Honda Leave Formula 1 And Nurburgring Preview | F1 Nation Podcast 

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Hosts Tom Clarkson and Alex Jacques are joined by Lawrence Barretto to discuss Honda's shock withdrawal from F1, before previewing our much-anticipated return to the Nurburgring.
00:00 Intro
10:32 Have Honda made a mistake?
12:09 How will Max Verstappen respond?
15:06 Can Red Bull build their own engine?
17:37 Don't rule out a return to Renault
18:41 How does it affect the driver market?
19:34 More changes imminent for Red Bull
22:52 What next for Yuki Tsunoda?
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John Paul Dorado
I hope the Red Bull will stick to the Honda IP. Three constructors are really few.
avada 5 napja
If Perez is mentioned so should be Hülkenberg...
Al Fa Za
Al Fa Za 9 napja
Please 15 teams in F1 PLEASE!!!
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 13 napja
doubt other engine manufactures would agree, but FOM should partner with Honda for Honda to supply engine for qualification spec car. keep Honda tied to the sport but at lower cost to them. would put all the drivers in the same car for qualifying so they could showcase their performance. would mix up the grid on Sunday.
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 13 napja
instead of pushing back new engine formula to entice RB to invest in producing its own engine, push up new engine formula... target 2024 so RB or other engine suppliers can start now
Orestis Papadopoulos
And watch them suffer 😂
András Varga
András Varga 13 napja
Renault out, Honda out, Mercedes and Red Bull out is hanging in the air... in the end, you've got, what you deserved. The spirit of F1 has died. Whats left... no one cares. End F1.
The9der 9 napja
What a negative comment. Sheesh.
mr. GoodCat
mr. GoodCat 13 napja
Budget cut in action! Starting with the cameras.
Tim Caunt
Tim Caunt 13 napja
You dont have these podcasts often enough!
Tjescoo 13 napja
Im so confused, I get distracted a little bit and all of a sudden the F1 cars are razorblades?
Jia L.
Jia L. 13 napja
If Formula 1 is moving into EV, then I'd expect fancier tracks, cars, NEON STRIPS, laser guns, etc. otherwise it's very boring RC cars going around the circuit. Formula E, I'm looking at you.
Atom5k 13 napja
Max Verscchtahppen
MochiHoya 13 napja
So sad that Honda leaving f1..
Leo 13 napja
A Red Bull works Engine? Soon enough there'll be some Red Bull Trucks delivering Red Bull cans to pubs where I'm going to arrive driving my Red Bull fastback...
Mohamed Ally
Mohamed Ally 13 napja
If Ferrari and Merc both rejected RBR on an engine, Renault had a tense relationship with RBR there appears to be more of a problem with RBR. Ferrari & Merc have obviously seen the red flags in the RBR/Renault relationship. Why would you go into a potentially volatile relationship knowing how difficult it is to deal with Helmut & Horner? No brainer!
swimdeep 1
swimdeep 1 13 napja
Renault have to provide RBR with Engines,you need to keep up on the Regs.
Dara M
Dara M 13 napja
F1 is dying, withering on the vine. When it ditches fossil fuel (and associated authoritarian oil punters) it may rejuvenate. When though? That’s the question.
ykodai 13 napja
I'm Japanese. If you read the between lines, do you really think that honda is leaving F1 just for the carbon-neutral subject? Why are they carry on in Indy? I see that the reason why they are leaving is that F1 is highly political and lacking fairness and transparency. Think of the Ferrari engine issue, Mercedes's hard position in not changing the race more exciting for all spectators. It seems Redbull and Hondas are there to make those two market values raised and they are there as a supporting actor. Honda likes US because they do stand on fair play basis.
L.GH. Djoetma
L.GH. Djoetma 13 napja
Honda just doesn't want to spend billions on what is old tech which is totally not relevant for F1.
LabGorilla 13 napja
The junior drivers should have tried the 2020 Ferrari. They’ll be familiar with the speed.
Jesse Olsen
Jesse Olsen 13 napja
The Spec Race should be the Monaco GP. Put all the drivers in identical cars... smaller cars that can actually pass at Monaco. Do a series of heats and have a feature race. Would allow us to avoid the parade that is Monaco GP yet still keep a prestigious event there for F1.
Joe Oscar
Joe Oscar 13 napja
Ferrari Masterplan, all ex Ferrari directors in key positions at FIA , Fom, etc. all other manufacturers leaving ......................
Mr Silence Dogood
Only the real ones come through here... that’s why the comment section empty and views are less...
Divyesh Agrawal
Divyesh Agrawal 13 napja
Nürburgring coverage starts at 27:00
L.GH. Djoetma
L.GH. Djoetma 13 napja
Least interesting thing...
