George Russell’s Heartbreak | Jolyon Palmer Analysis | 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 

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Jolyon Palmer discusses the importance of tire temperature after George Russell’s gut-wrenching DNF in Imola comparing it to similar incidents with Valtteri Bottas, Romain Grosjean and himself.
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2020.nov. 5.






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JLR 87
JLR 87 12 napja
Give Palmer more time to talk
BarceGT 13 napja
Hardly needs an analysis does it. Hit the throttle too hard. Simple.
Stegblob 14 napja
Any other driver does this: WHY IS THIS GUY EVEN IN F1 Russell does it: GIVE HIM A MERCEDES SEAT
Peter Porker Esq.
British hypocrisy.
Harry Mogg
Harry Mogg 14 napja
That's not the first time even this season that he's made a mistake. Why would Mercedes replace him with bottas who hardly makes mistakes. Can rival Hamilton on quali and is beating max to second in the championship. And he never upsets Hamilton. Sounds to me like the perfect number 2
Mahesh M V U
Mahesh M V U 15 napja
Ericsson is giggling somewhere, a cold one at hand.
Penduga Nafsu
Penduga Nafsu 15 napja
how come russel deserved m replaced bottas seat with this idiot mistake..??
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 16 napja
It's funny how we make drivers fit the moulds we have for 'em. The mould for George is that he is an excellent driver who outperforms other drivers in better cars. So when he makes a silly mistake like the one at Imola, it's called uncharacteristic and he retains his rep. But if Lance or even Alex did that, they wouldn't receive such lenient judgement. Now, I'm not saying that George isn't an excellent racing driver. We just judge these guys based on shared narratives.
Dick Martino
Dick Martino 16 napja
Lol. Romain's think Erikson hit us when there's cameras.
Panther sdkfz
Panther sdkfz 16 napja
He should have gotten his first point a year ago in Germany when he was ahead of Kubica and made a mistake. Few people know or remember that.
Bugsy Malone
Bugsy Malone 17 napja
F1, it's a disgrace you decided to go racing in SA, the country that has no right for women of basicly no rights for others than Saudies. You know that if there would be a woman racing in f1 she wasn't allowed to race in SA? Shame on you f1, shame on you.
Carlos Ferrari
Carlos Ferrari 17 napja
So if it's George Russel it's heartbreaking but if it is Romain Grossjean it's facepalm? Thumbs down. I hate double-standards… ¬¬
David St-Pierre The Lefties
we can analyse it all day but it's a crash at low speed! That's it haha. Not professional
Swapnil Raut
Swapnil Raut 17 napja
I like George very much and think he is going to be a future champion, but here it seems like everyone has taken on a duty of damage control for George. F1 makes a whole video on it, SkySports F1 scores him above GIO on driver ratings at Imola who finished in points. When GRO did it he was made out to be an idiot by the media and now when George binned it everyone's doing damage control. I smell bias.
awannagannaful 17 napja
Williams engineers: "We hit a wall in our car development in 2019..." George Russell: "This is how you hit a wall guys"
Noel Roy
Noel Roy 17 napja
Love listening to Jolyon s analysis
Bill Weeks
Bill Weeks 17 napja
George is trying so hard to score points in a car that match his abilities. IMO he is one of the best drivers in the field. Just look at his Merc tests. I certainly hope the new Williams ownership can send their engineering in the right direction. The real puzzler is how Williams could be so slow for so long. It's as if their Merc PUs are tuned down. If their chassis is indeed draggy, that can be easily fixed but you cannot tear into an engine to fix a problem. Or is it all down to fuel?
Bryzo4_20 17 napja
What ever Palmer u made so mistakes when you were racing in f1 and one too many mistakes
Isaac Jayathilaka
I need to English subtitle cuz I am deaf 🧏‍♂️
Raihan Tsani
Raihan Tsani 17 napja
I understand now He's just got a dropped fps
Lucrezia Borgia
Lucrezia Borgia 17 napja
Too many excuses. And how about the tyres of the rest of the grid? Everyone hit the wall?
Steven G.
Steven G. 17 napja
What palmer is doing
Yeesh, that "Jolyon" guy was a pretty garbage driver hitting the wall out of the pits! I wonder why Palmer didn't mention more about this clip. 🤔 Dont be sad. Is just joke. 😁
Bhrz 17 napja
It wasn't an "analysis" video at all...
[RuN] D3rL4ngw3ilaHD
Where is palmer?
