Gasly to leave Red Bull? Perez to Williams? - F1 Transfer Talk 

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In todays episode of Formula 1 Transfer Talk, we will be debating and predicting which drivers will fill the remaining seats on the F1 2021 grid, with Perez to Williams, Gasly to Renault and Schumacher to Alfa Romeo all on the cards!
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alfonso santos
Russell great driver? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Wow wow wow
Shannon McStormy
I think its laughable that Alonzo gave Hamilton anything other than to stand in his way for a very short bit. Plus, Alonzo will be forever tainted by the cheating he, at the very least, benefited from and was likely integrally involved with. He is past his prime and by all accounts is a jerk on and off the field, to fellow drivers, teammates and fans. I don't think he has anything to teach anyone, at least anything positive, and frankly I don't think he's interested in doing so. Alonzo is in it for himself and himself alone and you certainly don't want that kind of anti-team-player attitude rubbing off on another younger driver. Bleh. F1 would be a lot better off if Alonzo just shuffled off stage left.
bobby sapp
bobby sapp 12 napja
Albon will stay with team atleast another year next year is a throw away anyway mercs will def dominate nobody will be upgrading car or anything and sorry but everyone needs to get off Gaslys dick hes been the luckiest person all season no skill all luck
Uzoma Obi, Esquire
Williams is a step down for Perez. He should join Renault or Red Bull
formulafan 15 napja
Perfect Just what I needed after this day to make it a bit better. Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
whatshendrix Hónapja
Everyone's forgetting that achieving a podium in a car that usually battles for 7th/8th is a lot less stressful than to do the same in a car that should be on the podium every race.
Joker Christust
Joker Christust Hónapja
SG akuma
SG akuma Hónapja
latifi is not a good driver
Pat Scally
Pat Scally Hónapja
Mad Max to Mercedes??? Never happen.
Pat Scally
Pat Scally Hónapja
JM2C...Ocon out, Perez in. Albon out, Gasly back in. Tsunoda replaces Gasly. When Hamilton retires Russel in. Schumacher Jr. replaces Russel. More to follow.
mircea miclos
mircea miclos Hónapja
Sadly thought Red Bull won't be able to challenge Mercedes in 2022 without Honda. Thanks to FIA f1 is down to 3 engine manufacturers.
Marc Saintemarie
Rasal Hague
Rasal Hague Hónapja
Any news about Red Bull's engines?
Way to many if's and when's i think... but still a great video and let's see what happens...
c Pamenter
c Pamenter Hónapja
Absolutely no chance of Russell out of F1 next season
Fabio Balenzano
Fabio Balenzano Hónapja
Alex Albon should go back to alpha tauri, nothing better than the awesome Franz Tost as your new paternal boss to replace that sociopath of Helmut Marko
Fabio Balenzano
Fabio Balenzano Hónapja
BTW, these are not even rumors, honestly....you are just speculating entirely, sort of a Fantasy F1 Transfer Talk
Fabio Balenzano
Fabio Balenzano Hónapja
Hulkenberg deserves Bottas' seat. For 2 seasons (2021 to get long deserved podiums and wins, 2022 to help Mercedes with new car, given his experience), then Russell all the way. Bottas is just another Couthard or Barichello. Unbeatable with the very best car 2-3 races a year, always destroyed by their #1 driver over the season. Of course not even Hulk can touch Lewis, maybe Russell could beat him more often than Bottas, but we will never know.
1239kieran Hónapja
If i was piere gasley stay in Alfa Tauri and develop the car better then red bull that's the issue with some of these driver it's all about how you drive the car and the information you can obtain to make it better Alfa Tauri can take it to the next step they just gotta set their standards high like red bull or ferrari
David Melin
David Melin Hónapja
Yes please gasly at alpine
Robert Thurman
Robert Thurman Hónapja
Kvyat, Gasly and Albon were all promoted to Red Bull because of their consistency. But when they got there it vanished. Maybe the problem is not the drivers?
BigMic69 Hónapja
You started off decent and then all hell broke loose... IJS
ThomasLaang Hónapja
I wish Merc dumps Hamilton and takes in Russel instead for 2021. I would laugh so hard!