David St-Pierre The Lefties
such a shame for Honda :'(
Igehay Nation
Igehay Nation 13 napja
Honestly there’s no point for Honda to be in F1 because they don’t get much marketing benefits from it , how many people buy a Honda Civic & think about Red Bull Honda ? They are losing 30-50mil a year on this project & the future is clearly electric , we are just delaying the inevitable , many road cars are now going electric
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 13 napja
@Igehay Nation if the racing was less predictable and more exciting... and the drivers less corporate (which FOM has begun to change) than the marketing power would be huge. just look at drive to survive. its engaging a fanbase. if F1 produced exciting racing to go along with that... its a home run!
Igehay Nation
Igehay Nation 13 napja
mr. GoodCat precisely that’s why when Mercedes stop winning they won’t be in the sport anymore as well , they are only in it now because they are winning. F1 doesn’t have a marketing power of Football
mr. GoodCat
mr. GoodCat 13 napja
I know people driving Mercedes and never watched F1 in their lives.
Brennan Paderanga
Honda probably only joined F1 to head start their hybrid indycar engine. Not a suprise that honda extended its indycar engine deal well into the decade on the same week they dropped from f1.
Techno Cat
Techno Cat 13 napja
I think something illegal much more illegal than the 'w12 hybrid' *Teams create there own engine*
My name has been taken
This is the beginning of the end, only 3 motor constructors, when in the 2000's there was 8-10, hybrid era has been a complete disaster, they are all going to formula E, for F1 this is going downhill crazy fast
Tjescoo 13 napja
Yep, they will need to swap to hydrogen I guess xd
rolf ski
rolf ski 13 napja
Red Bull buying the Honda engine IP would be an emotional decision, not a business decision. Red Bull is in the business of selling energy drinks, not engines. Developing and selling engines, which is what they would have to do for it to pay off, is a whole different and extremely expensive ballgame that bares little synergy. For a Red Bull fabric F1 team to make sense their core business should at least be in the automotive industry.
rolf ski
rolf ski 13 napja
@Mitch V Unlike Red Bull building engines, building rockets is a key business for Tesla.
Mitch V
Mitch V 13 napja
I don't dispute anything here, but: Tesla builds rockets.
John Valean Baily
Time for Albon to move on...
Amanda Fer
Amanda Fer 13 napja
Will Adrian Newey leave RedBull and take the job offer at Aston Martin? I know he said No in the past so did Horner but does this change that now? Why the best want to stay when they don’t even have an engine to start designing for 🤷🏼‍♀️
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 13 napja
Don’t ignore the Mercedes academy, they have a driver ready for a seat in the main team .
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 13 napja
Igehay Nation none of us can guarantee anything. Ferrari have said they won’t take him. Mercedes don’t need him .
Igehay Nation
Igehay Nation 13 napja
The KitOwl I don’t think Mercedes really care about their academy if they did they would have placed Ocon in Bottas seat , maybe Lewis doesn’t leave but I can guarantee you that Verstappen will be in Mercedes or Ferrari in the future
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 13 napja
Igehay Nation did Max come through the Mercedes academy? . Same reason RB won’t take Perez. Russel /Hamilton makes more sense both on 3 yr deals.
Igehay Nation
Igehay Nation 13 napja
Verstappen/Russell 2022 Mercedes , Hamilton to retire in 2021 after winning 8 championships
Ruben Maiquez
Ruben Maiquez 13 napja
the Honda engine makes in my opinion the most beautiful sound of the v6 hybrid era
My name has been taken
@swimdeep 1 bro, you want me to explain everything? really? you resume everything to track records? when in almost every different era the records are being broken? really? this is about bringing constructors and motor contructors on f1, there have been only 4 engine providers in almost 6 years, the insentive should be bout that, bringing companies to the motorsport, instead no one wants to come and get absolutely destroyed monetarily because of mercedes, that's why Formula E in this case is getting more successful, that's only one point, search in internet to understand the others mate
swimdeep 1
swimdeep 1 13 napja
@My name has been taken What ,with track records broken every event?
My name has been taken
Hybrid era has been a disaster
velan hardwares
velan hardwares 13 napja
Hey Formula 1 You want to reduce the F1 nation's total duration
Blaymeister 13 napja
Here's my idle thought.... Red Bull buy shares in Cosworth install Andy Cowell with a blank cheque as MD, take on the Honda engine IP and Red Bull badge the engines Cosworth. Otherwise, if everyone wants Merc engines, F1 will end up as a spec engine series by 2025, and the racing team will be sold off. And let's face it, with engine development costs as high as they are, where's the benefit for a manufacturer?
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 13 napja
Blaymeister time will tell.
Blaymeister 13 napja
@The KitOwl yeah, I know. But he has a big soft spot for Cosworth and Red Bull write big cheques. Never say never.
