Fernando Alonso: The Story So Far | Rise of the Rookie presented by Aramco 

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No one embodies the racing spirit quite like Fernando Alonso. After a two-year break from F1, Alonso will make a return to the seat he celebrated his biggest successes in. Join us to take a look at his rise from rookie to two-time champion, in the latest episode of Rise of the Rookie, presented by Aramco...
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2020.nov. 5.






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Hugo 7 napja
2007: McLaren signs a young briton and an experienced driver switching from Renault, Ferrari signs former McLaren driver. 2021: McLaren signs a young briton and an experienced driver switching from Renault, Ferrari signs former McLaren driver. Oh boy
R. H.
R. H. 9 napja
my fav f1 seasons
BlockChainDP 10 napja
Magic Alonso :)
Saiye Rugara
Saiye Rugara 13 napja
A career of fine margins sees Fernando Alonso as the 11th greatest Formula 1 driver of all time and easily in the Hall of Fame.
Danny Rogers
Danny Rogers 13 napja
One of the best F1 drivers to ever do it. Love him or hate him, you cannot deny the fact Alonso could extract the most out of any car he drove & his raw pace was simply sublime to watch. I seriously hope Renault can give him a car to compete with the likes of Mercedes & RBR next season.
Blue WOLF 13 napja
Can't wait for the CHAMP Fernando Alonso
Blue WOLF 13 napja
Navin Sewchunder
Rhys Benjamin
Rhys Benjamin 13 napja
2008 often gets glossed over but Alonso's drives in the second half of 2008 were incredible. Over the final 6 races, he scored more points than anyone else in a car that was maybe the 4th fastest at best, and that's being quite generous - you could argue it was as low as 6th or 7th fastest in some races in that time period. His win at Singapore 2008 may have been given a helping hand, but he still had to drive 40+ laps once he was in 1st. You can't argue with his win in Japan, though, as he outraced Kubica and Raikkonen, in faster cars, fair and square. He took 2nd place in Brazil as well, splitting the two Ferraris.
M T 13 napja
@Rhys Benjamin Sure mate, except I'm speaking the truth. Alonso was only at Renault because he had to suffer the humiliation of being demoted from a championship contending team. That's an absolute fact. Alonso had to run away back to Renault and the embarrassment of the situation was made complete when Hamilton won the title in the car that Alonso ran away from, after beating Alonso in the same machinery. Truth hurts.
Rhys Benjamin
Rhys Benjamin 13 napja
M T Typical Hamilton fanboy drivel.
ryben2k 13 napja
My favourite driver ever! Can you hear the drums Fernando? Welcome home my friend!
Piotr J
Piotr J 13 napja
I am supporter and BIG fan of Fernando Alonso since 2003. My grandfather and father, they liked Schumacher, but! ... When I was 9 year old boy and I saw him in the TV, just I started love this guy. In my opinion, he is FANTASTIC and one of THE GREATES Formula 1 driver and champion in the history of Formula 1. The fact, that he is only 2-times World Champion, it is bad luck. On Facebook in the every single comment section, I was writting, that Fernando made a mistake in 2018 and he should to come back to Formula 1. I am glad, that in the next season, I will see my favourite champion, again. :-)
Felipe Santell
Felipe Santell 13 napja
F1 2020: Let's end racism. We race as one. F1 2021: Let's go to Saudi Arabia and promote its oppressive regime.
Spore Hux
Spore Hux 14 napja
i pity the people who have dry eyes by end of the vid.
gonzalo mohadeb
gonzalo mohadeb 14 napja
Alpine with Fernando no renault
RAFFO GAMING 46 14 napja
I can't wait to see fernando in the Renault on tbe grid
OBEE WON 14 napja
What a tragically overrated story.
sairam panguluri
He beat the Schumacher period.
Xuan d
Xuan d 15 napja
Y’know Alonso is OP af when the F1 Gods debuffed his cars wherever he go.
Guillermo Sanchez
I bet 1000$ there's at least one comment from a guy called "Ciaron Smith", and I bet another 1000$ that he is ignorantly hating on Alonso like he does in every single video where Alonso appears
Ricardo González
7 years with trash cars and 97 podiums, amazing driver.
Ahmad Ikrom Izzuddin Jambak
Can not wait for the 40 years old rookie making his 2nd F1 debut!!
Kris A
Kris A 15 napja
Another bad decision by Alonso, he'll be uncompetitive and might only get the odd podium,. if he's lucky.
esurfer26 15 napja
He scares about speed.