Simon Burns
Simon Burns Hónapja
If hulkenberg gets in a red bull he will be shit hot. If he can do what he did in the racing point. He could be on the podium every race
Noah Sawyer
Noah Sawyer Hónapja
gasly aint that good. Sorry gasly fans.
Sheikh Tanvir Ahmed Shajib
12:50 Alonso didn't teach Lewis anything but ego in 2007, he acted like an arrogant F1 champion. He could have been a role model for everyone by showing skills and tricks to a rookie drive at that time but he wanted all the attention that he didn't get. He's just blocking a F1 seat this time that could have gone a new drive to shine.
Phantom096 Hónapja
@Sheikh Tanvir Ahmed Shajib How will they ever find the next Jim Clark or Ayrton Senna. F1 has gotten so boring. F1 was sensational in the 70’s and 80’s because you had to be a real talent to keep the seat. Too many rich kids in seats. Get rid of these old dead weight drivers also. Vettel’s best days are behind him.
Sheikh Tanvir Ahmed Shajib
@Phantom096 F1 needs some new drivers for the future, we're tried of all these old guns. They were great but this is the time for the next generation to arrive and to show the world that they belong here.
Phantom096 Hónapja
Spot on mate! I think it’s ghastly that he is returning to F1. Shame on Prost for allowing that when there are better options available.
Phantom096 Hónapja
If Horner wants to win constructors again he should sign the Tyre Master Perez.
Icetuga1 Hónapja
Russel is a guaranteed future champion for everyone with eyes and a brain, nobody will leave Russel without a seat! I even go that far to say that every team would swap one driver they have in team for Russel, without even thinking a second if their is the chance to actually do it. Even seeing Gasly without a seat is ridiculous, we are talking about 2 guys who showed their enormous talent already. If the material is right and the team bosses are not complete douchebags or idiots, this 2 guys will challenge the best in the grid easily!
Phantom096 Hónapja
@Icetuga1 If it is true Perez is headed to Williams I do agree it should be Russel in the second car since he did beat the underperforming teammate. All this is happening because of Vettel who’s best days are behind him Ferrari found out the hard way. As for Red Bull Hulk would probably be a good place holder that finally gets a podium with the second best car on the grid.
Phantom096 Hónapja
@Icetuga1 Besides Red Bull saw enough of Gasly in telemetry to demote him.
Phantom096 Hónapja
@Icetuga1 He won that by luck if we are being honest. Russel beat a worse teammate big deal. A young driver that has impressed me is Sim boy Lando Norris.
Icetuga1 Hónapja
@Phantom096 Russel is constantly putting that Williams shitbox in places where it has no business. Gasly won a GP with a Alpha Tauri very recently, and don´t tell me that was pure luck.
Phantom096 Hónapja
That is were you and they fail! “ If the material is right” nonsense the F1 Legends have put bad awful cars in places where they should not be. Those two are average at best. Blame it on the old dinosaurs sticking around Alonso and Kimi.
malc Hónapja
Should be 3 cars per team
Johny T
Johny T Hónapja
If Raikkonen stays for the 2021 season he is probably gonna be staying for the 2022 season as well to drive the 2022 f1 cars
ThicBiscuits on yt
But don’t you know that Honda is leaving, so if redbull and toro rosso don’t find an engine, will be desperate
Ronald De Regt
Ronald De Regt Hónapja
Grosjean out what a Surprise. This will be bad for Netflix ratings.
Mncedisi Dlamini
Chris must be regretting not snatching SEB for next season'
PandaStroll Hónapja
Great video! You got some solid arguments here, like it very much!!
Lucid On Occasion
If they screw over my boy George I'm gonna be very disappointed...
Klaus Hoff
Klaus Hoff Hónapja
If Hass get 2 new drivers.......then they got no way to compare how good they are, hope they keep MAG and put HUL in the other car ;-)
Anonymous Hónapja
I'll loose my virginity once Hulkenburg gets a podium.
Phantom096 Hónapja
I see a 40 year old virgin in the making. 😆
Mark Mark
Mark Mark Hónapja
FFS there is something wrong with people. Hulkenberg had 10 years of chances and couldn't get a podium, Ricciardo gets into his own Renault and beats his ass.... his time is finished, why can't people see the blunt truth of the matter.
