First Lap Drama, Valtteri Bottas' Win And The Best Team Radio | 2020 Russian Grand Prix 

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A race with so many talking points inevitably means the airwaves were just as dramatic. Join us for the best from Sochi.
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Lorentzen 14 órája
I mean... Hamilton has proven several times he doesn't care what's in the rulebook.
Cameron Durham
SageCoyote77 3 napja
Hamilton getting a penalty: "where was that in the rule book?" Riccardo getting a penalty: "Ok, Ill drive faster then"
Qanber Qaiser
Qanber Qaiser 8 napja
I kinda feel bad for Vettel he used to get many pole positions but now he is slow because Ferrari doesn't want him he will be maybe slow in the Aston Martin but we will all see
Isabel Chua
Isabel Chua 9 napja
Argh I had to miss this race cuz exams ;-;
Bruh 12 napja
The 5 team radios we hear when someone wins Hamilton: thank you guys , that was a tough one Seb : grazie ragazzi and something more italian Everybody else : YESSSSSSSSSS ! WOOOOHH LETS GO BABY Kimi : Bottas : yes , haha to whom it may concern , f*** you
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
5:16 In Spain tv this looks best😂🤣
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
5:04 Lets wish one day Alpine do what the Yellow teapot, couldnt as a Legacy gift
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
4:37 He is right! 😂😂
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
4:14 Alfa Tauri is the new invictus!😂😂😂
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
3:54 You are driving a Ford T model dude😂😂😂😂😂😂
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
3:30 MaKe Me😒
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
3:15 Correction!!! you have a Alfa Romeo in front🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
3:00 yeah, leave them alone, it could get more beutifull 😈
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
2:49 penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct, and more respect for Renault on their last time, before rembranded as Alpine
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
2:27 I want to see that asterics!! 😃 Fun Fact 2:43 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
1:57 your weak Lecler🙄
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
1:47 Lance Stroll There you have your Lanks Strolllll🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
1:36 Kevin Magnusen is still fighting on formula 1?! LOL😱 how he be more brave, than other cowards who leave the grid on 2016 season😨
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
1:21 nooo!!!🙄 Is called "Be a real human" everyone makes mistakes, obviuosly
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
1:06 Please, dont tell papa about this😰
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
0:47 More turbochargers please!!! 🙄
web lover
web lover 16 napja
Marl Kalone
Marl Kalone 16 napja
Hamilton: "*******" Leclerc: "What the ****". Bottas: ****** you". Ricciardo: "My bad, sorry!".
Prakhar 17 napja
Yes mate! Get in there
Reed Moore
Reed Moore 17 napja
4:55 *He said the thing!*
Mr. blue
Mr. blue 18 napja
Riccardo is class🔥
Antonio Tavares Junior
Interlagos 2021
27warewhare 18 napja
Leclerc trying out Haas' strategy? (Just try getting involved in any accident possible to slow everyone down)
Cristian Martinez
Gasly: "What's the gap?" Engineer: **gives gap on Norris** Gasly: "No, the one in front" Engineer: **gives gap on Ocon** Kimi: "Am I a joke to you?"
Dave Jones
Dave Jones 18 napja
kimi's drink menu options alfa romeo: you have lots of drink with you - 2020 belgian renault: you have a fair amount could be empty after the race- 2020 russia ferrari: you will not have the rink kimi- hungary 2018 whitch one is kimi going to choose in 2021?
Yeolde GamerSteve
Daniel given penalty: okay, I'll go faster Lewis given penalty: whine whine, cry cry, toys out of pram.
Merwyn Joseph Alexander 97
2017 Valtteri Bottas started Russian gp from P3 and ended P1 2020 same again but with Lewis Hamilton penalty which was retracted by stewards after the race 10 seconds time penalty for pre race start violations 1 and 2. SISUUUUUU!!!!!
Merwyn Joseph Alexander 97
From one Pierre (Hamelin) to another Pierre (Gasly). Pierre square
João Vitor Almeida De Moura Joao Vitor
quem e br curtindo formula 1 deixa o like
Luca Karsten
Luca Karsten 19 napja
Bottas:To whom it way concern ****** you Everyone:just like the old.days
LeBob 20 napja
Gasly and his engineer, 2 Frenchmen talking to each other in English is hilarious.
yarou26Thewise _YT
Timoros 20 napja
Did anyone informed Valtery that he won only because Lewis had 10 sec penalty? Valtery you are not a champion and you will never be. You are a second driver thats your place. Dont be happy yoh will return to your possition. if you dont, then williams is always there to trade you with Russel😊
nikolay niko
nikolay niko 21 napja
I do not enjoy Hamilton winning each race (almost) but I do think this penalty was BS..
