How Alonso’s Comeback in 2021 Differs to Schumacher’s in 2010? 

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With the return of Fernando Alonso in 2021 getting ever nearer, I thought it would be a good time to look back and compare it, to the arguably even more controversial comeback of Michael Schumacher in 2010. In this video I look at what similarities there are between the two comebacks and also talk about the key differences in the motivations for returning to F1.
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Hazar Emre Tez
Why was Alonso hated?
Sumit Saurabh
Alonso is better than Schumi and Hamilton in every aspect...I know you all will not understand ...I was also a fan of Michael once but Alonso is a different animal......specially since his Ferrari Days...and yeah well said ....Alonso is the most versatile driver and the most complete driver unlike the cry babies like Hamilton and Vettel....I mean give this guy any poor or good car ..he will bring the most out of that car..He is a legend .....A legend which cant be measured by the no of titles won....but by the way of driving and sucking every bit of performance of the car ...A trully Goat in every aspect.....
Zephyrod 2 napja
Got his signature when he won the Daytona 24h. Love him or hate him, I’m excited to see him in the sport next year
CHR 15
CHR 15 2 napja
Alonso has nothing to prove. He's the most talented driver since Senna.
Radu Manea
Radu Manea 3 napja
You start at 50-50 with two drivers, 68% is not that uncommon, I'm sure there's other similar situations.
titan dk
titan dk 3 napja
nachof248 4 napja
schumacher came back in an undeveloped car, from a team that had 0 cash to even fix their cars the previous season and, añthough it was the world constructor and drivers champion, it was outpaced at middle season by at least 3 teams and that's when muchael started alonso is.comming to a renault that is on his best form in recent years and to a team already in motion
José Lerebours Oficial
I think alonso will be good right away but it ll take him a few races to be great like he was before. Waching ocon s perfomance this year i dont see him beating alo so easy, even if he got a year advantage working with the team and this 2020 car. A part from that how good will he do against other teams and if he is going to get podiums as ricc did it will depends how good the car is against mclaren aston martin and ferrari. Ferrari wont stay still, i dont think they will be as bad as they have been this year, so just with that in mine alpine renault will need to up there game a lot. Also mclaren and aston will be better as well. Mclaren will have a better engine lets see how they coup with it and the aero of the car, aston is an unknown cause they will have this same car, a merc 2019 type of car with there own changes made to make it work for them selves. That could go beautifully or worse than ever. Just time will tell. I just hope if none of them cant catch merc and redbull, that the fight between them stay close. Alonso is one of the best as a complete driver, good in every aspect of racing, but ricc and vettel are not less than him. Vettel for me is the one with more to prove with his resent form, ricc is a beast and norris will have the uper hand at the begining cause he knows the car and team better but sooner than later ricc will be as good and even better than norris. Lovely 2021.
Wombleleader Racing
Michael really did have all the odds stacked against him on his comeback. He was definitely past his best at 41, hadn't raced competitively for 3.5 years, cars had gone through a huge regulation change in 2009 making them very unfamiliar to Michael plus unfamiliar tyres.....it was no surprise that more often than not he just looked a bit average 2010-2012.....Also his famous luck from his first career completely abandoned him on his comeback. Alonso comes back in a much better position at 39, having kept the competitive juices flowing and jumping into a car/regs/tyres very similar to when he last raced in F1 I honestly think he will come back looking and driving very much like the Alonso of old
Pedro Lourenço
money talks! A retired pilot does what for a living?
Richard Mung
Richard Mung 6 napja
it's al-peen.. smh
Harvey Lee
Harvey Lee 7 napja
Honestly, MS as 7 times WC, performed really bad in Mercedes, not a WC level. Was he really overrated as some ppl claimed? I think Alonso is one of the greatest drivers, which comparable to MS.
Amit K
Amit K 7 napja
One thing is certain. Alonso's teammate will have an absolute nightmare. Nothing will work for him and if it does it won't be even close to how well everything works for Alonso.
laen 7 napja
Lets be real: Hamilton is a crazy talented driver, one of the best. BUT even tho he is going to have more wins then Schumacher, Schumacher is still the Goat of Modern F1. Lets not act like he isn’t.