Ruben Alexandre
Ruben Alexandre 17 napja
Russel was impatient. He would have enough time to warm up the tyres when he would unlap himself.
Steven Hull
Steven Hull 17 napja
George talks the talk. 10 out of 10 for his communication skills. But that doesn't mean he has what it takes. Will need to see him in a better car to make a real assessment.
Steven Hull
Steven Hull 17 napja
@tonberrykinged He seems promising I agree. His two team mates to date haven't been that great though. I want to see him in a better car though before I pass judgement.
tonberrykinged 17 napja
Mate, he's in a Williams and has never been out qualified. He's also regularly out-qualifying faster cars. He's clearly not all talk.
Neil Henderson
Neil Henderson 17 napja
Comparing this to his qualifying may not be apples to apples. Perhaps Russell gets mentally fatigued over race distances. He’s never gone these distances in his career before, perhaps it’s a limitation he has not come up against. This is now obviously a question mark with Russell. I sincerely hope he does not become the next badoer or hulkenberg. But these concerns are legit and it’s going to be tough to overcome them in a Williams. Best of luck George you’re going to need it.
Chris Porter
Chris Porter 17 napja
JP for president! Maybe not... But he's a top pundit!!
shyasaturtle 18 napja
If you see clearly, Ericsson hit him.
Marthinneill Apoi
*They did the Palmer*
Ryan Cuda
Ryan Cuda 18 napja
lol, that is all just lol
Clicky 18 napja
Russel should've Turn LEFT so he can save the Wheels
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 18 napja
Thank you Joylon ..
El pinshi chingon
Jajaja se vio más pendejo que pastor malchocado 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
GooglR Ratings
GooglR Ratings 18 napja
At the end of the day, big mistake.
Subhankar Barik
Subhankar Barik 18 napja
Latifi is underperforming the car
43 Vaibhavi Shrivastava
He’s often better than George in race trim
Anna Smyrnova
Anna Smyrnova 17 napja
He is still better than Russell
Subhankar Barik
Subhankar Barik 18 napja
Russel is the most overhyped driver of all time
Lukas 18 napja
If Robert kubica had made this mistake, I can already imagine what would have happened, all the fault would be a broken hand! and russel it's just over the bumps! I like him but let's be fair, he said it was his mistake and very well no excuses, we are going on
Lukas 17 napja
@Parag DPerhaps he has or not, but he knows it best, but I'm talking about something completely different, namely that if it happened to Robert, there would not be even a moment of hesitation, but immediately that it is the fault of the hand and here we have explaining that maybe a bump or something else, in the case of Robert, it would not even be taken into account and it would not be fair, it should only be the hand that he won the WRC2 championship, and there you have to be able to use the steering wheel well because it is not a track in which by 60 laps you drive in a circle
Parag D
Parag D 17 napja
Lukas eh, well Kubrick does have a serious problem. Russel is just a rookie who got overconfident.
Real 18 napja
He did nothing wrong apart from running over a bump at the exact same moment. I'm going to guess that they don't normally drive over that on the normal line. But, gotta know it's there.
launchedsquid 16 napja
normally they are going significantly faster and have an enormous amount of aerodynamic downforce literally pushing the tyres into the circuit.
southpaw 18 napja
I love Palmers insight! Keep em coming
john erickson
john erickson 18 napja
It went so well he qualified 13th??... huh
Charles Leclerc Fan 16
I'd like to see you do better.
Rangifulla 18 napja
When Toto & Palmer say don't worry about it then just don't fuken worry about it
Gaddiel Likes Formula 1
drummermike89 18 napja
Wish these were longer!
esMusicalus 18 napja
Ohp, Williams is off at this point
Marcus Rockey
Marcus Rockey 18 napja
Soothing stuff.
Mamo 18 napja
I'm pretty sure I could get a DNF like that and they wouldn't even have to pay me.
Muhammad Daffa Suryanindra
What's the problem with Sauber/Alfa Romeo and safety car crashes? It seems they somehow have power to crash someone in front of them..
Slowstar 18 napja
Who’s he talking to?
Simon Engelbos
Simon Engelbos 18 napja
Palmer’s steering wheel came off upon impact?? Did he loosen it before or did it really just came of?
Szzybki Ham
Szzybki Ham 18 napja
Bye bye 👐
Stephan Schröder
Russell der Horst. 😆 Und das beste ist, das Jolyon noch Russells Fehler kleinredet: "It is not a great mistake to crush under the safety car... it is a really tricky one for Russell." ERNSTHAFT!? (REALLY!?) Sobald ein Engländer dumm crasht wird das gutmütigere Maßband rausgeholt.
