Honda's Greatest Moments in Formula 1 

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Honda have announced that they will be withdrawing from Formula 1 at the end of 2021, ending their partnership with Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri. Join us as we take a look at some of the Japanese company's highlights in the sport so far.
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Le pilote Du 91
Le pilote Du 91 12 napja
The music is from FS19 : Hold Your Fire - Adam Drake & Tom Jenkins
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara 17 napja
Who's here after Honda announces that they will leave F1?
Jakarta Plane Spotter
nah not me
Blago Mistra
Blago Mistra 18 napja
Rip Honda
thejbcrazy 23 napja
Sad ... :-(
ykodai 24 napja
I'm Japanese. If you read the between lines, do you really think that honda is leaving F1 just for the carbon-neutral subject? Why are they carry on in Indy? I see that the reason why they are leaving is that F1 is highly political and lacking fairness and transparency. Think of the Ferrari engine issue, Mercedes's hard position in not changing the race more exciting for all spectators. It seems Redbull and Hondas are there to make those two market values raised and they are there as a supporting actor. Honda likes US because they do stand on fair play basis.
Eka D
Eka D 24 napja
Redbull should use bmw for the 2022 seasons
GooglR Ratings
GooglR Ratings 24 napja
This sport has become political circus. Also entertainment value has gone down the toilet.
Arthur Corassini
"I miss the Ayrton Senna days, back then there was real competition, no dominance" *MP4/4 wins 15 out of 16 races*
Arthur Corassini
Greatest Moment in Honda History: Pete Aron bringing home the first win at the 1965s Mexico GP
Matheus Oliveira
Honda: ok we have victories, podiums. Next step? Leave Kkkk
AJP_33 25 napja
If anyone could tell me what the music in this video is called, that would be awesome!
Peeyush Sankar Nath
I am also searching for this only man
GT012345tube 25 napja
1988 McLaren-Honda = Dominant even more than F2004/W07 2015 McLaren-Honda = GP2 Engine
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 25 napja
interesting video
Da.shArk87 25 napja
Goodbye honda, it's been fun
ttgl08 26 napja
Jordan Honda ? 98, 99 win Hill/ Frentzen
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha 26 napja
Just when theyre starting to look competitive, they left
T3MP0 26 napja
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer 26 napja
Honda's greatest escapes would be a better compilation.
Li Hua
Li Hua 26 napja
i blame Fernando...
1000 Subs with no videos
Read my name
玉山航輝 26 napja
Gosu Usog
Gosu Usog 26 napja
Maybe Toyota should try a modified Prius hybrid-engine to compete with Mercedes. Or make all cars same engine specs, like F2 and let us see a competition on a level playing field, everyone with the same engine. Constructers fighting aero battles, and Drivers fighting for whose fastest.
avada 26 napja
1968: Most spectacular fireball in F1 history at the French GP.
HazardTV 26 napja
GP2 engine.
Mark Downing
Mark Downing 26 napja
Greatest moments all in under three minutes. Such a shame.
tamagoboro5656 26 napja
ホンダよ世界はこんだけ注目してるんだよ。 本当に撤退しちまうのか?
Lolicons Hunter
Lolicons Hunter 26 napja
Honda sound engine is best🔊
Dane Paulsen
Dane Paulsen 26 napja
Petition for Honda to stay😔
Clueless Valkyrie88
Ayrton Senna. The Marc Marquez of Formula 1
Susruth Mahanti
Susruth Mahanti 26 napja
Someone predicted this was gonna come.
Gerard O'Mahony
Gerard O'Mahony 26 napja
Is it a sport or an R&D programme. V12 me
Nano 26 napja
GP 2 engine, GP2.
Mark Lynskey
Mark Lynskey 26 napja
This is a shame, the Red Bull Honda project was very exciting and there was still so much progress to be made. But I can understand their move if they want to establish themselves as a front-runner for the next generation of engines
スーモ 26 napja
o h-4
o h-4 26 napja
Japanese engine!