GuilesTheme 2 napja
If you mean modern, then you probably mean hybrid era which is kinda dominated by Hamilton With Vettel being the other part of that end Michael was great in his era And ham is great in his era All the best drivers are the best drivers Who gives a shit which one used to be better What matters is who it’s now and who it’ll be tomorrow
James Glen
James Glen 8 napja
Thats one of your first F1 memories!? Oh man you missed the good old days of trying to distinguish the cars in rain on a crap telly
Berry Rijnbeek
without seeing the video, he's NOT Schumacher!!!
Home Sol
Home Sol 9 napja
Welcome the best driver in the world to F1 fellas. If you love F1 you can't be against this movement.
justingt3rs 9 napja
9:15 very nice
Doar Eu
Doar Eu 9 napja
You missed a very important point ... even at 41 years old almoust every team wanted Schumacher !!! were Alonso is not wanted by any top team for some time now ...
john stanp
john stanp 10 napja
Magny-Cours is pronounced like man-yee-coore. Great video as usual by the way.
SweetFlexZ 11 napja
Imagine just hating a driver of one of the best sports ever, we're all fans guys, let's just enjoy this together!!!
Goku Black
Goku Black 13 napja
3:38 didn't Massa come back in Brazil GP and win the race?
Missedapex 13 napja
Excellent and insightful..
Javadamutt 14 napja
People avoid it as it is a conclusion Hamilton is better. Schumacher's time at Merc can be summed up by 1 word, Rosberg. You can argue that Schumacher was not at his best at Merc and the car certainly wasnt great but even then, beating your team mate is the first thing you need to do. Ive always wondered is it similar to Vettel, give him a car that suits his driving style. The 90s and 00s cars were vastly different to what Schumacher returned to
Ana A
Ana A 14 napja
I hope Fernando can do what Niki Lauda did: win the WC after a several year interval. Well, should it happen, it's going to be a 15-year interval. Hopefully, being with the same team is the charm. Buena suerte, Fernando!
Jamie R.
Jamie R. 14 napja
Alonso, incredible driver, terrible attitude, he will not succeed, he will get pissed with Renault really quickly.
Emily White
Emily White 15 napja
If he didn’t go skiing do you think he would of followed the same path as Kimi Räikkönen and continue to drive f1 but be pushed back into a shit car and continue to come towards the back
Spyros 113
Spyros 113 15 napja
Schumacher comeback:Rules the track Alonso:Haha car goes brrr
Richard Todd
Richard Todd 15 napja
Alonso is a great driver. He needs a car to compete with ham
Andres BF11
Andres BF11 16 napja
-Driver who beats more seasons his teammates in F1: Alonso 14 -Driver who finished more races ahead his teammates: Alonso 210(70,94%) -Diver who finished more qualys ahead his teammates: Alonso 238(75,79%) -Driver who finished more seasons ahead his team: Alonso 11 -Driver who had best performance in Ferrari history in points, wins, poles,podiums and races ahead his teammates: Alonso (68,3%,100%,100%,84,6%,84,3%) -Drivers who had best performances in points ahead his teammates world champions: Clark (66,6%), Alonso 63,4%, Prost 60,1% Top 3 of all time
DamTheKid 16 napja
I hate most F1 alternative coverage, way to earn a sub. Good content
anth00000 16 napja
Kimi will always be the king of comebacks. 2012: Finished 3rd in the championship in a very average Lotus, with a win and 7 podiums in total. 2013: Wins the first GP of the season and would have finished 3rd again if he hadn't sat out of the last two races.
Carystus MJB
Carystus MJB 17 napja
This is an odd comparison, Along hasn't been gone long and the cars are still the same. Michael left during the first v8 season from the v10s (if I remember correctly), he returned to a very different hybrid era. But the biggest difference, many fans will remember Michael failed his first fitness test to come back, it delayed his return significantly and was proof that he really took his retirement seriously, leaving behind that extreme competitive mentality. And from a guy that came into F1 when most drivers were still heavy drinking and smoking, Michael was like a different breed of driver in 1991. Alonso is still full on racing in various series. So he's not stopped training at all. Even at the back of the grid with McLaren he was a hungry racer. Love him or hate him he'll be very ready to fight for that elusive 3rd Championship, and for F1 thats huge! I want to see the best drivers all fighting for the Championship, the more top talents in F1 the more chance we'll get great fights. I just hope Renault (Alpine) keep up the great work they've been doing ready for the big change in 2022 where cars will hopefully be more capable of chasing without the issues the current cars have.