Matthias Cerebri
Why didnt they mention Spyate? He was involved in this!
Mary Rivers
Mary Rivers 16 napja
I can not believe it. A cheater like Alonso in F1 again cannot be a positive thing. You have no memory, you do not remember Singapore 2008.
mateus roque
mateus roque 16 napja
Pra mim Alonso foi tipo Ronaldinho Gaúcho ganhou duas vezes deu seu show e parou. tinha que ter pelo menos mais 2 títulos.
Daniel F.
Daniel F. 16 napja
I will always remember when a crane bring Hamilton back to track. (Never saw something like this)..that season Hamilton won the championship with the same ammount of points as Fernando. That was awfull
The 2021 grid will include Raikkonen, Hamilton (maybe), Vettel, Schumacher's successor, and Alonso. History repeats itself.
Borja garcía
Borja garcía 16 napja
LEGEND, nothing else needs to be said
Liam J
Liam J 17 napja
As long as Ricciardo beats him in aMclaren I’ll be happy
R N 17 napja
Please give him a better car,
Aum Pauskar
Aum Pauskar 17 napja
Alonso a story of a FASSST driver in a slow car
nazart 17 napja
Presented by Saudi Arabia, the land of misogynist and homophobes
Ronald Grey
Ronald Grey 17 napja
Fernando Alonso may have been a great champion in the past, he is obsolete now. It is time for the new generation.
Pierre Cocula
Pierre Cocula 17 napja
2:16 All rookies of 2001 3:27 Again this podium
Tim Blackfox
Tim Blackfox 17 napja
rip his heard and mustache
maVericK 17 napja
"Fernando, how's the balance?"
Cormacca 17 napja
Disliked simply because F1 insists on remaining associated with Aramco.
Marc Mascaró Colell
Yessssssssssss! Magic is back! 🏆
Maurits Heesbeen
Hold my beer jokes down below 👇🏽 🖕🏽
James B
James B 17 napja
This is a great summary video. Alonso is one champion who could have had way more than two championships. Despite all the opportunities to be in the best teams throughout his career, somehow things just did not work out for him. I wonder why...
Ben Kuyt
Ben Kuyt 17 napja
The only man that could've stopped Scuhmacher when he did, change my mind.
5:55 FIFY _"most successful team_ *_at that time"_* *Mercedes-AMG* is now the most successful team in the history of Formula 1.
Logicus Mundi
Logicus Mundi 17 napja
Sit Alonso on the Mercedes of Hamilton and he would also have 7 championsips. And probably more. I mean, Lewis is a great driver and a great champion but i dont think he is better than Alonso. Probably they are on the same level. But obviously Ham choosed better
Bryzo4_20 17 napja
Until Lewis Hamilton came along..
D M 17 napja
Great Great driver...
H. Petersen
H. Petersen 17 napja
Rise and downfall. I don't miss him or his attitude
H DHIL 17 napja
Alonso beat shumarker and hamilton beat alonso in the same car
CHR 15
CHR 15 17 napja
Best natural talent since Senna.
Home Sol
Home Sol 18 napja
Top 4 driver of all time. His problem is he never had a dominant car. If Fernando has the best car there is no way he loses a race. His 2012 season putting that car so close to win the championship was the best season I have ever seen in a F1 driver (I am watching F1 since early 90's). I hope Renault give him a chance and we can see battles with Lewis and Mad Max... the rest of the grid are too far away from him.
TenzVallebu 18 napja
im happy to!
aseem khan
aseem khan 18 napja
This video rekindled my love for this great champion. Way short of what he could achieve in F1 purely down to bad luck/timing. I hope he comes back in the best shape of his career, and gets what he deserves - a chance to fight
thiago leao monteiro
Bravo bravo bravo 🙌
Matthew Hardie
Matthew Hardie 18 napja
Most overrated world champion
ttt drr
ttt drr 18 napja
Handsome fellas back then, and classy
R3vTxema 18 napja
With a podium i have enough satisfaction
R3vTxema 18 napja
quiero llorar
Cheese Truck
Cheese Truck 18 napja
Favorite driver really, great talent, love this guy
Pasi 18 napja
He's my GOAT
Daito Voorhees
Daito Voorhees 18 napja
Aquí está el comentario en español que estabas buscando.
