Formula 2: Top 10 Moments Of 2020 Season 

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We look back at the best action from a historic season which saw Mick Schumacher crowned champion in the final race of the year.
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2021.jan. 5.






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Aarav and Benji
F2 cars actually look a lot cooler than f1 ngl. And hey where is f4 when all of this is happening?!
Bianca Everything
Wow super proud to see how fast CALUM ILOTT as driver for F1. He is very talented. ILOTT, you doing well.
Gary Wagers
Gary Wagers 4 napja
For a guy that got wiped out in pretty violent fashion, Daruvala sounds really calm on the radio at 3:24.
MDavid_99 6 napja
2:16 Daaai, forza Ferrari grazie, grazie, grazie ragazzi...oh, wrong Ferrari driver
Peeetrsn CZ
Peeetrsn CZ 7 napja
Still waiting for a video: Most unsportsmanlike moments of 2020 feat. Nikita Mazepin...
TrashStar 8 napja
This looks so easy. I could do it no problem probably sorry but you shouldn't have uploaded this
The f2 boys seems soo much more well behaved then the f1 boys
Peeetrsn CZ
Peeetrsn CZ 7 napja
Apart from Mazepin obviously...
jazzj2 8 napja
man f2 sounds so much more chill than f1 lol
Miske 123
Miske 123 8 napja
Where is Deletraz P3 in Bahrain
Mika Pirttimäki
Really dum move from Mazepin. He almost hit that otherdriver with number 2 sign.
Krzysztof Mioduszewski
I tought here will be Mick's overtake on Tsunoda for lead in Russia.
Ligon00 9 napja
Nikita is such a idot he dosent leave the space.
Roder Bigliazzi
And Felipe Drugovich's big moments?
Mati123 9 napja
Where is mazepin defenders in Sakhir
yaaa13 jp
yaaa13 jp 9 napja
Maxi 9 napja
I can’t even do that turn I always lock up
Patrick White
Patrick White 9 napja
Can’t wait to see Nikita mazepin embarrass formula 1!!
Priyanshu Singh
Jehan will be the 2021 f2 champion
Maxi F
Maxi F 10 napja
Schumi unbelivable avoid the crash in Sakhir the luckiest survive in his Career Silverstone The Formel Rule is broken don't hit your teammate by defend your Position Spa Mazepin Angry might to killed Tsunoda but also the other Race crash the 2009 chaos is back Monza Super Schumi fly away from the grid to the Checredflagg in his way a Schumi won in Monza Funniest Scene ever Tiktum win then had a Problem & drive to the parc ferme with an Safety Car & Parked in 1 like the Safety Car win a race awesome Season Schumi get the title & the contract with F1 awesome the Schumis are back in Business or F1 Mega Season
Josh Mundy
Josh Mundy 10 napja
what a geezer than nikita matepin dude is
Israel Alonso Niño
The drivers in the last podium was wearing Toto Wolff costumes, right?
José Dias
José Dias 10 napja
No Drugovich? Sad.
Gonzalo Vargaz
Gonzalo Vargaz 10 napja
Mazepin es un tarado
Артур Арутюнян
Watching again and again the Mazepin and little crying Tsunoda moment and can't understand what for are u giving a penalty?
diego h
diego h 10 napja
im pretty sure its because mazepin didnt leave enough space and pushed tsunoda off the track, but what do you mean by crying tsunoda?
Guiii 10 napja
Miss Drugovich on the video..
Nathan 10 napja
For a spec series, the reliability has been a disgrace. Potentially ruining driver's careers with so much unreliability
Renato Batista
Renato Batista 10 napja
Were Drugovich in this video ?
CD 975
CD 975 10 napja
0:50 peter windsor with some more horrendous commentary
Oliver Richmond
Oliver Richmond 10 napja
I feel so bad for Nissany in Spa's sprint race
Bruno D Alfonso Ramos
Matsushita is the favourite F2 driver of the F1 2020 game
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 10 napja
Mazepin got KARMA at the end of the video.
Nori 10 napja
Gotta love Schumachers sportsmanship, not often you see drivers take blame for an incident
django1123 10 napja
I am psyched for Mazepin vs Verstappen and Mazepin vs Vettel in F1 O_o
YASH SURVE 10 napja
Matsushita one was brilliant
Chris Hayes
Chris Hayes 10 napja
Next we need "Top 10 F2 Races in 2020"
Aditya sreenu
Aditya sreenu 10 napja
Hey Liberty Media, Can we have the guy commentating in F2 (Alex, I believe his name) get promoted to F1 please.. Way better than the "Lights out and away we go" man we have
Motorsport Fanboy
He's going to the Channel 4 coverage my friend
Alpha Condomínios
Where is Drugovich? The Rookie of the season. That Matsushita win just happen because of a team mistake on pits. That must to be a Drugo’s win.
