Hermitcraft 7: Episode 62 - MY SECRET BASE 

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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 62 - MY SECRET BASE Grian is proving a point on hermitcraft and ends up making something quite cool.
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Steve Grima
Steve Grima 20 perccel
lol XD
Luke Armstrong
Luke Armstrong 5 órája
It would be cool if Grian had a face cam
Paul Hall
Paul Hall 8 órája
I'm waiting for the season finale reveal where Grian tells us he secretly built a secret base in everyone's base, and since we never spoiled it, they were never fpund
BluePikachuEx Emerald
The villagers aren't working because the beds need to be at lease 3 blocks from the ceiling
Arshan Ahmed
Arshan Ahmed 18 órája
Lol i lost track bruhhhh
Neon_Witcher 20 órája
"you can't see me but that doesn't mean i can't see you" i'm starting to feel scared
Vamshika Sathya
kleee glass =clean glass
Mighty J
Mighty J Napja
Mighty J
Mighty J Napja
Nook and cranny
Mighty J
Mighty J Napja
T M Napja
Do u kno da wae
Emperor Kossi
Emperor Kossi 2 napja
7:12 the glass makes you see through the chest
grain has not broken any rules you guys just made it up there are no rules
dumb ass
dumb ass 3 napja
grian did you get evicted from the mansion why are you living in the walls like a rat /j
songdrop _
songdrop _ 3 napja
Welcome to the secret rooms club! I live in my friends' walls ob my realm lol
Aaron Gale
Aaron Gale 3 napja
clear glass
SebastiaanNL 3 napja
7.10 glass plane xray
Anvesh Pro
Anvesh Pro 3 napja
3:49 O_O
Grian would make a good voice actor for element animation
Chavocado Hutchins
Secret tunnel! Secret tunnel! Through the mountains! SeCrEt SeCrEt SeCrEt SeCrEt TUNNEL!!
noise gamer
noise gamer 6 napja
Karl Jan Cruda
Hahaha this video makes me go creppy mode
Louise Parker
Louise Parker 7 napja
In the frame he shows the 2 villagers there is only 2 beds in the same frame, 1 for each villager. There is no spare bed for a child so they will not have a child.
LunaTheCat 7 napja
Hobbit hole style, YES !!!
raiden playz
raiden playz 7 napja
Is it just me or baby yodas shirt looks like a beard
Spector103 8 napja
Season 7 mini series: breaking all rules made up by the comment section
Raccoon Poster
OMG HE BROKE THE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adler Zayden
Adler Zayden 9 napja
I will keep your secret
Mark Angelo Martinez
Jesus Christ…… first is mycelium... now secret bases... im getting excited for this 😂😂
Hudson O
Hudson O 10 napja
I eat diamonds
It's me Cobereese205
he did the back of the mansion yay!
ProbeBot 10 napja
Grian, I remember the rules you told us a while ago. Anything goes in hermitcraft.
flow ing
flow ing 11 napja
What about the base being trapped when is he going to look at the base doc traped
Витя 11 napja
Anteetar r
Anteetar r 12 napja
Even though impulse already found the secret base I really really want to go over to one of impulses videos and just say, “ Grian has made a secret base in your base UUHHH”
Aleksander Troszczynski
Coming back to Hermitcraft after watching so much Dream smp is weird, people are actually nice to eachother here
Karim DARWICHE 12 napja
Zoey Stevens
Zoey Stevens 13 napja
im supprised you got a LETTER. i couldnt read a THING
Jaimie Millington
I won’t say a thing
Phant0m77 13 napja
”You cant see me but i can see you” Me in my house ”Grian is a spy!”
sally whitehill
sally whitehill 14 napja
Do sum more build battles with mumbo
Oliver Dempsey
Oliver Dempsey 14 napja
So i was watching this video a bit late and then i look over to the recommend videos and i see Found grians secret base
Gavin Payne
Gavin Payne 14 napja
Hey grian
Hokage_Sight Roblox
}Kle gloss? Free Glass
20firebird 15 napja
maybe build something utilizing the melons and pumpkins?
Izuku Midorya
Izuku Midorya 15 napja
C Keep da secret
Landon Prince
Landon Prince 16 napja
Grian: Looks at Scars gift box, says "we traded" me looking at scars 8 diamonds... then looks at Grians 3 stacks
Pronki Donki
Pronki Donki 16 napja
I keep gloss
Liam Wilcox
Liam Wilcox 16 napja
grian: doesn't show the entrance to the base also grian, puts the base in the thumbnail.
