How Did Hamilton Win Amid Turkey Chaos? | Jolyon Palmer Analysis 

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"A miraculous recovery" from Lewis Hamilton in Istanbul to win the race - but how did he do it? And what happened to everyone else? Jolyon Palmer is on the case!
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srinitaaigaura 45 perccel
That start was such a ballsy move to get around the Red Bulls and then miss both the bollard on the kerb as well as both the renaults by millimeters. It could have totally gone wrong right there, but this and the way he wore the inters down to slicks which helped him gain grip of a drying track finishing 30 sec plus ahead of them all shows why he's a 7 time world champion!
Newmaidumosa 4 órája
answer: by being the best driver on the grid and the GOAT. Red Bull were the best car that weekend... and people claim that Max is better than him and that Max is a rain master... NOPE!
Vidda Mbaye
Vidda Mbaye 6 órája
Great race
Ekejiuba M
Ekejiuba M 6 órája
Finally you are looking at the camera
Myc 8 órája
I stopped getting surprised at Hamilton's exceptional performances on track. Then later I stopped pretending to get surprised. He is just an amazing driver.
Adel Shiraz
Adel Shiraz 9 órája
🐐 for a reason
Kevin Callahan
Kevin Callahan 10 órája
not hard when you have a displacement advantage in engine size and make only one stop. I wonder how his tires lasted 42 laps.
dnbmania 11 órája
Did riccardo have to pit after touching ocon? It looked like the endplate bent down and back up again
jledesmaf1 12 órája
How’d he win? Driver ability The car Team strategy and Luck
Leebo88 16 órája
Pure luck, people saying he looked after his tyres better are morons, what he did was wear his tyres out more than most which made them slicks almost then he had loads of grip later, really poor drive and once again luck was on his side, sums up his career
vusie ngcobo
vusie ngcobo 16 órája
lotsa self opinionated bull
Onesoul Twolifetimes
Ssssmmoooooooooothhh criminal 😆
Hatim Salim
Hatim Salim 21 órája
Lewis Driving Matter Movement 👍
Hatim Salim
Hatim Salim 21 órája
if you’re born very talented in what you do then you’re magnificently a powerful champion, but if you aren’t born talented enough then you can only be just a winner,… not anyone can tame wild horses time and time again repeatedly but only those who are born with that special talent can easily do, and this explains the huge difference between Hamilton and Bottas in the same racing car Just like a powerful horse needs a special rider, the best car needs an outstanding driver, and obviously that driver is Lewis Hamilton not Valtteri Bottas 👍👌🤗
nallis01 Napja
This right here on full display is what a WINNING TEAM looks like. The entire team has full trust in the call of the driver. The driver says he can go a few more, let him go a few more. Hammer!
2-Dangerous *
One of the smartest drive in history.
Rick Rude
Rick Rude Napja
"For more analysis..." Sir, that wasn't analysis that was more of a race recap. The stuff that pass for analysis these days leaves a lot to be desired.
Oscar Taylor
Zen level driving!!!
Nikos_93 Napja
Best driver on the grid
David Foreman
Because he has Absolutely No competition! The series is Lame!
Really love those insights of the race🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪💪
Eric Giby
Eric Giby Napja
I want you to explain how or why Stroll lost too many positions? Was that pit problem?
alastair minter
a crucial bit was actually lap 8 when hamilton put his inters on at his pit stop which he kept for the rest of the race so at the end when it was drying he had virtually slicks on at the end when you look at his tyres at the end his has the least of the grip left
alastair minter
i can tell how he won because he is the best that thier is the best that thiers been and he will stay being the best until he ever retires
Kaz Sozdik
Kaz Sozdik Napja
Can anyone mention Stroll not wanting that last pit stop (why why whyy), which cost him his 1st position???
Blood Nøva
-Caused a crash at turn 1 -Made a huge mistake in another turn -Failed to overtake Vettel -Arrived 1st just because he didn't pit This is the best driver of F1?
Flying Spagetti
@Blood Nøva like Bottas? LOL. 😂
Blood Nøva
Yes, this is how he won indeed If this is the skill needed also I could be a champion with his car
Flying Spagetti
Are you new? He won!
Lourenço Manguele
Hamilton servived because he's a Genius
Vicky thecat
Proof Lewis is a genius driver, kudos to him.
Howard Smith
Heaters Hating Hamilton, Having Headaches, Having Heartaches. The real issue for the HATERS is that Hamilton does not fit the IMAGE OF POSTER BOY. Probably if y'all stop hating him he might just retire. When he retires his stat sheets are going to send some of you to your graves if the Hating continues.