Théo Saulnier
Théo Saulnier 17 napja
It's Alpine but you should pronouce it like alpeen not as you would pronouce it in english ;)
Reinis Grīnbergs
It's not about empty numbers. Don't forget the context. If you know F1, Fernando's legacy in terms of talent, speed and passion is already GREAT^^
Samuraigamer 18 napja
13:18 i dont think that's how fernando wants to be remembered when it's all said and done rosberg: *smiles above the clouds with ultimate superiority*
ali aed
ali aed 18 napja
racist driver Alonso should not come back. Hamilton in your face ..
Morturiom 19 napja
one of the most hated driver? Seriosly?..
skua stone
skua stone 19 napja
F1 fans are the dumbest ever.
Cole-T 43
Cole-T 43 19 napja
Ahh. A subscribable channel. Hello
SHAME BROシ 20 napja
imagine if mich never retired from f1, he could mby be alive still
Fermin Aguilera
Fermin Aguilera 21 napja
Schumacher went to Mercedes to help developing Hamilton’s car.
Kasper Cederlund
Can we just talk about how many Times Fernando finished runner-up in the championship?
Kasper Cederlund
@Richard W 2007 to Kimi Räikkönen - 1 point (he was classified 3rd but att the same amount of points as Lewis 2010 to Vettel - 4 points 2012 to Vettel - 3 points 2013 to Vettel - 155 points
Richard W
Richard W 20 napja
Go on then and to whom?
Alien Man
Alien Man 21 napja
Both schumi and alonso are dirty drivers and not respected in f1. Now nobody care about alonso return.. alonso impact is past. And we will see alonso will make a lots of dirty races and he will receive his karma as schumi.
ShApe 21 napja
I think he needs to retire. He’s past his prime
patotorrat 13 napja
He will be past his prime when a teammate beats him like Rosberg beated Micheal for 3 straight seasons.
Turo Gnlz
Turo Gnlz 21 napja
Schumacher retired in 2006 and did not compete in any motorsport discipline again until 2010. Do you think Alonso has been sitting on the couch at home since leaving F1 in 2018? Indy, WEC, Dakar. The video is very good, but I don't see any comparison.
Samuel Morgan
Samuel Morgan 21 napja
0:30 Wait what? Who hates Alonso?!?
BritIndian 23 napja
Alonso is a force of nature.
Tim Liao
Tim Liao 23 napja
Man I really wish the old man can win another champion in F1! It will be absolutely sensational!
No puedo esperar por Fernando!! Vamos!!
stavros741 24 napja
Do F1 cars allow for wheel chair patients and white stick users? If so, then Alonso the rolator man is in luck
Richard Brocklehurst
I hope his reset button is working properly?
Ed Waalewijn
Ed Waalewijn 24 napja
Very well researched video. Thanks for that
empire 24 napja
I wish it was Ricciardo and Alonso at the same team at Alpine next year
Nathan_1617 aka Skeleratis and Nathan Wig
Can’t compare a comeback that happened with a comeback that’s not happened yet.
Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels 25 napja
Alonso needs to fuck off. I’m sorry his time is up and not to sound like RiceGum but he’s irrelevant now. Lewis, Max, Leclerc etc are the new big boys in F1. If it wasn’t to relaunch this Alpine thing then I would call it pure desperation (and it is) that he still feel he needs to prove to everyone that 05 and 06 weren’t flukes. Ur passed it, no one cares and please leave that seat for someone like Zhou or Lundegaard who are young and can develop. Go off and do Le Mans or continue to fail to win the Indy 500 coz ur old, passed it and based on ur reputation and history with the teams uv been with, ur not exactly the most morale boosting personality are you? Cheating prick
ZongPlayz 26 napja
alonso is in indycar and others so ye best comment here pls sub to me it will really mean a lot i do roblox and irl vids pls i will rlly thank u
Sam Longley
Sam Longley 26 napja
If i was getting his £'s i would return & stuff what the media think
Ross Leftovers
Ross Leftovers 27 napja
This is a pretty good video
Paul Allen
Paul Allen 27 napja
How it differs? Schumacher won 7 races in his last season at Ferrari and lost the title in the last race. Alonso won his last race in 2013 and then spent the next 5 seasons winless with Ferrari and McLaren. Schumacher was a great team builder who managed to motivate people to improve. Alonso I'm afraid never had half the ability Schumacher had in this crucial area - which explains why he never won a title after 2006. As to what they both had in common. Making a comeback past their prime in a field full of really talented young drivers and proven champions.