Palace 4 Alonso
Palace 4 Alonso 18 napja
Best driver ever. 2012 season was unbelievable with the third fastest car of the grid almost won a championship
Andres BF11
Andres BF11 18 napja
-Driver who beats more seasons his teammates in F1: Alonso 14 -Driver who finished more races ahead his teammates: Alonso 210(70,94%) -Diver who finished more qualys ahead his teammates: Alonso 238(75,79%) -Driver who finished more seasons ahead his team: Alonso 11 -Driver who had best performance in Ferrari history in points, wins, poles,podiums and races ahead his teammates: Alonso (68,3%,100%,100%,84,6%,84,3%) -Drivers who had best performances in points ahead his teammates world champions: Clark (66,6%), Alonso 63,4%, Prost 60,1% Top 3 of all time
koalol 18 napja
Best driver of last 20 years and top5 of all times
Amsterdab34 18 napja
Miquel Navarro
Miquel Navarro 18 napja
I'm not crying, you are
Beck Beckman
Beck Beckman 18 napja
"I love your sense of humor"
Angelus Wild
Angelus Wild 18 napja
The G.OA.T
E C 18 napja
true legend of the sport
Josh Jess
Josh Jess 18 napja
Lucas Felipe
Lucas Felipe 18 napja
SUBTITLE PLEASE! I dont understand english!!!!
Malleus Maleficarum
FAILonso 💩💩💩
Sargento D.J. Trillas
You should know that this guy never had a dominant car in his entire F1 career
Nikhil Singh
Nikhil Singh 18 napja
The memes shall return!
kleinluka 18 napja
it will be great to see him back in F1!
GNL Aguilera
GNL Aguilera 18 napja
He deserves more championship
mickb1971b 18 napja
Very talented man 🇬🇧😁👍
Isaac Frost
Isaac Frost 18 napja
Alonso legend. Enough said.
dimych 555
dimych 555 18 napja
классное видео и никакой рекламы только история(history) Thanks 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Dhruv Desai
Dhruv Desai 18 napja
Alonso and kimi what a season F1 2021 is gonna be🔥🔥🔥
mr squidy guy
mr squidy guy 18 napja
Do one on Schumacher pls
Véran 18 napja
Don't like him at all at all
Blackcain 18 napja
2021 podium be ALO-VET-RAI . You heard it here first!
Kiz ツ
Kiz ツ 18 napja
i like the title, *So Far*
Sasi Cuomo
Sasi Cuomo 18 napja
Renault f1 💜🔝
innerFire 18 napja
Never liked him, but I admit he is probably one of the few drivers who can outperform their garbage car and make something out of it. He has insane talent.
Θανάσης Ζιούτης
If he gets the 3rd world title in 2022,I think that even his haters will enjoy it.Especially if he beats hamilton and Merc.
Lionel Hutz
Lionel Hutz 18 napja
glad he is back, this is not an adequate goodbye for 2x world champion! Vamos Fernando, I hated you first but I fall in love with your skills after the ferrari time.
Vinod Bisht
Vinod Bisht 18 napja
भाई का स्वागत है - फाड़ दीयों सबकी फ़र्नांडो😎😎
tucci3tears 18 napja
I wanna see how Hamilton does in a less competitive car. Could he have the same success as kimi or frenando? Maybe only time will tell.
travis irish
travis irish 18 napja
2 time F1 world champion and 2 time Le Mans winner! What a guy! Renault has a better car now n if Lewis leaves F1 i hope alonso at least finish the 2021 championship above verstappen
Luke Wood
Luke Wood 18 napja
So, unofficially, Alonso has raced for Alpha Tauri? Noice.
Rags also outperformed limits Lewis is clearly inferior to our Lord Mahaveer
hermit 18 napja
It will be a sad day when he will retire
Weesky 18 napja
2010 and 2012 world champion title, RIP
Shivam Rana
Shivam Rana 18 napja
New f1 fans: kimi and alonso should retire to make way for young driver Young drivers: spins while driving straight
lol shit
lol shit 18 napja
Also young Alonso: 0:54
Mazda Familia
Mazda Familia 18 napja
Ураааа! Это наш дядя Федор вернулся! Теперь мы вдвое больше сена для нашей коровки запасем!
Hubert Wirakotan
ferrari, making and ruining f1 careers since forever.
Shivang Nikam
Shivang Nikam 18 napja
He should at least win one race in 2021
Burger Man
Burger Man 18 napja
"It's amazing, much slower than before" - Fernando Alonso
wilbert melvern
wilbert melvern 18 napja
did anyone crying while seeing this
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