It is by far.
Chuyew Hónapja
Surpised? It's the same cars.
xViktor Hónapja
4:35 why did he brake hard?
Abdu Hónapja
Because he can
abdulla bashir
abdulla bashir Hónapja
Jehan ❤️
irakli kh
irakli kh Hónapja
Shwartsman middle season was bad .. 21 will be his and after this alfa romeo f1
FXR_failsafe Hónapja
That schumacher defense on Ilott is IDENTICAL to the Mazepin defense on Drugovich, Drugovich swerved farther to the left than Ilott did though. Change my mind.
p_nilly Hónapja
@papa hersie I didn't say Schumacher didn't deserve a penalty, I'm saying that it wouldn't have made a difference to the results. No need for flames, please
papa hersie
papa hersie Hónapja
@p_nilly yesterday mazepin got crucifer for the same hipocrite
p_nilly Hónapja
A 5 second penalty for Schumacher wouldn't have changed the result regardless
The McMartin
The McMartin Hónapja
Those F2's sound delicious, don't they?
Last weekend race 5th Tsunoda 157pts This weekend race 3rd Tsunoda 200pts And he finished 1point behind Illot!! This is unbelievable
Alexander Wijaya
This is basically as close as you can get to a perfect F2 weekend
Mo Goris
Mo Goris Hónapja
Great for the Schumacher kid!!!!
Tremayne Mckeiver
Great Win 🏆 and Great Season
uchikoshi-TL Hónapja
Schumacher locks his tyres way too often. Tyre management is a big issue he has to work on if he ever wants to win in F1.
Lee Claxton
Lee Claxton Hónapja
Tsunoda was the star of the year. Shwartzman the disappointment.
rozem Hónapja
Owner of the most wins is a disappointment for you?
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell Hónapja
@Dimitris Boros perhaps you mean two and rookies Best learn at least to spell before calling others idiots
Dimitris Boros
Dimitris Boros Hónapja
Are you idiot they are the tow best rukies and shumi was the star thats why he is champion and in formula 1
Flynn Maris
Flynn Maris Hónapja
Yes grew a lot if he had not had bad luck and was a little bit better at tje beginning of the year he was chamion
Peter Brennan
Peter Brennan Hónapja
Does anyone else think it’s uncanny how Alex Brundle sounds identical to his dad?
Deftones Dsm
Deftones Dsm Hónapja
Similar but thats not uncommon when its the person who teaches you to speak .
Sabba Kandegregor
Not really it’s his dad
Маджонг Hónapja
They should put Tsunoda in RB instead of Albon and keep Kvyat in AT
MXCN_F1 Hónapja
@Thomas John Solidum 1) He did the first half of the season in Toro Rosso so he had a little bit of experience 2) The 2nd Redbull seat was more a test to see who was better between Albon and Gasly 3) They had not any other choice in 2019 compared to now (Perez, Hulk...) 4) Albon had an impressive start in F1 (China 2019, Germany 2019 were great races from him). Tsunoda only had a test at Imola. 5) In 2019 RedBull just wanted 3th place, now they want to win the 2021 championship and Tsunoda has to learn how to drive an F1 car before trying to fight for the title
Thomas John Solidum
@MXCN_F1 Explain Alex Albon last year then
Маджонг Hónapja
@MXCN_F1 The question is whether Red Bull wants a second strong driver next to Max, without him they will never win the Constructors' Cup. And Yuki's level is noticeably higher than Albon's already now, they have a lot of time to prepare Tsunoda for Red Bull.
MXCN_F1 Hónapja
hmm no. Never put a rookie in a top team
N 95
N 95 Hónapja
All i heard schumcher
Marcel Alexander Karas
Big F to george, drove great 🤝🤝
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