Tom Lewburg
Tom Lewburg 29 napja
I agree with you, aidan, that there was nothing to prove for Michael(or if we say in Germany:there was nothing left on the plate).But this "comeback" of Fernando, to be honest, will not prove anything. As he left the F1 Paddock, he was behaving like a diva, always complaining about the Honda engine, McLaren, team dicisions, tyres, and further back about Ferrari, handling, engine, McLaren for supporting Lewis instead of him and he always did this in front of the media. And for the incidents he was involved with, like Copygate, Crashgate, trying to blackmail Ron Denis about his knowledge of the Copygate Scandal. And therefore it will be no wonder, why so much people can't stand him. And:there were not just Michael who wasn't able to come back and be as quick as he can in his 2nd career. Nigel Mansell in the 1995 Season, I guess, was also struggling and he left the F1 for the 2nd Time. Finally, there's such a great amount of really good young and younger drivers in F1 who deserve to stay in the Formula, such as Perez, Hülkenberg, Russell...
Sayantan Mitra
Sayantan Mitra 29 napja
Nico Rosberg comes back in 2031
alan mac
alan mac Hónapja
Main difference: Schumacher quit F1 voluntarily. Alonso didn't have a drive.
tarun reddy
tarun reddy 28 napja
Alonso dint have a drive? Lmao. He had his seat well and truly in F1 with mclaren. The only reason sainz cameback into F1 was because nando gave up his seat. He is going to wipe ocon's ass next year and be best of the rest if renault is at a good level compared to aston martin and mclaren
Thoras Hónapja
Schumacher made nothing special at mercedes, i am sure Alonso will come back stronger.... Just waiting for his enemies XD
John Luc Racing
John Luc Racing Hónapja
LikeWildFire Hónapja
3:40 That's my name :)
Onkar Indurkar
Onkar Indurkar Hónapja
Imagine the scrap between kimi & Fernando ♥️♥️♥️ i just wish kimi gets a better seat.. Very unlikely.. Because f1 kills talents.
Jari Sipilainen
Jari Sipilainen Hónapja
Ed Fong
Ed Fong Hónapja
Fernando > Michael
Chris Fleming
Chris Fleming Hónapja
Alonso will amaze the world with his comeback. He is best driver since millennium.
azwris Hónapja
Ross Brawn should have kept Rubens in Mercedes. Schumacher wasn't ready. And we saw that. I hope Alonso has a better comeback.
Robert Allen
Robert Allen Hónapja
Excellent breakdown of the situation, Aldas! Great vid my man!!
Alonso best driver ever :)
Marco Buijsen
Marco Buijsen Hónapja
Why compare Schumacher with Alonso?? Only because of the comeback? And what if Alonso become worldchampion again? Then what? What i wana say is. .. Alonso for me don't have proof how good he still is. Alonso belongs to the best f1 drivers of all time.
Mig Y
Mig Y Hónapja
As a driver and racer, Alonso has to be one of the very best talents of his time. His relatively modest stats reflect his infamously poor career decisions. If he had been in the best car of each season he no doubt would have won many more titles. He was unsettled by his rookie teammate Hamilton at McLaren but who knew then what Lewis would go on to be. Fernando has to live with all the bridges he burned.
Wolfdog Hónapja
Shumi was just there to develop the car
Pete Conway
Pete Conway Hónapja
Comparing Alonso to Schema isn't a reality. A legend by stats and achievement compared to a legend of PR and his own self assessment? Whilst not an Alonso fan I wish him luck, but significantly the only good team mate he had was Jenson, and Jens wasn't at his best in a challenging car, yet Alonso only beat him by 11-10 in races. I think we see another Alonso hype, with the excuses ready to spill into the public domain. Will be watching with interest.
FutureF123 Hónapja
The talent of Alonso is unquestionable. Ranks amongst the all time greats of the sport. The numbers were never there though and for someone who peaked as a after already earning 2 championships, it’s a crime that he hasn’t been more successful. For me, it’s a toss up between Schumacher and Alonso for greatest driver since the 80s
James Delast
James Delast Hónapja
Schumacher and Alonso, the best F1 driver's of all time. Nobody else comes close. Pure grit. Current Mercedes F1 car is the best in this current specification.
luiz guilherme moreira sales
Schumacher my Respect Hello I From Brasil
Fernando is the GOAT, Mclaren didnt damage his legacy he cant be blamed for Honda being shit- Max is complaning bout power and stuff now so clearly a honda issue. The fact that this man dragged that shitty Mclaren up when he could and go through that is unreal, also the fact that he then went on to win LeMans twice which is not easy as a rookie to the series and then Daytona 24, the first Indy where he was doing really well until the engine gave out so yeah that makes him the GOAT of Motorsport, especially as his titles were against a prime Schumi. AND THIS MAN IS NOT DONE YET...............