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 13 napja
Blaymeister Andy wants to do something other than F1 engines .
mrhpijl 13 napja
Really annoyed by how they try to impersonate the Dutch pronunciation of Verstappen's name; Versssshhhhtappen. No Dutchman would ever say it like that
mrhpijl 4 napja
@BroccoliFace simply Verstappen, similar to english pronunciation
John Valean Baily
@BroccoliFace Fur'stappen
BroccoliFace 13 napja
What would they say?
ina 08
ina 08 13 napja
I'm so sad from JAPAN.
HiFi Tommy
HiFi Tommy 13 napja
Sad news for Japan, for Red Bull and for Tsunoda
Vishnu B
Vishnu B 13 napja
Yeah, I know... I'm also sad... Tbh, the whole F1 community is sad.
ProStreet Beet DHD
Would love to see everyone hop in the same spec cars for a special event or like a season cap off type race
Busters Boy
Busters Boy 13 napja
An unpopular opinion maybe because I would love to hear those V10s and V12s screaming down the straights again. But with Honda leaving F1. And most manufacturers wanting to use F1 to showcase their future technologies. I wonder if post 2025 we could see an engine formula based around Hydrogen fuel. If not 2025. Maybe in to the next decade when the technology has progressed enough.
Sam Castevens
Sam Castevens 13 napja
I wonder how small the Renault logo will be on the 2022 Red Bull
L.GH. Djoetma
L.GH. Djoetma 13 napja
I assume RBR will have to get a motor-sponsor again.
mr. GoodCat
mr. GoodCat 13 napja
It’s actually written in the contract.
xXSir.CrazeXx 13 napja
I see Alex *Jacques* Honda of making a mistake. I couldn't help myself. XD 🎩👌
anandakumar gurunathan
Ferrari isn't red anymore it's burgundy
CallyWasHere 13 napja
Honda forgetting to resign is like Ferrari making new master plans
silverback gorilla
The Podcast that we deserved and we needed
How am I always early when these podcasts come out?😅😂
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 14 napja
mplazzzm ***
mplazzzm *** 14 napja
Cute Demon
Cute Demon 14 napja
Honda anounces withdrawal from f1 Cyril: my my how the tables have turned
Cute Demon
Cute Demon 13 napja
iiSinopsis i didn’t understand i have not made any typing mistakes
iiSinopsis 13 napja
turn tables*
Austin Asura
Austin Asura 14 napja
It's just sad to see Honda are leaving....
Froggy 14 napja
so red bulls gone?
swimdeep 1
swimdeep 1 13 napja
No Renault engine's
FaZeChar 14 napja
Terrible Username Amirite?
BREAKING: Mika ends his sabbatical and literally becomes an engine
avada 5 napja
@Terrible Username Amirite? He was, when he subbed for Schumacher.
Terrible Username Amirite?
Charlie dang that was weird. I thought Salo was cool
Charlie 13 napja
Better than the other Mika who became a weird race steward who leaks stuff to his tv friends lol.
Pedro Litwinski
Pedro Litwinski 14 napja
Honda Leaves
Jake Africa
Jake Africa 14 napja
I think Matt Ghallager is on the podcast
H Fyt
H Fyt 14 napja
What do u like more Like mercedes Comment ferrari
NotSerban 14 napja
I don't like comments like this but lucky day,ferrari,so I don't have to like anyway
Christian Donlon
5k subscribers before my college starts
Tip: If you chew gum when you study a subject and then chew the same flavour when you take the test it can help you remember. I am very close to 2000 a little help will do❤️🥺🙏❤️🙏🙏🥺
xXSir.CrazeXx 13 napja
Have fun being reported spamer and\or bot
Artificial Volume Studios
Honda: *Leaves F1* Random man in comments: Is Verstappen's career over?
Loliipopis 13 napja
verstappen should join vettel at aston martin
Joe Oscar
Joe Oscar 13 napja
Verstappen has another 15 to 20 years in F1. The real question is will F1 be over? End 2021, 3 engine suppliers if Renault or Mercedes pulls out we have a one make Ferrari series!
Alvin Watch
Alvin Watch 14 napja
I doubt it
I watch vore *Consumes my cat*
That’s the joke Steve
Steve G
Steve G 14 napja
Why should it be?
Optimal Gamer
Optimal Gamer 14 napja
Ryder Wilson
Ryder Wilson 14 napja
The Jack Lad
The Jack Lad 14 napja
Absolute Meme God
Matt Gallagher to Red Bull confirmed
Charlie 13 napja
That guy is way too cringe.
Optimal Gamer
Optimal Gamer 14 napja
LamborghiniBoy 14 napja
First, actually
The_ Rheal_
The_ Rheal_ 13 napja
@LamborghiniBoy me too gg
LamborghiniBoy 13 napja
@The_ Rheal_ lol ik i am just bored
xXSir.CrazeXx 13 napja
No fishing or circle jerking guys. Come on.
The_ Rheal_
The_ Rheal_ 14 napja
Microwave 79
Microwave 79 14 napja
Nice job I’m interested
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