GodBlessYou2008 21 napja
TheLastNinja88 21 napja
Leclerc should of had a penalty
adamussoTLK 21 napja
Difference in responses between Hamilton and Riccardo really shows that Lewis loves to be primadonna like he is and Daniel can take any decision like a professional.
Patrick 21 napja
Anyone else feel like Stroll's engineer really doesn't like him
Jem Batacan
Jem Batacan 21 napja
Go Bottas! You deserve it!
Gyöngyi Fábián
Huge drama ☝🏻 😂🤣
maverick buckley
That was BRILLIANT from Valtteri 🤣🤣
J Adsen
J Adsen 21 napja
Someone tell me please what the song playing in this video?
Cam Mac
Cam Mac 21 napja
I’m confused at the inconsistency of the rule around T2, several cars “cut” T2 during the race including Vettel in an effort to keep his place and yet Daniel Ric who clearly made more of the corner than most, appears to be 1 of 2 that got a penalty for it!?
Freddy 22 napja
Sainz have to be thrown out of the team He's a troubleshooter.
Patricio Rearte
Patricio Rearte 22 napja
0:09 Sbinala
Aria R
Aria R 22 napja
Bottas: To whom it may concern, F*** you!! hahah
Bruno Bitow
Bruno Bitow 22 napja
I love the diferent reaction of hamilton and riccardo when reciving a penalty
Blinka Bot
Blinka Bot 22 napja
Thank You Much very Much . Great Pick Wonderfully Edited
Dmitry 22 napja
What does it mean "shunted in" on 0.9?
Roisin Brennan
Roisin Brennan 22 napja
In feel like Sochi was very intense and kinda a weird atmosphere around the grid
svogender 22 napja
And Bottas...Get in there...!!! Get your own catchphrase dude...!!!
CreamnCoffee2 22 napja
Most talk like they are out of breath, Lewis talk like he is taking a coffee.
sarahs mv
sarahs mv 22 napja
Who doesn’t love Daniel honestly? He’s an awesome guy 💛🖤
Mr. UwU
Mr. UwU 22 napja
Yeah, he and Bottas
FreshTheFallen 22 napja
5:09 So in the end, at least Ricciardo got all the DRINCC he needed.
tybaltyrant 22 napja
Lewis loves not having Verstappen as his team mate. F1 is too rigged - no driver impact these days
Andy Smart
Andy Smart 22 napja
f1 finally figured out we like to hear the radio
Olly Bradshaw
Olly Bradshaw 22 napja
Status 10 == "Thirsty"
Mattia Granata
Mattia Granata 22 napja
i can hear much pain in the voice of Leclerc and Vettel
SSVladi 22 napja
To whom it may concern .... **** you !!! 🤣🤣🤣
Can some1 explain why leclerc was angry at more than 2 second margin or something? I'm very confused
Mr. UwU
Mr. UwU 22 napja
His engineer told him the margin was 2 seconds when it actually was 6 seconds.
Praveen paul
Praveen paul 22 napja
Anyone know the name of the track playing at the end?
Henk Jacobs
Henk Jacobs 22 napja
Ricciardo deserves to be a champion. With his humble and uplifting attitude he could be the face of F1 drivers any day!
Simone Mele
Simone Mele 22 napja
We will see when the next race Ham will not have a eternity penalty...for bottas puppy.. ridiculous
Matt Hunter
Matt Hunter 22 napja
No penalty for Leclerc on Stroll?? Seemed similar to both Hamilton v Albon incidents, for which Hamilton received, not only time penalties, but also points on his super licence. Bottas missed turn 1 lap 1, the same as Ricciardo did. No time penalty. I’m not a big Hamilton fan, but it’s hard to disagree with him that they’re trying to stop him. From F1’s view, every time he’s penalised, we get race of the season. They don’t want him winning every race and winning the title halfway through the season....
Matt Hunter
Matt Hunter 21 napja
Mr. UwU watch the helicopter cam from the race start. Bottas went just as wide as Ricciardo. The Leclerc/Stroll incident doesn’t benefit Hamilton. I’m talking about consistency with the stewards. That crash was very similar to Albon/Hamilton in Austria, and yet Hamilton was given a time penalty and 2 super licence points! They do seem quick to penalise Hamilton at every opportunity knowing it will make for an exciting race. It’s hard to argue his point that “they’re trying to stop “ him
Mr. UwU
Mr. UwU 22 napja
Bottas didn't missthat turn tho. Plus I don't see how Lecrerc not getting a penalty (IMO he deserved it) somehow is going against Lewis.
