Fernando Alonso's Seat Fit at Renault: What Can We Learn? | Tech Talk | 2020 Russian Grand Prix 

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Fernando Alonso's sensational return to F1 in 2021 is sure to generate plenty of headlines - but Sam Collins has spotted a few interesting bits of technical analysis even before he turns a wheel. Take a look at what he found...
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BOJ _ 17 napja
3 year old car and still faster than a williams
Shadow WSK
Shadow WSK 19 napja
What i learned from this guy: Tauri is pronounced as Taury, alpine is pronounced as alpene
foodeater42 26 napja
Fernando: I think we should return to the garrrraje, and see the conditions. Engineer: We are in the garage, Fernando.
The Living Room
The Living Room 27 napja
Even his jokes are informative
Pandax _YT
Pandax _YT 27 napja
Eyyy the legend is returning :)
Varun Shankar
Varun Shankar 29 napja
Alonso is gonna crush ocon next year🤣
Klingende Mynt
Klingende Mynt Hónapja
Can’t stand this Afro!
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus
This guy is very intelligent and knows his stuff. Is he an engineer?
StarFox85 Hónapja
not bad
prashant gusain
prashant gusain Hónapja
Physics proffesors might get dizzy after watching this guy's knowledge and technical know how😂
Turbo Cavalli
Turbo Cavalli Hónapja
bruh, "the flawed component in the car",get int the car and drive it and lets see who is the actual flaw
Hazwan Hohpin
Hazwan Hohpin Hónapja
Chevy Chaze
Chevy Chaze Hónapja
andrew7720 Hónapja
That info that the Renault engine revs consistently lower that the other 3 engines is intriguing. Wonder what the reason is...
Check Skills
Check Skills Hónapja
0:34 Awesome Video
Vengadesan N
Vengadesan N Hónapja
thumbs up who feels motogp tech talk is more interesting.
Luiz Valeriano
Luiz Valeriano Hónapja
Esse ALONSO NADA CONFIÁVEL JÁ tentou prejudicar vários pilotos
"the driver is the flawed components on the car" hamilton: *cries in malaysia 2016*
Jason Agnoli
Jason Agnoli Hónapja
Can’t wait to hear from Danny Ric about the RPMs
Ram Anandan
Ram Anandan Hónapja
Not Alpine but "Alpeen" nice
Sani Abubaker
Sani Abubaker Hónapja
This guy is amazing 👌👌
Shreyas Niranjan
I do not understand why this video feels like its been shot in early 2000's. We expect the video from F! to be more appealing.
dragonage200 Hónapja
"Flawed component in the car" "Cars are far more interesting than racing drivers" Let me introduce you to Kimi Matias Raikkonen
Chuck DeGoal
Chuck DeGoal Hónapja
Well done, sir. Very interesting.
Kimi Raikonnen
Kimi Raikonnen Hónapja
2 tech talks in 2 days? Wow we are really being treated
Press Start
Press Start Hónapja
This new guy, Fernando Alonso, looks like he has talent. He should become world champion or something
KRIS· Hónapja
Why does this show look like it’s recorded in the 90s???
Mk Brand
Mk Brand Hónapja
Early 2000’s *
Chuckiele Hónapja
The only thing I noticed on the mockup car is the yellow and blue theme they used, which reminds me of the old Renault livery. If Alpine went with that, it would be epic.
65435364e Hónapja
Thomas Reyes
Thomas Reyes Hónapja
Alonzo is a retread big time wasting money and time on his clown. 👎🤬🥴
SpatialDragon Hónapja
We learned that Alonso is filling a seat that a younger, better suited driver to the demands of F1 could be filling. But that is okay, let Renault spend millions on him to be a mid pack driver. When he won the car was superior to all the others, even Fisichelli won a race and he was on the podium almost every race that Alonso won. That is how F1 works. Lewis and Schumacher have a similar record.
Thraser999 Hónapja
"Renault are using a 2019 chassis in the 2020 season": What have I missed from the pre-season?
Gary Hónapja
why are those series so interesting
Karlen Bell
Karlen Bell Hónapja
I feel like I am watching a 90s video in 2020...
Fab Ross
Fab Ross Hónapja
Sainz has a lower minimum speed because he prepares the next left corner that he eventually pass much better, it is pure driving, nothing tecnical
SteveTrabajo Hónapja
2020 Tech talk - *looks like it has been filmed in 1990*
Jordan Canning
Jordan Canning Hónapja
Love these tech talks, great presenter too
Zolohoy GE
Zolohoy GE Hónapja
Talking about cars is more interesting than talking about drivers ,unless that driver is Fernando Alonso, correct?
Radioactive Skybox
Daltira Hónapja
It’s alPINE
G-M Hónapja
I love this show!
M7K Hónapja
I don't think Daniel will know much about it
Michel Vorasane
Michel Vorasane Hónapja
maybe add some blue in there the car will go faster
esoterictrini Hónapja
I learn so much everytime. Thank you.
Chasing Tenths
Chasing Tenths Hónapja
12,000 RPM 😒... miss the V10 with 20,000 RPM even more if stretched
Marius Costache
Marius Costache Hónapja
Renault should enter 2021 season under DACIA brand
Rotary_GT Hónapja
Sam Collins is amazing, very factual and interesting to watch
Michal Lacki
Michal Lacki Hónapja
Sahin Ahamed
Sahin Ahamed Hónapja
westfal. Hónapja
plz do more of that
Correia #gamer
Correia #gamer Hónapja
GO Alonso vai te a eles campeão !!!
Antonio Lobato
Antonio Lobato Hónapja
Te quiero
Send me Notes
Send me Notes Hónapja
I'm sorry but I rather watch new talent faces tbh.