Mads Andersen
Mads Andersen 26 napja
Honda quitting F1 makes no sense to me. All that hard work since 2015 for what ?
Memo Licious
Memo Licious 26 napja
No wonder honda is leaving...a 2min highlight. Pathetic, they deserve better.
Beer Bee
Beer Bee 26 napja
Why are they leaving
Yoo Que
Yoo Que 26 napja
With Honda leaving to focus on zero emissions. Red Bull with team up with Tesla oh wait.
zen pai
zen pai 27 napja
Honda use vtec engine
Baby Its Me
Baby Its Me 27 napja
it.costs.a.lot.not only money-wise
Baby Its Me
Baby Its Me 27 napja
how about Hyundai supplying F1 engines?or China?
Baby Its Me
Baby Its Me 27 napja
if i get three seconds in a video when i won a race..
Baby Its Me
Baby Its Me 27 napja
wise business decision .there’s not much views on HUrun vids for every Honda achievement,Indy and LeMans included being the only Asian and many vain non-Asian people just have difficulties in recognizing the ingenuity and tireless efforts of Honda not getting recognition for what they deserve. Honda is business,can’t be all hearts,they have stockholders
Yehezkiel Rickjoyner
Nobody: F1 yt channel when there's a big news roaming around the paddock: *it's free real estate*
LLLeng L.
LLLeng L. 27 napja
Honda is making a repeated error like in 2008.
おれ 27 napja
never HONDA
Torrent 27 napja
2015 - Honda power explodes constantly
Alejandro Daniel Benitez Muños
F for Yuki Tsunoda
Cuore sportivo
Cuore sportivo 27 napja
Honda have 6 titles as engine consturctor. 16 Ferrari 12 Renault 10 Cosworth 8 Mercedes 6 Honda
Paul Mallia
Paul Mallia 27 napja
Why are we acting like it's their first time they pulled out!?
PHILIP BENN 27 napja
とう!ふ。 27 napja
We miss you
Revelation Five
Revelation Five 27 napja
i hope Ferrari will exit too
juanito506 27 napja
Way to completely gloss over Honda's partnership with McLaren in the turbo-hybrid era. I get that it was an underwhelming relationship, but if it wasn't for its 2015 return Honda wouldn't have come back, learn from its mistakes, and go on to partner with Red Bull and finally start winning.
Paolo Gurdian
Paolo Gurdian 27 napja
Honda please don't go
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 27 napja
Very sad time....
People still think the mp4/4 is the most dominant car in history😂😂
Zoon Geralt
Zoon Geralt 27 napja
Entering f1 as a new manufacturer you lose your reputation, your green credentials, you lose your money you lose everything. Why would any new manufacturer enter f1?
The Racing Pilot
Love how they just avoided Mclaren in 2015 ahahah
giorgio ciaravolol
The departure of Honda is one of the saddest things that happened in the history of the sport
Gary Wagers
Gary Wagers 27 napja
Why is their withdrawal announcement listed as one of their "greatest moments in Formula 1"?
Patryk 27 napja
Honda is leaving cause they want to spend their sources on eco engines. So my question is. V6 hybrid wasn't an idea to be eco? . They are leaving cause the productions of this engines is too expensive. Thats why we can forget about new manufactures in F1 (like VW for example). No one will enjoy a unknown groud, to get "massacred" by Mercedes + their hybrid experience.
F VM 27 napja
Please, make one about the fails 😏
asd asd
asd asd 27 napja
Tsunoda left the chat. Oh wait, he did not enter it..
Даниил Шарафутдинов
Red bull 2022: It's been a long year, without you my friend And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again...
Matt1984 27 napja
Honda please stay!