Matt Hunter
Matt Hunter 22 napja
Finally F1 showing team radios in chronological order! It’s only taken half a season👌
Lotus cola
Lotus cola 22 napja
Carlos is so talented... I have no idea how he is still in f1, only ferrari...
Xan Ng
Xan Ng 22 napja
Lances engineer is cold!!!
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 22 napja
Go Hamilton
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson 22 napja
I don't think Valtteri should be thinking about his critics.
Daniel Limach
Daniel Limach 22 napja
Dumb question ik but what was Hamilton doing ? When his engineer said need to go, need to go
Mr. UwU
Mr. UwU 22 napja
I think wqiting for clean air
Magicsenna 22 napja
Guido Favro
Guido Favro 22 napja
Who else likes the commentator
zatchbeltguy 22 napja
The fact that Daniel got a penalty shows how much FIA likes Lance and the fact that Leclerc didn't get a penalty shows how much FIA likes Leclerc
zatchbeltguy 20 napja
@Mr. UwU I'm talking about how Daniel got a penalty but Stroll didn't for rejoining too early in about 2 or so races before
Mr. UwU
Mr. UwU 22 napja
I mean, Dani's penalty was really deserved. I do agree on the Lecrerc one
AustrianCitizen 22 napja
Bottas 👌😂
AustrianCitizen 22 napja
Great job throwing your team mate under the bus, Lando, GG boy!
muhmonsta 22 napja
Bottas: wins cuz of penalties for Hamilton caused by team instructions. Also Bottas: "I clearly defeated Hamilton. Get that my critics!!!"
justicewing 23 napja
chris clermont
chris clermont 23 napja
LeClerc strikes again!! He knows he struck Stroll sending him into the wall. His reaction on the radio was embarrassing.
Morris Mårtenson
why is lances manager so annoying....
byron comptonn_97
Lewis gets a penalty: Starts crying and getting upset Daniel gets a penalty: Accepts it and pushes on
JA AL 21 napja
You can also see it from the side of a man that always looks for reasons of his mistakes/issues to continuously perfect things. Yes he could do this after race but in the seat story is different than in the couch...
JA AL 21 napja
Can someone help me find the sound track at 1:30 (starting approx at 01:00 ending 2:48)?
Thomas Sinikangas
That Magnussen start🔥🔥🔥
Himachal trekkers.
It seems Grid penalties are the only thing standing between Lewis and the Championship 😁😁😊😊😆😆
Worlds Worst Musician
My bad, I'll drive faster 😂
Ninja Tortoise
Ninja Tortoise 23 napja
Bottas radio messages about his critics and "to whom it may concern" shows where his focus is, and its not on the track. 44 points down from Lewis with 6 races to go.
BrannDailor 23 napja
When my mates thirst for some lady I'm gonna stick to saying "you're at status 10 tone it down"
Rex Stetson
Rex Stetson 23 napja
Note to Valtteri Bottas - If you want to puff out your chest and tell your critics, "f**k you" save it for a time when you win a race on merit as opposed to a win you were gifted because your teammate was given a 10 second penalty.
Rex Stetson
Rex Stetson 23 napja
I think Gasly's engineer was as confused as I was, when Pierre asked what the gap was to a car that was just feet in front of him. That was strange.
Candra Hutajulu
Candra Hutajulu 23 napja
4:45 Bono: Hey, that's my line!
黒猫Caesar 23 napja
Jeremy Frances
Jeremy Frances 23 napja
Notice how Daniel responded to the penalty, unlike a certain other whinging individual out there. He in turn took it like a man by accepting it and admitting he was in the wrong and basically apologised to the team by saying he would make up for it.
Joe Colclough
Joe Colclough 23 napja
Everyone criticising Hamilton's reaction like you wouldn't be mad for getting a 10 second penalty for something you asked if it was okay to do and was told you were allowed to do it. While already being in the compromised position of having to start on the unfavourable tyre compound?
PoIapopo 23 napja
The continued chronicles of Lance Stroll's engineer absolutely despising him
Gentiio 23 napja
Why did Gastly’s engineer sound like an AI from a sci-fi game 4:36
Alex Galvis
Alex Galvis 23 napja
Twist vettel doit again
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