Zach Lee
Zach Lee 10 napja
i like Tsunoda and I hate mazepin... but that shouldn't have been a penalty
k 8 napja
yea... it should be lifetime ban
Nikhil Pabelkar
Nikhil Pabelkar 10 napja
That first one was a zinger
Qualitzy Yo
Qualitzy Yo 10 napja
That thumbnail looks like a game
Yu Tomi
Yu Tomi 10 napja
4:20 4:20 4:20 4:20 4:20 4:20 4:53 4:53 4:53 4:53 4:53 4:53 4:55 4:55 4:55 4:55 4:55 4:55 4:55 4:55 4:55
Eshref Memmedov
Eshref Memmedov 10 napja
Where are biggest crashes
Aayush MK
Aayush MK 10 napja
yucki tsunoda! wins
Satvik Krishna
Satvik Krishna 10 napja
That Mercedes Won joke laid off
Alberto Cervera
Alberto Cervera 11 napja
🤔 No recuerdo haberme inscrito al canal de "Fórmula 2" ¿Se podrá señalar como Spam?
Surya 11 napja
Its even free to watch
Surya 11 napja
I guess now i starting to like more formula 2 than 1
Barlemon 11 napja
You can see the difference between the two teammates very clearly in 1:05 and 4:20
Spin Meister
Spin Meister 11 napja
Schwartmans win in Hungary should have made this list
Robert Sagest
Robert Sagest 11 napja
That's Ilott of damage
daniel 11 napja
Mazepin fanboy here, you will all see what action will Mazepin bring to F1 and that it will attract more and more people to watch F1, then you will close your mouth Mazepin haters
David Jackson
David Jackson 10 napja
We found another russian bot account.
Pierre Gasly
Pierre Gasly 11 napja
I don't miss them f2 tractors
Akira Kotoura
Akira Kotoura 11 napja
Could somebody explain to me what happend when Ticktum (i think) won first place and drove with the medical car. I don't really watch the formula 2 races
Motorsport Fanboy
Because his car ran out of fuel
Akira Kotoura
Akira Kotoura 10 napja
@AirmaxFSK Thank you!
AirmaxFSK 10 napja
Im not sure anymore but I guess he went out of fuel in the outlap or something broke. Not sure if I remember properly but I guess it was the first one.
Sophie Jarvis
Sophie Jarvis 11 napja
They just need to make a formula 2 and 3 HUrun channel
さとーし 11 napja
I hope Mazepin do not race in Formula1
Elizabeth Del castillo
Jesus christ the 1st clip title...
Ja Kong
Ja Kong 11 napja
You know Schumacher is the type of driver to crash you out “unintentionally” of course. He gives me the ‘like father like son’ vibe
Motorsport Fanboy
@Red Lightning True. Although i'm sure the father tell the son to admit more to his own mistakes than refusing it like himself
Red Lightning
Red Lightning 10 napja
But unlike the father he'd actually own up to it.
Pete Villager
Pete Villager 11 napja
Still not replacement for that Vietnam Grand Prix you kidding me i not waiting long time 😢
Maurice Edwards
Maurice Edwards 11 napja
I’m sorry but I don’t think Mazapin is as bad as people say he is
I hink this is the wrong channel
Racengineer Live Streams
4:21 rumour has it. That russia wanted to nuke japan so mazepin thought he'd take out Tsunoda. (If this has offeneded someone i am terribly sorry in advance. I only made this as a joke.)
そいらんど 11 napja
Angry butthurt Mazepin fanboys incoming...
Legend Boy
Legend Boy 9 napja
@そいらんど Who takes outsiders off the track? Look at highlights f1 in spa. No one try overtake in this turn. All who was in outside pass whos in inside. So stop crying lgbt boy and learn racing regulation.
そいらんど 10 napja
@Legend Boy so then? Taking inside will not be a reason to take outsiders off the track. U must learn how to properly understand the rules of racing. Mad fans mostly idiots :)
Legend Boy
Legend Boy 10 napja
Lol. Mazepin really takes penalty for nothing. He was inside.
Varun Kumar
Varun Kumar 11 napja
Can't wait for F2 2021, more excited for it than F1. Such a shame that we are not visiting more venues this year.
Lamster 66
Lamster 66 11 napja
We've seen about all we want to of Mazepin. HAAS really should tear that contract up no matter how big daddies wallet is.
Joas Alef
Joas Alef 11 napja
Its unbelievable to see Mazepin in F1...
cinegraphics 9 napja
Yeah. The root of all evil.