Rafiki 18 napja
How about if he waited until he was released to unlap hiself to warm up the tires
Obbliteration 18 napja
Shut up palmer. You are a yoke
rafiul dhruba
rafiul dhruba 18 napja
Christopher Robin Garrish
Bard Kuźnia Dram
Rus is just a bad driver with bad car, no philosophy in that. Look for new talent instead of looking for excuses.
TotalMadnessMan 18 napja
Yeah and when Romain chrashed you made fun of him. George has thrown away so many oppertunities now to score a point.
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh 17 napja
To be fair grosjean hadn't done anything great either on his side.
Doc 17 napja
Maybe because Romain did not crash into another car for a change.
does somebody know from whom the background music is? i'd like to hear that in full. it's pretty relaxing.
vijay zaware
vijay zaware 18 napja
These are things that will make him champion to handle his imotions
Newbie Sim Racer
The kind of recognition Russell deserved...
Jordan H
Jordan H 18 napja
Everyone of those bloopers was an oops except his....hahaha yah right button you were on the throttle when it spun, aqua plain or not
RevarBB 18 napja
British mafia again
Panoramico 18 napja
He cant RACE and nothing will change that. Bad starts bad 1v1 and bad physics. Its fast quali driver nothing exeptional. Lewis is talented max Kubica for ex. Wee want to see race drivers not pu.ssy borring show. Everybody see that but british mafia will allways protect theirs babys 😅
Oskar Stobinski
Oskar Stobinski 18 napja
Penny 18 napja
He will get his first points soon!
jagman84 18 napja
The Sakhir GP. Not too many corners so the Williams car's deficit in that area will be minimised.
Jonny 18 napja
The British can't say a bad word about Russell no matter how deserving of criticism he is. Crashed out of his only chance at points for himself and the team and everybody acts like he's some sort of victim. When Grosjean crashed out he was scolded, George is deserving of the same treatment but doesn't get it because people feel big sad for him.
Oliver Strike
Oliver Strike 17 napja
@indira brooks because it was relevant? It gave context to my post.
LethalWalou 17 napja
@Oliver Strike He's had an effectively one-handed man and a rookie as teammates... Wouldn't class beating them as anything special, other than in quali pace. Then again, he finished behind Kubica in championship, and again he's behind Latifi as well.
Silver Arrows
Silver Arrows 18 napja
He is chasing the record for most number of races without a point. But these fans will be like "Oh Geooorge!" and they'll keep defending them. If he bottles his point scoring chances, then he deserves to be criticised. This criticism only has helped many drivers learn.
Sir Mounted
Sir Mounted 18 napja
@Jonny ''blog'' I think you can downplay it a little bit more but I get it
Jonny 18 napja
@Sir Mounted Of course, but this is the Formula 1 channel. Not some dutch blog
ibnu fardhani
ibnu fardhani 18 napja
Joylon Palmer analysis : with cold, hard tyres, 1000 horsepower car, this thing could happen My analysis : That Ericcson guy is dangerous!!! What a mental guy!!!!
swed sweg
swed sweg 15 napja
Wwwha wha wuat a mental Guy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jiankan Liao
Jiankan Liao 18 napja
Definitely, otherwise, why did the camera blur out before the crash, it must be someone hitting from the back!
Stephan Schröder
nice one 👍!
Jakub Śliwa
Jakub Śliwa 18 napja
George "fu**** joke" Russell.
SteveMHN 18 napja
"I think Eriksson hit us" - don't worry Romain, I saw him too, even if no one else did.
Yoel Rodrigo Amadeon Rendratno
It was his engineer, not Romain
Renato Brito
Renato Brito 18 napja
Se emocionou!
Matheus Lima
Matheus Lima 18 napja
Coitado do russel eu até ri dele sem querer
TheLibermania 18 napja
Nice reaction from Raikkönen to speed up, before debris could land on the track.
Marco Zambelli
Marco Zambelli 18 napja
I don't know if it's worse to make that mistake or to receive Grosjean and Palmer's solidarity🤣🤣🤣🤣
Arthur Dent
Arthur Dent 18 napja
IT'S NOT GROSJEAN SAYING "I think Ericsson hit us" ITS HIS RACE ENGINEER! People here are so biased.
Arthur Dent
Arthur Dent 15 napja
@Mihir Raddi absolutely!
