Game Junk Prototype Episode #38: The Game Awards Nominees + Xbox Series X First Impressions 

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We discuss the nominees for The Game Awards 2020 and debate Phil Spencer's comments about toxic fans, plus Frank buys an Xbox Series X and we talk Watchdogs: Legion, Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War, Maneater and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
Our discord: discord.gg/x8PU2Gk
00:00:00 - Intro
00:05:54 - Xbox Series X Impressions
00:14:52 - Sean's first plat
00:16:04 - "Console War" Discussion
00:27:43 - The Game Awards Nominations
00:40:33 - What Sean played: Ghost of Tsushima
00:41:26 - What Andrew and Frank played: Watch Dogs: Legion
00:56:12 - What Frank played: Maneater
00:57:15 - What Andrew and Frank played: Call of Duty: Cold War
01:00:07 - What Frank played: Gears Tactics
01:01:15 - What Frank played: Supraland
01:01:48 - What Andrew played: River City Girls
01:04:23 - What Andrew played: Spider-man: Miles Morales
01:08:55 - What Andrew played: Animal Crossing: New Horizons
01:10:26 - Outro










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Josh Fougere
Josh Fougere Hónapja
Game Junk staple Binary Domain is on Steam Autumn Sale for 3.39. Don't have to go to the librar for it anymore.
Game Junk
Game Junk Hónapja
An essential purchase for all Game Junk listeners!
Sean Giblin
Sean Giblin Hónapja
Lads best podcast ever. I watch now but did and will if needed listen to audio only. I'm in Stoke on Trent in England and admittedly listened to Film Junk first. BTW Jay is an excellent strong teller. Anyway the point is this. Having only heard your voices I subconsciously put a face to the voice. Frank I literally thought was Frank from 30 Rock. I'd of wagered that.
C C Hónapja
Dropping a quick comment cause Frank asked for it. Really enjoying the video podcasts and the midrange technology showcase.
David Cliffe
David Cliffe Hónapja
Loving the video version of Game Junk guys 👍
Joe Eagley
Joe Eagley Hónapja
Always go w the video vs the podcast when available. Big film junk fan which is how I landed here.. I think we really need a game manifesto in these tough Covid times!?! The public demands it
Newtman98 Hónapja
You guys seriously need to check out Hades. It’s easily my #1 game of the year.
Josh Fougere
Josh Fougere Hónapja
Glap? Is that a Cardi B song? Ba dum ching.
Guzo Hónapja
No Microsoft cigar? 😂 love the show but gotta be honest, I know you from Film Junk! I really enjoy the video version especially the chapters, it’s like having a trophy guide. Would love to see some illustrations when you guys discuss topics or games for example sharing a screen and showing videos, images or trailers. I think that would be neat if not too much extra work and would help when you guys discuss an obscure game I never heard of instead of having to Google it.
Game Junk
Game Junk Hónapja
@Guzo Great, we'll look into that
Guzo Hónapja
@Game JunkI assume you guys are using Zoom and you can share a specific application like a Chrome window (in Private Navigation) for example. In that case, no risk of seeing the desktop or anything else happening on the computer.
Game Junk
Game Junk Hónapja
We talked about trying it, but I think there is some concerns about accidentally showing some confidential or NDA'd information from our desktops. Maybe we'll give it a try in the coming weeks, we could always edit out stuff.
ArsenicSteel00 Hónapja
Fortnite Predator Trailer
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ALIEN vs PREDATOR (Mythic 1v1)