Joas Alef
Joas Alef 9 napja
@cinegraphics so many things unbelievable, and the problem is the same: money involved
cinegraphics 9 napja
It's unbelievable that a team in F1 is having a dominant car for 7 years, without FIA intervening (like they usually do to other teams). And still...... it's happening. Not just in 2020, but for the last 7 seasons.
Max Henzell
Max Henzell 11 napja
Kimi Martinez
Kimi Martinez 11 napja
Honorable mention: Louis Delétraz's underrated comebacks in Mugello and Bahrain
Kimi Martinez
Kimi Martinez 11 napja
@Trophy Robot EXACTLY!! Finally someone that agrees with me
Pedro Tafuri
Pedro Tafuri 11 napja
Lara Schüttoff
Lara Schüttoff 11 napja
Schumacher is King💗
Walter Raimundo
Walter Raimundo 11 napja
Did you mean: top 10 Schumacher moments in formula 2?
Supersluggz 11 napja
It’s manly Schuhmacher 😂
Luiz Brito
Luiz Brito 9 napja
What if it's girly schumacher?
Alex Kivikoski
Very manly.
meme GOD
meme GOD 11 napja
me: I want to forget 2020 HUrun: No. F1: No. me: 💀
リhir 11 napja
Oh,Thanks for reupload.
Jimmy 11 napja
Hahaha Mazepin bad please laugh. (At least he outscored many drivers.) *Here comes angry replies.*
Fresh pie
Fresh pie 11 napja
Or no comments because nobody cares
Ahsan Sarwar
Ahsan Sarwar 11 napja
Its amazing how these F2 drivers sound far more mature than F1 drivers when involved in a crash.
cinegraphics 8 napja
Monza 2008, entire 2011 season, Monaco 2016, Mexico 2016, Silverstone 2017, Germany 2018, France 2019, and probably much more which went under my radar. While some other drivers get penalized even when they weren't guilty. The only year when Hamilton was penalized harshly (even too harshly) was 2020. But that cannot compensate for the entire decade.
cinegraphics 8 napja
@Mohammed Abdul Hakeem better question is in which world are you living? Did you even watch F1 in the last 15 years?
Mohammed Abdul Hakeem
@cinegraphics what world are you living in... He was penalised many times.... And that mazepin incident could've caused a major accident and he was close to get 12 penalty points and have a race ban... That tells you about his driving. Keep supporting a loser who doesn't have manners and got promoted just because if money... There are many drivers who are better than him
cinegraphics 9 napja
Why? Because he pushed Tsonoda out? That's what Hamilton did many times, but didn't get a penalty. And nobody complained and called him a bad person. But Mazepin is bad for doing the same. Double standards.
Elliot Sykes
Elliot Sykes 11 napja
...apart from Mazepin
Sunilkumar Songire
Daruwala nd Shawrtzman would be serious contenders for next year championship
Mauricio Correa Meza
I'd add Piastri and Pourchaire
Murloc Vermelho Murddock
Naaah, Drugovich will be the name this year.
Vandan Sonkar
Vandan Sonkar 10 napja
@RMP. !Attacker fake he won the last race was looking the previous weekends and besides we know unpredictable is f2 even more than f1 does Any Team dominate certainly noy
RMP. !Attacker fake
Daruvala for the next year title fight hahaha. Even if I'm an Indian I wouldnt raise my hopes that high.
Vandan Sonkar
Vandan Sonkar 11 napja
Spicy title fight
Vàze Śky
Vàze Śky 11 napja
The extinguisher joke at the start is criminally underrated
Vàze Śky
Vàze Śky 7 napja
@Callum Parker haha true
Callum Parker
Callum Parker 7 napja
A lot of people with clueless friends it seems
Vàze Śky
Vàze Śky 8 napja
@cinegraphics me too pal, me too
cinegraphics 9 napja
@Vàze Śky no problems. I'm glad he survived without serious injuries.
Vàze Śky
Vàze Śky 9 napja
@cinegraphics oh, my bad then. Apologies. Fully agree with you by the way!
Daniel Katz
Daniel Katz 11 napja
They keep getting bettet
Samuel Pinder
Samuel Pinder 11 napja
Mercedes dont even have a team in f2 and still win a race. Great job from Toto Wolff there
Samuel Pinder
Samuel Pinder 10 napja
@Red Lightning thx lol I thought I put f2 but my autocorrect makes it f1
Red Lightning
Red Lightning 10 napja
saturokel -Roblox
SpatialDragon 11 napja
Not only being Michael's son, but a man that accepts the blame when he makes a mistake. Now with Haas and in F1, I will be cheering for him.