Stijn Wijntjes
Stijn Wijntjes Hónapja
Enjoyed this very much!
Paul Sands
Paul Sands Hónapja
Does Williams have to consider Mercedes if letting Russell loose?
If Red Bull signs up Hulk and he still underperforms, they might as well just not bother with building a second car.
Joe Mills
Joe Mills Hónapja
Is George Russell part of the Mercedes Engine deal?
Dude Man
Dude Man Hónapja
Illot can’t drive dude to fp1 being rained out “he won’t being getting that seat because Nikita mazepin if too old and not fast but has cash which haas is SuPeR dEsPeRaTe for
Dude Man
Dude Man Hónapja
Ocons not gonna leave Renault/alpine albon will get booted Perez will take his spot gasly will leave alpha tauri to where ever he can go outside of red bull control Williams will stay the same as they don’t have the money want or need for different drivers and unfortunately for hulkenburg he won’t begetting a full time drive at least not in my mind
Dude Man
Dude Man Hónapja
Also mazepin is too old for an f1 debut and not as skilled as illot
Dude Man
Dude Man Hónapja
Williams doesn’t have the money even with new investors and George will not leave f1 no matter what
Aquib Riazahmed
Aquib Riazahmed Hónapja
I love Pierre and Russel waiting for them to switch to bigger teams...............
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson Hónapja
take the masks off on mass if we do we win!!!
I think The Hulk will go to Alpine Gasly to RB Sunoda to Alpha Tauri Perez to williams
QS Family
QS Family Hónapja
Who wants Schumacher to switch with Raikkonen
14:22 mate, the only one who is on somebodys shadow?? Is Valteri! Everyone else are on same conditions!
Donger Hónapja
Silly season isn’t my favourite part of f1 but it is interesting to see what wacky ideas people come up with, most of the ones in the video are bonkers, but I’ll be eating my hat if any of them happens.
Phantom096 Hónapja
Is no one going to mention how Danny RIC makes the stupidest moves like leaving Red Bull ( Second fastest car on the grid) and not fighting Max or leaving Renault now for a slower car. For a decent driver he is not very smart.
fallenshallrise Hónapja
So many "if"s and "could very well"s in this video I have no idea what this guy is saying. If you predict everything I guess you'll get it right eventually.
Phantom096 Hónapja
Perez is the best option for Red Bull .
momo Hónapja
You repeat yourself too much
dergrunepunkt Hónapja
Rusell to red bul --> Perez to williams
Phantom096 Hónapja
What has he done? nothing mate! Perez to RB.
Overtake Media
Overtake Media Hónapja
Gasley at Renault would be interesting
Andrej Strmen
Andrej Strmen Hónapja
i feel sorry for perez, he deserve to stay in AMR. it sucks that stroll is cemented there due his father.
Icetuga1 Hónapja
Perez is also only still in the Formula 1 because of money, i don´t get the problem people have with the decision. What has Perez done so wonderful in his career to deserve such status? A bunch of youngsters running in F1 right now surpassed Perez career achievements in under 2 seasons, and people still crying for the guy. If Stroll is so bad people say then Perez shouldn´t be considered by any teams right now, because Stroll is giving Perez a hard time being a lot younger!
Walter Jr
Walter Jr Hónapja
Make Williams ...... Again? Really couldn't think of a better shit...y slogan to use?
RJW Hónapja
lol fuckin ocon. overhyped as ever, especially by brundle
J. Chiari
J. Chiari Hónapja
I'm not an F1 regular, that available seat on Alfa, is Giovinazzi leaving?
williams? project? hahahaha
Joe Cool
Joe Cool Hónapja
Why the push for Hulk?? What does he bring, he was owned by Ric. You guys are living in imaginary world
Phantom096 Hónapja
It’s about looks I guess never mind how talented Perez is.
Rick G
Rick G Hónapja
Perez is much better driver than Nico. He deserves to be in RB.
Phantom096 Hónapja
Gustavo Gravina
Gustavo Gravina Hónapja
I think the best move for Gasly would be Renault. RB engine is uncertain and go back as Max teammate does not sound the best idea. I really appreciate the idea to see Russell moving to a bigger team. I think he would be a good driver to take Albon's seat. I also think Kvyat time is over, same as Ocon who was very disappointing to me.
ecldinc Hónapja
Yuki needs to get the required Super License points. He may or may not get them, so he's an IF at best.
