Fernando Alonso On Driving The Renault R25 Again And His F1 Return 

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On a weekend during which he was back in his title-winning Renault R25 at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso sat down with Lawrence Barretto to talk about his F1 return with the newly named Alpine F1 Team next season.
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El Majico
El Majico 5 napja
He has reached F1 after competining in the GP2 team McLaren Honda. Congratulations Alonso... Jokes aside, the best!
ajay5grapes 15 napja
0:19 how can he see ahead?
Roger Vallve
Roger Vallve 17 napja
faster than the mclaren he drove!
Rhy 19 napja
I just realized that a mask doesn't raise an eyebrow with me anymore. Another few months of this pandemic and I am going to start panicking when I see someone's bare face...
The Psychologist
I wonder how the 'team' went as at 1/1/2021 with Alonso insisting they start work on the 2022 car?
Terry Fisher
Terry Fisher 22 napja
Most talented man on the grid now. Cmon Fernando
R R 25 napja
Bennyboom boom
Bennyboom boom 28 napja
After Micheal S. My dude is Alonso
Britney Chin
Britney Chin 28 napja
Crying baby
Aaron Min
Aaron Min 29 napja
Imagine this car with DRS. Much faster than before.
Renzo Verhoeve
Renzo Verhoeve 29 napja
"Post Abu Dhabi test"
ck_ Hónapja
5:00 Honesty! Although everyone knows so there's little reason to say otherwise but another driver would have articulated it differently! Maybe it's his English skills but he's not at all bad now as he used to be
Tim L
Tim L Hónapja
From 2018 to now i doubt there is alot of difference to get used to. The R25 is what f1 is missing. The sport has changed far too much. Tech has become too much of a focus point. F1 has never been about showcasing automotive developments and relevancy to road cars. You used to have an actual steering wheel and a gear stick, now its all buttons and dials like a video game
NoruneLP Hónapja
The F1 Cars from 2005,2006 and 2007 was the most beautiful of all
Danny Boyd
Danny Boyd Hónapja
we need more real drivers.. not these kids who scream and cry at everything
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone Hónapja
So happy to see Alonso back again! Please, please bring back naturally aspirated engines, V10 and\or V12! I will pay more to hear this sound!
with undying grace
He's faster than you, guys.
Yiğitcan GÜR
Yiğitcan GÜR Hónapja
Fernando Alonso is back
Shaylesety Hónapja
This guy is am MMA fighter, how can he drive or even expect wining in F1?
José Roberto Zaracho Zárate
Now I'm ready to watch Kimi Raikkonen drive his McLaren MP4-20 after 15 years too! Make it happen!
Arieep Budhie
Arieep Budhie Hónapja
Just remove that turbo from f1 car and let musical sound from engine get out
szewei85 Hónapja
haha the master is back
Adam Hónapja
These cars need to be returned back. It's bs thinking having smaller engines eco safe means it saves the world! The oil kings will not let anything become eco friendly. We all know this. FIA needs to be fired as a whole so F1 can breath again. If F1 had half a Brian they would bring back v10s and watch the fan based triple overnight!
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft Hónapja
Better watch out for this badboy Max - He's gonna' give u a hard time if u dont look at it properly.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft Hónapja
Perez is gonna' eat you for brekky.
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft Hónapja
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft Hónapja
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft Hónapja
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft Hónapja
Rap Car Club
Rap Car Club Hónapja
a very special driver
hardly workin'
hardly workin' Hónapja
To anyone out there: is it pronounced Alpeen or Alpine, with a long i ? Bring back the V-10 !!! Get rid of the go-cart engines !!!
Marty 2030
Marty 2030 Hónapja
If Lando test drive R25 I think is save to say he will hit puberty
s scm
s scm Hónapja
Great! I love him! The Best Driver ever!
Robbie Sampson
Robbie Sampson Hónapja
Great to see the master back in action and so hope the car will let him deliver what he does best !
Roey Peretz
Roey Peretz Hónapja
Alpine-Renault should bring back Hulkenberg instead of Ocon. I think he's a much better driver. Pairing with Alonso will make them a formidable force probably 3rd best after Hamilton & Bottas , Verstappen & Perez. Red Bull made that choice with Perez over Albon and they will get the dividends next season.
Fernando Mármol
Alonso is going to prove that age does not count with this cars.
Andres Jose Pardo Cordoba
Fernando, Reload.
adriano coltro
adriano coltro Hónapja
O campeã voltou
Rocco Stafford
Rocco Stafford Hónapja
15 years later this Renault 25 is still a beast. 105 kilo less weight, no DRS and a small 2 seconds slower than a 2020 car, its very impressive. And the V10 sound only, you can,t compare to the 2020 cars.
NeverNotHoopin Hónapja
V10 is no yoke
domenico modu
domenico modu Hónapja
I still remember when he said " Hamilton will win only one Championship",😂😂😂😂😂😂
domenico modu
domenico modu Hónapja
He needs more money
Dis Count
Dis Count Hónapja
Fjutcha Hónapja
Alonso be like : Formula Juan
Dom Mont
Dom Mont Hónapja
very competitive driver, can't wait for the mix to happen.
Philipp Klinger
Philipp Klinger Hónapja
Thats a real f1 car!!!!!! Please bring them back🥺 i would come to every race
Javier Gonzalez S
My full respect for Alonso. He did not find his limits yet. I feel admiration on him and I recovered the passion for F1 after to heard and enjoying again the sound from V10 engine.
Yiwan Ye
Yiwan Ye Hónapja
Looking forward to see him win next year!!!
G H Hónapja
You can’t beat that sound.
ronanmtba Hónapja
How many trees do we have to plant, so you bring back the V10s?