Vettel's pitstop was slow ... If it wasnt for the slow pit stop he would have finished 2nd or won...I blame the Ferrari masterplan for this😂
Bonavena ju
Hamilton ist der Beste Fahrer alla Zeiten . Das wahr ER von Anfang an wo ER Kamm bei Formel 1
Justiziero J.
Easy: he has the best car with DAS
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 22 órája
@Justiziero J. Hamilton played long game. Hamilton vs Rosberg 3-1 and then Rosberg run away. Lewis won more than 50% and people said it's boring.
Justiziero J.
​@Flying Spagetti Yes but Bottas is clearly worse than Hamilton and in spite of that, he had won the pole and some positions to Hamilton sometimes. So the conclusion is: Bottas is worse, but sometimes is better than Hamilton. There you have the best pilot of all time being beated by Bottas sometimes and Rosberg Lol
Flying Spagetti
Same as Bottas.
szewei85 Napja
Haha thats why he is the new GOAT today
Shreyas Pai
That's soo poor analysis... you can do better F1. Feels like things are being explained by a 9yr old.
Craig Wythe
Hamilton is a born winner, and has so much focus. Importantly he knows what his car can do in any situation.
michael spencer
Hamilton's patience and ability to "bide his time" and wait for the right move is what sets him apart from many of the other less patient drivers.
Rafael Cárdenas
Wanted to share this with my father who doesn't speak English and found it is not possible to activate the automatic translation. Is it any chance to allow it? We'll be thankful ; )
Gelson Mwale
Gelson Mwale 2 napja
One does not simply break Hamilton’s spirit!
Taz' Dingo
Taz' Dingo 2 napja
I'm not a HAM fan boy but it was epic this race was epic.
Agent 9922
Agent 9922 2 napja
Hamilton's crew love him , I see him sacrificing some pay cut to make these Guys are are paid more than any crew that is something I will do.
Crash Davis
Crash Davis 2 napja
He is the GOAT. That’s it.
Great analysis, thank you 😊
Jonas Correia
Jonas Correia 2 napja
great review
Andruha Novo
Andruha Novo 2 napja
Jolyon is Kvyat's twin brother.
Вася 2 napja
Хэмильтон это их местный Гоча)
Вася 2 napja
How did Hamilton win? Kimi: He came first
Syfa Delgado
Syfa Delgado 2 napja
Hamilton's mind is like a highly efficiency, well turned machine. He remembers more track conditions than we have forgotten about.
ashley penn
ashley penn 2 napja
you only need to watch the GP2 race of 2006 when Hamilton came from 22nd to win the race by a margin to see a phenomenon repeating itself
Aji Irawan
Aji Irawan 2 napja
Why Russel Why?
Amitabh Mishra
He kept his cool and focused That's the Champion mentality
Andey Yiu
Andey Yiu 2 napja
Did Hamilton never pit? Trying to find info on the race pit stops couldn’t find anything
Andey Yiu
Andey Yiu 2 órája
@Flying Spagetti got you. So driving in clean air and no traffic on the wets. But gaining some time on the wets is a achievement.
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 22 órája
@Andey Yiu they all start full wet and he's wait until the others switch to intermediate. After it's clear that the intermediate was faster, he's pit and used intermediate until finish. Only Perez used the same strategy.
Andey Yiu
Andey Yiu 23 órája
@Flying Spagetti wet for the intermediates? And finished the race on them?
Flying Spagetti
He's pit once.
Northern Irish Man
They should make all tracks a but slippery... Best way to even the field.
Flying Spagetti
And you already know the winner.
bebobism 2 napja
I'm Dutch and a Verstappen fan ofcourse , but Max got propperly schooled by Lewis this race. Lewis is still a boss on the track and a undisputed champion . . . congrats.
Girish Kulkarni
Its obvious, when other don't perform, got to win even by just finishing the race. Easy win when others are not performing..
Flying Spagetti
You make your own luck.
malakai651 2 napja
How did Hamilton win? By simply being the best.
Syed Mansoor Tahir
Bland and a very average analysis to such a masterclass race.
Asmo 2 napja
Luck as much as judgement.
Great ride from the GOAT.
alan ng
alan ng 2 napja
Master drive, super decision making, that was legendary
AWAS 1969
AWAS 1969 2 napja
Kok Jong
Kok Jong 2 napja
So Hamilton without pit to won the race?
Flying Spagetti
He (and Perez) was pit once.
Mic Brooks
Mic Brooks 2 napja
Best tire management by a driver, ever!
