How Did Hamilton Win Amid Turkey Chaos? | Jolyon Palmer Analysis 

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"A miraculous recovery" from Lewis Hamilton in Istanbul to win the race - but how did he do it? And what happened to everyone else? Jolyon Palmer is on the case!
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Jesus can turn water into wine Lewis can turn wets into slicks
Drknsss 14 napja
Yes Bruv back again!
Richard Nyak
Richard Nyak 15 napja
I have watch formula one for a long time and Lewis Hamilton is the only drive calling the shots when it comes to pitting. Even the great Micheal Schum never oppose when it comes to pitting.
Akeel Ahmed
Akeel Ahmed 18 napja
Best race of last season, pure class in the wet! Patience, skill and a master class! Both Hamilton and Perez showed there class and skill on old tyres!
Elvis 33
Elvis 33 20 napja
Oh I'd say having the greatest F1 car of all time which is also equipped with DRS had something to do with it.....even with "B Grade Bottas" as a #2 driver Mercedes-Benz has still been Constructors Champions 7 years in a row 😄 Hammo spent FIVE consecutive years outside the top 3 points...2009-2013.....he didn't win the next 6 out of 7 Championships on pure driver talent alone 😉🤭😉
Agunna Ifeanyi Umeh
You're more perfect on f1 presenter than f1 driver 👌🏾
Frieza 223
Frieza 223 22 napja
Hamilton is levels above his peers
Feczkó Regő
Feczkó Regő 22 napja
Nah guys, it's just the car :D Ridicolous talent...
Craig Heath
Craig Heath 24 napja
It wouldn't surprise me if one day, he starts on the wets, turns them into inters, and then into slicks 😂
Open Keyz
Open Keyz 29 napja
Max is a brilliant racing driver and future world champion, but these are the things he can learn from Lewis to take his driving to the next level.
Turmoil23 29 napja
Ocon turned into ricardo´s line
Njabuloseh Hónapja
Absolute masterclass
Takudzwa Magaba
Takudzwa Magaba Hónapja
Simple he’s the GOAT
Because he is the G.O.A.T
Qaadir Onilewura
The GREATEST F1 Driver to have ever Existed.
Verza Jr.
Verza Jr. Hónapja
Coz he is the best to your question
slylockdefox246 Hónapja
Yet people still talk ISH about Hamilton
Tom Picker
Tom Picker Hónapja
Simple answer, he is the G.O.A.T.
Vettel is a true rain king...Not even Ferrari's pit crew could stop him from getting a podium that race
Simple answer: The car
Ali Parcheforosh
Ali Parcheforosh 2 hónapja
Everyone is crazy about Lewis but no one talked about Seb! Seb is an absolute genius
Miguel Jabon
Miguel Jabon 2 hónapja
Why does the thumbnail looks like a giant Ferrari chasing a small Mercedes?
08ghy 08
08ghy 08 2 hónapja
iTs aLl bEcAUsE oF tHe cAR
Richard Zedman
Richard Zedman 2 hónapja
im waiting for all its the car not lewis lol
Steven Hirsch
Steven Hirsch 2 hónapja
I remember watching Verstappen come up behind the Racing Point knowing he was going to spin.
ELECTRON 2 hónapja
Because he is the GOAT
Marcelino Mata
Marcelino Mata 3 hónapja
That's why I've said in a different comments, he have made himself a man to beat In a wet truck. Reminds me of Jason Button. It's about skills not just the car.
Fredrik Z
Fredrik Z 3 hónapja
Why do you need slicks when you can make some yourself
1969nydrell David
1969nydrell David 3 hónapja
When Hamilton races....the rest of the drivers are really racing for second place
Dante creations diy
then u hear mapenzi saying "its the car"... hamilton is jus awesome.. he might jus as well take bono's job and he wil do jus fine lol
Hard on the Gas Gtboyz
He doesn’t walk on water, but does he dance in the rain. Master class in session pay attention kids.
Ed Fong
Ed Fong 3 hónapja
Palmer, " he has tremendous tyre management" Haters, "he's just lucky man" 😂😂😂
RottieShep CALIBRE
RottieShep CALIBRE 3 hónapja
making it look easy.. WOW what a talent
Tejomoy Das
Tejomoy Das 4 hónapja
aNyBoDy cAN wIN wITH lewiS haMILTOn's CAr ! :3
Akash Sarma
Akash Sarma 4 hónapja
Like kimi says he was fast
TN Mafuta
TN Mafuta 4 hónapja
i love lewis
Siva Sylesh
Siva Sylesh 4 hónapja
pitlane is gonna be wet... Thats experience.
melvin 4 hónapja
Incredible turning them inters into slicks and calling the strategy ,people forget that Lewis44 help Mercedes to build the fastest car ever of the hybrid era. When you talk about, be the car , feel the car ,tyre management this guy is a Genius 🔥
Max Poznyak
Max Poznyak 4 hónapja
You can’t count Lewis out until the race is over. This guy won on all the new tracks we had and has the most wins on different tracks . nearly unbeatable in the rain and on dry tracks. Once age catches up to him , we will see the slow drop and changing of the guard , what a time that will be.