Mihir Raddi
Mihir Raddi 15 napja
it was still funny
PsychoticLime 16 napja
@MAL 9000 I have no idea, I'm just pointing out the obvious
MAL 9000
MAL 9000 16 napja
Then who said the "what happened?" and why is the engineer breathing heavily?
PsychoticLime 16 napja
And indeed in the clip they show the "I think Ericsson hit us" text in white, non-boldface text, which is the one used in radio highlights when engineers or crew speak
Jason Tsang
Jason Tsang 18 napja
lol its just a crash, he did well most of the race, just unlucky the moment he speeds up the got caught by a bump... it doesn't change the fact that he is on a machine that is not close to the points, so move on... or look at stroll on the 3rd best car but can't get a point and keep crashing
Nefer La Deus
Nefer La Deus 18 napja
Russell always lose the opportunity to score a point when theres a chance for Williams. Thats a bad sign. Hes fast, hes reliably faster than his teamates but hes showing hes not the driver that capitalizes on a lucky situation. If Russel got that 2019 point instead of Kubica and got another now that would show he is always there when the situation is presented to him, but he never managed to do that. Champions don't win only when all is favorable.
Catbird 18 napja
In my eyes, the fact he’s even in a points position to begin with is because of his ability to get the car up there. I feel like we haven’t seen him up frequently enough in that position. to tell that he can’t handle those situations or if it’s a question of experience.
JotaSE30 18 napja
I guess they do this (warm the tires) out of habit, but Russell would have had a whole lap (without the risk of getting overtaken) to get them up to temperature when released by the SC to unlap themselves, so it was totally unnecessary to even play around with the throttle :-(
Andrew Blucher
Andrew Blucher 18 napja
The warmer the tires are the easier to warm them more. Once they get cold it is harder. So he's trying to keep them from getting too cold. Tricky situation, but he's no rookie. An F1 driver shouldn't be crashing behind the safety car.
Its still reasonable to keep them warm - just not that much.
Sir Mounted
Sir Mounted 18 napja
Hopefully he learned something from this
acj chacinero
acj chacinero 18 napja
Kimi is the best cameraman in F1, he has got awesome shots of people going off for us, what a legend, thanks Kimi
MrMW2nd 16 napja
Also mugello crash
The Sebâs
The Sebâs 17 napja
@nakasuma89 hippity hoppity your points are my property
nakasuma89 18 napja
"opp, Williams is off..."
Sir Mounted
Sir Mounted 18 napja
He knows what he's doing
Reapov 18 napja
That bold face lie from Grosjean about erricson hitting him, was to hide his shame because he crashed out on a safety car on his own. Pathetic 🤣🤣🤣
Rachith Jedidiah
his engineer said it, not him
Rudresh Prabhakaran
Meanwhile Grosjean: They grow up so fast🥺
9 18 napja
At the end of the day he made a mistake...not heartbreak, it was his own fault
PhilGerb93 18 napja
You can still be heartbroken even if it's your own fault. I don't understand your logic.
It's Only Me
It's Only Me 18 napja
George Russel .................... Nelson says HAR HAR
dimych 555
dimych 555 18 napja
George не унывай со всеми бывает на трассе такое Живём гоняемся Go ln you the best 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
The Jaiz
The Jaiz 18 napja
Props to Joylon Palmer for taking about his crash as well!
Grzybiarz 18 napja
looooooseeer 2 seasons 0 points always last i chamionship
Grzybiarz 18 napja
@ppawlak2 lattifi have the same car heheh
ppawlak2 18 napja
@Jay Stevenson Even one handed guy scored a point with last year Williams which was much worse car.
Jay Stevenson
Jay Stevenson 18 napja
maybe if his car wasn't the speed of a mobility scooter...
Daniel Kanewske
Daniel Kanewske 18 napja
Russel is my driver of the year. Hamilton is the P4P, GOAT, possibly the greatest ever but Russel has done more with less than any other driver in the field.
43 Vaibhavi Shrivastava
Imagine calling Russell the driver of the year when Pierre Gasly exists. I love George and regard him very highly but he hasn’t done anything surprisingly incredible instead of losing out on points on his own. He does well in Quali, and that’s admirable, but when his “greatness” is needed he fails to show it.
Isaac N
Isaac N 18 napja
Has he really done more with less? He's scored zero points and is technically being beaten by his teammate.