Thomas Rooman
Thomas Rooman 27 napja
They will come back later, guaranteed
Борис Таубер
And not a word about Mclaren 2015-2017 disaster?(
navjit singh
navjit singh 27 napja
Honda 2014-2017 V6 hybrid return seems missing😂
Sebastian Liu
Sebastian Liu 27 napja
imagine toyota comes back
Gautam parmar
Gautam parmar 27 napja
Alonso: where is honda? Engineer: Fernando honda has retired Alonso: KARMA!!!
Curtis Riceman
Curtis Riceman 24 napja
So so funny, I'd rather have Honda than Alonso
AT 25 napja
Also Karma: Hamilton you will retire with 10 Championships and Alonso you will with 2 Championships :)
Jamie Dennelly
Jamie Dennelly 27 napja
F1 needs to go to electric motors really if it’s going to be relevant to manufacturers
halofreak1990 27 napja
1:45 Honda outdid Mercedes on that one, and unless more funky races happen, that one's going to stick with Honda for the foreseeable future.
Vinnie Murk
Vinnie Murk 27 napja
I would love to see Volkswagen take Honda's spot
Ray Martinez
Ray Martinez 27 napja
Sad to see they'll be leaving!🇯🇵
Dhyogo Photographer
Very sad guys you leaving!
Adella Pigna
Adella Pigna 27 napja
Make twin turbo V8s and leave electricity to FormulaE
Pistoni e Bulloni
ねるお 27 napja
kasen walker
kasen walker 27 napja
Wonder what happened from 2015 to 2018?
jose padron
jose padron 27 napja
honda much better than cosworth engines
RuyLopezQB6 27 napja
'Honda's greatest moments' F1: hmm 2m25s should do it. Harsh
omri wahabi
omri wahabi 27 napja
why is honda leaving?
Izquierdator 27 napja
one step closer to formula mercedes. Next is renault, they will probably leave after 2022 and still not being competitive with the engine regulations DESIGNED by mercedes. Mercedes, the destroyer of F1, thats how they will be remembered.
Joe Rodri
Joe Rodri 27 napja
Peccato! Diventa sempre meno interessante la F1😢
Patrick Builds It
I wish Chevy or Ford would get into the action but far from likely.
J T 27 napja
As Mercedes have been dominating again, I wondered what Honda's intentions were. They'd previously mentioned this possibility, but caught me out when finally announced. Another sad nail in the F1 competition coffin.
MuPH GAMER 27 napja
*McLaren-Honda 14-17* F1: We don't talk about that here
Luke 27 napja
I’ll miss them
Seun On
Seun On 27 napja
The V6 turbo hybrid era is the worst era in F1 history.
MusicGuy 27 napja
They're starting to make up statistics at the end
innerFire 27 napja
Honda leaving the sport *Alonso likes that*
Hedley Luna
Hedley Luna 27 napja
When they actually start to make a nice engine they decided to withdraw :(
Liamtheasian 27 napja
They didn't even mentioned the McLaren Honda failure
u taisa
u taisa 27 napja
ビジネス判断として妥当。 欧米人しか見ていないスポーツなので、 インディ500やルマン24時優勝でも動画再生回数が少なすぎる。あからさまに日本人はお呼びでない。 日本人は、しょせん欧米人からみればチャイニーズ外人。
hypertoshichan 27 napja
マクラーレンに見捨てられて撤退寸前だったホンダに救いの手を差し伸べたトロロッソとレッドブルを裏切ることになり落胆した。 こんなことならマクラーレンに見捨てられた時点で撤退すべき。 ホンダは日本の恥だ。
u taisa
u taisa 27 napja
日本のシニア層からはネガティブな発言が多いけれども、ビジネス判断としては妥当だと思う。 自分は最近の動向しかリアルタイムで見てないが。 インディ500やルマン24時優勝の動画見ててもわかるけど、再生回数が極端に少ない。 マーケティング効果はこれ以上期待できないと判断されてもおかしくないだろう。
Andreas Wiesheu
Andreas Wiesheu 27 napja
what a dumm decision that is....