Curious Uranus
Curious Uranus 4 hónapja
Nicely put Mr Palmer.
papilo2 4 hónapja
And you wonder why he has 7 ?
Zak Smith
Zak Smith 4 hónapja
Credit where credit is due
Zak Smith
Zak Smith 4 hónapja
F1 as with many things in life is about making your own luck no1 gifts that to you.
thatninjarider 4 hónapja
One of his best overall drives in my opinion. Didn't get rattled and drove as smoothly as he could.
Eugene Joseph
Eugene Joseph 4 hónapja
Not to mention as well he finished on slicks as well proving how much of a beast he is
Milton Ferreira Junior
Lewis Hamilton meu ídolo....😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Beagle76 4 hónapja
Lewis is like Jack Brabham in a way. He won 3 world championships & went close to at least 4 . Jack was a thinker, won races with the least wear on his car. Rosberg is on record as. Saying having Lewis behind him was a nightmare because even the slightest error & he was through. Jack had a number of nick names , Black Jack , the Fox amongst them . Is Lewis better than Senna & Schumacher, probably because like Schumacher & Brabham he gets the whole team behind him. I have never seen a driver so dominant as Lewis though.
Rust Cohle
Rust Cohle 5 hónapja
fi mul
fi mul 5 hónapja
Early years of his career I used to hear the news on Hamilton get ticket because of speeding. He's been practicing in and out of the race
paul kamau
paul kamau 5 hónapja
addicted to watching f1
danguee1 5 hónapja
Jolyon is not only the best analyst/commentator in F1 - he is one of the very best of any sport I watch: F1, football, cricket, tennis, golf, rugby union. So intelligent and perceptive, articulate and actually a nice guy, too. Fantastic insights....
Archiworks 92
Archiworks 92 5 hónapja
well talent and having a fast car helps.... unless u have incident like in monza...where is just too far for him to catch and even then he finished top10 which is remarkable.
Chadwin J Deysel
Chadwin J Deysel 5 hónapja
Because he's the GOAT
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 4 hónapja
PERIOD! Say it loud for the salty haters in the back!🗣
Neil Fairless
Neil Fairless 5 hónapja
He started in 2nd gear.
John Holzhey
John Holzhey 5 hónapja
Omi B
Omi B 5 hónapja
The one who masters patience and think ..... 44 G.O.A.T
Luigi Greco
Luigi Greco 5 hónapja
best driver ever !!!
Stimulated Stats
Stimulated Stats 5 hónapja
Amazing Turkish Grand Prix
srinitaaigaura 5 hónapja
That start was such a ballsy move to get around the Red Bulls and then miss both the bollard on the kerb as well as both the renaults by millimeters. It could have totally gone wrong right there, but this and the way he wore the inters down to slicks which helped him gain grip of a drying track finishing 30 sec plus ahead of them all shows why he's a 7 time world champion!
Newmaidumosa 5 hónapja
answer: by being the best driver on the grid and the GOAT. Red Bull were the best car that weekend... and people claim that Max is better than him and that Max is a rain master... NOPE!
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 4 hónapja
Well said!💯 Say it loud for all the salty Max fanboys to hear!🗣
Vidda Mbaye
Vidda Mbaye 5 hónapja
Great race
Ekejiuba M
Ekejiuba M 5 hónapja
Finally you are looking at the camera
Myc 5 hónapja
I stopped getting surprised at Hamilton's exceptional performances on track. Then later I stopped pretending to get surprised. He is just an amazing driver.