Mrinmay Kumar Das
For Mercedes, slicks were not working, nor the wets or intermediates. So they made the inters the new slicks and made it work. The great Master🅱️lan
JS C 3 napja
Showed the haters he really is the best driver on the grid. Pair that with the best car on the grid and of course you'll get an uncompetitive season.
It’ll probably go down as one of Lewis’s most underrated wins. Ok, he didn’t have Nico Rosberg as a teammate, and a lot of other people made major mistakes, but Lewis showed some true class reading the tyres.
ringdigger 3 napja
this just goes to show that it’s not just about the fastest car.. Hamilton racing brain is 2nd to none. He’s a genius strategist in F1.
LM Story
LM Story 3 napja
Lewis can see the thing the others don't... That why he is the CHAMP...
maniackolder 3 napja
Wish F1 would release a video of everybodys launch/start for this race. Really intrigued to see who got wheel spin, who launched in 1st 2nd etc gear, who gained, who lost or if any driver did something totally out the box. Best race Ive seen in years and with the poor traction, surface and different tyres I want to see how all coped with their start.
SteveRodgers 3 napja
Err because he's the greatest driver of all time. Simples.
eric walker
eric walker 3 napja
Türk 3 napja
real race real man
Andi S
Andi S 3 napja
Hamilton still remembered China pit lane where he lost Championship that year.
Acuraman68 2 napja
That crossed my mind as well. 😂
Daedalus 3 napja
Miraculous recovery? I'm pretty sure Jolyon said miraNculous!
Daniel L
Daniel L 3 napja
Duh we all know it's the newly discovered interwets
James Patterson
*Forget about Hamilton!* _How in the world did Lance Stroll lose this race?_
lutfi wijdan
lutfi wijdan 3 napja
Please, with a translete.
F1NATiK 3 napja
How did Hamilton win in turkey, Ricciardo let him, thats how
Flying Spagetti
@Markovisch Hamilton was inside. He has nowhere
Markovisch 2 napja
Thanks, someone who understands and notices. Already from the start, Ricciardo taps his teammate to give Hamilton the space he needs. Hamilton got fortunate.
d c
d c 3 napja
WHOA WHOA WHOA we not gonna talk about the end plates on the front wing of the renault??? they flex so they dont break!! 1:10
PETE55 3 napja
Maturity, trust, and energy management. Lewis has been around the block, learned from his ups & downs, developed mutual trust with those who surround him, and despite being the fastest man on the track, he keeps his emotions in check. Oh, and he manages to somehow to turn negative energy into fuel.
Out There Nth Wst. IE.
Dint even watch this but seen the question! Answer - because he is the greatest driver of the modern age that F1 has ever seen! Its that simple ♥♥♥
Metin Koca
Metin Koca 3 napja
Red bulls look like snails at the start
UMU-i-D 3 napja
All hail King Lewis.
Remsanga Vandiau
This shows how Lucky this man is.
Richard WILSON
How did he won? 7 titles isn’t enough for you? 🤣🤣🤣
Chalky 3 napja
Yet another example for the Hamilton haters showing his success isn't just about the car.
John Smith
John Smith 3 napja
This was not the analysis of how that I was hoping for just a rehash of the what happened. How was he able to get through the race on one set, how was it that he was just so much faster than the rest at the end. etc.
SixthyGTi 3 napja
Yes he's a great driver but he also has a ton of luck... It never fails him...
Christopher Greasley
You make your own luck.
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 3 napja
Essentially Verstappen threw it away due to lack of patience. Not his finest race.
Abel Mathew
Abel Mathew 3 napja
This video is what I needed. I missed the race. I was waiting for an explanation on how Hamilton turned it around. Thanks Mr. Palmer.
Thomas Davey
Thomas Davey 3 napja
Thats Hamilton for you. The worse his tires get, the faster he gets.
malicalik 13
malicalik 13 3 napja
Wish you guys didnt make this series an F1tv special and kept it available on youtube for free
ET 3 napja
Ham pulled off a masterful race indeed!
Andy Komarajaya
“Don’t box me man” Just out of this world..
Both Ferrari’s: climb 10 places F1: How did Lewis win the race even though he wins every week? 🤔🤔🤔
Shahid Majiid
Shahid Majiid 3 napja
what a wannabe this guy speaking
king ayrton
king ayrton 3 napja
he is fast pure and simple
Black Sparrow
Black Sparrow 3 napja
By driving infront of the others
Ishaq 3 napja
What Palmer is doing
todd kreter
todd kreter 3 napja
Great analysis, thanks
Alexandros Chatzinikolaou
It was like the 70th aniversary, with Max.
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