Guilherme Cadima
This was the moment where Men Cried
Ujo ojU
Ujo ojU 18 napja
@Jakub Surlej I don't care about any SkySport ratings that's just nonsense, but for me it's important that Russel acknowledge that it was his mistake straight away and apologized to everyone in the team. That's rare nowadays with drivers like Grosjean who just say something was wrong with the or someone hit us. I know that mistake was really bad, because I know it can happen. I laughed when Grosjean crashed under SC, but at that time he was crashing every race and was always blaming someone or something else and not accepted his mistakes.
Jakub Surlej
Jakub Surlej 18 napja
​@Ujo ojU Cmon guy crashing behind SC. It's hard not to laugh, the same was with Grosjean. But because its Russell and he is british so you cant laugh or critisize him for making such terrible mistake. Just compare SkySport driver rating from 2018 Azerbaijan GP and 2020 Emilia-Romagna GP. Romain 4/10, George 7/10.
Ujo ojU
Ujo ojU 18 napja
@Jakub Surlej Are you another toxic polish Kubica fan? They are everywhere nowadays...
Jakub Surlej
Jakub Surlej 18 napja
U mean cry with laughter xDDDD
Jarek F
Jarek F 18 napja
Wow! So you're saying that Russell is a new Grojean? Great! Grojean is leaving F1, so there is a potential niche for him, we will need a very quick guy who fails on something every second race. Of course he can still be a champion if he gets fastest car, so dream on...
Paweł Kmiecik
Paweł Kmiecik 18 napja
Haha what an amateur. I can easily win in Williams in F1 2020 Game and he cant even score a single point xD
Design_1010 18 napja
It must be so hard, wins f2 in 2018 but got the worst possible car in 19,20 and just for a point, when he was near to it in Imola, it slipped..But I tell you what... we all know, once he gets in the best possible car out there(Mercedes) he will rock it. Just a matter of time George, at the end of the tunnel there is light!
Jordan Diamond
Jordan Diamond 18 napja
No he will make another mistake and everyone will give him excuses and let him off. The fact is he is just another overhyped “Mr Saturday”.
Theo 18 napja
The Williams is the second worst on the grid he drove the Williams into 10th purely on merit his race pace is clearly fine.
meme GOD
meme GOD 18 napja
iam exhausted by this "tragedy". Dude did a mistake... ok, lets move on. Stop crying and making him look like a victim of a war crime. Jesus Christ!!!
LethalWalou 17 napja
Would've been nice if there were people like you back when Grosjean crashed behind SC... But nope, he isntead has had years of abuse for it.
Sir Mounted
Sir Mounted 18 napja
Obviously Ericsson hit him, he did nothing wrong
Titan FX
Titan FX 18 napja
@János Péter Tiringer yeah, except when Se🅱️ did it, everyone just suspect it was Ferrari's fault not him.
János Péter Tiringer
@Titan FX the reason everyone is bashing Grosjean is not because of 1 mistake in Baku, it's more like because he is a very experienced driver who keeps on crashing and spinning the car every season
Andy Wolf12
Andy Wolf12 18 napja
@Romain Grosjean welo that's right, hope you understand we don't blame you, we just use it as a meme
TheDonBarracuda 18 napja
[Grosjean looks over to Russell ] First time?
DanDan 93
DanDan 93 12 napja
Reading these words the meme appears so clearly in my head 😂
Hugh Barned
Hugh Barned 18 napja
2: 35 " what happen? " Grojaun ......" I think Errickson hit us " ??? Ah ? LOl
Piotrek 18 napja
@Hugh Barned it's not him. First of all, listen to background. The first message, in background you can hear typical distortion you will hear in other radios on DRIVERS side. Then infamous "I think Ericsson hit us" - no background noise at all. But to notice that, it's better to see full race replay, not the shorter bit in this video, in full coverage there was one more message broadcasted before "what happened?" and thanks to that you can clearly hear the difference. Second. Accents. First message - clearly Grosjean, but in second it's completely different accent. Unless GRO is super human, who can consciously change his accent after hitting the wall during GP, it must be his RE.