lofty2210 5 hónapja
Adel Shiraz
Adel Shiraz 5 hónapja
🐐 for a reason
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 4 hónapja
Kevin Callahan
Kevin Callahan 5 hónapja
not hard when you have a displacement advantage in engine size and make only one stop. I wonder how his tires lasted 42 laps.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 4 hónapja
What? Can’t hear your tears through all that salt......🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂
dnbmania 5 hónapja
Did riccardo have to pit after touching ocon? It looked like the endplate bent down and back up again
jledesmaf1 5 hónapja
How’d he win? Driver ability The car Team strategy and Luck
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 4 hónapja
Successful people are not ‘lucky’! They have ability, skills and work hard for what they have. You think Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos got ‘lucky’ and stumbled upon their money and success?🤣
Leebo88 5 hónapja
Pure luck, people saying he looked after his tyres better are morons, what he did was wear his tyres out more than most which made them slicks almost then he had loads of grip later, really poor drive and once again luck was on his side, sums up his career
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 4 hónapja
Anyone that sees successful people and boils it all down to ‘luck’ are a bunch of losers and will NEVER be successful themselves! 🤣 How sad! Success isn’t based on luck, you think Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or Steve Jobs gained their success on ‘luck’? So why is Lewis successful based on ‘luck’? Just shows how small your brain is and your loser mentality or relying on ‘luck’ to achieve anything! So I guess you are waiting on your ‘lucky’ break then?
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 4 hónapja
@zivkovicable Well said!💯 And take a wild guess why that poster hates him.....🤔🤣
zivkovicable 5 hónapja
Sure..Years & year of lucky drives since he was a kid, racing against all the other drivers in the world who have bad luck every time he races.. You sum up the typical Hamilton hater. Ignorant & deluded. I wonder what it is you really don't like about him.
vusie ngcobo
vusie ngcobo 5 hónapja
lotsa self opinionated bull
Hatim Salim
Hatim Salim 5 hónapja
Lewis Driving Matter Movement 👍
Hatim Salim
Hatim Salim 5 hónapja
if you’re born very talented in what you do then you’re magnificently a powerful champion, but if you aren’t born talented enough then you can only be just a winner,… not anyone can tame wild horses time and time again repeatedly but only those who are born with that special talent can easily do, and this explains the huge difference between Hamilton and Bottas in the same racing car Just like a powerful horse needs a special rider, the best car needs an outstanding driver, and obviously that driver is Lewis Hamilton not Valtteri Bottas 👍👌🤗
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 4 hónapja
nallis01 5 hónapja
This right here on full display is what a WINNING TEAM looks like. The entire team has full trust in the call of the driver. The driver says he can go a few more, let him go a few more. Hammer!
The AFKing
The AFKing 5 hónapja
One of the smartest drive in history.
Rick Rude
Rick Rude 5 hónapja
"For more analysis..." Sir, that wasn't analysis that was more of a race recap. The stuff that pass for analysis these days leaves a lot to be desired.
Oscar Taylor
Oscar Taylor 5 hónapja
Zen level driving!!!
Zer0chill93 5 hónapja
Best driver on the grid
eljuanramon2003 5 hónapja
Really love those insights of the race🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪💪
Eric Giby
Eric Giby 5 hónapja
I want you to explain how or why Stroll lost too many positions? Was that pit problem?
alastair minter
alastair minter 5 hónapja
a crucial bit was actually lap 8 when hamilton put his inters on at his pit stop which he kept for the rest of the race so at the end when it was drying he had virtually slicks on at the end when you look at his tyres at the end his has the least of the grip left
alastair minter
alastair minter 5 hónapja
i can tell how he won because he is the best that thier is the best that thiers been and he will stay being the best until he ever retires
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 4 hónapja
Kaz Sozdik
Kaz Sozdik 5 hónapja
Can anyone mention Stroll not wanting that last pit stop (why why whyy), which cost him his 1st position???
Blood Nøva
Blood Nøva 5 hónapja
-Caused a crash at turn 1 -Made a huge mistake in another turn -Failed to overtake Vettel -Arrived 1st just because he didn't pit This is the best driver of F1?
Blood Nøva
Blood Nøva 4 hónapja
@Black Girls Rock Ye also Lewis performance before mercedes was pathethic xd He even lost vs Rosberg who was a low-medium driver
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 4 hónapja
@Blood Nøva Sure! 🙄 Keep projecting your insecurities on Lewis because he represents everything you will NEVER be! Being salty behind a computer screen will not change your pathetic life! 🤣🧂
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 5 hónapja
@Blood Nøva like Bottas? LOL. 😂
Blood Nøva
Blood Nøva 5 hónapja
Yes, this is how he won indeed If this is the skill needed also I could be a champion with his car
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 5 hónapja
Are you new? He won!
Lourenço Manguele
Lourenço Manguele 5 hónapja
Hamilton servived because he's a Genius
Vicky thecat
Vicky thecat 5 hónapja
Proof Lewis is a genius driver, kudos to him.