Gerry D
Gerry D Hónapja
Alonso fealt the true power of F1 in abu Dhabi. Everyone else heard it 😎👍🤘
Chris B
Chris B Hónapja
Alonso.....who is this new young prospective driver?
Cowabunga dude!
Cowabunga dude! Hónapja
put Halo's on all these "old" beauties and lets go racing. someone do the render and start a movement! this is what we want, it's a entertainment business, if we want it, we gotta make it known!
Klaus Perren
Klaus Perren Hónapja
Was soll der Scheiss Fernando .......Deine Zeit ist vorbei aber wirklich vorbei....
Max Babutzka
Max Babutzka Hónapja
Peinlich 🙈👎Grandpa in F1 ? Russel or Perez is better ..
Spetsop Hónapja
"A lot of emotions when I see this car... you want to take care of it... then you want to squeeze it a little bit..." it's like he's talking about a gorgeous woman he adores! And then the "... it is very special when I jump back in..." he's been in love for a looooong time!
Doug Taylor
Doug Taylor Hónapja
In the R25 you simple cannot go fast enough to hurt yourself in a crash.
Please Press Start
It’s a real shame and everyone always talks about these cars. F1 has definitely gone backwards with the the noise/wow factor.
Adam Monk
Adam Monk Hónapja
...the combustion engines being used in 06/07/08 were some of the most fuel efficient ever produced, the tech was getting even better .... The politics of some manufacturers championing for hybrid was abysmal..... Vw, Renault to name two.... Combustion engines real f1 not broken lawnmowers
Mikael Biilmann
Mikael Biilmann Hónapja
"For sure..."
Wicker Man
Wicker Man Hónapja
What is next? Kubica the spin man is coming back? Dinosaur era coming in 2021.
Sai Gopal
Sai Gopal Hónapja
Why are people failing to recognize that car is iconic because of Fernando
Sai Gopal
Sai Gopal 22 napja
@Anthony Luccini the car drove itself?
Anthony Luccini
Anthony Luccini Hónapja
This car ended the dominance of Michael Schumacher
rockiemountie Hónapja
Viva Alonso! Viva España! 🇪🇸 🏆 🏎
Manj Sher
Manj Sher Hónapja
He will be the 2021 Alex Albon. Just saying.
Christian Rendy
Christian Rendy Hónapja
R25 With Halo and Slicks 🤣
r Hónapja
this kid's talent and maturity are way beyond his years. Bright future ahead of him.
Renault: wow this Schumacher guy looks fast Nando: Now this looks like a job for me -Fernando Alonso & Renault, year 20XX
Dušan Noga
Dušan Noga Hónapja
Waw, who cares about lap times! This looks and sounds very fast.....extremely fast
Rob Hónapja
Best driver in F1.
Mudhaffar Adhwa
Mudhaffar Adhwa Hónapja
He's going going to be a force next season
Bruno Danese
Bruno Danese Hónapja
It's great to see fresh blood in F1. I can't believe this guys is jumping from GP2 engine straight to F1
姫月刻龍 Hónapja
今更帰ってきて!ホンダ対するアノ無線は許せないからな!GP2!!!!!!!!!!!!!そのホンダ の前に出れると思うなよ!
Raid3r63 Hónapja
this is what we want screaming v10s
Chatarreria puente rioja
Magic is back
Eamon Ahern
Eamon Ahern Hónapja
Whenever I see DP World it reminds me of NSFW content on the Internet for some reason... 🤔
Антон Щ
Антон Щ Hónapja
welcome back, champ
Jui Juang Chiu
Jui Juang Chiu Hónapja
This is real F1
kazuma/ch 8875
kazuma/ch 8875 Hónapja
お前の恰好だせえよ  鈴鹿で走るなよ 日本の地踏むな  HONDAを小馬鹿にしやがって
This is a joke. He’s to old and washed up!
Fernando is 39. A former 2 time champion in F1.
cameron s
cameron s Hónapja
Looks like F1 will be F1 again in 2021. The matador returns!!!
Notorious Hatchback
Fernando is not done with F1 just yet.
Trevor Payne
Trevor Payne Hónapja
He is 39. He is not "young". He drove for Ferrari as well.
Scott Hoang
Scott Hoang Hónapja
Alonso is quite young don't you think?
Francisco Pérez
Killing Renault's name for Alpine is still a movement I don't understand...
Mudhaffar Adhwa
Mudhaffar Adhwa Hónapja
Marketing for Alpine
F1 Master
F1 Master Hónapja
There's nothing more menacing to the status quo than a happy Fonzo
DrNo0815 Hónapja
its like in Fifa. Alonso re-gen xD
Maxi F
Maxi F Hónapja
Awesome Video
Gabriel Oliveira
Better than a young pilot,is the sound of a V10
Xanders Wayne
Xanders Wayne Hónapja
Think this for a sec... just for a sec... what if Latifi wins???!!!...
samghost13 Hónapja
Now a Big Name is Back! Welcome Alonso!!!
David Price
David Price Hónapja
Today's cars are so big Alonso's car is closer to a GP2 car
nidhin joseph
nidhin joseph Hónapja
Happy to hear...
Алекс Ников
he is comming back for another team destroy )
Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire Hónapja
will his "big head" fit in the helmet !!
Full camp Oezdemir
Legend. Just straight up OG
Arie Suhendro
Arie Suhendro Hónapja
Put him in Minardi
Meme Raven
Meme Raven Hónapja
39 yo rookie.. wow what a promising time
Callum Ilott ended up in P2 in the Formula 2 championship and doesnt get a seat and this random young driver who hasnt had any feeder series experience in the recent years now gets a shot? F1 is a cruel game...
psplfq1 Hónapja
Sexto sexto sexto eu sei. E já q tu sexto tu vai senta mais uma vez
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