Ray Banner
Ray Banner 3 napja
@Above-Average Nerd Just a bit, which is justified
Above-Average Nerd
@Ray Banner look that's a bit racist. That person should shut their mouth but that's a bit racist by you
dReeem 7 napja
@Luu Duong Hy ur prob a mazepin fan
dReeem 7 napja
@Luu Duong Hy salty
Peeetrsn CZ
Peeetrsn CZ 7 napja
@cinegraphics Probably Mazepin i would say :D
0:24 This moments looks like close finish between Capeta Taira and Ryo Shiba in the capeta final episode
KHASAN 11 napja
I will get likes because I say no to mazepin
Connor Smith
Connor Smith 11 napja
Anyone else think that DAMS and ART were really poor this year compared to their previous seasons??
Motorsport Fanboy
Mostly because of the new 18-inch wheel rims. Not to mention Armstrong got hit by the 2nd seat curse and Gelael being there also doesn't help.
Red Lightning
Red Lightning 10 napja
Tbh they both had relatively a weak lineup in comparison to years past also
Ferda Mravenec
Ferda Mravenec 11 napja
Yup Armstrong was really poor this season, Lundgaard wasn’t bad. I honestly didn’t expect anything special from Ticktum & Gelael in DAMS
keithwarr 11 napja
Sean gelael dibelakang aja gausah podium. Yahahaha
Pranav Gummaluri
Is Matt an official f2 commentator?
Red Lightning
Red Lightning 10 napja
@Pranav Gummaluri aarav and ben just cackling in the background while the rage goes on
Pranav Gummaluri
@Red Lightning tHeY pUt DrIeS oN!!!!!111111111
Red Lightning
Red Lightning 10 napja
@Pranav Gummaluri I Still remember china dry tire rant.
Pranav Gummaluri
Still can’t believe he went from rage montages to this, what progress
Pranav Gummaluri
@McPlayer8t niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Nathália Vieira
É sério que vocês colocaram o Nobu e não colocaram o Drugovich? é brincadeira viu...
Bartosz S
Bartosz S 11 napja
Plot twist: F1 actually posts F2
Ciao Lecrack
Ciao Lecrack 10 napja
Plot twist: F1 is actually the feeder series for F2
Cres Balundo
Cres Balundo 10 napja
@Mete bruh
Mete 11 napja
Under the F1 Hashtag 😂
Subham De
Subham De 11 napja
Sad to not see Jehan's win here but still the class of F2 2020 (except Mazepin) are great drivers...and wish them success in their future ventures
McPlayer8t 11 napja
Mazepin is fast, just way too aggressive and needs to pick his battles better. Perfect replacement for Magnussen. Let’s not mention the off-track stuff.
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri 11 napja
Any driver > Mazepin
Motorsport Fanboy
@Vyas Ponnuri Deledda is Mahaveer 2.0
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri 10 napja
@Red Lightning Anyways Deledda struggles in F3...
Red Lightning
Red Lightning 10 napja
@Vyas Ponnuri im not entirely sure if he would have the superlicense points.
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri 11 napja
@Monobola Alessio Deledda races for Campos in F3, and this year he posted a video of himself driving at like 300 km/h in his hometown
Monobola 11 napja
@McPlayer8t who is that? Or you mean Deletraz?
Reflexlwd 11 napja
Is there anyone who actually likes Dan Tantrum?
Reflexlwd 10 napja
@Guiii "seems nice" I assume you know what kind of kid he is on track?
Guiii 10 napja
Incredibly I like him .-. watched some streams and he seems to be a nice guy at all
Red Lightning
Red Lightning 10 napja
Theres people that actually like Mazepin and defend him. So there's definitely Ticktum fans out there
Ferda Mravenec
Ferda Mravenec 11 napja
This kind of people is really rare.
Jordan Collins
Jordan Collins 11 napja
I just noticed how beautiful the f2 cars look
Malakai Akerok
Malakai Akerok 11 napja
Like father like son
Lucas Shelby
Lucas Shelby 11 napja
Tv shumaca... Só passa ele nessa porr pqp
Limitless 11 napja
Mazepin is a new Verstappen! Wanna see next season =)
c'est la Vie
c'est la Vie 11 napja
Well looks like F1 replaced a "torpedo" from the grid with a filthy "Tsar bomb".
serialbeef 9 napja
Marzipan is just a horrible person should be ban from motorsport
Monobola 11 napja
Money bomb you mean
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry 11 napja
I really like the look F2 cars
Maurício Delat
Maurício Delat 11 napja
MEMENTo MORi 11 napja
4:53 Mazepin🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
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