OctoGamerTv 16 napja
Grian *secret base* Fans of other hermit telling Grian has a secret base Grian😮
Maryanne Hoffman
you’re absolutely amazing! only a few people can manage to make me laugh and somehow you’ve become one of them! i absolutely love your videos! keep doing what you’re doing bro!
OutkastNox 17 napja
7:01 he goes nice 👌and quickly cuts off
20firebird 17 napja
i haven’t watched grian’s channel in a hot minute (or any hermitcraft, really) and... i don’t know if i’m stunned by the mansion, or if it’s par for the course for grian.
20firebird 17 napja
well it’s not very secret now is it
Dedicated Person
I was actually rooting for hep,cause I wanted to see what scar was gonna build lol
Angel Laito
Angel Laito 17 napja
It seems that Grian has won a lifetime supply of free glass, congrats!
asad japanwala
asad japanwala 18 napja
I think grian loves spruce wood too much
Het Steills
Het Steills 18 napja
"I'm out. too much free glass and I'm gone." -Grain 2021 (like, if you heard this out of context, what would you think? xDD)
sijun chathuni
sijun chathuni 18 napja
I won't tell anyone grian okay
RainFishyPlays 19 napja
good video lol
Ana Reeser
Ana Reeser 19 napja
I will keep the secret for you Grian! :)
The thing in the barg said PLS glass🤔
K - ARMA 20 napja
Oh it's just you grian 😂
Christina Kafki
Christina Kafki 20 napja
I don’t Judge da rules I follow the rules lol
Crina Ciocaru
Crina Ciocaru 20 napja
Dolphone 20 napja
Shilla joeyllah Salang
no i can't read it
Tommy Domeneghini
I Remember the Villager with a real voice
Nick Law
Nick Law 20 napja
The Grimpulse base.
CosbyLoses 21 napja
The better question is, do you realize that some of us on our editor accounts know that you asked for permission on discord or are we supposed to pretend to know nothing?
CosbyLoses 21 napja
When will you join the 100,000,000 sub club with the Papa Pewds?
Yvonne Lecobo-an
You didn’t finish the chicken challenge
Yvonne Lecobo-an
Grian saying 4 stacks is “some diamonds” me:what i feel like a noob
Dr. Mcnuggets
Dr. Mcnuggets 21 napja
He should have sold the pumpkins and Melons at the barge
Kai Vezmar
Kai Vezmar 22 napja
I am in tears right now I have drifted away from you groan and I am ashamed
Drake Souza
Drake Souza 22 napja
Cleer Glass
Ultima Animations
Use the melons at the barge
Ultima Animations
Don’t tell impulse were grian secret base is
Burned812 22 napja
In 2 weeks it will be the 1 year point of this season
Mr.bagel 22 napja
clear glass
Wut Cat
Wut Cat 22 napja
Free glass
Yelite The beast
But what if impulse comes to this video and no one told him?
ample man
ample man 22 napja
Minecraft NEEDS to get one-way-windows.
Lil Shadow
Lil Shadow 23 napja
Enable Toggle shift
Zuriel Audric C. Lumabi
how did grian did that in 18:02
Zuriel Audric C. Lumabi
@I TabbyCatz I aww
I TabbyCatz I
I TabbyCatz I 22 napja
Idk :(
emeraldwolf1 YT
emeraldwolf1 YT 23 napja
I missed several episodes so I’m going to binge them all today because I miss Grians Hermitcraft.
1SxneCloudii 23 napja
And i thought episode 61 was the end
CleanMemes007 23 napja
SirOoga 23 napja
That wandering trader was on a MISSION
Ahamd Parwiz Sharifi
hi wat is hermitcraft
Trevor Diem
Trevor Diem 23 napja
Dang I think I missed a few episodes
Belle Smith
Belle Smith 24 napja
it was like watching fry come out of Benders closet to see the livingroom for the first time lmao
Graham Wolf
Graham Wolf 25 napja
It said free glass
Robin Hindery Enan
Rosalin Hearts
Rosalin Hearts 25 napja
Am I the only one who truly enjoys how passive aggressive Grian is being towards the Karens of the Hermitcraft fan base? It's just so brilliant.
con n
con n 25 napja
7:13 did the glass go through the chest
Sara Brakefield
Sara Brakefield 25 napja
All the hermits should choose a movie to base their base off of next season
Connor's Gaming Oasis
It is a rule that viewers don't make a rule (uh oh, i made a rule)
Wyatt Bartlett
Wyatt Bartlett 25 napja
Your not insane I can't read it either
dastan aristo
dastan aristo 25 napja
gelas ses rekels
First Meeting [Dream SMP]
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