Raghav Dogra
Raghav Dogra Hónapja
I think everybody will agree that Renault made a mistake this season by letting go hulk
Daniel King
Daniel King Hónapja
I think pèrez and Russell at Williams Latifi and ocon to haas Tsinoda and albon at alpha tauri Hülkenberg and vestappen at RB Vettel and stroll at Aston Martin Alonso and galley at alpine Schumacher and kimi at alfa Romeo Ferrari and Mercedes the same (for just next season and Lewis to retire at the end of 2021) and maclaren has I believe has the best duo on the grid next season
Josh Mcfie
Josh Mcfie Hónapja
ocon will stay
mcbrite Hónapja
I like Perez a lot, but I think he is a little over-rated... If you consider the fact he is 30 (getting towards old) and Lance is 21 (getting toward prime-time), you could easily make the case that Stroll is actually stronger than Perez... Also I doubt that RB would even consider Perez, even though I keep reading that for some reason... RB want a Leclerc, a Russel, MAYBE a Hülkenberg... But swap Albon for Perez? That makes ZERO sense...
mcbrite Hónapja
@Phantom096 a) Being an old fart impresses me less than you probably imagine. I've watched my first race in the mid-eighties... And? b) Being an old fart does NOT give you the right to belittle everybody and treat them like shit. c) I have no idea what you're arguing to whom right now, because at no point did you properly read my initial post. You read what you wanted to read and then answered that instead. d) Kinda weird how your "special F1 talent" gets UTTERY HUMILIATED, whenever a real F1 driver (Hülkenberg) gets to drive his car... With ZERO preparation outperforming Perez every single time. A guy, mind you, that's never even been on a podium, himself. e) Stroll having money is not an argument to rail against him. And IF IT WHERE, you'd have to rail against Perez the exact same way. f) Maybe, instead of answering, use that time to check qualifying times this season and re-read my original post VERY carefully?
Phantom096 Hónapja
@mcbrite I have looked at F1 since the Fangio days to current I am well aware of what Perez has done.
Phantom096 Hónapja
@mcbrite Perez is leading Stroll on points so what are u going on about. Perez put the pink pig on the top row in qualifying without the updates. You must be Canadian. The best Canadian drivers for me were the Villeneuve’s. Strolls are just a wealthy family playing cars. Perez is a special F1 talent
mcbrite Hónapja
@Phantom096 Maybe you should look at the data from this season rather than dreaming about 8 years ago?
Phantom096 Hónapja
I like Stroll but he should be nowhere near F1. Leave it to the Ayrton Senna’s and Alain Prost’s
audiocrush Hónapja
no please leave russell and ocon in.. just give them usable cars...
hockysa Hónapja
Torpedo Kvyat out of a seat would be the dream
Theo from wii sports
Haas: Kmag and Illot Alfa Romeo: Mick Schumacher and Kimi Räikkönen Ocon and Russel to Formula E
zeus 5029
zeus 5029 Hónapja
Gasley has only won 1 race. BFD. Russel will be gone next year. HAAS waist of time, they have more money than Bezos. Whey they still have the 2 d rate drivers is none thinkable.
samaravadi3 Hónapja
I'm looking Russell to Hamilton's seat, but will be the second driver
Jonny Scott
Jonny Scott Hónapja
Hope gasly, and albon leave redbull family as it's knackered them badly, and Perez and the Hulk should get either of the seats that have been me Gionee in the press and also ocon is getting found out and on limited time
fran solis
fran solis Hónapja
Man, in america all media say that Sergio is so close more than Nico to arrive to RB next season, Williams is just in case that RB say no, but putting in a balance all know that Sergio is better driver than Nico for Red Bull, 8 podiums that means that could be near to Max, 10 years, experience and money from Carlos Slim and now BWT, so..... putting the facts on the table RB will sign Checo Pérez
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson Hónapja
Guys pls awake .... the virus is a hoax ...... do your own research ........ vaccine not required
Not Sosig Ramsey
Nico in that RB. Please! Nico Speaks dutch. Always has friendly banter with Max. he could get his first podium. I see this as an absolute win
Not Sosig Ramsey
@Phantom096 yea RB don't need the Money. But if the rumors are true. Rb want to buy up Honda F1. so idk. extra cash wouldn't hurt. Both Hulk and Perez. would be a good nr2 to verstappen. Maybe. but both have there reasons why rb should pick them. I know for a fact That Hulk is very much liked by the Dutch people (Mainly because he speaks the Language) so for Rb that might make it atractive in terms of marketing . and Perez has proven time and time again. that he is a consistand driver. who drags everything out of a unerperforming car. and even put it on the podium from time to time.