Next Gen Evo Adog
still a cry baby
James Auld
James Auld Hónapja
Would rather the drive went to some new driver out of F2.
Erik Viking
Erik Viking Hónapja
Alonso is to old and a primadonna with bad behavior
Daffa Haj Tsaqif
1:48 hey binnoto
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Hónapja
Alonso did some really bad career choices. I can understand why he left McLaren but unfortunately for him they were getting really better in 2019. Now he's coming back but not in the McLaren. Renault was at the time of his choice to come back by far not as good as McLaren but that changed now over the season and maybe next year Renault is even the better choice :)
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Hónapja
But I think and hope that Alonso's Comeback will be better than Michael's, he wasn't that good after his break
Andreja Milivojevic
I think he is the GOAT. I know it is a completely biased opinion since he was my fav driver since I started watching in 2012 but its something about his speed and agressiveness that attracts me. He to me is the best example of being agressive and keeping it on the limit all the time. His mind games when overtaking are just a beauty to watch. Now I know he isnt liked by everyone and is considered arrogant and doesnt have the stats and numbers that I think he deserves but he will always be the driver who will extract as much as possible from the car.
Harjeck Hónapja
I really think, however strange it may sound, that Alonso is actually the best driver of the past several years.
CHR 15
CHR 15 2 napja
Agree. Best driver since Senna.
Sheikh Tanvir Ahmed Shajib
List of the drivers who are surely better than Alonso. 1. Michael Schumacher 2. Lewis Hamilton 3. Juan Manuel Fangio 4. Ayrton Senna 5. Sebastian Vettel 6. Niki Lauda 7. Nelson Piquet 8. Mika Häkkinen 9. Graham Hill 10. Jim Clark 11. Kimi Räikkönen 12. Fernando Alonso So, I don't see the necessity of all these hypes. He always complained when his teammates were doing better job than him. He even criticized Vettel for his achievements. He was a great champion in his prime time but his ego was the main problem that prevented him from becoming the best with all the bad career choice.
sendhelp pls
sendhelp pls Hónapja
I have seriously high hopes for him, i like him and now that he will be driving competitive car, i think it will go very good for him and the team.
Alex Bieryla
Alex Bieryla Hónapja
Alonso at mclaren looked like a dead man walking, but those shots of him in the new renault gear look like someone on a mission. Hope the best for him.
markriobr Hónapja
He won't win a single race , Renault was never a winner with a car . Did win few races long ago ,but a W Champ as a team . He'll be back , way back oh the grid.Ricardo got the best of it in the end , and I see Mc laren be better than Red Bull.
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin Hónapja
I believe it was the last race of 2010, where Vettel won his first championship. Alonso needed to overtake Petrov to win the championship, but he couldn’t. After the race Alonso was mad at Petrov because he didn’t let him though to win the championship. That was the moment I lost my respect for Alonso. You can’t be that entitled. That’s just not how F1 works.
MarshallGA12 Hónapja
and thanks to that race, DRS was introduced...
Ninja Raid
Ninja Raid Hónapja
Everyone hates a world champion whenever he wins a championship......... but after that......people just pray that they get another one.....
Clayton Beilfuss
Sorry about being uninformed, but what’s happening with Michael Schumacher right now?
Marko Pejic
Marko Pejic Hónapja
Very well put analysis! Just wanted to add something: At the moment Schumacher retired, he never thought about coming back, so he was completely out of the motorsports routine for 3 years. When Alonso "retired", he always left the option open for a return and stayed in the highest levels of motorsports next to F1, which means he could be as sharp at the wheel as he was in 2018 and achieve great things - I certainly hope so!
LIL IBRA Hónapja
Teflonso the cheater with the new cheating reno in 2021 ocon is going to crash to the wall guys mark my words
paul mckinder
paul mckinder Hónapja
Can’t wait to see fernando in f1 again I like when Micheal came back but did agree with Eddie Jordan maybe wasn’t right but keep fight Schumi
Ethan Kral
Ethan Kral Hónapja
Alonso is the best. Have you heard of the incredible strategy he pulled off in Singapore? I mean, seriously, this guy is good.
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