Hugh Barned
Hugh Barned 18 napja
@Jonathan Wei Please, I take you to be intelligent. I know you have posted elsewhere that it is the race engineer that made the comment but did you review the video as I suggested? I guess not. The voice and accent of the race engineer asking the question is DIFFERENT, yes, different from the voice breathing hard, catching his breath before replying " I THINK Erickson hit us (collective), me (singular) " Why would a race engineer sitting track side and OBSERVING the incident on a monitor be asking his driver " What happen?, WHAT Happen? " if not for an explanation from his driver. Why would the RACE ENGINEER be breathing hard, catching his breath, then after some delay proceed to answer his own question? Why would the race engineer suggest/say " Erickson hit us " when he would have seen on his monitor that Erickson was nowhere near Grojaun when he veered off the track. I would NEVER be rude to you, to suggest you are ignorant as you have chosen to do ( your bad ) Rather, I will say you are not OPEN MINDED enough to reexamined the video, even as I have chosen to do, even after YOUR latest post. So, will you continue to persist with your error? So be it?, Cheers
Jonathan Wei
Jonathan Wei 18 napja
@Hugh Barned I strongly suggest you listen to the voice and accent and stop being ignorant.
Hugh Barned
Hugh Barned 18 napja
@Piotrek before posting, I usually listen not once but sometimes twice of trice. I suggest you do a review and listen to Grojaun deep breathing to catch his breath before answering " I think Erickson hit us "
Hugh Barned
Hugh Barned 18 napja
@Jonathan Wei I strongly suggest you go and listen again and this time note the deep breathing before Grojaun's response
Mandy B
Mandy B 18 napja
I was so gutted for him. He shouldn't feel too bad, these things do happen. He won't make the same mistake twice. He's had to over-drive that car so often that being gentle - or gentler - isn't going to be easy, especially on a track he barely knows. Wait till he gets that Merc drive. He'll be up the pointy end weekly.
KoRnBulleT 18 napja
So i am a fan of multiple drivers, one of whom is George, but i am dutch so also a Max fan, but when Max his tyre failed, i was sad but happy, because George would get his first point. But then reality hit and i was not so happy anymore😂
KoRnBulleT 15 napja
@Мария Смирнова that man redeemed himself, what a driver!
Derrick Best
Derrick Best 18 napja
I was screaming Russell when Max crashed. I thought for sure he'd get his point. Was sorry for Max. Then he crash and I was even more sad.
Mike 18 napja
That race was really chock full of disappointments. Was pretty soul-crushing, but hey at least that made it less boring.
naw son
naw son 18 napja
@Мария Смирнова Gasley really is punching above his weight, that win was so very well deserved! A car that struggles to break the top 10 winning on pure driver skill was amazing to see.
Мария Смирнова
I also like Pierre's progress this year, so..........
Grzegorz J
Grzegorz J 18 napja
Go with the camera and show us that bump hahaha
RottieShep CALIBRE
it looked like Palmer speeded up when he left the barrier
MigontheRoad 18 napja
Then he did lots of heroics into Sainte Devote
Ruza Roos
Ruza Roos 18 napja
I love Palmer's front wing hitting the wall after the car hit the wall and after he removed the steering wheel 🤣
Scott Moyse
Scott Moyse 17 napja
@Chris Porter If you look closely, the steering column has disappeared. He also removed his hands from the wheel right before impact. It looks like the steering column got pulled out the front of the car as it bounced away from the barrier.
eudofia 17 napja
@Eduardo Neves Silva Karma!
Chris Porter
Chris Porter 18 napja
I think in some F1 cars the steering wheel is designed to detach itself in a certain type of accident. The reflex of the driver is to grip the wheel if they go into a crash, if they're sliding and a front wheel gets snagged on something the steering wheel (if it's still attached to the steering column) can snap around and could potentially injure / break the drivers arm. Safer to detach the steering in that case. I could be wrong, did a quick Google but could find it.
Sir Mounted
Sir Mounted 18 napja
He didn't remove the wheel himself, it literally fell off lol
Eduardo Neves Silva
- Where is the front wing? - It's behind Palmer. - Behind Palmer?! It's a yoke!!!
Grzegorz J
Grzegorz J 18 napja
Same as last season he didn't score a point after his own mistake full stop. Why you making such a fuss about it? Because he's british? Why you were not excusing Grosjean so much?
TheGalonator 18 napja
@Romain Grosjean no u
Romain Grosjean
Romain Grosjean 18 napja
I'm better than Russel
Grzegorz J
Grzegorz J 18 napja
@k halliday xenophobic were those who were making fun of Grosjean in 2018 and now doing everything to excuse Russell
k halliday
k halliday 18 napja
Grosjean had MANY years of experience in comparison, Grosjean wasn't driving this Williams also. Palmer has also made this same mistake, he mentioned it in this video, your comment is a bit silly AND a bit xenophobic.
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