Phantom096 Hónapja
@Not Sosig Ramsey Sad part is that it’s true. They rather skip talent to put drivers with other qualities in good cars. If we forget Perez money for a moment which RB does not need you have a very talented driver. With the ability to use the tyre strategy in the second fastest car on the grid I think Mercedes have something to worry about.
Not Sosig Ramsey
@Phantom096 My comment was ment to be taken in a joky way. I'm not saying Hulk is a better driver then Perez. heck if they wanted a partner for Max that speaks dutch. why not give the seat to Nyck de Vries. All I'm saying is. that Nico and Max get allong very well. Personally i think Perez also might be a good fit +he brings allong allot of money. Both Hulkenberg and perez deserve to be in F1 in my oppinion
Phantom096 Hónapja
Not because he is any better a driver than Perez only because he speaks.... What a sad state of F1 there was a time when talent mattered. I miss F1 1970’s and 1980’s
NCS etc. Music Videos
Drop Ocon. Please drop Ocon
Bob yup
Bob yup Hónapja
I hope Hamilton retires I’m sick of his pandering to SJW world
Yvonne Pingleton
Why, has everyone forgotten that Hulk, lost his car for a reason? But at least he's better than Groj... Give him a Hass car until he proves himself again.
Phantom096 Hónapja
Because he is a fan darling. Great person but there are better drivers.
Anton S.
Anton S. Hónapja
Perez to Williams... That would be ridiculous 😅
Oscar La touche
Oscar La touche Hónapja
they better not kick my boy george out
ashwath Ash
ashwath Ash Hónapja
I would like to see how Max wud do on a Alpha Tauri.
Aidan Carlisle
Aidan Carlisle Hónapja
Gasly should leave Red Bull and go and ball out at another team so he can show them what they are missing out on
Brieg Quéau
Brieg Quéau Hónapja
Just kick Ocon out for f*** sake
Brieg Quéau
Brieg Quéau Hónapja
If george is out, f1 does not make sense anymore
Bonar James-O'Neill
Hulkenberg to Mercedes if Hamilton retires. Remember this comment.
Phantom096 Hónapja
Haha keep dreaming or smoking stuffing I like Nico.
Hevi Rane
Hevi Rane Hónapja
red bull wants Kimi, but Mercedes has already signed him to fill Hamilton's seat
Phillip Leite
Phillip Leite Hónapja
But wait.... did my man honestly called Kvyat... "Super consistant" lol
Phillip Leite
Phillip Leite Hónapja
Honestly thers absolutly no reason for Redbull not to take Hulkenberg. Hes fast, reliable, experienced and Redbull as a brand have probably the 3rd most markteable driver in the grid.
T J Hónapja
Ham gone weird...
T J Hónapja
Hamilton is going to have his own Plant Food Diet cooking programme on the Black Lives Matter Channel...He's gone really weird...
Josh Swider
Josh Swider Hónapja
Nothing in this video will come true
French Connexion Racing
Fromage de Schneck
LunarFoxz Hónapja
Perez has big money behind him, latifi's williams is def gonna be his if ur right
Whenwas Hulkenberg a solid driver? Daniel Kvyat has been many times on the pall even with Alfatauriand Hulk has never seen the podium for ten years/!!!! What are you talking about man? This sounds almost nazi?!! /
Paul Hope
Paul Hope Hónapja
Why would they replace Russell with Perez? I just dont see that happening.
Lucas Lauret
Lucas Lauret Hónapja
I think ocon will stay at renault. I love gasly but Esteban has a contract and he had a year out plus it's a different car than the racing point or the mercedes. We saw that Riccardo took one year to master the brakes etc. I think we should really judge Esteban at the end of next year. We all know he has a lot of potential
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