Dalibor Joksimovic
Tip of the helmet is just slightly higher than halo. I imagine that can't be very safe.
giovanni carrasco
Make this guy the fia president
Daft Punk
Daft Punk Hónapja
Change your pants mate, dafaq!!
Marco Giampa
Marco Giampa Hónapja
this looks like it was shot in the 90s
Carlos David
Carlos David Hónapja
This was really, really interesting. Thanks again Sam!
Niramay Sharma
Niramay Sharma Hónapja
Who is the one being replaced by alonso?
Joseph Pacheco
Joseph Pacheco Hónapja
Daniel Ricciardo
Home Sol
Home Sol Hónapja
Finally the best driver is coming back to the biggest automobile racing discipline. Let's hope Renault give him a car just 10% worst than Mercedes; therefore he will have more chances than Bottas to beat Hamilton.
Nico1986 Hónapja
El piloto mas vende humo que tuvo la F1..ni a Hamilton lo inflan tanto
Leo Danttas
Leo Danttas Hónapja
Yohannes Bayray
Yohannes Bayray Hónapja
I cant wait to see him in a car
Lt. Dan
Lt. Dan Hónapja
Now all we need is Fernando Alonso the reporter asking Fernando Alonso the f1 driver a question.
Jhon Louie Fell Cahintong
With Renault and Racing point improving pace, it would be great to see Alonso vs Vettel again.
Curious Cat
Curious Cat Hónapja
What? I thought Alonso did everything at the factory considering the comments I´ve read during his Ferrari years. lol
BOT Chad
BOT Chad Hónapja
Honestly cars are far LESS interesting than drivers BECAUSE drivers are the human component. We see the money in the cars, we see the hard work of the engineers and we see what the garage does for the car. It's much harder to quantify (in a 9 minute 15 second video) what a driver does for the garage. That's what makes it more interesting.
Santiago Olivella
Using Ricciardo's steering wheel
bahamn15 Hónapja
2021....Alonso VS....NETFLIX!!! PART TWO!
Arnab Chatterjee
As a mechanical engineer, first 30 seconds is all I ever wanted to hear.
DeJuan S
DeJuan S Hónapja
Alonso already stirring up a mess. Both Vettel and Hamilton were lucky to win titles according to him. Classy guy as always.
Toku91- Hónapja
They are.. Because if someone else drove it it would be differnt story. So logiclly his correct. Or are you one of them muppets who believe hamilton would win Championships with today s Redbull? 😂😂
AL PD Hónapja
You can say its alpeen all you like, its al-pine. Alpine.
Tavo Bautista
Tavo Bautista Hónapja
You’ve a lot to work on your outfit
King Louie’s Shed
Another tech talk I enjoyed watching 👍🏼👍🏼
King Louie’s Shed
I’d love for you and Simon C off Moto GP to get together and come up with the similarities and opposite in F1 & Moto GP
Albin Wallin
Albin Wallin Hónapja
Have hi pied in him self his pants are darker in that area
Shapeless Hónapja
why is the video quality so bad
xtscarface M
xtscarface M Hónapja
Just a few days ago I was wondering about seats and how different tech behind it and how much a driver was involved into it. Thanks.
elPatrixF Hónapja
vamo alonsooo
Vance Heard
Vance Heard Hónapja
Great work. Love these 🤓
Jakub Jodlowski
Jakub Jodlowski Hónapja
These vids are a gem! ❤️❤️❤️
sebastian detroy
0:38 Cukoo Clocks stem from the black forest in southern Germany. Quite sure Renault was not thinking of those when rebranding their F1 team :)
curiosity Hónapja
Wow! The observations Sam make are off the chain brilliant.
majcoleman92 Hónapja
Absolutely love this guy's Tech Talk segments. Keep 'em coming.
Alonso and Renault beaten 7 time WC and last dominant car, time to repeat the miracle.
JamesWarful Hónapja
This guy is clueless
David Horowitz
David Horowitz Hónapja
Unlucky Benny
Unlucky Benny Hónapja
Fernandos cars after he won his 2 championships and left McLaren the first time are a debunk on the drivers being “the flawed component in the car” lol
This is so cool
Arya Dwitama
Arya Dwitama Hónapja
Whoa, this guy is really in a part of F1 presenter.
Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy Hónapja
He will make no difference to the team. It should be a young rookie driving next year.
GLR Hónapja
Nice to see Renault introducing a new design concept
vaw power
vaw power Hónapja
I thought he was driving for McLaren
clifford perry
clifford perry Hónapja
How to waste 40 m pounds on a team ... The answer is well you're looking at that ...g Zhou and other academy drivers are just stooges to this geriatric treatment from renault
Thomas Brankin
Thomas Brankin Hónapja
Alonzo makes this video interesting
Gregorio Nocco
Gregorio Nocco Hónapja
higher radiator intake is also better when you are chasing i gues. if you go higher you basically getting cleaner and fresher air. right?
Thomas Brankin
Thomas Brankin Hónapja
Why is the car more interesting than the driver???
drumnbass8 Hónapja
Awesome insight, Sam is a tech genius
Jacob S
Jacob S Hónapja
I enjoy tech talk a lot. F1 is all about new tech and developing new components throughout the season, and it's nice to have someone explain it since the broadcast doesn't have time to do so.
LethalWalou Hónapja
Maybe unpopular opinion but I definitely do NOT want Alonso back.
StormShadow Hónapja
If F1 were looking for a segment that gets viewers to pay for the F1 TV Subscription, this is it.
Sam S Collins
Sam S Collins Hónapja
@F1 - see told ya.
Hardware Mentor PK
Easy way: Alonso should call McLaren