Howard Smith
Howard Smith 5 hónapja
Heaters Hating Hamilton, Having Headaches, Having Heartaches. The real issue for the HATERS is that Hamilton does not fit the IMAGE OF POSTER BOY. Probably if y'all stop hating him he might just retire. When he retires his stat sheets are going to send some of you to your graves if the Hating continues.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 4 hónapja
Lol! 💯Truth!!!!! I want Lewis to win 15 championships just for all the salty tears!!🤣
Vettel's pitstop was slow ... If it wasnt for the slow pit stop he would have finished 2nd or won...I blame the Ferrari masterplan for this😂
Bonavena ju
Bonavena ju 5 hónapja
Hamilton ist der Beste Fahrer alla Zeiten . Das wahr ER von Anfang an wo ER Kamm bei Formel 1
Justiziero J.
Justiziero J. 5 hónapja
Easy: he has the best car with DAS
Justiziero J.
Justiziero J. 4 hónapja
@Black Girls RockNico beat Hamilton so many races so is Hamilton much better than Nico? I don´t think so. And Hamilton has pushed so many pilots so I don´t agree with you. I agree Hamilton had mechanic failures, but he wasn´t so much better than Nico, they were very equal. Did Nico switched Lewis mechanics? Was Nico using illegal modes with the same car than Hamilton? Are you crazy or what? Why wasn´t he banned out of the F1 if he did that? Because that´s a lie! Can we talk about when Hamilton was favorite against Alonso in Mclaren and they were equal in points? So is Hamilton much better than the rest? Not!! :D Bye
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 4 hónapja
@Justiziero J. Lewis still had more race wins than Nico in 2016. How is it that Nico improve to ‘beat’ Lewis yet he won only by 5 points? Take away Lewis’s mechanical failures, you seriously think Nico would have won?🤣🤣 Ok! Keep being delusional and saying Nico ‘improved’! Nico had to switch Lewis’s mechanics, use illegal car modes that even Mercedes banned and had to push Lewis off the track to win! Lol! I like that ‘improvement’!
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 5 hónapja
@Justiziero J. Hamilton lose because of mechanical problem. Compared to the other Mercedes engine, his engine was the worst. Still he has more won than Rosberg.
Justiziero J.
Justiziero J. 5 hónapja
@Flying Spagetti Hamilton lost the last season that was Rosberg there so Rosberg improved and beated Hamilton :)
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 5 hónapja
@Justiziero J. Hamilton played long game. Hamilton vs Rosberg 3-1 and then Rosberg run away. Lewis won more than 50% and people said it's boring.
szewei1985 5 hónapja
Haha thats why he is the new GOAT today
Shreyas Pai
Shreyas Pai 5 hónapja
That's soo poor analysis... you can do better F1. Feels like things are being explained by a 9yr old.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 4 hónapja
Truth! 💯 Jenson button would be so much better than this clown!🤡 There’s a reason why he was kicked out of F1 mid season! 🤣
Craig Wythe
Craig Wythe 5 hónapja
Hamilton is a born winner, and has so much focus. Importantly he knows what his car can do in any situation.
michael spencer
michael spencer 5 hónapja
Hamilton's patience and ability to "bide his time" and wait for the right move is what sets him apart from many of the other less patient drivers.
Marcelino Mata
Marcelino Mata Hónapja
@Jan Verboven That's true. He was way ahead of them, at that age. But still, he learned it at some stage, in order to improve. Different people different stages.
Jan Verboven
Jan Verboven Hónapja
@Marcelino Mata No he didn't start at their level in 2007 - he was already far above it.
michael spencer
michael spencer 3 hónapja
@Marcelino Mata exactly. Max actually talked about that a couple years ago... He got some help and it's showed. Unfortunately Vettel completely rejected that advice and, well it showed too.
Marcelino Mata
Marcelino Mata 3 hónapja
He was once like that too. He had to learn it. That's what Verstapen and Leclerc and the rest of the young bunch need to do.
Giri_shiva 3 hónapja
@lofty2210 u are everywhere
Rafael Cárdenas
Rafael Cárdenas 5 hónapja
Wanted to share this with my father who doesn't speak English and found it is not possible to activate the automatic translation. Is it any chance to allow it? We'll be thankful ; )
Gelson Mwale
Gelson Mwale 5 hónapja
One does not simply break Hamilton’s spirit!
Taz' Dingo
Taz' Dingo 5 hónapja
I'm not a HAM fan boy but it was epic this race was epic.
Agent 9922
Agent 9922 5 hónapja
Hamilton's crew love him , I see him sacrificing some pay cut to make these guys be paid more than any crew that is something I will do.
Crash Davis
Crash Davis 5 hónapja
He is the GOAT. That’s it.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock 4 hónapja
daisyintherain 5 hónapja
Great analysis, thank you 😊
Jonas Correia
Jonas Correia 5 hónapja
great review
Andruha Novo
Andruha Novo 5 hónapja
Jolyon is Kvyat's twin brother.
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